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"Alex" Mercel

The Soccer caption, a tom boy with no confidence in her feminine charms, thanks to years of childhood bullying

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a character in “The oddities at Saint Josephs .”, as played by IceFoxJess


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Name: Alexandria “Alex” Mercel
Age: Seventeen

Height: Five foot and seven inches.
Weight: Hundred and eighteen point five pounds.
Eye color: A light grey blue.
Hair color: A light brown with dark brown underneath
Skin color: A light olive-sh sun kissed color.

Personality: Alex what some would call a tomboy. Since she was eight she has been more headstrong. Saying what she believes and what she thinks. She tries to be more sensitive or bite her tongue around some but, sometimes her mouth just goes faster then her mind. She tries her best to not let people push her or others around, probably not taking the smartest or most well though out actions to do so but, she is the girl you can count on to have your back, to be there for you when you need someone to back you up, and try to make things right. You could kill the Pope in Italy and she would yell she helped just to try and get some of the Catholic mob’s attention off you. Alex is at times, seen as to have a tough side to her but, truly she just doesn't let people push her or people she cares about, around. Though if she is by herself she isn’t as strong as she acts. Her old personality occasionally peaks out from behind her playful, mischievous, tomboy attitude. At times she can be seen as a little timid, easily flustered might be an easier way to put it. Once you can get her to blush it’s hard to make her stop.

Now underneath all that, she is a sweet, kind hearted girl who just shows her care in her own odd, almost clueless way. It’s just sometimes she doesn't think things through. Also if it wasn’t obvious she’s a little clueless, apparently absorbed in the though that she has no appeal, that she’s no ones type...If only she paid attention. In sort Alexandria is a kind hearted, yet stubborn girl who just tries her best to help and look out for the people she cares about, and get even with those who has done them wrong.

Alex is the second youngest of her family, having two elder brothers and one younger. She is the only daughter to Don Mitchell Mercel, boss of the Mercel family, a boss in the Italian mafia. She has had a comfortable, pretty happy family life. Her father was a loving father who tried his best to take time from work to play with and spend time with his kids, and when his darling wife, Michel, was still alive, he was a devoted, caring husband to her. She was everything he ever wanted, though since his wife did he had seemed to become protective and almost clingy, loving to the only woman left in his little family. Since she was a little girl she has been her fathers darling princess, and his sons his little men. Though out side of his family life he is known for being conniving, tricky, cold, and cut throat. He strikes fear and loyalty into his men. They knew that he would have them rubbed out without a second thought. Though as long as you were on his good side you could see the niceness he shows his children.

Now it wasn’t to say that Alex’s childhood wasn’t a little tricky. Her “Uncles” and “cousins” would often be over at the house, most of them were good men, in a sense, and some were almost scary but, she being the boss’s kid made it a semi safe environment for her. Though her mother didn’t precisely like it, she always thought her kids should exposed to their fathers “business” life as often as they were, though the family wasn’t as bad as she would think, and she knew that. She just didn’t like the fact that some wouldn’t watch what they say in front of the kids. Alex being the only girl among three boys made it pretty inevitable that she would take a bit more of a liking to sports the boy bands, to playing in mud and roughhousing, instead of having tea parties and playing with Barbie's. Though she was often bullied at school, for being as small as she was and this one little boy just seemed to love to pick on her. Though she just grind and bared it, not telling anyone other then dear old mom.

Her mother died when she was seven years old. She was driving her and her brothers home from school, Alex still in her soccer uniform, her mom was telling them how proud she was of them but, never once did she take her eyes off the rood. It was raining that day and the roads were slick. It was dangerous to begin with but, that was just a factor, an idiot on their cell phone, and thought they were too important for stop lights blindsided her moms car on the drivers side. Alex really can’t remember what happened after that all she remembers before she woke up in that hospital bed, was seeing her moms bloody hand hanging out of the smoking wreckage, the rain falling on her little body as the paramedic tried to get her to respond as the thunder rang loud and clear over the sirens. Though little to her knowledge, it was no accident, apparently another mafia boss had put out a contract on her mom, apparently it was to put fear in her dad but, all it did was fuel the anger. He never told his kids, not wanting to evolve them in it anymore then he needed to.

After that she tried to toughen up, cutting her hair short and fighting her own fights. Her brothers and father were already going through enough trying to cope with moms death, she didn’t want them to worry about her. This was probably when she started dressing as a guy as well. Alex was probably twelve when her father sent her and her brothers off to St Josephs, which just when she turn fourteen she became the female caption of the schools mix gender soccer team.

Playing pranks.
The colors blue, red, silver and purple.
Sweets, chocolate especially.
Skelanimals.{She has a secret love for those things.}
Animals and Kids.
Hanging out with her friends and brothers.
Playing in snow/Snow
Gentle rain.
Law & Order.{SVU, CI and just plain L&O}
CSI{She actually picked up a few things from that show and the one above.}
House MD
Soft fuzzy things and flowers/hanging out in the school garden
Heights.{You can see her hanging out/climbing trees and hanging out on the school/Dorms roof.}
At times being treated like she is the girl/lady she is.
Comedy movies, Action flicks, Horror movies and romance comedies.
Being helpful/Helping others.
Enjoying a good smoke.{Even though she knows it’s not very good for her soccer.}
Secretly she likes home EC and to cooking/people liking her cooking.
Star gazing.
Horse back riding.

People thinking she’s useless because she’s a woman.
Being hit on by girls.(When she notices.){It’s more awkward/embarrassing then anything, she straight despite how she dress’s}
Valentines day. {Finds it to be a awkward/frustrating day. If she isn’t getting gifts from girls, she gets secret ones left for her on her desk. She also finds it a little lonely.}
Letting people she cares about getting hurt or harassed.
Losing her lighter.
Thunder storms.
Animal and child abuse.
Guns{Doesn't trust herself with them/They make her nervous, she was playing with a gun her dad left out and shot his pet parakeet by accident.}
Unbearably hot days.
Her classmates picking on new kids.{She takes to looking out for new kids pretty quick.}
Hangovers.{She’s gotten drunk once or twice by drinking something spiked, never really knowingly drinking.}
People making fun of her because she is at times childish.
Being ordered around by people she doesn't like or respect.
The Gym teacher, Mr. Lewinske.{Some girls say he’s a lecherous perv and he gives her a creepy vibe during his class’s.}
Queen Bee sluts/Girls who think they can have what ever and do what ever they want using Sex and money.
Being forced wear skirts and dress’s. {You could swear she was five years old again how she runs from people who try to make her wear it.}

Fears: She is scared of storms, driving, spiders, even though that's more of a secret fear along with storms. Ending up all alone, being stuck.

Flaws: She is at times overly trusting of her guy friends, and is oblivious to many things, as when someone is attracted to her and such. She also doesn't think everything threw and once she gets an idea to do something she doesn't stop until it is accomplished. Some other flaws of hers as well are, that once she gets mad or upset she doesn't get over it until she either gets even or finally vents it all.

She is skilled at drawing/Sketching. The piano{Secretly}, soccer, she's a fast runner so it’s useful, thinking on her feet, especially when fighting,. She has a photographic memory, and she is a decent cook.

One of her passions is her soccer of course, and another is teaching and animals. One of her dreams when she can’t play soccer anymore is to either become a teacher or to run an animal rescue center, since she loves both animals and kids it’s a tough choice for this odd ball.

Anything Else?: She has a scar on the inside of her arm, over the vein and in the middle of her lower back. Their from the car crash. She also will tackle people who try to keep her chocolate from her. Her father and eldest brother has taught her the “art of intimidation.”

So begins...

"Alex" Mercel's Story