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Bella 'Bambi' Williams

"If I did nothing wrong, I'd do absolutely nothing."

0 · 461 views · located in The Olympian Academy

a character in “The Olympian Academy”, as played by UniqueYetUnoriginal


Bella 'Bambi' Williams

❝ You're only bad if you get caught - So that makes me a good girl, right? ❞


Full Name: Bella Faith Williams.
Nicknames: Bambi, which she is usually called by friends and family - only strangers call her Bella, even her teachers often call her Bambi. It's also very ironic, as she is in no way 'deer like.' Graceful, no. Gentle, no. An animal? Maybe, if party animal counts.
Age: Seventeen.
Godly Parent: Hades.
Birthdate: July 2.
Home Town: San Francisco.
Sexuality: Bisexual.

» Dark colors
» Partying
» Laughing
» Drinking
» Friends
» Drugs
» Flirting
» Sarcasm
» Hot Teachers
» Teasing
» Hellhounds
» Hypocrites
» Aphrodite Kids - Most of them.
» Dry asses.
» Slow texters.
» Black Licorice
» Mornings
» The Cold
» Icy Roads
» Being Very Early
» Being Very Late
» Spiders
» Being Ugly
» Extreme Heights
» Pigeons
» Cerberus

Cun • ing; Cunning;
1. showing or made with ingenuity.
2. artfully subtle or shrewd; crafty; sly.
3. Informal. charmingly cute or appealing: a cunning little baby.
4. Archaic. skillful; expert.

If you were to describe Bambi in one word, that would probably be it. That, or sly, or sneaky, or mean, or loud, or- You get the idea, I'm sure. Yes, Bambi is 'cunning,' in the sense that she loves to cause trouble of any form. If something goes wrong, then Bambi will be one of your first suspects. As well as this, she loves lying - she is a compulsive liar. If someone asks her something, even if she has a simple answer for the question that she doesn't mind sharing. It amuses her to see people tricked or shocked by her lies, and even though this often gets her into a lot of trouble. These lies can come in handy, though - when she needs to get out of trouble, she can use this to her advantage. Besides, it's not like she lies all the time - just the majority of the time.

She's also stubborn - very. Once she has her mind set, there is little you can do to change her mind, and even when she knows she is wrong, she will continue to fight her case. She is quick to judge, and if she doesn't like you, she will make it clear. She is not afraid to speak her mind about anything - no matter how obscene or rude it may be. When she is rude, it is usually hidden behind a layer or two of sarcasm and inside jokes, meaning that not everyone will know she is actually being a bitch - which is another part of her cunning side. That being said, when she likes you, she is fiercely protective, and will value your life above her own - though maybe that is to do with the fact her father is the God of the Underworld. She will do anything to help a friend, but if you're not considered a friend.. good luck.

Ahh, that amazing moment when a child is born.
Though it may be slightly less amazing when that child is born on the back of a bus that smells of old people and sweat, due to it being a sweltering hot day in the middle of July. Yes, maybe just a tad less amazing. And, typically, this is where Bambi was born, and so this is where her history begins. Bambi was, what they call, an 'accident.' And so came Bambi, even though her mother was only seventeen. Of course, born to a God, her father was never around - presumably too busy guarding the Underworld and all that other Godly stuff that hated Gods do.

She was raised with her mother, who's parents had kicked her out of the house after realizing she was pregnant, and lived in a small flat in the midst of San Francisco that really wasn't livable. Finally, two years after they purchased the apartment, the place actually became 'home-like' in appearance and demeanor, even if it was small. Her mother met Damien Peters when Bambi was nine, and the two got married two years later, after figuring out that, yet again, Juliet was pregnant. It was a boy, who they named Lucas. Though the whole family was known by Peters now, Bambi refused, insisting on keeping her mother's maiden name.

Bambi figured out she was a demi god when she was twelve. Her mother pretty much sat her down when Damien and Lucas were out at some soccer match, and said; "You're a demi god." So, typically, Bambi assumed her mother was insane. Not only because she was pretty sure the word 'demi' didn't exist in the English language, apart from that singer or whatever, but the word 'God' didn't really apply to Bambi in any form. Although twelve, she was already showing some of her father's side. Her mother then explained what she meant, and who her real father was ("Hades," her mother said, and paused for a response. Bambi paused and nodded, realizing that was supposed to be a big deal. Her mother sighed. "You have no idea who I'm talking about, do you?" she asked. "Not a clue," Bambi agreed.) and after a bit of persuasion, Bambi slowly started to believe her mother, but being the stubborn girl she was, she pretended that her mother had gone insane - which may just seem like stupidity on Bambi's part, but that's Bambi for you. Her mother eventually just whisked her off to Olympia Academy so that Bambi could see for herself.

Anything else?

So begins...

Bella 'Bambi' Williams's Story