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Dixie "Kix" Wyatt

If I fall, who will be there to catch me? ... Me.

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a character in “The Olympian Academy”, as played by Kugorie


Dixie Wyatt

The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a
porch swing with, never say a word, and then walk away
feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had.


Full Name: Dixie Camille Wyatt
Nicknames: Dix or Kix
Age: 18
Godly Parent: Poseidon
Birthdate: February 12
Home Town: Tearwater
Sexuality: Heterosexual or Straight

(Example of her voice)
(Another example)
(Read 'Anything Else' before saying you've heard her sing)
Horse Back Riding
Ice cream
Guinea Pigs
Loud Noises
Being Tired
People calling her a nerd
The Dark

Dixie has a heart of gold… once you get to it. When you first meet her you would think that she was the devil in disguise since she pretends to hate everything. But, really, she is just misunderstood and no one really takes the time to understand her. She can have quite a nasty temper and can snap at you fairly quickly and without warning. This is when you start getting into her shell and trying to understand her. If you don’t take the time all you would see is a rather shy or invisible girl in the hallways or outside that doesn’t talk much in fact keeps to herself and avoids all contact. Even when trying to talk to her she will always keep her eyes down and never look you straight in the face. But, don’t be fooled because just because she isn’t looking at you doesn’t mean she can’t read you and is often reading your body and planning your every movement and what you’ll say next.

Once you actually get through Kix’s shell you’ll find the most caring and sweet girl that you have ever met who is trust worthy and easy to talk to. She is protective of the ones she loves and is one of the best friends you’ll ever get, she actually listens to what you have to say. However she lets people run all over her and treat her like crap because it's what she is used to once you get this close to her. She is very guarded, trusting no one. With all the disappointments in her life, she mostly just goes along with what happens and doesn't expect anything life changing to happen to her. Because of this insecurity she has never experienced love and is too afraid to experience it. Thus she finds it easy to make guy friends but once it goes too far she pulls away, in fact runs away and no one has ever chased her.

Dixie was the last born to the Wyatt family and also the only daughter. As the first female born to the Wyatts, her mother raised her daughter in a rich and lady like environment that did not involve the gods at all until her tenth birthday. Her mother wanted to raise Dixie to have a somewhat normal life, however; due to the fact that she was born a demi-god, she wasn’t given much choice. As a young child, Dixie spent most of her time with her mother. Her mother trained her how to read body language, and ride horses and to be very agile on her feet; something that’s become a great asset to her during her training years. She was taught how to fight (from her brother and without her mother knowing) but as well as how to be elegant and polite and know how to words correctly and sometimes to manipulate. However when she turned ten, (and due to the fact that they lived near an Ocean), Poseidon decided to give his daughter a visit without her mother knowing. Telling Dixie of the academy and filling her head with all kinds of things that her mother never wanted her to know. Dixie of course fell in love with the idea and wanted to learn more and be with her biological father, and her mother had no choice but to let her go. Letting her take her long life friend El Darodo (Her horse), in order to remind her of home and to keep her company/safe.

After arriving to the camp, Dixie picked up things quickly and surprising; seeing as she hadn’t known of any of this or powers since she was twelve. In fact some said that she was learning too quickly and had to find ways to slow her down, to the point that they let her stay with her father for months on end while others caught up with her. Now despite the fact that she still learns quickly she forces herself to slow down, for her sake and her fathers since she knew he was frowned upon for having such a quick learner, they simply thought he was planning something against the other gods. Now with her regular school work she also takes on homework from her father and equestrian types of activites.


Anything else?
Dixie spends most of her time in the stables or out in the water, hardly ever around others and not really being social. However she never turns down someone who would want to join her just because.

Just because Dixie can sing doesn't mean she likes to do it infront of others. So if anyone has heard her sing it has only been because they have heard her singing in her room. That is the only time she will do it.

Dixie has been at the school since she was 12. Since so much has happened between her family and her father. She also takes on harder classes in her spare time if possible so she doesn't get into trouble with other gods (Explanation in history :) )


So begins...

Dixie "Kix" Wyatt's Story

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#, as written by Kugorie

Soaring through the sky on a Pegasus and then out of the blue it’s him! But who is he? He’s gorgeous is all Dixie can see. He makes her melt inside and he heart skip a beat. She can’t breathe when she sees him. Who is he? He holds out her hand to her and Dixie reaches for it, she is so close she can feel his body heat, smell his body mist, it all seems so familiar. She knows him, or does she? She wants to see more to be with him hear his velvety voice. Here’s her chance, he opens his mouth to speak when...
The alarm left its blaring echo in Dixie’s head; as its loud obnoxious ring continued on its path of destruction. Why couldn’t it have waited a few moments longer, why did it have to go off now in her wonderful cotton candy dream? Dixie was not happy and as she finally hit the alarms snooze button her long and strung out sigh finally released itself from her mouth. “Whhhhyyyyyy” She whined in her sing song voice. She was not a morning person, didn’t want to be a morning person, and will never be a morning person.

From a bird or side view Dixie’s head was connected to the wall, one leg was off the bed the other out of the blanket but still on the bed, arm rubbing her bed head hair, and her 5 comforters were thrown all over her waist wrapping her like a donut. She literally looked like a mob of blankets, limbs and long thick wavy curls of hair. Not even recognizable.

After Dixie’s morning fiasco she finally made herself presentable for school and able to see other students. Or at least she thought she was somewhat presentable? Her mom had bought her a make-up artist, fashion designer, and something to do with hair and matching the outfit type person for lessons on how to look clean, pretty and so she would actually look nice in front of others. This was because all Dixie really liked to wear were boy shorts or baggy jeans and big puffy boy sweaters. Her mother disapproved and wanted her little girl to actually look like a girl. Woohoo for Dixie.

Her outfit ended up being sort of a rock star type chick/ some country in there for her own taste. And that was the real style Dixie liked, country. Grabbing her books and throwing them all in her bag Dixie did her normal morning routine, grabbing her already made lunch and a granola bar in case she actually wants breakfast this early in the morning and a couple juice boxes to stop thirst as well as a nice big bottle of water. Also lastly her story journal to keep herself entertained in class.

Speeding to her class so she can be somewhat early in class Dixie kept her eyes on her watch and headed to ... Math! Wait math? Ewww not one of Dixie’s favorite classes. Especially for first thing in the morning. That would mean? Oh no! She has to pay attention. “This is going to be a fun day.”

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Sky was already awake five minutes before the alarm clock entertained the room with its joyous tones. As was habit ever since he had a wake up call. Sitting on the edge of his bed, and slapping the off button as the luminescent numbers flashed. The room was dimmed by the curtains, ones the boy almost never opened. He liked the darkness and typically he spent only a little time inside the room. He used the bathroom more than the rest of the room. Unless you counted as storage and sleeping, which he didn't. A quick shower brought the time to just past half seven. Meaning he had time to spare, after checking his hair to ensure it wasn't disrupted by the night. His mother had liked it like that and so he persisted, not actually caring much for his appearance. That was also the reason why he stuck with black, his preference. He donned a pair of black jeans, not tight but certainly not loose. Not faded either, he didn't like it when his clothes were less then satisfactory condition. His shirt was rather formal, long sleeved and buttoned. That was about it, they were clean and undamaged. He didn't concern himself with how he looked. Of course black matched with black, he had few other styles.

After a uninspired, and dark breakfast. Sky was already wearing his morning scowl, which was the same as his evening and afternoon scowl. He was often frowning, even if he wasn't in a particularly dark mood. Today he wasn't really in a bad mood, in fact today was halfway decent. Although he remembered he had Mathematics today, already he didn't like it. The teacher didn't seem to care about the lesson whatsoever. He was glad that often enough she just left them to it and not be as personal as some of the others. Still, it didn't really count as teaching and Skah was glad that every lesson wasn't like this, even if they were no better. He left the room and trudged down the hallway to the class, ignoring most of the people around him. Another unfortunate thing, none of the people he actually cared to talk to was in this set. Ravielle, Dylan and maybe Christian. Those three were the only ones he would go out of his way to talk to. Of course if he wanted to, which sometimes he doesn't, he had to seek them out in the small breaks. Other times he just contented himself in enjoying the outside as much as he could. As he had grown up nature was just there but he couldn't really take any time to appreciate it.

He wandered calmly to the class room with time to spare, even though the class was going to start in only a few minutes. He would be there and waiting by the time it began, should the teacher even bother to be punctual. Even as he strolled casually towards the room he was passed by a girl who seemed far more eager to attend than him. He also caught her murmur,
"This is going to be a fun day.”
"You got that right." Sky sullenly agreed under his breath even as she passed beyond earshot. Catching the sarcasm in Dixie's tones.

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The needle fell to the floor with a soft clatter as Abel's head rolled back. The soft grey of the morning spilled through the window as he gently embraced euphoria in this all-too-familiar habit. He closed his eyes, listening to his heart beat, reminding him for some reason of the sound of church bells. This grace could not be competed with, he thought.

Well, aside from Lilly, of course. She was angels incarnated, her very breath a symphony so elegant the Gods themselves could not describe it. He had lost her to this drug, to this perfect rush of everything and nothing all at once. It could not fill the space in his heart she had torn out when she departed, but it could make him fell home for just a moment...

He had barely slept at all last night, haunted by visions of Lilly's gentle face, watching her fade away before him, lost like a shade to the Underworld. He'd down more coffee in the past twenty-four hours then he had in the entire week preceding this one and it probably still would not be enough to combat with the drowsiness that would accompany this morning's fix.

Warmth raced through him, butterflies danced in his stomach... It was as if he were falling in love all over again. He lifted his mp3 player from the table and plugged it into his ears, Joy Division wailing mournfully as the rush subsided and his body became his own again.

He was already dressed and ready to go, a tight brown leather coat accompanied his black pants, white collared shirt and shined black shoes. Verging any lower than this is respectability was an ultimate sin in his eyes. Of course, his hair had grown slightly greasy and this must be attended to post haste.

Fortunately for him, Psychology was the first class of the day, one of which he needed to pay little attention in. The ways of the human mind, how to persuade it, probe it, heal it, destroy it... This was his forte. There was little they could teach him that he didn't already know.

He needed more coffee. His body was heavy and his eyes desired nothing more than to fall back into sleep. He moved to the cafeteria, almost zombie-like but with a lot more ego and helped himself to coffee. Strong, black coffee. He couldn't possibly stomach food, the drug was making him feel slightly nauseous and he rarely had an appetite anyway.

He sat down, sipping at the strong brew before him and gazing around at the others occupying the cafeteria with analytical eyes that pried. His head fell lower and lower towards the table, struggling not to disappear into the land of the dreamers. Perking his head up, he drained the hot drink in but moments, scalding his lips and tongue in the process.


The warm water cascaded off of Jezebel's form as she showered, singing 'Lovesong' by The Cure to herself softly. She was more than awake, she was excited. Other than animals, there wasn't a thing she adored more than learning. Truly. Besides, there were so many interesting characters at The Academy and she was desperate to converse with them all. Well, bar a couple who just didn't really seem all that friendly.

When she had finished showering, she dressed herself in a green t-shirt, a long, semi-transparent white skirt and black, low-heeled ankle boots. She draped her brown, knitted scarf around her neck then proceeded to apply mascara to her lashes. She brushed out her golden hair and braided a small chunk, weaving a raven's feather within and places a white beanie on her head. Feeling satisfied with her appearance, she began the journey towards class.

She was always the punctual type. Getting up in the morning was never a worry for her, she wasn't a huge fan of sleeping anyway. It seemed like a waste of time to her. Why sleep when she could be learning, right? Mathematics was first on the agenda today, and she was absolutely pumped for that. Sarcasm. Of all the things she could be learning about, it just had to be stupid mathematics, didn't it? The single most boring, most frustrating topic on the planet. Anything would be more entertaining than this. Never the less, learning was learning and she supposed the dreaded maths was actually pretty significant in it's own way, being the universal language and all that, and she supposed that sacred geometry stuff was kind of cool but still... numbers, man. Numbers frustrated her.

It was still surreal to her, being here. She, Jezebel Oak Judeka, was the daughter of a Goddess. No matter how many times she said it to herself, no matter how long she spent at The Academy, she still found it difficult to believe. She was in constant speculation and believed she may wake up from this bizarre but fantastic dream at any moment.

She put it to rest, because it just wasn't going to make sense to her any time soon and busied herself instead with ideas of who she might annoy today. Abel, perhaps... Or Wesley, maybe. The idea of extracting knowledge from these guys made her giggle with anticipation.

But first, maths. She groaned inwardly as she arrived at the class room, frowning childishly with her head down. She perked up a little when she saw she wasn't the only one here. Company was good, yes. "Good morning!" she squealed joyfully, professing her usual exuberant and overly-friendly demeanor at the people she hadn't really been acquainted with. "Are you guys any good at this maths stuff? I think it's a terrible way to start the morning, personally".

Jezebel wasn't the type to stay focused on any one thing, so almost instantly after she had spoken she began playing with her hair while she pondered a Hell in which numbers ruled over words, mathematical Gods forcing their ideals upon all present, codes and equations lining the walls with no escape least you can figure a way to divide by zero... She shuddered at the thought.