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Juliette Halliwell

"It feels weird, being back here."

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a character in “The Olympian Academy”, as played by StitchSaysHi


Juliette Halliwell


Full Name: Juliette Wyatt Halliwell
Nicknames: Jules by her friends, the closest even call her Julie-bear or Julie-bean at times, and, as much as they know it annoys her, many of the students at the academy refer to her as Miss Halliwell. Eugh.
Age: 23 years old
Godly Parent: Apollo
Birthdate: July 5th
Home Town: Tallahassee, Florida
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Likes: Music (Obviously) | Mexican Food | Fun | The students of the Academy | Greek Mythology | Food in general | The harry potter series | Attractive people (they're fun to look at!) | Sarcasm | Les Miserables | Swimming | Freedom | Running | Chocolate | Art | Traveling | Being Alone (only sometimes)
Dislikes: Betrayal | Lies | Pain | Mushrooms | Brussels Sprouts | Rap | People who disrespect music and the effect it has on the world | People knowing who she is behind her mask | Orange | Bugs (especially spiders) | Dolls
Fears: Being alone forever | Never being good enough | Always being betrayed by the ones she loves | Spiders | Gaint man-eating squirrels (dont ask)

Personality: Juliette Halliwell is a lot of things. At times she's reckless, outgoing, carefree, and energetic. It is at those times when people see her and think that she'll be one of those girls who can never act serious, and whose shenanigans will never get her anywhere in life. And yes, at times, Jules can be exactly like that. But most of that is in her past, just not all of it. She still has that same thirst for life, that same deep-seated need to be free. It is this part of Juliette Halliwell that has stayed with her since she first began attending the Olympian Academy. It is that part of her that helps her to connect with the students on a more personal level.

Then there's the other part, the part that's been changed and twisted by the events in her life. The part of Juliette Halliwell that is quiet, unsure, pessimistic, and lacks confidence in herself, her abilities, or her future and it's existance. It is this part of Jules that has her often hidden away in her room as she contemplates her own worth, or what her place is in this world. This is the time when Juliette is vulnerable, bearing all to the world and hoping it wont snap her in half. She never lets anyone see her like this of course. Her happiness, and rebellious, carefree attitude is her strength. It's her wall, and no building can stand if it doesnt have walls.

Nowadays, Juliette is, even if only slightly, more confident in herself. Her travels have added a sense of culture and exoticness to her personality, as well as matured her, having lived on her own, with no one to fall back on for so long of a time. She's much more an adult know than she was when she first left the academy. Obviously, that's sort of what happens when you grow up, you become an adult. If only she could've gone to Neverland.

History:To say that Juliette Halliwell had a bad relationship with her mother would be an understatement, kinda like saying Hera had a bad relationship with Hephaestus when she threw him from Mount Olympus for being ugly. Yeah, that kind of understatement. Maybe that's why she's so screwed up as a person. Or maybe it's just one reason among many. It's probably the latter.

Growing up, Jules' mother was always busy, and even when she was home, she wasn't really there. She'd shut herself away in her office, she'd never even look up during dinner unless it was to tell jules to pass the salt, and even then, her mind was somewhere else, possibly somewhere that didn't include a young daughter who just wanted her mother's approval. Jules always tried so hard, and for a long time, she tried by being the best. Running the fastest, reading the most books, winning the school spelling bees (even though her mother never actually made it to any of them), and being the top in everything. When that didn't work, she switched tactics. She started getting into trouble more often than most the children in her grade combined. Her misconduct got her attention, but it was never the kind she wanted.

The one salvation Juliette Halliwell found in her childhood, was music. And theatre, that was good too. She learned to play piano at the age of 7, and guitar at 11. Pair that with a singing voice to make even the strictist of men cry, and you had a child talented beyond the abilities of "normal" children. People often wondered where it all came from, and most decided that it was most likely her father. They weren't wrong. It was just that instead of being some rock star that her mother had had a fling in a moment of fangirling, her father was more...godly. Throughout her entire life, Juliette would wonder who her father was. She came up with numerous possibilities for why he'd never been there. Maybe he really was a rockstar who probably had hundreds of kids all over the nation. Maybe he'd been a married man who'd refused to leave his family. Maybe he was a secret agent for the government who couldn't lead a normal life or have a family because he was constantly undercover, changing identities and flying all over the world on top secret missions. Or maybe he was dead. But never, in all her years of wondering, could Juliette Halliwell have expected that her father was a god. That was beyond even her imaginative mind.

As Jules grew and matured, her talents grew as well. At age 14, a year before coming to the Academy, Jules starred as Eponine in her school's musical production of Les Miserables, giving her her slight obsession with the musical and the story it told. (HAD TO! IT WAS TOO GOOD TO LEAVE OUT!) Even this, which had been a large triumph in Juliette's mind, had gone unnoticed by her mother.

Before the year ended, when Jules had just turned 15, her mother sat her down, finally explaining who her father was. There weren't really any emotions to the conversation, at least not from Diana Halliwell (her mother). Though, at first Jules though maybe her mother was just crazy. No one in their right mind would just believe that there father was a greek god. After a while however, Jules relented, and without much more than just a quick explanation about the school which her mother had already enrolled her in without so much as a heads up, Jules was off to the Olympian Academy. Great.

In her years there, Juliette grew, she changed. She came out of her self-imposed shell and was actually one of the most outgoing people there. She loved life, and intended to milk it for all it was worth. She gathered a somewhat large amount of friends, including Vanessa Tate, who Jules considered more a sister than a friend, however even Vanessa only knew parts of Jules' past.

Then in their senior year, that all changed, thanks to a one Nathan Hensleigh. See, Nate was the history teacher that year, and, unbeknownst to Jules as she quickly fell for the man, her feelings were shared by her best friend, and apparently, by Mr. Hensleigh himself. One night, Jules found Nate in the school's pool and, having been a bit drunk, decided to challenge him, resulting in their sleeping together. The next morning, Jules woke, in Nate's bed, to find him missing. Soon after she found that Vanessa was also gone. It didn't take long for her to piece everything together, and it didn't take long for her world to come crashing down.

After the disappearance of her best friend, Jules didn't know what to do. After graduation, she'd ended up leaving the country, traveling all over Europe as she tried to find some sort of path to take. During her stay in France, Jules met a girl. She got to know her, even though the girl was almost 6 years younger than Jules, they bonded quickly. One day, while in her apartment, Jules found that she wasn't alone. No, in her apartment, standing before her, was the god Hermes. He asked Jules to take his daughter, the girl she'd come to know so well, to the Academy, as he'd already tried to talk to her himself, but she'd run from him. It was easy to understand though. That's usually what happens when you go up to someone and say "Hey, I'm your father! You know, the one that abandoned you at birth? Oh! And guess what! I'm a god." Jules agreed, and that is how she found herself back at Olympus, working as a teacher's assistant, but how that happened is still a mystery to her.
Anything else? It's a secret! Sshhh!!

So begins...

Juliette Halliwell's Story

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#, as written by Mela

Phoebe only just caught side of her older brother as he practically flew into the bathroom after her. The sight made her a giggle a little as she swiveled around to see the bathroom door almost closing. Charlie had this habit of making a fool of himself more times than not, and it was simply adorable. Phoebe knew that if Charlie only felt more comfortable around other people, he would not be single. He was too sweet, caring and thoughtful. These traits were the main reason she loved him as much as she did; he was among the very most important people in her life. Especially lately when he’d become a shoulder for her to cry on. She was so grateful to him, because if she had to be honest, she knew Charlie hadn’t been entirely comfortable with this at first. Even Phoebe could tell as much.

Her eyes, however, widened when he stuck his head back out, commenting on her pajamas. She gasped, horrified. “Oops, sorry!” She immediately squeaked, running over to take her nightwear from Charlie. Her pajamas were silk, and therefore rather slippery. She would’ve felt so bad if something had happened to Charlie because of her. She’d simply forgotten about them because she’d been so busy, not wanting to take too much time from Charlie; it was his home, after all. She was only a guest. Not that she wouldn’t have hurried as much if it’d been her bathroom. She would’ve felt exactly the same; the wish to not take up too much time and space.

She bit her lower lip as he shut the door and she sighed, looking down at her attire. She needed a new hair colour. Surely that would make her feel better? She shook her head, smiling mournfully as she put her pyjamas on the side of the bed she usually slept in. She would probably come get it later and take it to her own room, only to spend hours trying to fall asleep… and then she’d once more sneak into Charlie’s cabin. She then took the hairbrush she’d left at his place from the bedside table and began brushing through her blue, thick locks. She wasn’t too sure she actually wanted to do much of anything today. She had classes, yeah, but maybe she’d just go find Christian and Nolee afterwards. Fortunately she had classes with Christian this year. The thought made her smile genuinely. She’d missed her friends so much over the summer.

Then again, she could go find Ness and ask to play with Ellie. Her smile widened at the thought of the little girl. She could hardly believe Ness had a little girl now, and that was with Mr. Hensleigh. It was all so unreal, but amazing at the same time. As long as her Latina friend was happy, so was Pheebs. She threw the hairbrush onto the pyjamas once she was done and then she ran her hands through it, making it a little messy and slightly puffed. It’d have to do. She didn’t want to keep Charlie waiting, so there was that. Plus, they’d be late for class if she did anything much with her hair, so it remained slightly wavy, stretching to her mid back. She needed a haircut.

She’d packed her bag the other night, so when Charlie hurried out of the bathroom, practically bursting through the door, Phoebe laughed and went to pick up her own bag. She paused when he spoke to her, standing with a grin plastered on his face. “Charliiieee,” she tsk’ed, giggling before she threw her bag over her shoulder and went to stand in from of him. She reached up, skilfully brushing her hands through his hair to make his curls fall down a little. Then she stood back, watching him for a little bit before running into the bathroom. “Just a second!” She squealed over her shoulder, coming back with a bit of soft wax in her hands which she massaged between her palms.

“You can’t go to class looking like you just got out of bed, Mr. Teacher.” She laughed softly, glancing at the clock. Yep they still had four minutes. She hurriedly styled his locks in a matter of second, the look messy still, but now really cute at the same time. It was very… Charlie. And it looked good. Happy with her work, Phoebe smiled up at him, not saying a word until she was back from the bathroom once more, having washed off the remaining stickiness.

“There, ready,” she quickly chirped as she took his hand and hurried out the door, running down the halls with the mythology teacher in tow. No one even quirked a brow – after all, it was just Phoebe.


Nathan Hensleigh was a rather complicated man at times, he would admit that much. In fact, he rarely even knew what he felt himself, and as he looked at his girlfriend, rousing from sleep, he felt that little kick again. It was part fear, part love. Because he did love Vanessa, but then… he couldn’t quite shake the feeling that he was in someone else’s life, like he didn’t belong here, in this family life this way. Like he wasn’t supposed to have been a father, like being in a committed relationship was as wrong for someone like him, as it was for a wish to breathe above water. He didn’t show it, but rather just smiled.

That didn’t mean it wasn’t there though, but as the son of Poseidon looked down at his daughter, the love he felt for her over shadowed everything. She was the gem of his eye, and he could no longer imagine life without her, no matter how many times he’d considering leaving Ness during her pregnancy. Now, however, he was thankful that he’d pulled through, because his little girl was worth it. She really was. Little Noelle was nothing but smiles and giggles, and somehow she always managed to chase away the doubts. They still popped up regularly, however, not that he’d ever let it show, nor would he ever tell anyone. It would remain his own little secret.

It wasn’t like he would act on those doubts anyways. He didn’t want his daughter to live with parents being apart. It wasn’t that children were torn apart by it, but rather that he was worried she wouldn’t see both of them equal amounts of time. Besides, he didn’t want Ellie to have that image of him when got older; that he was just a charmer who slept around. His daughter deserved better than that. Frankly, she deserved better than him, and so did Ness. Still, however, Nate plastered on a smile when Ness greeted him. “Look Ellie – you woke up mommy,” he chuckled, kissing the girl’s forehead as Ness called out to the little creature.

As Ellie’s head flew up, her back straightening to look in the direction her mother’s voice had come from, Nate couldn’t help smiling – genuinely. The girl had her trademark grin glued to her face and she squealed, jumping in Nate’s arms. He laughed at her, looking over at Ness. “I definitely think Ellie would like a morning cuddle,” he noted, another laugh emitting from him when Ellie bent forward, trying to get to the bed. He held her firmly in his arms though, not wanting her to fall over and hurt himself. As he neared Ness, Ellie’s smile widened and the history teacher let the girl into the bed, placing her by Ness’ side.

He smiled to himself, watching the two girls who defined his life, Ellie squealing in delight, her legs kicking into the air, arms stretching out for her mother to pick her up. Only once Ellie was safely in Vaness’s arms, did Nate lay down next to the couple, putting an arm around his girlfriend to pull her close, smiling at her and Ellie. “How’re you feeling?” He asked her, a little concerned, “you didn’t get much sleep. Are you sure you wouldn’t like to sleep another hour? We don’t have to be in class until ten o’clock, and it’s only eight.” He brushed a couple of strands of messy morning hair out of her face.

Nathan Hensleigh was indeed a man of contradictions, but what could he do except let events unfold? He knew this place, however, and drama always found its way into his life. Especially since he’d found Jules was back there too. He didn’t particularly like the thought of that, if he had to be entirely honest.