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The Obsidian Door

the Phantom forest, and Esthrouden (big city)


a part of The Obsidian Door, by Elfangor.


Elfangor holds sovereignty over the Phantom forest, and Esthrouden (big city), giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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the Phantom forest, and Esthrouden (big city) is a part of The Obsidian Door.

2 Characters Here

Alpha [20] An archer of the night.
Elfangor Reinserth [10] i will protect Alpha from all harm, even through death

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elfangor looks at you when you wake up, sitting on a chair. "you finaly woke up" he says, "now go get your equipment, we have a quest to do." as You get your equipment, you see gertrude making breakfast out of the provisions you brought home the other day. "well good morning you sleepy head" she exclaims, smiling. then Elfangor comes in "i would like to see your equipment your bringing, and you nod nod, and you both go get the bow, and armor piece. Elfangor frowns at the lack of your equipment, but shrugs it off at the gleam of magic emitting from both of them. you go back to the kitchen, and breakfast is done.

after your done eating, Elfangor brings you to the mirror. "i am going to bring you to some training grounds." as he takes off his gloves- you havent noticed them until now- you gasp, he has the same colored hand as you do, and he touches the mirror, it ripples, and a cave appears. "you take care of the gouse now, ok gertrude?" you hear a muffled "ok" as you are pulled through the mirror, and in front of a cave. in the cave, you see 3 goblins. "your training starts now, alpha" as Elfangor summons a fire elemental, and lets it shoot fire out of its mouth at the 3 goblins. you hear 3 cries as they die, right there in place. you hear more voices inside the cave, and 4 more goblins come out. "nows your time to kill them ALPHA"

#, as written by Arcayne
Alpha looked around the was dark but she had her bow, what was that sound? Alpha drew her bow pulling back the rope as a crystal arrow materilized into the bow ready to be fired as she walked around the base of a tree. Her hip length blonde hair was flowing behind her as her leather breast plate sqeuked as she moved and her short skirt blew in the wind whilst her ears stayed alert for any danger.

elfangor moved close in behind alpha. " why did you run away from those 4 goblins?" he demands. "that was your training, and you just ran away?" then he notices her posed position. "what do you see there, alpha? whats going on?" elfangor asks. he sees alphas ears moved back, and the bow drawn, ready to strike. "i dont see anything out there, kiddo. just put the bow down, the goblins are right behind us." but alpha doesnt hear him, and she shoots into the forest, and elfangor hears a muffled cry, and elfangor gets his staff ready he hears more voices, and the 4 goblins right behind them are moving in. whatever is out there, they need to die, right here and right now.

#, as written by Arcayne
Alpha looked around, she appeared to be in a cave and..wait what was that...GOBLINS!, She wasted no time drawing back her bow she killed two quickly with one shot. Another came from behind her she spun round clipping it with her bow before launching an arrow into it's skull as she took aim and killed the fourth. Alpha fled the cave running out the cave mouth and into the forest beyond...

Elfangor watched at Alpha expertly took down the 4 goblins. he watches as she runs off into the forest.... once again..... he facepalms. "alpha! nice job back there. your training is going well." what elfangor doesn't mention was the extra equipment in that cave, that the goblins stole before they both got there. elfangor stops alpha, and says "you might want to go back to that cave. there might be something of use in there." without looking back, elfangor walks toward the cave, and waits for more goblins to turn up, and waits for alpha to come back to the cave.

#, as written by Arcayne
Alpha looks at Elfangor like he's just told her to die in a hole, "what do you mean go back in there? with those little creatures? no way that last one almost got me!" Alpha enjoyed the training and could be shy at times but fighting was not her thing she much preferred taking down targets from long range not close quarters in a cave in a 4 v 1.

"you know i can help you thats why im here, and i can do this" elfangor gets up, and finds the nearest tree. he murmurs some magical words, and the tree shrinks about 6 feet, but it comes to life. elfangor turns back to alpha, and his eyes turn wide. "watch out, ALPHA!!!"

*2 hobgoblins*
#1: i just heard something outside the cave! sounded like a tree falling down!
#2 aw crap. lets go check it out
they go check it out, and outside, they see a girl in a short skirt and leather plated armor looking dumbfoundedly at an old man next to a tree, except the tree is alive. they take out their swords, and run towards the girl, just a the old man realizes them.

"oh crap!" he says, just as 2 hobgoblins run towards alpha. "go! treeant! kill them!" as the ent lumbers towards the hobgoblins, they look up at it in horror, just as the ent swipes down at them, and knocks them into the wall, and 6 more goblins come out, weilding torches. alpha has run aside elfangor by now, and shoots 2 of the 6, just as the goblins throw their torches at the living ent. it catches fire, and elfangor summons a fire elemental from the torches the goblins wield, and 3 of the 4 goblins die on spot, the 4th one running into the cave. elfangor looks at alpha, and says "get ready, because we are gonna have about 10 more on our hands".

#, as written by Arcayne
Alpha looks at Elfangor like he'd just handed her a dead baby, "one day i am going to shoot you right in the back you know that? now anyway do you want me to go in there again or not?" Alpha drew back her bow a crystalline arrow materializing into it.

"well, we are both going to go in there, and you cant shoot me in the back, i am your trainer. this is really important, and whats in there might just save your life one day" then elfangor finds a small pool of water, and forms a water elemental just then. "well, shall we go in there now? i will protect you, no mater what, Alpha"
as they both walk into the cave they see that the walls are ridden with torches, so theres no need for firelight, and they hear more voices. "quick, into this room!" elfangor says. and when they get into the room, they gasp. this is the treasure room! elfangor gasps at the sight, then strokes his beard, like a wise old man would do." well, this is just what we need!" he exclaims, and finds a pair of leather bracers, and throws them to alpha." here, these are for your wrists, and OH A CLOAK!" he hands it to alpha, and when she puts it on, she blends in with the rockface.
"oh my dear god, its a camouflaged cloak! and here! a sword and-a-half! i need this." and as they look more, they each find 200 gold pieces!
as elfangor looks around more, he starts to calm down, and the voices grow greater. he puts most of the useful stuff into his water elementals pack. and he hands alpha some sneaky boots, and a better mithril dagger, which alpha puts in her pack. and they step out of the room, just in time to meet 5 goblins, and a chaos dwarf, all of them wielding swords. "get ready for the fight of your life, kiddo" and he kires a bold of fire out of his staff at the charging monsters

#, as written by Arcayne
Alpha looks at Elfangor, "wow i really do hate you sometimes" she put on the bracers and dropped the cloak to the ground ready to fire at the advaning enemies. She uses three fingers to draw back the bow firing three arrows at the advancing creatures two are hit and killed with headshots the other one taking an arrow to the knee.

elfangor shoots the last 2 goblins with a fire bolt, as the chaos dwarf comes at them with his hammer. elfangor sees the dread and death in his eye. this wont be an easy fight, elfangor thinks, and pulls out his sword-and-a-half, just as the dwarf swings his hammer at him. the crushing blow of the hammer hits the sword, and sparks fly. elfangor swings down at the dwarf, missing him by an inch, then back swings into the dwarfs armored leg. the dwarf stumbles, but gets up and twirls around then swings to the side of elfangor, which he sidesteps easily, and brings the sword down on to his helmet, denting it. he summons the water elemental, and it knocks the dwarf down, just as alpha shoots it in the head with a crystalized arrow, which shatters his helmet, and finishes the dwarf, and like that, it was over
" well. that was quite a fight. you did great there alpha." as elfangor looks at his own hand, he sees it glowing profusely, and murmurs a spell, and points his hand towards the entrance of the cave, and a wave of energy goes flying out. he looks at alphas hand, and sees it glowing too." you really should dissipate that, or else you might pass out again. say these words." as he says the words, he looks down the hall, and sees no more monsters. he loots all the bodies: you both gain 300 copper." well, we should get going deeper, like i said. whats in here might save your life." and they walk deeper into the cave.

#, as written by Arcayne
Alpha really didn't want to go deeper, "why the hell do we have to go deeper in order for me to pass my training? im so confused? and yes i will discharge this soon enough...onto you.." Alpha wasn't sure why but she was in a really bad mood.

elfangor nods his head. "i know how you feel. i had to go through this same training. its necessary for you to do this. i know how shy you feel. and i respect that. but there are times where you need to just let loose, and take care of things. as for your mood, here take this" elfangor hands Alpha a vial of pink liquid. "here, this will loosen up your anger. the more your mad, the more constant you will have to discharge your hand, that can be good, and bad at times. but if you are going to discharge it, dont point it at a wall. it will bounce back and forth like a echo, slowly getting weaker, constantly bouncing back and forth, battering you with power. and now that you've drank it, we go deeper. i know there will be no more monsters, as long as we are quiet. you should put on you camo cloak." and, just like that, they walk deeper into the cave, close to their destination.

#, as written by Arcayne
Alpha really wanted to much Elfangor right in the nose anyway she drank the vial and put n her cloak walking deeper into the cave at Elfangors side. "so remind me why i have to stay hidden but you get to stay out there and have all the fun of killing? considering that is my training?..." she really wanted to kill things her aim was almost perfect she was confident that she would be able to protect herslef, "also can i ask you a question?...What was your training like? when you were my age and you had to go through all this bull...?" she stopped herself from saying something then.

elfangor bows his head. and says slowly "i said i would protect you. my master died protecting me, while fighting a red dragon. it was horrible, the dragon ate him right in front of my eyes while i couldn't do SHIT!" he hits a wall with his fist. ".... i dont want that happening to you. and your fighting is excellent. the reason i fought that chaos dwarf was because if you shot it with your bow, or any magic, the helmet would reflect it, and it would it you, in your case, your breastplate would absorb the magic. but that would leave you weak and fatigued. when i crushed his helmet the spell protecting it dissipated, and you could shoot it then... you were lucky, back there. i never thought there would be a chaos dwarf back there. that was too close for comfort." he pauses to take a breath, and his old body shudders. "you and my wife are the only things i have left, and my training was as hard as yours. my trainer was a knight, one of the best man i ever knew. and yes, i had to go thought much of this bullshit in training" he smiles at her "but i have faith in your training, you are in greater condition than i thought you were, kiddo" he laughs out loud as she grumbles at his "kiddo" remark "ahh. my master always used to call me kiddo. used to drive me nuts. but i went on with it." as elfangor and alpha move deeper into the cave, they found what they were looking for. in front of them, a pair of gauntlets gleamed among the greater pile of treasure
and elfangor moved toward them, and picked them up. he handed them to Alpha, and she put them on. they searched the pile of treasure, and found more valuables.

*pick your choice of 5 things, 2 of them can be enchanted with magic*
hes heard something inside the cave. he can fit, barely, and his bad eyesight isn't helping. but he smells them. he smells the humans. and hes going to eat them.

#, as written by Arcayne
Alpha looked around, "wow that was an interesting story i really" Alpha actually loked a little sad then even though she had repeatedly said to Elfangor that she was going to kill him. "anyway i want a present what items have got down here?" she asked suddenly bcoming curious.

#, as written by Arcayne
Alpha looked at the pile of treasure instantly going for five things simply because that was all she could carry. She went for a wolf pup pet, a health potion, a speed potion, a small silver dagger and a nice looking leather hat. "WOW! look at all of this loot Elfangor! we could be rich! we could sell most of it we could...could oh i dunno anything!" Alpha's mood had suddenly changed it seemed apparently no longer shy or timid no longer angry and no longer hating on Elfangor.

the troll hears screaming down the hall, as he lumbers silently down it, having trouble squeezing into the small fit. he wants to eat them, and he sees them, he smiles, and lets out a blood curdling roar. "NOW, YOU ARE MINE!!!!" and swipes down.

Elfangor jumps as he hears the cry of the troll behind him, he was too fixed on listening to Alpha be happy. when he turns around, its almsot too late to jump out of the way, as the huge hand swipes down. "ALPHA! HELP!" he yells to alpha, as he summons a fire elemental from the torches around him, but instead of making one, the fire swirls around him, and it engulfs him in flame, and he draws his sword-and-a-half, as his molten body comes to life. "you will not TOUCH the girl!" he yells, and breathes fire onto the troll. it hits the troll in the face and it back off a little, but then smashes his fist down in the entrance to the treasury, and elfangor barely jumps away before the ground under him is smashed by the beast. he jumps up his arm and slices his face and jabs on his tongue with his sword and a half and punches his face with a mighty fiery fist. the troll scrams in anger as he starts to bleed, but it just makes him angrier, and he swipes at elfangor, and hits him into a wall, his own flying off his arm to saftey. elfangor groans "Alpha.... kill.. it.." as he pulls a potion out of his pack to heal up "remember, your hand!" he coughs.

#, as written by Arcayne
Alpha looks at her injured master before drawing back her bow with four fingers launching four crystilline arrows into the beast's eyes and chest. Seeing the troll's arm come down close to her Alpha rolls forwards getting closer before firing 6 rapid fire shots into the beast's belly her training begining to pay off. As Alpha rolls to her left she fires 3 arrows in rapid succession into the beast's neck killing it swiftly and just to make sure she climbed up onto it's great big limp body and launched an arrow deep into it's skull.

the tiny archer looks like tough meat, but as it moves across the ground, the troll slams down next to it after it fires 6 shots in rapid succession, and then 3 shots into the chest, the troll screams as it dies.

sunuva bitch alpha haha
elfangor looks in pained eyes as she fends off, and, to his astonishment, kills the troll! he smiles as he slumps down to the ground, the potion taking effect. "good job......Alpha..." as he falls asleep
when elfangor wakes up, alpha is standing over his with a worried face, and she sighs when he looks up at her and smiles. "im proud of you alpha" he says with a dry mouth, and he drinks some water. "you are surprisingly strong. i appreciate your help" then he sees his owl on a perch next to the wolf pup. he laughs, and says" thats a cute wolf pup you got there" and he starts to stand, but falls down. "help me up alpha, i think i have a couple of cracked ribs." she helps him up, and they go towards the pets. he scratches the pups head, and tears off a part of the troll to feed the owl. the owl gobbles it up without hesitation, and Elfangor is amused. then, to his even increasing amusement, sees a mirror in the pile of loot. "we can use this to get back to your house, Alpha." and, with a quick mutter of magic, summons forth a portal to the house in the forest. but what they see there, tears elfangor and Alpha apart

dead bodies everywhere, and no sign of gertrude.