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Charlotte Maude Cote


0 · 389 views · located in Moonlit Pearl - Cruise Ship

a character in “The Ocean Breeze”, as played by OtherThanMe




"So...these are the basics I guess."

Born: June, 3, 1993Image

Aged: 21

Goes by: Lottie, Maude, and Shar

Education Level: Working on her college degree in Language

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

"Well I'm blonde if you couldn't tell."

Looks: Charlotte is five foot three inches, with shoulder length blond hair, and bright blue/grey eyes. She usually wears it in a simple Imagewavy look, which includes sleeping in embarrassing pigtail braids most nights. Her skin isn’t really what one would call tan, nor is it really porcelain, as there is still color in her skin; it’s just much lighter than others.

Clothes: Charlotte wears a lot of vintage and bohemian style clothing, but usually with jeans. Its not that she doesn’t like following the style curve, she has the Imagemoney for it, she simply enjoys following her own beat. She always has. It’s more of a comfort thing rather than trying to impress anybody. She usually hits up second hand shops, boutiques, random little shops downtown. The hunt for the perfect piece is soothing from time to time.

Tattoos/Scars/Piercings: Tattoos were something that neither of her parents ever approved of. Charlotte on the other hand thought that some were cute, but they would Imagealways be impractical. She has her ears pierced, but nothing else. Once she almost got a stud on the top of her ear, but talked herself out of it…in the parlor…with the needle two seconds from her ear. She has a few scars, random ones from shaving and fixing her hair in the mornings. Then there are the scars behind her ears from the multitude of childhood surgeries she had to have for her hearing. And the one on the inside of her wrist from the mistake that happened one time and stuck her in a lifetime of therapy. But she doesn’t like to talk about it.

"So...the super personal stuff now. Shit."

Personality: Charlotte is a very intuitive girl, alert and intense after she can focus on what she is doing. Her hearing causes her to focus more on hearing the noise, rather than trying to understand it all. All of this usually leaves her in her own little world; she is full of potential, but still struggles to follow through on anything because of the focus issue; which she works extremely hard to overcome. Her social attitudes never really change, she prefers to spend time alone, or with the other hearing impaired. Simply because it is easier to converse with them, hearing people just never seem to be able hold a decent conversation with her. However she is still very courteous toward others, in a passively dismissive way. Her emotional capacity is sometimes prone to be insensitive, but its because of the hearing problem.

-When Charlotte is talking to a hearing person, or not signing while she is speaking she fingerspells what she is saying to them, letter by letter, extremely fast. It makes her hand look like its twitching and moving really quickly, a lot of people that talk to her find it freaky.
-The volume number on any device always has to be even when she is using it. There is no real reason. It just makes her more comfortable.
-She always eats her food in the order of how good it tastes to her, least favorite to the tastiest.

[centerFlaws/Weaknesses: Obviously her hearing. She was born with extremely sensitive ears and lost 80% of her hearing in both ears after what her parents refer to as a ‘freak accident’, meaning the time when she snuck out to a concert and got caught up in a mosh pit by mistake. She got kicked around and ended up getting thrown to the floor and hitting her head. 16 years old. It was, and still is, quite frustrating.

Her parents would consider her sexual preference a flaw, not that they know, or will EVER know. Nobody really does, except for her partners. Charlotte finds herself to be into a bit of a more hardcore-ish kind of person in the bedroom. She doesn’t talk about it. She’s not embarrassed by it, she’s just not extroverted, but she is very very very shy about the whole thing. [/center]

-Her ears, losing the little bit of hearing she has left would devastate her. It’s something that she worries about every day.
-Love, being in love is something she has always been afraid of. She’s never been on more than 2 dates with the same guy, and can’t seem to land anyone. She’s been with men, just not emotionally.
-Her parents never letting her leave. Legally they can keep her where she is because of her hearing. She worries that she’ll never be able to handle life on her own.

-She never tells people how deaf she really is
-The fact that she’s kinky in the bedroom, however un-often she ever has sex.
-That she’s in therapy for her “loss”.

-Loud Music
Image-Going for long drives
-2nd hand shopping
-Seeing new things
-Speaking in Sign Language and French
-Lacy underwear

-Hearing people who speak too fast
-Pointless violence
-Being stuck in one place
-Movies without captions
-People who look down on her for her ‘disability’
-Kink shamers

History: Charlotte was born in Québec, Canada to Rodger and Amelia Cote; she was named after her grandmother on her mother’s side, and her father’s late sister. Her parents were never short on money, and stopped at nothing to spoil her. Her father was an active businessman and her mother was a high scale campaign manager in the province. She grew up happy in the French speaking province; quickly learning English and the French languages spoken there. She was born with only slightly abnormal hearing, 30% loss due to heredity. She went to public school, was popular among her friends, and had high hopes for her future.
When she started getting older, rebellion became her thing, always wanting to make her daunting parents react badly to something. She snuck out, partied, got into some hardcore things, and loved it. Until the accident. After sneaking out one night, when she was 16, with her friends to a huge punk concert she ended up getting tangled in a mosh pit. Which wasn’t a big deal; it’s something that happens all the time. But this time she didn’t make it out of the fight unscathed like she normally did. A man ended up knocking her to the ground, causing her to hit her head on the ground hard, and once you get knocked over in a mosh pit, it is over. She got pretty beat up, ended up in the hospital in a medical induced coma from head trauma. Charlotte woke up with most of her hearing gone and two even more so now, protective parents.
From there her parents moved her into a private signing school for the severe hearing loss, therapy for her frustrations from the ‘loss’, and locked her away from the dangerous world she’d become a part of. Charlotte simmered and became angry at the world, but eventually learned to repress and push off all the anger and depression she faced after her world came crashing down. She feels bad because plenty of people have it worse than she does, but she still can’t seem to deal with it. She became fluent in American Sign Language, because that’s what was spoken at the school, and knows some French Sign Language, but not much. Her parents forced her focus to be on school, not having anything else to be a part of, she listened to them. She lost contact with her old ‘hearing’ friends and made new ones, mostly deaf. She now takes college classes at a special school for the hearing impaired, with a focus on language and education.

Reasons for coming on the cruise: Charlotte was browsing around one night on the internet, just clicking and being silly, which was always easier because it didn’t require her ears, when she came across the Facebook contest and liked the page just to do it. To do something. Anything. When she wins, she has to explain to her parents that this is something she wants to do. Badly. Her parents that never let her go too far, fearing she might get hurt again, they refuse. Charlotte ends up freaking out and heading right back to the therapy office with her mom and dad. Where they discussed how this would be good for Charlotte, to interact with ‘hearing people’ and live on her own. After fighting it, her parents agree, and here she is. Freedom again at last. But how long can she stake out being alone the way she is?

So begins...

Charlotte Maude Cote's Story