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Bailey Cobra

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a character in “The Olympian Academy”, originally authored by Caille, as played by RolePlayGateway


Bailey Cobra

Only as strong as your weakest man


Full Name: Bailey Leslie Cobra
Nicknames: I don't have much for nicknames, some people call me by my last name, Cobra, though.
Age: Seventeen
Godly Parent: Poseidon
Birthdate: October 7th
Home Town: Milbridge, Maine
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Likes: Painting, colours, creativity, drawing, ocean breeze, water, swimming, horses, and going barefoot.
Dislikes: No imagination, flying in planes, being hungry, the smell of lavender, people who complain, peanut butter, geese, and white boards.
Fears: I am absolutely terrified of heights and I tend to fear homeless people with absolutely no money, I know that sounds horrible but the frighten me, oh so much.

Personality: How to describe me? Well that's an interesting concept I suppose. I had always been a creative individual of my own. I don't really show much for emotions, I don't cry in front of people and I don't really raise my temper too much. I have always been one to keep my emotions to a basic level and I let them out in my own creative ways like painting, drawing, or even just swimming. It's a good way for me to keep everything together and keep myself calm and able to work in tough situations, I'm not the brightest of the demigod's obviously because there's the children of Athena, and I don' like to be in control of situations much like the Zeus children tend to be like from time to time. I do know where my heart is though and I tend to follow it, as sappy as that may sound it's very true for the most part. I don't really looking into things or study for certain things I follow a gut instinct because most times it proves to be right, even if it may feel like the wrong answer and I tend to question myself I go for it and naturally in studies I am correct but there's always room for errors, but it's fine if I fail, I just learn from my mistakes and get back up. I'm not really a push over in that sense, you knock me down and I will get back up with ease and I wont make a big deal out of it nine times out of ten. I am rather fierce and often times I can go with the flow of things but I have my moments of going against the current in many several ways most people don't even know of or dream of. Yes there is a whole lot more depth to my personality but I feel these are the basics that are the best to know about me and the rest I suppose can all be displayed later, different people can get different reactions and different situations always makes a difference in personality.

History: Well I guess we could talk about how my parents met, since I hear the story quite often from my mother. My mother Abigail Cobra, was a brilliant young women who was more than capable of taking care of herself, she didn't quite graduate high school though. The thing is she was working at a surf board shack where she lived in Maine. It was a family owned business of course. My mother was the age of seventeen in her senior year of high school, she had been out on spring vacation and was catching some waves and showing off on her skills, she loved the water just as much as most people did there, they surfed, had big fires for everyone to get together, almost anything wonderful you could imagine. The whole group of regulars at the beach were all one big family and they were all close, they told my mother to stay in school and get a good education and go off to college and follow her dreams, what most didn't know her one big dream was to be a mother. Besides all that junk, my mother was catching some waves, as per usual but this time it was different, she had been a bit out of it when a wave crashed down on her, she was just about to resurface when something had been starting to pull her down and she struggled to go back up to the top, shouts could be heard from a distant but soon enough my mother had blacked out, and according to my father's half of the story that my mother had heard from him.

He had been scuba diving in the water with the fishes an he was studying the water and the life in it. Soon enough he noticed the situation an he took care of it, but by the time he had gotten her, she had been out of it. He brought her back up to surface where he soon gave CPR to her and eventually she started to breathe again. My father had saved my mother's life and that had meant a lot to her, so naturally to thank him later she had to talk to him and one thing led to another and they started to date, her studies started to lower and she started to care less an she was focusing on him, he almost told her a big secret but then he said he couldn't do it. Eventually he left on holidays, so he told her but little did he know, was that my mother was pregnant with me and my twin brother. Finally after a few weeks he was back from holidays and that was when my mom told my dad about me, thinking there was only one, my father took a day of not talking to her but finally said something about who he really was to my mother, how he was the god of the sea and how he couldn't stay with her and the child he was about to have with her, he told her he was very sorry but he helped her as much as he could with doing so little. He also told my mom about the academy I'd have to go to eventually once I got older.

So flash forward to later, I was born and so was my twin brother but unfortunately he never made it out of the hospital, it was the saddest thing ever imaginable for my mother but she still had me, her beautiful Bailey, as she'd put it. We grew close together, she worked to provide for me and feed me and keep me under one roof. We lived in a small seaside house. I learned to swim and eventually surf at a young as, around the age of four. At the age of five however was the age I saw my dad for the first time. Although it was hard to recall, I just remembered her face and knew he was my father, I had part of his eyes and it was just destined to be. I never had much of a rough life as in regards with no parents, I had my mother and she was the most down to earth person ever, she was my best friend who I told everything to and she's just part of the reason I loved my childhood, not to mention she was a cool mom, and very supportive of the things I wanted to do.

It wasn't until I was ten that my mother had told me about the stories of her and my father and soon enough a year later she explained to me what demigods were and she talked about the gods. She eased the idea of it all into my head and made the connections easier to spot out and finally I got it, she taught me as much as she knew based from what she was told. I was rather well educated on most of it. Although the day I found out about some of my powers was a rather interesting day altogether.

I was around the ripe age of fourteen, I had been swimming in the water with some friends, when one of them dropped something of importance down into the water and I decided to try and grab it since I was a strong swimmer and I could open my eyes under the water. I soon realized I should have gone up for air but it never seemed like I needed to breather in or anything an it was peaceful in the water. Soon enough I retrieved it for her, later on that day while surfing something came up and grabbed my friend, Molly and started to leave marks on her, I had to go check it out and it appeared to be a monster of some sort, and nothing was going to attack any of my friends. I blasted it away and picked my friend up. I created a small tidal wave to carry us back to shore and soon enough sat in the water with Molly. I then started to heal her wounds. Things started to get more and more complicated and dangerous and I told my mother.

We spent one last week in Maine before we packed up and decided to move. She wanted to be close by so she wouldn't be far away, she had been saving up since the day I was born to do this and for that I couldn't be any happier with my mom, of course the journey was long and dangerous but we made it to where we wanted to be. We settled down and eventually the end of August before I turned fifteen was when I enrolled in the academy and I have been there ever since. It's been pretty decent, I met some people who were nice friends, I'd flirted with a few guys but once in awhile I go and visit my mom, so my life has changed but I think it's been a fairly nice change for once.

Anything else? I have a silver locket that was given to me from my mother, who had it from my father, when opened I can smell the ocean and hear it, and I love it. It soothes me a lot. YEARS: She's been at the academy for 2 years.

So begins...

Bailey Cobra's Story

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#, as written by Caille

Bailey had been in bed sleeping. Her covers warm and soft, wrapping her up like a she was being engulfed in a big hug from someone. Her dreams were those of the beach back home. The white coarse sand, how the grains stuck to the soles of her feet as she walked along the shore, running kids, chasing each other, playing tag. The crashes of the waves hitting the shore and the semi cold water rushing over her feet, with the smell of the ocean in the air. This was what home was to her, it was the best place on earth, everything felt right there, everything was at peace. It wasn't soon before she woke up, it had proven to be six am and Bailey exhaled a bit closing her eyes a bit before getting out of bed. She passed many paintings she had on her wall and then she found a swim suit and put it on.

Bailey wrapped a towel around her body and soon she sneaked out of her room, closing her door gently behind her, Bailey walked down some stairs and her feet making soft little sounds as she went and soon she came into the great hall. After looking a bit she found the kitchen grabbing an orange and then she went to the big doors that led outside. She slowly opened it trying to not have the door creak and then she slipped out of the building and she tiptoed across some gravel, because it wasn't something that felt pleasant on her feet but soon she found grass and her feet returned to a normal stance. Bailey continued to walk as she could see the water in site. It made a smile flash on her face, she couldn't wait to get there so she began to run and she jumped off the grassy bank and onto the sand.

This was what it felt like to be happy, it was the closest thing she had to home back in Maine. Bailey left her towel on the sand and then she climbed onto the dock. She felt the water underneath moving and going up and washing on shore. Soon she came to the edge of the dock. She stared at her reflection in the water and it stared back at her, the girl in the reflection was rather giddy and cheery, it was a girl who was familiar but she seemed to be distanced. Bailey shook her head and dived into the water.

The water came around her and it was like it wrapped her up in their arms, embracing her again. Bailey could spend hours underwater and not need to go up for breath, it was one of the great things about having the father she had and having the gift that she had. Bailey kicked her feet going down farther and farther. Eventually she was sitting down at the bottom on the sandy parts. She had her fish buddies coming to join her and swimming around her. They played around a bit with each other and Bailey got to see it. Soon enough they had bits of conversation about who was the best swimmer and being cocky about it. Bailey laughed and soon the two fish left for the time being. Bailey knew she had class sometime within an hour or two so she could only spend a bit of time out here, but nearly every single morning she found time to be in the water, it was rather calming to say the least.

Soon enough she pushed off and she came up and resurfaced. she laid on her back in the water, floating there and watched as the sun slowly came up. It was nice to have this in her life. Bailey always found this was a nice way to start her days and make them more enjoyable, especially if she had class and such. Which of course she did. Bailey swam up to shore and grabbed her towel wrapping it around herself and she peeled her orange, she soon pulled the wedges apart and stuck one in her mouth. Oranges were a great fruit and she loved them more than anything. Bailey soon found the horses at the stable and she came up to them petting them and talking to them. Soon enough she gave her favourite one a piece of orange before sneaking back into the building.

Upon going back into her room she took her swim suit off and got into the shower. She came out and wrapped a towel around her body and then one towel was wrapped to hold her hair up and in the towel so it could dry. By this moment it was 7:20 am. She dried herself off and slipped on her undergarments while searching for something to wear. She soon found a pair of blue jeans with rips in the pant legs. Bailey soon found a graphic tee and slipped it on. She walked into the bathroom and brushed her wet and tangled hair, soon she had gotten out the blow dryer and she dried her hair and straightened it. She put a tiny bit of eye liner on and a moisturized her face before leaving to get toast. Bailey had her book bag with her and after eating she walked off in the direction her class was in. It was around 7:55 am, roughly.

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It was only after a bottle of Sparkling Water and two pieces of toast that Nolee felt like she could possibly learn something for the day, but she wasn't counting on her mind to stay focused through-out all her lessons. Most likely, the girl would end up doodling on a piece of paper, or stare off at nothing, her mind either blank or over-flowing with thoughts she did not want. She was chewing her second piece of toast, deep in thought, seated at a table in the corner located in the dining hall. Her guitar case sat next to her, her bag on the table. She had also texted Christian, telling him she expected his arrival at their usual table soon. The boy was no doubt her sidekick, though the two did not have the same classes this year.

The thought troubled the brunette, but nevertheless, making friends was never a thing of great difficulty to her. Often enough though, she ended up annoying new people with her perky comments, if not with her giggles at almost anything. Of course, they weren't meant to be taken seriously, what was life without a little laughter, anyway? Pondering the thought, she downed the toast with more water, and finally let her mind drift back to the dream. It seemed miles away now; Nolee almost always forgot what she even dreamed of. She was even surprised she remembered it when she woke up, even though the image was almost completly faded away now. The boy. She couldn't forget the boy. He did attend this school, after all.

She sat back in her chair, messing with the cap of her bottle, biting her lip and feeling the least bit anxious. The thought of even talking to him was enough to make her feel sick to her stomach, every alarm in her mind told her 'no.' And it was good that it did, it was obvious the boy did not wish to be approached. Sometimes, you just have to let things be. Just move on. Let. Them. Be. The thought wasn't anything new, Nolee had told herself this thousands upon thousands of times. But why couldn't she do it? The answer was simple: she wanted to be in a relationship. To belong to someone, have someone belong to HER in return. The feeling would be most welcome, but not needed, she was already distracted enough in class as it was.

It was the light from the sunrise pouring through the door that brought Nolee back to the real world, for Christian walked in, shutting the door behind him and quickly spotting his best friend. With a bright smile, she gestured for him to walk over, then set her bottle down, sitting up again, as he came to sit in front of her, setting his books on the table.


"Noles, sleepless night, I see?"

Smirking at his own comment, Christian took his seat as usual in front of his best friend, glancing at her through sleepy, blue eyes. The comment was of course sarcastic, for Nolee did not look tired. In fact, she looked like she was ready to take on the day, which was one step above him, who ached to return to sleep, his mind was still fighting being wake. "Ha ha, very funny," Nolee retorted back to him, then rolled her eyes, smirking. "I'm not exactly pumped for Psychology, but what can you do."

A nod was Christian's only response, as he stole what was left of Nolee's water, downing it and setting the bottle back down. He suddenly remembered something from earlier; he needed to talk to Nolee about a certain someone, the girl with the beautiful blue eyes, the fantastic smile.

"You have your classes with Bailey, right?" he asked her suddenly, trying to keep his expression as calm as he could, even though he knew Nolee always saw through his act. It was difficult, if not impossible, for him to hide what he was feeling.

"Yeah, and she was in here, but you just missed her. Should have hurried, no?" she smirked, looking satisfied with herself as she got up, collecting her guitar as well as her bag. The news was nothing short of a blow, but even if he would have caught Bailey in here, Christian knew he wouldn't have said anything. How was he supposed to approach the unapproachable? After all, every time she was in sight, the only thing Christian seemed capable of doing was to stare after her, thinking of some smooth thing to say. It was so unlike the child of Aphrodite, he was supposed to be CHARMING, capable of talking to people that caught his eye. He just needed time, he assured himself. Ya don't have forever, though, Nolee's voice rang through his mind, and he soon stood up after her, walking out into the brisk air.

Hands in his jeans pocket, he quietly walked with her to her class, which was Psychology. No more words were spoken, he could tell that she had things of her own on her mind, but he didn't care to ask at the moment, as cruel as that sounded. She would tell him when she wanted to, when there was more time to discuss things. Soon after dropping her off, he walked to his own class, and sat farthest in the back, ready to drown out facts about Greek Mythology. The sooner the class was over, the sooner he was to after school.