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Elizabeth Blaire

Always smiling? False. Usually doing so? Well.

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a character in “The Olympian Academy”, as played by OurStars


Elizabeth Blaire

Always smiling? False. Usually doing so? Well.


F u l l N a m e
Elizabeth Marianna Blaire

N i c k n a m e s
Blaire [Primary Nickname], Lizzie, Anna (Only her half-brother calls her this)

A g e

G o d l y P a r e n t
Hephaestus, God of Forges and Fire

B i r t h d a t e
November eleventh

H o m e T o w n
Lakeland, Florida
Elizabeth was raised Polk County, Florida, in a city that owned the powerplant and the water company, making it prosperous even during financial recessions. It also is home to Florida Southern College, the campus of which was designed by famous son of Hepheastus, Frank Loyd Wright. The city has various parks constructed by the city using their larger budget, such as parks for disabled children, or simple playgrounds by the lake. Unfortunately, the city is all but segregated, somewhat backwards in that manner, and so school's have little diversity, with the exception of charters and magnet programs. A successful little town, but a Southern one nonetheless, for while you must go north to go south in Florida, Polk County is still rather rural.

S e x u a l i t y

L i k e s
ii Warm Weather ii
Perhaps because of her ability to manipulate very small portions of fire, or because of the heat one may become accustomed to in a forge or under a car, Blaire has always far prefered the warmth of a summer day to the chill of winter. It allows her to wear tank tops and shorts or light-weight pants, which are her prefered outfits anyway. The necessity of layers in the cold is only bothersome to her, as they seem to restrict movement. Besides, when she is cold, the young woman is very cold, and finds it difficult to become warm again, regardless of how long she stands by the fire.

ii Programming ii
Although design and mechanics have always been more of her thing, Blaire is somewhat interested in technologies such as programming ever since she received her first lego robotics kit and competed in her local FIRST competition. Although her programming skills aren't top notch, she is fairly proficient in Java and other such programs, enabling her to program robotics at a more. . . mortal level.

ii Parks ii
Having grown up in a town that prided itself on the parks built with extra funds, Blaire has always been something of a fanatic of parks, and spent a good amount of her childhood designing all kinds of parks, from far-fetched to feasible. Even now, at sixteen years old, she won't hesitate to swing on the swings and jump off when it reaches the top, or race down tube slides. Parks are the joy of her inner child, and she certainly shows it.

ii Architecture ii
Blaire's mother is an architect, and she learned about the process from her whenever they spent free-time together -such things were, essentially, their bonding times. She likes mechanics as well, of course, but architecture is special to the young woman because it is something that she has always shared with her mother, who is the most important person in the world to her, hands-down. Now that her mother has begun to develop arthritis, they mostly are only able to discuss designs, for Joanna's (her mother) hands shake too much for proper sketching or model making.

ii Making people laugh ii
As she knows that she has been very blessed in life, still having her mother and a wonderful step-family, Blaire feels as though she is responsible for sharing some of the happiness which she feels has been handed to her throughout her entire life. She likes to make people laugh and smile, not above making a fool of herself in order to cheer someone up- it is simply her nature.

ii Cars ii
The young woman began learning about cars when she was nine and was instantly successful, the knowledge coming as easily to her as breathing, thanks to her godly lineage. She was taught about engines and cars and mechanics by a family friend and eventual step father, Roger Yuan. Working on an engine with music blasting in the background, picking apart a car and then making improvements; all of these are things that she takes great joy in. She can name many (if not most) cars and engines on sight, or with a bit of tinkering.

ii Hot Tea ii
A rather superficial like, but she always finds the hot beverage soothing, and has it around five times a day, if not more.

ii Maths and Sciences ii
Math and science has always come easily to the young woman, for her brain seems hardwired for equations and such- all things that have helped her in design and engineering, of course. It takes little effort for her to grasp a concept in one of these two subjects.

D i s l i k e s
ii Dressing Up ii
She has no sense of style whatsoever, and would sooner wear overalls or jeans and a tank top than designer clothing- pretty clothing only makes her feel out of place and awkward. To see her try to walk in heels and a dress would be a hilarious thing indeed.

ii Reptiles ii
Something about reptiles, whether it be snakes or lizards or whatever else, has always freaked her out. See fear.

ii Iced Tea ii
Oppisite of hot tea, she can never get past the strangeness of it, and was basically force-fed iced sweet tea by a well-intentioned neighbor whenever she was over there, leading to an even stronger dislike of the beverage.

ii Spicy Things ii
A superficial dislike- she simply doesn't like the taste, and her tongue tends to go numb for a while when things are too spicy.

ii The Cold ii
Explained in like of heat.

ii Being Indoors for too long ii
Even when she is working on a project, Blaire prefers to do so in an open garage, with all of the windows open or, most favorable, outdoors entirely. Being inside for too long feels constricting to the young woman who spent most of her childhood outside. She has a room for sleeping and storage, but will do everything else outside, whether it be homework, eating or working.

ii Tears ii
Seeing someone cry makes Blaire freeze up and become impossibly awkward, because she is terrified of doing the wrong thing when someone begins to cry. That is why she tries to keep everyone's mood up from the get go, actually, because even the idea of someone crying near her makes her feel nervous, for lack of knowing what to do.

ii Writing and Literature ii
Never her strong suits, Blaire is terrible at reading comprehension and writing, for she can never quite organize her thoughts together. While the diagrams in her notebooks are fantastic, the writing parts are written in an almost illegible scrawl, using childish vocabulary between the scientific terms. Outside of science, math and engineering terms, her vocabularly is sub-par.

F e a r s
ii Reptiles ii
Something about the cold blooded creatures has always made Blaire somewhat skittish. It is in the way that snakes slither across the ground, always seeming prepared to strike, and the flick of a lizards tail as it scurries across a fence. The way they move and squirm, their beady eyes, and simply the creatures in general are frightening to the otherwise adventerous young woman. She can pick up any sort of bug without being phased, but a lizard crawls onto her shoe and she'll kick it off and squeal embarrassingly.

ii The Dark ii
This wasn't always a problem for Blaire, a fear of the dark- once upon a time she had no problem with it, and in fact had relatively decent night-vision, though nothing extraordinary. However, recently she has slept with a nightlight and always requires plenty of light wherever she is. Truthfully, this is because of a recent diagnosis Open-Angle Glaucoma in her right eye, a condition that threatens to take away the vision in that eye if not treated properly. She currently uses eyedrops as a preventative measure, but the condition is uncurable. Already her peripheral vision is fading, and though she knows she can prevent complete blindness, the tunnel vision is scary.

P e r s o n a l i t y
[The place I come from has a slightly different system, so I hope it is alright if I use that?]
ii Creative ii
True to a daughter of Hephaestus, Blaire has always been a creative child, ever since she first began playing with legos and blocks as a child- it seemed from the beginning that construction and design simply came easily to the girl. Of course, her mother could easily guess why this was, though the reason was kept hidden from the girl until she was old enough to quite understand what it entailed to be a demigod. Point of the matter, Blaire is always capable of thinking outside of the box, and this is expressed in her creations and the way she goes through the design process- a master of piling on, if you will. She keeps an engineer's notebook with her at all times to scribble down any ideas or sketches that come to mind- that notebook is perhaps one of the most organized things about her, as everything else seems to be something of a mess. Several notebooks line a shelf above her bed, and looking through them will only confirm to a person that she holds the trademark brilliance of a child of Hephaestus when it comes to engineering and building. She tends to always look for ways to improve upon simple designs, considering even the wildest of ideas until it is clear that they will not be effective in any way whatsoever. Some would describe her, at times, to have an overactive imagination and a tendency to go off on a tangent when coming up with new ideas and concepts, but to her that is all part of the process. Any thoughts of her being silly, anyway, are distinguished when she begins to get to the physical parts of a project.

ii Never Forgets ii
Although she may seem disorganized and a little bit over the top with her imagination, Blaire is the type of young woman who has the memory of an elephant. That isn't to say that she was blessed with a photographic memory and can remember everything that she has ever read or heard- like most people, she has to work hard on various subjects in order to succeed. Rather, the young demigod never forgets when people have done something kind for her, when she has made a promise, or when she sees something admirable in another person. While Hephaestus's memory may give him the tendency to hold grudges (Not to say that even the cheerful young woman doesn't hold grudges here and there- she's still part human, after all), Blaire's is such that it allows her to make sure that she always repays her debts, something that she has always been adamant about. Even when one believes that she may have forgotten about something, they are certain to be pleasantly (or negatively) surprised when she reacts in a way which would indicate memory of whatever the thing might have been. Although she is normally quite kind, the girl does hold grudges as well, and her memory means that she rarely forgets wrongs done onto her, even when she tries to forget them. She remembers every critique and insult at her work, and tends to go over them in her head constantly whenever she has free time, both searching for a way to fix the problem, and berating herself for whatever the issue might've been. Overall, this memory is a double-edged sword, for while she remembers all of the compliments and kindnesses, the insults and slights stick as well.

ii Cheerful ii
Perhaps a contrast to her infamously gruff father, Blaire is the sort of person who seems to generally have a smile on her face, regardless of what hardships she may be facing at the moment. Something of a goof, actually, the girl is constantly making it her personal mission to relieve atmospheres of tension, if only for the selfish reason of being unable to handle the pressure of negative emotions. Even if she is currently berating herself or dwelling on an insult to her work, the young woman will continue to smile and joke with those around her as though she hasn't a care in the world. She was raised to count her blessings, for they are multiple no doubt, and this philosophy fuels her smile and ever-flowing stream of corny jokes. She isn't above making an idiot of herself if it will make someone else laugh or forget their own troubles- she knows that she has been fortunate in her life, and thinks it only fair that she tries to share this with other people. Although she isn't entirely an optimist, as seen in her self-judgement, the girl does know how to see the silver lining in the most malevolent of storm clouds. This applies to both people, things, and events- every person has a good side, every event another story, and every thing a beneficial use. After all, while a knife may be able to kill, it can also whiddle a child's toy, can it not?

ii Tomboy ii
Not to be stereotypical of a daughter of Hephaestus, but Blaire is indeed something of a tomboy, never afraid to get her hands dirty or get hurt- she tends to jump into life, losing the caution she may exhibit in the forge as soon as a challenge outside of it comes her way. She has always been more naturally disposed to being active, enjoying exercise and sports that some girls *Cough**cough*DaughtsrsofAphrodite*Cough**Cough* may shy away from. Ever since she was a child, Blaire has prefered lego robotic sets to barbie dolls, and has never been overly fond of things like dressing up and wearing makeup, flirting or gossiping, etc. She feels more at home up to the elbows with tools and grease than in a shopping mall, and this is represented in the way she dresses, the hobbies she engages in, and even the way she speaks. She doesn't particularly have anything against more feminine girls, it just isn't really her style, and never has been. After all, she grew up with a mom who spent her time designing buildings and making models, and a family friend (and eventual step-father) who worked on planes and, in his spare time, cars. Isn't it only natural that it would be those things, not dolls or dresses, that she'd be interested in?

ii Blunt ii
Although she often does try to not be harsh in her words, the young woman does have a somewhat blunt nature, not really accustomed to having to censor herself or anything of that sort. All of her life, she has said what she thought, and often at the moment that she thought it. She isn't a naturally spiteful person, although as previously mentioned can tend to hold grudges, and so normally nothing is blurted out with a malicious intent of any sort. However, there are times when what she thinks is perfectly fine to say is, in truth, hurtful to another person- she has unintentionally insulted people on several occasions, and then ended up spending several minutes making stupid faces and making fun of herself in order to make them feel better about whatever she had said that insulted them. Still, it has happened several times before, and is likely to happen again, for the girl hasn't a very effective filter to keep her from saying something unnecessary. Unfortunately, this means that one cannot tell her something that she personally wouldn't consider important because, if it comes up, she may reveal it, without intending any harm. She just doesn't really lie or keep anything in.

Habits: Blaire tends to leave random things in her hair when she is working, like a sketching pencil or a little gadget of some sorts. She often forgets that they are there, and walks around with a screwdriver poking out of her ponytail. Also, the young woman always seems to be fiddling with something, regardless of where she is, whether it be a rubik's cube or one of those small metal puzzles (she likes to make her own of the latter, actually.)

H i s t o r y
Joanna Blaire-Yuan was raised as the youngest child in a family where no one else had gone to college before, as the family could never afford such a thing, and scholarships could never be enough to pay. Her two older siblings, one male and one female, had accepted that they wouldn't go to college early on and had made no efforts to apply to any, instead becoming a janitor and hair-dresser, respectively. Joanna, however, had higher ambitions, and was fueled by a life long love of design and architecture to put all she had into her academics, eventually earning herself enough scholarship money and financial aide to be the first of her family to attend a University. She received her masters in Architecture and immediately began working on small-scale projects as a contractor. It was at a convention that the bright woman first met Hephaestus, something which later lead to a relationship and, eventually, the birth of a daughter. She knew who he was about halfway through the relationship, and so was not entirely shocked when he was not constantly present in his new daughter's life. After giving birth to her daughter, whom she named Elizabeth after her grandmother, Blaire's great-grandmother, Joanna moved down to Lakeland, Florida to work on a job for the city. In the end, she never left, and so this was where her daughter was raised.

Blaire was fortunate to be born to a fiercely loving mother who could support her single child easily, and spent all free time with her daughter. Although she didn't know her real father until the age of thirteen, the girl never lacked a father figure, for her family friend, Roger Yuan, was constantly present in her life. He lived just across the street, and it was he who first introduced Blaire to automechanics when she was nine years old. Growing up, the young woman immediately exhibited a talent for building and design, spending hours playing with legos and drawing cities and parks, when she wasn't outside playing football or tag with the neighborhood boys. When she was old enough to enter kindergarten, Blaire was put into a nearby charter school, because her mother knew that a public school wouldn't be able to accomodate her daughter's gifts. So she went to a charter school for technology, learning how to program lego robotics by third grade. Her cheerful personality and willingness to help others made the girl fairly popular throughout middle school, so her lucky life continued. When she was nine years old, the girl began to be taught about cars and engines, not knowing that Mr. Yuan was partially doing this because he was courting her mother- not that he wouldn't have anyway, being a rather kind and social man. The next year, Joanna and Roger married- not much of a sudden shock for Blaire, who was accustomed to having the man around all the time anyway. Besides this, she also began to win robotics competitions at the elementary school level, going on to state and even national competitions for her division- people expected her to be incredibly successful, come high school.

However, when the girl was in seventh grade, Blaire was outside sketching and became suddenly frustrated with a design that she simply couldn't seem to perfect. Triggered by her anger, the paper suddenly burst into flames, frightening and fascinating the young woman all at once. Her mother ran outside to comfort the confused girl, and came to admit the truth of her ancestry- that Blaire was the daughter of Hephaestus. Even for a girl with an overactive imagination, this took several days for her to finally accept, and immediately ask: Are there others? So it came to be that she was told about a school which Joanna had heard about from Hephaestus, intended for demigods such as she. Blaire immediately stated that she wanted to go there, which succeeded in making her mother laugh slightly, stating that it would have happened, anyway, no doubt. The next year was torture for the young woman, if only because she spent it in anticipation for the high school of people like her- especially other children of Hephaestus with whom she could discuss, for admittedly the lack of minds her equal in the field of mechanics and such had been something which always bothered Blaire. Meanwhile, her mother began to develop arthritis, though she and Roger hid it from her daughter, not wanting to dampen the young girl's excitement. It wouldn't be until Blaire returned home over the summer after freshman year that her mother admitted it- and that, at the same time, Blaire began to lose vision in her right eye- something which was diagnosed as Open-Angle Glaucoma. She was given eyedrops and told to visit the doctor regularly to prevent total blindness, but the tunnel-vision is likely permanent. So went her life leading up to Sophomore year.

So begins...

Elizabeth Blaire's Story

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Blaire has always been an early riser, the rare teenager who can honestly claim to being a morning person- something which matches her typically sunny personality. Besides, she likes to be indoors as little as possible, and the longer one sleeps the longer they are cooped up in a tight space, confined by plaster walls. That isn't to say that she couldn't simply burn down the walls, something that wouldn't take a large amount of energy on her part, because there are a few slightly flammable things lying around her bedroom, despite the lack of sense in that. Point of the matter is, Blaire wakes up at around five in the morning to go for her routine jog, changing into sweats and pulling wavy brown hair back into a ponytail before setting off towards the forest area which borders one side of the academy and is a favorite part of the campus for the girl. The sound of her sneaker-clad feet hitting against the leaves with each step is the only sound she needs, not plugged into any sort of ipod or other type of music player. There is something hypnotic in the crunch of leaves and branches beneath the feet, even if such sounds could easily alert some random enemy to one's presence. Not that such things need to be worried about in the school, where things should be fairly safe for the children of gods who attend it. The jog lasts for approximately an hour before the girl stops in front of her dorm room, tired and beaded with sweat from the exercise. After taking a shower, she changes into regular clothing, a pair of army pants and a slightly tight-fitting black shirt. Her shoes are tennis shoes, white converse with poorly drawn doodles all over them to be exact. An alarm clock goes off a few moments after she has finished brushing her hair, distinguishing that she should be ready to go by this point.

The young woman gets up so early, and yet never seems completely ready to go in the morning- she never quite times things right, it would seem, and ends up rushing to class, though typically punctual. Blaire quickly pours some piping hot water from her bathroom sink over a teabag in a small thermos before slinging a bag with the necessary books over her shoulder and heading out of the door to Mathematics, a class which she actually quite likes because it is so intertwined with engineering and creation. Math and science are two of her best subjects, while reading and writing are a somewhat less enjoyable experience for the daughter of Hephaestus. Blaire walks down to the school building, taking frequent drinks from her thermos with one hand and fiddling with a Rubik's Cube in the other. She already knows the algorithms for solving it, and thus can solve it as more of a calming thing. A smile lights up her expression as it always does, if only a slight one, because the girl dislikes to see people angry or frowning or something of that sort. She herself is a perpetually optimistic person. Blaire turns a corner and stops by the psychology classroom to say "Good Morning!" to Dresden and Joel. Joel is more of a half-friend, because she never quite knows where she stands with him, but Blaire does get along rather well with Dresden.



An alarm clock blares loud and rather obnoxious music directly into the ear of a sleeping young man with blonde hair and a dislike for waking up early. He reaches out a fist and smashes it directly onto the button of the alarm clock, somehow not damaging the device in the process, and groans as he flips over onto his back and stares out the window at the sunlight which shines on a path where his head had previously been, as though trying to force him out of a lovely nap he had just been experiencing. The boy reluctantly pushes himself out of bed and stumbles over to take a shower, rinsing off and changing into jeans, a button-down shirt and a suit jacket before sitting down at his bed and taking a long drink of water in an attempt to hydrate himself to life, though of course this doesn't work because he isn't a Poseidon kid or any nonsense like that. Instead, the young man ends up falling onto the bed and immediately desiring once more to succumb to sleep. He isn't really the sort to resist such desires, likely due to genes inherited from both his father, a mortal, and mother, the goddess of love, beauty, and -you guessed it- desire. He is still for a few minutes before glancing over the clock, which gives him another ten minutes before he needs to sprint to class. That time period is just enough for him to justify indulging himself in sleep. Honestly, you'd think that the kid was a child of Hypnos or something, but it is more of the fact that he prefers to stay up late and sleep until noon. That's exactly what he does on weekends, if he can help it, and the occasional weekday as well, when he can get away with it, that is.

Five more minutes, he allows himself, pulling covers over his face and instantly being lulled back to sleep by the warmth that the blanket provides for him. Of course, one never sleeps for only 'five more minutes' when that is what they want to do. Instead, they close their eyes for mere seconds and wake up to find that it has been an hour since they last looked at the clock. Wesley does this very thing, falling into sleep and inevitably going to arrive half an hour late to class if some guardian angel doesn't miraculously come and wake him up, saving him from the wrath of Ms. Quintess. Well, not really, because she is a sucker for attractive people and has already proven to decide that Wesley is one of her favorites in Class 1- partially due to being the only child of Aphrodite in it. Well, primarily due to that.