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The OCT: Struggle for Supremacy

The OCT: Struggle for Supremacy


When you are brought from your world into this one, you are confused. Lost. You wander what has become of you....

418 readers have visited The OCT: Struggle for Supremacy since Vio-Lance created it.


You stand up, and dust yourself, looking around your new enviorment. You notice many, many other people around you. As many as 25, or 30. You all look confused, as the murmurs of questions begin to ask why you are now here, and what you were in the middle of...or whatever shit was happening before you were here. You seem to be standing in the middle of a courtyard of a castle, perhaps. But a loud bell chimes, drawing your attention to a balcony overstanding the garden. At the edge, are large tall man, covered almost entirely by cloaks and robes, with a wide brimmed hat covering his head speaks to you.

"Welcome to you all. I'm glad to have you in my company. But let us cut to the chase. You are all here because you want something. Fame. Wealth. Power. I can grant any one of these things to anyone. But only one. The thing standing between you and whatever your heart desires....

Is each other.

Only one of you can obtain what you truly desire. You must fight against the peoples beside you to earn your one wish. Whatever it may be. The rules are in writing, and you now each have a copy in your pockets..."

You quickly pat yourself down, and feel the bulge of paper in your pocket, a very formal parchment of the written rules. You wonder....but you pass it off. You'll have to read them shortly....but the shady figure speaks again, and you perk up to listen.

"May the best fighter win. The best of luck to you all..." The man walks away from the edge of the balcony, out of sight...before a bright bloom of light engulfs you, and temporarily blinds you....

As your vision returns to you, you find yourself in the middle of what appears to be a vacant city. It's streets are empty as far as you can tell, and the buildings are old and some are broken. After a brief look around, your remember the parchment in your pocket. You dig it out, and look it over....

Rule #1
Only one person wins. This means the fighting continues untill there is but one competitor remaining combat worthy. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Rule #2
Fights are to be metaphorical one vs one. Only two competetors per combat engagement. This does not count however, for summoned minions, or living weaponry. Violators will be delt with via security squads roaming the city, and most likely disqualified.

Rule #3
After a person is finished with a match, they are granted one hour of rest. At this time, if another competitor assaults the winner, they will be disqualified. This keeps competitors from being opertunists, and preying on the weakened victors. HOWEVER! If the winner chooses to engage the new challenger, this rule is nullified.

Rule #4
In the center of the city, is a HOSPITAL, and an INN. Starting a/particpating in a fight on these grounds will result in security intenvention and disqualification.

Rule #5
Defeated contestants that are still alive must stay within the hospital or inn. They CANNOT continue to fight. Trying to do so will result in security intervention, possible incapacitation, and incarsaration.

Rule #6
If you willingly flee your opponent, this is concidered a forfiet, and you lose. Fleeing is concidered running away from your opponent after the loss of intent of victory.

Rule #7
While defending yourself against security officers is not illegal, it is frowned upon, and may require more severe enforcement.

Rule #8
Anyone seen roaming around the city freely is concidered a competetor! If they are not presently engaging a foe, you are free to engage. If they are still within the hour sanctuary from winning a match, a vocal warning will be issued to challenger. If he persists, see Rule #3.


You turn the piece of parchment over, and you see a rough map sketch. It is of very little detail, and only displays where the hospital and inn are. And as you peer closer, among the ink, you see a small blot, with your name below, indicating your position.


That was the introduction into this Original Character Tournament.

You all start at a different place in the run down, crumbling city. Most buildings are at least two stories. Some are connected by rubble at the roof. At night, the streetlights mysteriously flip on. At the north end of the city, there is a junkyard, east side a museum, west side is a train station, and the south side is the market and bazzar.

Technology is limited in the city. The Era is steampunk, and semiautomatic pistols are as far as technology goes. And even those are EXTREMELY RARE. EXTREMELY. And they are not sold or made anywhere in the city, so unless you already have one, tough luck. Not that one is really needed, as the projectiles are somewhat weak and easy to break.

Characters submitted can be from any era, really. They can be a wood elf from an enchanted grove, or a steampunk cyborg. Possibilities are quite almost limitless. But lets keep things like built in machine-guns and rocket launchers from happening, yes?

You are quite allowed to team up, and work together, but this is far from the roleplay's point. And it cannot advance untill peoples are defeated. Otherwise, you simply roam the city.

The security will be played by me. They are NPCs, with early age pistols, and nightsticks.

Speaking of characters, I would very much prefer if you used Original Characters. However, I won't keep you from using unoriginal ones.

Lastly, on Strengths and Weaknesses, do not make them personality traits. They have to be physical. Meaning you can't have something like this....
Super Fast
Super Strong

Is far too nice.
Likes kittens too much.
Is stuborn.

Also, be a little more descriptive than above, and they cannot contradict each other!

Under Description:
Code: Select all
Full Name:
Physical Description: (please include height, weight, eye and hair color.)
Picture (if applicable)

Under Personality:
Code: Select all
General: (Summed up personality in general. ie, angry, crazy, bubbly..)
Description of personality:

Under Equipment:
Code: Select all
Equipment: (Things like armor, and extra things you might have carried. Don't go overboard though! Remember: You were teleported here suddenly. You weren't prepared for a tournament!)

Weapon: Again, follow the rules I've set for time period. No machine guns, ray guns, or anything. Magic is allowed, but not everyone has it.

Strengths: (These MUST be physical!)


Under History:
Code: Select all
Reason for entering the tournament:

Biography: ([b]This isn't nessicary.[/b] But I would like to know a bit more about your character.)


If you have any questions or comments, I'll take them in the form of PM, or just post them in the OOC board.

Toggle Rules

1. No Godmodding, this is explained purely and simply.
2. Play to win, but play fairly.
3. Only one person can win. That's just how a tournament works.
4. The earliest age is steampunk. Semiautomatic handguns are top of the line. And they are RARE. However, if your person is from a different age, like a cyborg, or even some cases an android, as long as you can't turn into a machine gun, or shoot missles from your mouth or some dumbass shit like that.
5. If you read the latter, Vulgar language is plenty fine. I don't really care if you say fuckass shit chugging whore. Doesn't hurt my feelings one bit. BUT KEEP RAGING IN CHARACTER!
6. Keep it IC. Again. We can discuss things peacefully OOC. Because were civilized. Right? (Wrong.)
7. These rules are subject to change as I see fit.

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Re: [OOC] The OCT: Struggle for Supremacy

Unfortunately...I don't believe we've found enough peoples to start. I was hoping for a much larger turnout...but still... I'm very sorry to have wasted all of your time, good peoples. Perhaps we'll have a better turnout nextime.

Re: [OOC] The OCT: Struggle for Supremacy

When will you start the thread?

Re: [OOC] The OCT: Struggle for Supremacy

I suppose so. I don't really have anything against finding a knife.

Re: [OOC] The OCT: Struggle for Supremacy

So could I say I found a hunting knife?

Re: [OOC] The OCT: Struggle for Supremacy

Sorry, JediMaster. Didn't see your questions untill now. In order:

1. Well, yes there are "things" in this city....but there isn't a fucking minigun store right across from the supermarket. As long as you don't really overdo it, I've got no real problem with it.

2. However many people sign up. So far, we've only got three, which is rather disapointing. I was hoping that we would have many more people. The whole point was to overcome adversity to get whatever you desire! I mean, how much crap would it be if you had to fight two guys to get a wish granted? Pretty BS if you ask me.

3. I want to have at least 6 people before we start.I honestly want to wait untill ten people, but I'm not sure. We'll just have to wait to see how it plays out.

Re: [OOC] The OCT: Struggle for Supremacy

Any chance the IC will be in the forums?

Because I am interested in joining, but I cannot post in RP tabs.

Re: [OOC] The OCT: Struggle for Supremacy

Couple Qs. Are there things in this city? Like can I say I found a hunting knife? Also how many people are there going to be in this RP......surely not 25 to 30 right? Finally when will we start?

Re: [OOC] The OCT: Struggle for Supremacy

Okay, I have two different characters I'm considering, one male, one female. Any preference?

Re: [OOC] The OCT: Struggle for Supremacy

Great! But really, at this point, reserving a spot really isn't nessicary. We've still got plenty of slots open.

Re: [OOC] The OCT: Struggle for Supremacy

Reserving my spot for the tournament. Just a few speed bumps. ^^;

[OOC] The OCT: Struggle for Supremacy

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