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Elliot Russell

"People think I've stopped lying but I've just gotten better at it."

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a character in “The Olympian Academy”, as played by Malfunction


Elliot Russell

"People think I've stopped lying but I've just gotten better at it."


Full Name: Elliot Evan Russell
Nicknames: El, Elli, Evan, Rus, Rusty, Lassie (only his siblings call him this).
Age: 18
Godly Parent: Zeus
Birthdate: March 3rd
Home Town: Manor, Texas
Sexuality: Heterosexual

- Good smells (perfumes, food, etc)
- Video games
- Winning
- Exploring
- Finding out new things
- Alcohol
- Girls
- Movies / TV shows
- Storms
- Soccer
- Being bored
- Feeling useless
- Responsibilities
- Fighting
- Losing
- Doing things he doesn't want to
- Suits
- Nosy people
- When something/someone he loves is insulted or taken
- Vegetables
- Responsibilities
- Letting people down
- Traveling in airplanes and ships

Ever since he was young, Wesley has been a short-tempered and violent boy who was a constant liar. Because he felt like it was his duty to protect his family, he was a very defensive guy. After the first of his siblings was born, the person in him changed completely though. He became a carefree person and is seen with a smile on his face most of the time. With his family at work almost of the time ( his mother a nurse and his father a truck driver), he often had to take care of his siblings. This made him more responsible with others and good at taking care of others. He grew into the habit of spotting other people's needs and wants - that doesn't mean he actually helps them though (he only takes care of his family). That being said, he is often ignores his own needs and desires. The constant need of his younger siblings overlapped his own and because of that he got accustomed of not bothering people with his problems; instead, he prefers to solve them on his own.

Overall, Wesley can be described by other people outside his family as strong (physically and emotionally); brave, or as some would say, stupid; irresponsible and forgetful; a lone wolf who happens to be known by everyone; ill-tempered; and a lose canon. He tends to go with the flow more than anything else. He has a lot of energy but it generally is useless seeing as Wesley only gets things done if he actually wants to. He isn't the type to force friendship but instead assumes it's already there most of the; this makes it easy for him to talk to strangers and befriend people. He loves joking around and messing with people but most of all, he loves people who can make him laugh.

Although it might not seem like it, Wesley also has a sharp mind. He was a great memory which allows him to collect a lot of information. He also finds it easy to notice the little things in people, like quirks and stuff like that. His burning curiosity and desire for knowledge also encourages him to learn more. People usually don't notice this about him because he keeps his knowledge to himself most of the time, seeing as he doesn't think other people would care much about it.

Under everything, there is another side to Wesley though. He tends to keep most of his opinions and worries to himself. He is a serious and introvert individual but forces himself to be more lively and carefree to distract himself from his thoughts and worries. He is a natural leader but with the dependence his siblings had on him frightened him of the responsibility. He avoids taking care of others and will make it to the point where he will snap at someone just to avoid them looking up and depending on him. This is caused mostly because he is scared about letting them down and disappoint them. He is still really defensive about himself and his personal life. He enjoys talking to different kinds of people but hates getting too close to them. When he feels like either they or himself are getting to attached, he starts to avoid them and be obnoxious to them. Though not shown by his behavior, he cares deeply for anyone he thinks of as friends. He becomes a little more emotionally invested with friends. He can become more childish, protective, and tempered.

Wesley has always been an odd child since his birth. While his father had dark brown hair, Wesley had an even lighter shade of blonde that his mother had. It didn't help that when the rest of his siblings began to arrive, they all had the same muddy tone of brown hair. Though it was never talked among the family, the rest of the town made up for it. This caused Wesley to grow defensive and protective over himself and his family; a violent streak soon followed it. His aggressive nature simmered down when his first brother was born. Since his parents were rarely at home because of their jobs (mother a nurse, father a truck driver) Wesley, as the oldest of the six children, had to take on the responsibility of taking care of his siblings by cooking, cleaning, helping them get ready for school, and many other things. His siblings were quite dependent on him and rarely helped out around the house. Wesley did so much around the house that he rarely had time to do activities with his friends. Because of this, he took advantage of the time at school by sleeping and joking around with people to distract himself from the stress of what was waiting for him at home; his grades were usually in bad conditions because of this. By using various people to distract himself, he became more social and well known through out his school and town - both in a good way and bad.

Wesley found out that he was a demigod on a stormy night. He had been coming home from a late party (his parents were working and his siblings were sound asleep) in which he had drank a few shots. He hadn't noticed he had begun to doze off until he saw two bright lights up ahead. All he could manage and think of doing was to drive into the forest to his left to avoid the collision. There were various injuries that he received during the car accident but by the time help came, all of his injuries had healed. As much as he tried to tell people about it, everyone assumed it had been the alcohols doing. After a while the matter of the subject wasn't talked about until there was another lightning storm in which Wesley gave himself a minor injury. Both to his surprise and satisfaction, his injury healed in a matter of a minute. He quickly went to find someone to tell about and that someone happened to be his mother. Knowing that he wasn't going to let the matter quiet down like last time, she told him about his actual father (who she had had an affair with at a low point in her marriage) and what he was.

After that Wesley kind of lost himself. He became more distant from his family who he had begun to resent for various reasons. Some being that he believed he didn't belong with them and because he the stress had made his patience thinner and the mess they created (and that he had to clean up) was getting bigger and unappreciated. He began to spend more time with his friends rather than at school or at home and after a few weeks, he showed up drunk to the house and began making a mess out of the house. An argument ensued between himself and his father which began to escalate rather quickly. His mother quickly showed up and stopped them before anything else could happen. After that incident, his mother offered him a chance to be with other demigods like him. Once finding out about the academy, Wesley agreed in a hurry. Desperate to get out of the town and far as possible, he left that very day without saying goodbye to his siblings and father.

He arrived to the academy when he was 16 and adjusted to the academy easily. Being away from the stress made it easier for him to focus on his studies and socialize without alcohol and parties.

Anything else?
- He has gotten in the habit of drinking but has been trying to stop since he got to the academy.
- Loves when people do stuff for him on their own accord.
- Has little creativity and imagination.
- Comedy and drama are his favorite genre. Hates thrillers ("Just pointless action, no good plot or characters.").

So begins...

Elliot Russell's Story