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The Old Meets the New



a part of The Old Meets the New, by Neava13.


Neava13 holds sovereignty over Earth, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Earth is a part of The Old Meets the New.

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Viogandr [0] A tall frail man in a light green cloak his staff seeming freshly made.
The Gray Mistress [0] Her Ivory skin and white hair make her look much like a snow elf.. Though her long ears and green eyes give her the appearance of being of Fay decent

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#, as written by Neava13
The fragment of soul released from Firro's ritual would waver in place its form would shift from the red hue it once held to that of light green and then condense into a glowing light. The light instead of sliding towards the heavens would dart through the walls of his keep and towards the oldest forests known to the world. Far of in places that most men do not tread for fear of beasts and of rumor, the trees would shiver at the souls passing then as the soul reached the darkest point of the woods it would simply fade from view as if the forest itself held the soul that he had so kindly returned back to its whole. The forest would shiver and the whisper would dance on the wind, the sound of a hundred words in a tongue that was familiar but forgotten to Firro's ears.

In the darkness of the lost woods leaves would slid up from the forest floor and dance about then as they dances a form would take shape. The form was something that resembled a forest Nymph of old her long ears would curve at the back nearly touching her long silken light green hair would twirl about her from like wisps of cloud. Upon her flesh hugged a dress of thin silk looking much like it was made of the finest threads and hugged her small frail form. Her skin was of the palest green her eyes however held the same glowing green that most would remember who knew her from long ago. She stood in the rays of light that filtered through the canopy high above, the light causing her form to almost shimmer; her skin seemed to move like condensed mist under the falling rays. She moved forward and a cool breeze touched the air as leaves dances about her long thin gown that slid across the moss blanketed floor. Seba had been sleeping the disturbance in the woods woke her and she came to investigate what trouble lay in wait for her. She was one of the guardians of this wood, and of the woods that now stretched beyond this world. Each forest held life through the travels of the ones that served it, world after world was linked through tree and seed to this one for only those that had the ability to travel through bark and wood.

Immortality given to those that guarded the forest from threats of mortal and immortal alike, Seba had been recruited to the cause in exchange for freedom from Hell's grasp. The flames of the deepest recesses of the demonic realm held no sway against her as long as she served the forests on this planet and the others these trees grew. Her hands slipped against the tree as her green eyes looked up its trunk and smiled light seeping into her pale fingers from the living thing she touched. Though as soon as her delicate fingers pulled away from the rough bark they faded back to the light green they had been before. Her graceful countenance glided through the forest silently her hair tumbling about her shoulders on an unfelt breeze making her look more like a spirit then of a creature of flesh and blood. Her fingers touched each tree as she passed her eyes closing as she listened to their song.