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Jezebel Oak Judeka

"I don't know much, but I know the important stuff".

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a character in “The Olympian Academy”, as played by HadoukenLSD


Jezebel Judeka


Full Name: Jezebel Oak Judeka
Nicknames: Jez, Jezzi.
Age: 17.
Godly Parent: Hebe
Birthdate: 03 of May.
Home Town: San Francisco.
Sexuality: She likes boys, but sometimes she likes girls too.

*Long skirts
*Sun showers
*Lacey things
*Getting high
*The beach
*Clever people

*Animal cruelty
*Rude people
*Her smile
*Very hot weather
*Being alone

*Small spaces.
*Very muscular people.
*Looking ugly.
*Getting sick.
*Getting old.

Personality: Jezebel is generally a very helpful sort of girl, sometimes too helpful to the point of being annoying. She doesn't really have any concept of 'personal space'. In her mind, the world is glorious and everything is beautiful, well, except a few things. She is a very peaceful being and does not like fighting or mean people one bit. She is Vegan, due to her undying love of animals. When she is upset, there is nothing like a fluffy cat to cheer her up.

She enjoys engaging in philosophical conversations and has ultimate respect for anybody she deems to be more intelligent then herself: one of her life's goals is to expand her mind to it's greatest potential. She has a complex spirituality which combines Buddhism (though she couldn't meditate for the life of her), Paganism and New Age beliefs. She believes in a conscious universe and is always asking it to guide her, to give her signs. She likes to believe she's very ethical and spiritual and whatnot but at the same time, she's got a huge thing for psychedelic drugs, believing they will help her achieve enlightenment.

She really can't stand being alone. She always wants to be sharing and creating memories with people. Not to mention, when she's alone for too long of a time, her mood can take a drastic turn. She may begin contemplating all of the wrongs in the world, how pointless everything can get and it can take her some time to pull herself out of this state. Most of the time, she feels pretty fine and dandy though, if she does say so herself.

One of her greatest flaws is her inability to give people a real chance. For people she likes, this is a great thing as it means she will bond to them and be eternally loyal. If she does not like a person, however, she will probably pretend they do not exist.

History: Jezebel never knew her mother. Her hippie father raised her on his own, a very jovial guy with an intense love of music. He often played the guitar and taught her from a young age that she ought to respect nature and all the beings living on earth. He took her camping, star-gazing and snorkeling more times then she could count and it was basically an excellent childhood. Sure, kids in school found her a little weird for her radical beliefs but it didn't bother her very much. At least not consciously. Subconsciously, it may have fueled Jezebel's attachment issues and fear of appearing unattractive. In her mind though, things were good because she had a beautiful cat, Willow and a lovely dog, Elm who were good enough friends to her.

Her father didn't speak often of Jezebel's mother but when he did, he would sort of go off into a blissful trance. He always described her as kind and beautiful beyond belief and told Jezebel that she has her mother's beauty. He never spoke about why she wasn't here with them, and Jezebel never really thought to ask.
She had a boyfriend when she was fifteen who smoked a lot of pot and got Jezebel into the drug scene. She didn't really like weed, though. It wasn't exciting enough. What excited her was acid and she had a wonderful dream that one day she would take part in an ayahuasca ceremony. She'd never heard about one in action though.

The relationship grew to an end. It didn't end sourly, it was a mutual agreement between two people who found they were heading into different directions. She thought she was lucky. All of the other girls her age were nursing broken hearts when they left their first relationships.

Then, on her 17th birthday her dad decided her wanted to tell her something, something he said would change her life. Eagerly, she sat down and awaited what it was he had to say and well... he finally told her why it was her mother wasn't around. Jezebel was told that her mother was a Goddess, making her a demi-God. Well, the girl was in more shock then anything. She wasn't sure if her dad was just a little bit on the crazy side (he'd had his fair share of drugs in the 60's) or whether there was any truth to this matter.

Well, as it turns out, she was sent away to this strange academy to learn what it meant to be a demi-God. Her father WAS telling the truth, and as it turned out, she certainly wasn't the only one who'd had this random bomb dropped on them. She didn't really like all of the fighting that happened here, it upset her, made her feel a little nauseous but her curiosity was peaking in so many ways. It was as if she'd opened a fantasy book and stepped inside!

Anything else? Not at the moment.

So begins...

Jezebel Oak Judeka's Story

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The needle fell to the floor with a soft clatter as Abel's head rolled back. The soft grey of the morning spilled through the window as he gently embraced euphoria in this all-too-familiar habit. He closed his eyes, listening to his heart beat, reminding him for some reason of the sound of church bells. This grace could not be competed with, he thought.

Well, aside from Lilly, of course. She was angels incarnated, her very breath a symphony so elegant the Gods themselves could not describe it. He had lost her to this drug, to this perfect rush of everything and nothing all at once. It could not fill the space in his heart she had torn out when she departed, but it could make him fell home for just a moment...

He had barely slept at all last night, haunted by visions of Lilly's gentle face, watching her fade away before him, lost like a shade to the Underworld. He'd down more coffee in the past twenty-four hours then he had in the entire week preceding this one and it probably still would not be enough to combat with the drowsiness that would accompany this morning's fix.

Warmth raced through him, butterflies danced in his stomach... It was as if he were falling in love all over again. He lifted his mp3 player from the table and plugged it into his ears, Joy Division wailing mournfully as the rush subsided and his body became his own again.

He was already dressed and ready to go, a tight brown leather coat accompanied his black pants, white collared shirt and shined black shoes. Verging any lower than this is respectability was an ultimate sin in his eyes. Of course, his hair had grown slightly greasy and this must be attended to post haste.

Fortunately for him, Psychology was the first class of the day, one of which he needed to pay little attention in. The ways of the human mind, how to persuade it, probe it, heal it, destroy it... This was his forte. There was little they could teach him that he didn't already know.

He needed more coffee. His body was heavy and his eyes desired nothing more than to fall back into sleep. He moved to the cafeteria, almost zombie-like but with a lot more ego and helped himself to coffee. Strong, black coffee. He couldn't possibly stomach food, the drug was making him feel slightly nauseous and he rarely had an appetite anyway.

He sat down, sipping at the strong brew before him and gazing around at the others occupying the cafeteria with analytical eyes that pried. His head fell lower and lower towards the table, struggling not to disappear into the land of the dreamers. Perking his head up, he drained the hot drink in but moments, scalding his lips and tongue in the process.


The warm water cascaded off of Jezebel's form as she showered, singing 'Lovesong' by The Cure to herself softly. She was more than awake, she was excited. Other than animals, there wasn't a thing she adored more than learning. Truly. Besides, there were so many interesting characters at The Academy and she was desperate to converse with them all. Well, bar a couple who just didn't really seem all that friendly.

When she had finished showering, she dressed herself in a green t-shirt, a long, semi-transparent white skirt and black, low-heeled ankle boots. She draped her brown, knitted scarf around her neck then proceeded to apply mascara to her lashes. She brushed out her golden hair and braided a small chunk, weaving a raven's feather within and places a white beanie on her head. Feeling satisfied with her appearance, she began the journey towards class.

She was always the punctual type. Getting up in the morning was never a worry for her, she wasn't a huge fan of sleeping anyway. It seemed like a waste of time to her. Why sleep when she could be learning, right? Mathematics was first on the agenda today, and she was absolutely pumped for that. Sarcasm. Of all the things she could be learning about, it just had to be stupid mathematics, didn't it? The single most boring, most frustrating topic on the planet. Anything would be more entertaining than this. Never the less, learning was learning and she supposed the dreaded maths was actually pretty significant in it's own way, being the universal language and all that, and she supposed that sacred geometry stuff was kind of cool but still... numbers, man. Numbers frustrated her.

It was still surreal to her, being here. She, Jezebel Oak Judeka, was the daughter of a Goddess. No matter how many times she said it to herself, no matter how long she spent at The Academy, she still found it difficult to believe. She was in constant speculation and believed she may wake up from this bizarre but fantastic dream at any moment.

She put it to rest, because it just wasn't going to make sense to her any time soon and busied herself instead with ideas of who she might annoy today. Abel, perhaps... Or Wesley, maybe. The idea of extracting knowledge from these guys made her giggle with anticipation.

But first, maths. She groaned inwardly as she arrived at the class room, frowning childishly with her head down. She perked up a little when she saw she wasn't the only one here. Company was good, yes. "Good morning!" she squealed joyfully, professing her usual exuberant and overly-friendly demeanor at the people she hadn't really been acquainted with. "Are you guys any good at this maths stuff? I think it's a terrible way to start the morning, personally".

Jezebel wasn't the type to stay focused on any one thing, so almost instantly after she had spoken she began playing with her hair while she pondered a Hell in which numbers ruled over words, mathematical Gods forcing their ideals upon all present, codes and equations lining the walls with no escape least you can figure a way to divide by zero... She shuddered at the thought.