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Natalia Nicoletta Jade Constantine

"When I turn my music on, I turn the rest of the world off."

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a character in “The Olympian Academy”, as played by ZoeyAutopsyx




Full Name: Natalia Nicoletta Jade Constantine
Nicknames: Since she has a long name, and doesn’t particularly care for any of them, she goes by Nolee.
Age: Seventeen years of age
Godly Parent: Apollo
Birthdate: 7th of May, so she is a Taurus.
Home Town: Nolee is from the exciting city of Las Vegas, Nevada.
Sexuality: Heterosexual

+Red or white roses
+Her white Ibanez Acoustic guitar
+Sleep. Lots of it.
+Long novels
+Lays Barbeque chips
+Horror films
+Russian hats
+Dubstep music
+White chocolate

-Red lipstick
-Salt and vinegar chips
-Fake nails
-Pink lemonade
-Hair dye
-The color yellow
-Cinnamon gum
-Video games

Fears: Nolee is afraid of being forgotten by her friends, the people she loves most. She is afraid of people being mad at her, scared of surprises, since she likes to be informed of everything going on at any give time, and she is scared of open spaces. This ties in with the fact that she doesn’t like being alone. She has a minor fear of frogs, or any slimy animal, for that matter, as well as loud noises, which cause her to tremble.

Personality: With a warm smile on her face and her random outbursts, Nolee is one of the friendliest and most loyal people one might come across. This girl is always giggling at something, even if the topic being discussed at the time isn’t one for laughing. She believes laughing cures the soul, and not one day should go by without it. This might causde people to think that she is not taking them seriously, which is not the case at all. Being youthful and lively, Nolee loves to bring smiles to other people’s faces, and seems to always be gushing happiness, which is contagious to others around her. This is one of the reasons why people want to be around her, her sense of humor and reliability is welcoming and sincere. You could tell this girl anything and it would not leave the bank. Because she likes to see smiles on people's faces, she can be a tad of a pushover, since she is afraid of hurting people's feelings by saying no, but this does not mean that she does not have a limit to what she does or doesn't do.

She is a peaceful person, but this does not mean that she is not also determined and ambitious. She is more of a follower than a leader, but she won’t just follow anyone, and knows how to distinguish good leaders versus the bad ones. She is not afraid to take on a challenge, and is stubborn about finishing a task once she starts it. Having said this, she is not an easy person to fool or deceive, and is extremely bold when it comes to her beliefs. She would give up a friendship if it went against what she believes. She thinks everyone has a right to their own opinion, and will never try to push her own on anyone else. She is not a pushover,

She is patient and not argumentative, but if someone does provoke her, she will probably end up starting an argument or two. Her temper tends to explode in violent outbursts, and is usually taken out on the wrong person, which she feels bad about afterwards. She is one to defend her friends, and doesn’t care if you talk about her so long as you leave her friends out of it. She can accept anyone, but if you break her trust, it is hard, if not impossible, to get it back. She can be a tad sensitive and take things to heart, but half the time, it is due to the fact that she misunderstands things.

Much like Apollo, Nolee is musically gifted, and is an excellent guitar player, as well as singer. She expresses herself through song, but also through others art, such as painting, drawing, and photography. She is a creative spirit, and likes to think outside of the box.

Ahh, Las Vegas, the city of sin.

This is where Nolee’s story began, with her half-Russian mother, a beautiful woman by the name of Jade with long, dark brown eyes, and big, dark eyes. She was not born in the United States, but came with her mother at the age of six. Long story short, she did not have a luxurious life, but had just enough to get by. She managed to get a job at a casino to earn money, and because of her beautiful face and charming personality, she had no trouble with this. When a mysterious man with an attractive appeal stepped into that casino one night, Nolee’s mother’s life was changed. Her and this man started seeing each other, and soon enough, Nolee was concieved.

Nine months later on a warm May night, the 7th, Nolee was born in a hospital in Las Vegas. Her mother was shocked to discover that her child’s own father cut off all ties with her THAT night. After the shock came the anger, and after the anger, came the sadness. But sadness was not an option, and giving Nolee up for adoption was not one, either. As a single mother with only her own mother to count on, life seemed to once again prove to be difficult, especially since Nolee's grandmother was barely in the picture. Much like Jade when she was young, Nolee did not grow up in a fancy house with fancy cars and expensive belongings. She had just enough food on the table every day and an adequate amount of clothes, but nothing more. It was when Nolee turned seven that her mother decided to go to school to become a nurse, so that they could have more money to spend on what they needed. This meant that Nolee would be at home alone even more than she already was, but that it mattered much to her since her mom and her were never close. She never questioned who or where her dad is, mostly because of the fact that her mom never mentioned him, and when she did, she only referred to him as a 'deadbeat father.'

Elementary school was a blur to Nolee, but this is when she started music, and much to her (and the teacher’s surprise), she learned to play the guitar in a heartbeat. Not only this, she also got into the piano, as well as the violin. Although no one else knew this, she also discovered that she was a breathtaking singer, but she only sung when no one else was home. Being a rather shy kid, she surprised even herself by taking part in plays, all of which her mother was too busy to attend, sadly. Having said this, Nolee's grades weren't her mother's biggest worry, either. Nolee took this as an open invitation to not really care, and spent her time zoned out in her normal classes.

By the age of twelve, Nolee knew she was different than everyone else. How so? Even she couldn’t describe. This is one of the reasons why she alienated herself from other kids her age, since she did not want to be questioned by people as to why she saw things different than them. One night when she was home alone, as usual, she decided that she has had enough. Enough of no one listening, no one being proud of her accomplishments, all of it. She stormed out of the house with nothing but the clothes on her back, not knowing where she was heading, not even locking the door behind her. When later thinking about it, it kind of shocked her that she did not stop and think about how this would affect her mother. In all honesty, she didn't care, and had a feeling that her mom would be just fine with her dissapearence if she did not come back home.

Sooner or later, she stopped, realizing there was nowhere to go, that it was cold outside, and she did not think through her plan very well. This is when a mysterious man pulled up in a black Mercedes, windows tinted like they are in all those movies. Now, Nolee wasn’t going to talk to him, she knew enough not to talk to strangers by this age. But this man was different, he reminded her of…well, herself. He told her to get in, and so she did. He knew who she was, WHAT she was. On impulse, she didn’t believe him. Who would, after all? But as he told her more and more facts about her, Nolee knew he was right about everything he was saying. He revealed who he was, Apollo. She believed this, too. He also told her about a school where there were other people like her, gifted and different. She knew she wanted to be there, that is, if it existed. So she agreed to let him take here there. During this night, he also presented Nolee with a beautiful white acoustic guitar, more than Nolee could ever dream of. This gift somehow completed her, and set in stone exactly who she was.

Anything else? Nolee is against drugs and drinking, except maybe the occasional champagne. She doesn't like to lose control of herself, so she won't put herself at risk. She has a mild allergy to pineapple, since it makes her throat feel itchy.

So begins...

Natalia Nicoletta Jade Constantine's Story

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An explosion of rhythm and melody woke the daughter of Apollo with a jolt, a melody which she has heard many times before, but was extremely uncanny to hear after the dream she had just had.

Only you can be...
The aching in my heart, my enemy...
The only animal I couldn't fight...
You hold me in the dark when storms arrive...
Only you...

After several attempts to turn off her iPod dock, Nolee grumbled to herself, unsure of what words were even coming out of her mouth, as she scrambled up out of her warm bed, which seemed to be calling to her, begging her to stay longer and shelter her from the cold winds that the outside had to offer. Would that I could, oh, would that I could....she thought, then checked the time on her iPod, her eyes stinging from the bright screen compared to the over-all dimness of the room. Thirty minutes to get ready, as usual, not that she needed anymore time than that, she wasn't one to loiter around the mirror for endless hours.

Only you can see,
The emptiness I feel when you're with me,
When everything you say, I'm on my knees,
Baby I'm on my knees,
Baby I'm on my knees,
Baby I'm on my knees...

Ignoring the song, the brunette went to her closet; an assortment consisting of clothes halfway hanging off their racks, dozens of pairs of shoes in the corner, and all sorts of mysterious items on the top shelf, then she hastily sorted through her bundles of band shirts, some more ripped than others, and decided on a classic Ramones shirt, self-cut to suit her alternative style. Yes, Johnny Ramone would be proud...Next she reached for a pair of white skinny jeans and a couple of belts, and immediately got to changing, knowing that fixing her frizzy, tangled knots of hair was a tad more important to her than her outfit for the day. While still buttoning up her jeans, she went over to her dresser, then dug out her straightener and plugged it into the outlet, right next to the mirror on her wall. For the most part, her room could be considered a jungle, almost nothing could be found when it was most needed, and was right in front of her eyes when she couldn't care less about it.

Luckily, she had packed her bag the previous night, mostly focusing on the beauty products she would need to carry with her to touch up through-out the day with. Eyeliner? Yes. Mascara? Double yes. You could always worry about books and notes paper later.

After twenty minutes of hair fixing, makeup applying, jewelry hunting, and shoe finding, Nolee was at the door, combat boots laced up, leather jacket on, her bag hanging over her shoulder lazily. The next thought that took over her mind was hunting down a bottle of SoBe water to wash down her nerves with. The song that was playing before had long ended by now, and she stored her iPod safely into her bag. The last thing she grabbed on her way out was her guitar case, which was always ready to go by the door, picks safely stored, her phone in the front pocket. Turning off the lights to her room, she walked out, seeming as if she could have conquered the world, yet she was secretly trying to store the dream involving him in the back of her mind. Today was not the day for that, right here was not the right place.


The fact that Christian woke up early, an entire hour early for that matter, already meant that the day wasn't starting out to be a good one, according to his pessimistic ego. After a night of restlessness and constant waking up only to shift onto his other side and snooze off again, he was not feeling well rested in the least bit, and he was certainly not looking forward to a day full of...LEARNING...and being sociable with people. Then again, who was. Nevertheless, not being one to complain, and knowing it was not worth it to attempt to go back to sleep, he had gotten up, and was already dressed within ten minutes, putting on a random pair of jeans, a black V-neck, and his black Vans. Even by then, he had fifty minutes to spare before he even had to start walking to his class.

How might he spend that time? Well, Youtube was interesting for about ten minutes. Facebook memes captivated his interest for about two. Texting Nolee and not getting a reply kept him busy the longest, about fifteen minutes of just staring at his phone. This might have seemed like awkward behavior, considering he had never seen Nolee in any romantic way. But the girl was someone he fully trusted, someone who made his day a LITTLE better than what it usually turned out to be. And besides, he had important business to talk to her about. Important PEOPLE he needed her good advice on.

This bummed him out, for he had a different schedule than his brunette sidekick. Following this thought, he groaned at the next one: Greek Mythology. Nothing better first thing in the morning.

"Oh, stop complaining," he grumbled to himself, then stood up from the edge of his bed where he was sitting the entire time, no doubt consuming more of his phone's battery life than he should have been. Looking around his room, he cursed himself for not preparing his stuff earlier, and began the search for whatever he might need for the day. Joy.

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#, as written by Mela

Phoebe only just caught side of her older brother as he practically flew into the bathroom after her. The sight made her a giggle a little as she swiveled around to see the bathroom door almost closing. Charlie had this habit of making a fool of himself more times than not, and it was simply adorable. Phoebe knew that if Charlie only felt more comfortable around other people, he would not be single. He was too sweet, caring and thoughtful. These traits were the main reason she loved him as much as she did; he was among the very most important people in her life. Especially lately when he’d become a shoulder for her to cry on. She was so grateful to him, because if she had to be honest, she knew Charlie hadn’t been entirely comfortable with this at first. Even Phoebe could tell as much.

Her eyes, however, widened when he stuck his head back out, commenting on her pajamas. She gasped, horrified. “Oops, sorry!” She immediately squeaked, running over to take her nightwear from Charlie. Her pajamas were silk, and therefore rather slippery. She would’ve felt so bad if something had happened to Charlie because of her. She’d simply forgotten about them because she’d been so busy, not wanting to take too much time from Charlie; it was his home, after all. She was only a guest. Not that she wouldn’t have hurried as much if it’d been her bathroom. She would’ve felt exactly the same; the wish to not take up too much time and space.

She bit her lower lip as he shut the door and she sighed, looking down at her attire. She needed a new hair colour. Surely that would make her feel better? She shook her head, smiling mournfully as she put her pyjamas on the side of the bed she usually slept in. She would probably come get it later and take it to her own room, only to spend hours trying to fall asleep… and then she’d once more sneak into Charlie’s cabin. She then took the hairbrush she’d left at his place from the bedside table and began brushing through her blue, thick locks. She wasn’t too sure she actually wanted to do much of anything today. She had classes, yeah, but maybe she’d just go find Christian and Nolee afterwards. Fortunately she had classes with Christian this year. The thought made her smile genuinely. She’d missed her friends so much over the summer.

Then again, she could go find Ness and ask to play with Ellie. Her smile widened at the thought of the little girl. She could hardly believe Ness had a little girl now, and that was with Mr. Hensleigh. It was all so unreal, but amazing at the same time. As long as her Latina friend was happy, so was Pheebs. She threw the hairbrush onto the pyjamas once she was done and then she ran her hands through it, making it a little messy and slightly puffed. It’d have to do. She didn’t want to keep Charlie waiting, so there was that. Plus, they’d be late for class if she did anything much with her hair, so it remained slightly wavy, stretching to her mid back. She needed a haircut.

She’d packed her bag the other night, so when Charlie hurried out of the bathroom, practically bursting through the door, Phoebe laughed and went to pick up her own bag. She paused when he spoke to her, standing with a grin plastered on his face. “Charliiieee,” she tsk’ed, giggling before she threw her bag over her shoulder and went to stand in from of him. She reached up, skilfully brushing her hands through his hair to make his curls fall down a little. Then she stood back, watching him for a little bit before running into the bathroom. “Just a second!” She squealed over her shoulder, coming back with a bit of soft wax in her hands which she massaged between her palms.

“You can’t go to class looking like you just got out of bed, Mr. Teacher.” She laughed softly, glancing at the clock. Yep they still had four minutes. She hurriedly styled his locks in a matter of second, the look messy still, but now really cute at the same time. It was very… Charlie. And it looked good. Happy with her work, Phoebe smiled up at him, not saying a word until she was back from the bathroom once more, having washed off the remaining stickiness.

“There, ready,” she quickly chirped as she took his hand and hurried out the door, running down the halls with the mythology teacher in tow. No one even quirked a brow – after all, it was just Phoebe.


Nathan Hensleigh was a rather complicated man at times, he would admit that much. In fact, he rarely even knew what he felt himself, and as he looked at his girlfriend, rousing from sleep, he felt that little kick again. It was part fear, part love. Because he did love Vanessa, but then… he couldn’t quite shake the feeling that he was in someone else’s life, like he didn’t belong here, in this family life this way. Like he wasn’t supposed to have been a father, like being in a committed relationship was as wrong for someone like him, as it was for a wish to breathe above water. He didn’t show it, but rather just smiled.

That didn’t mean it wasn’t there though, but as the son of Poseidon looked down at his daughter, the love he felt for her over shadowed everything. She was the gem of his eye, and he could no longer imagine life without her, no matter how many times he’d considering leaving Ness during her pregnancy. Now, however, he was thankful that he’d pulled through, because his little girl was worth it. She really was. Little Noelle was nothing but smiles and giggles, and somehow she always managed to chase away the doubts. They still popped up regularly, however, not that he’d ever let it show, nor would he ever tell anyone. It would remain his own little secret.

It wasn’t like he would act on those doubts anyways. He didn’t want his daughter to live with parents being apart. It wasn’t that children were torn apart by it, but rather that he was worried she wouldn’t see both of them equal amounts of time. Besides, he didn’t want Ellie to have that image of him when got older; that he was just a charmer who slept around. His daughter deserved better than that. Frankly, she deserved better than him, and so did Ness. Still, however, Nate plastered on a smile when Ness greeted him. “Look Ellie – you woke up mommy,” he chuckled, kissing the girl’s forehead as Ness called out to the little creature.

As Ellie’s head flew up, her back straightening to look in the direction her mother’s voice had come from, Nate couldn’t help smiling – genuinely. The girl had her trademark grin glued to her face and she squealed, jumping in Nate’s arms. He laughed at her, looking over at Ness. “I definitely think Ellie would like a morning cuddle,” he noted, another laugh emitting from him when Ellie bent forward, trying to get to the bed. He held her firmly in his arms though, not wanting her to fall over and hurt himself. As he neared Ness, Ellie’s smile widened and the history teacher let the girl into the bed, placing her by Ness’ side.

He smiled to himself, watching the two girls who defined his life, Ellie squealing in delight, her legs kicking into the air, arms stretching out for her mother to pick her up. Only once Ellie was safely in Vaness’s arms, did Nate lay down next to the couple, putting an arm around his girlfriend to pull her close, smiling at her and Ellie. “How’re you feeling?” He asked her, a little concerned, “you didn’t get much sleep. Are you sure you wouldn’t like to sleep another hour? We don’t have to be in class until ten o’clock, and it’s only eight.” He brushed a couple of strands of messy morning hair out of her face.

Nathan Hensleigh was indeed a man of contradictions, but what could he do except let events unfold? He knew this place, however, and drama always found its way into his life. Especially since he’d found Jules was back there too. He didn’t particularly like the thought of that, if he had to be entirely honest.

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It was only after a bottle of Sparkling Water and two pieces of toast that Nolee felt like she could possibly learn something for the day, but she wasn't counting on her mind to stay focused through-out all her lessons. Most likely, the girl would end up doodling on a piece of paper, or stare off at nothing, her mind either blank or over-flowing with thoughts she did not want. She was chewing her second piece of toast, deep in thought, seated at a table in the corner located in the dining hall. Her guitar case sat next to her, her bag on the table. She had also texted Christian, telling him she expected his arrival at their usual table soon. The boy was no doubt her sidekick, though the two did not have the same classes this year.

The thought troubled the brunette, but nevertheless, making friends was never a thing of great difficulty to her. Often enough though, she ended up annoying new people with her perky comments, if not with her giggles at almost anything. Of course, they weren't meant to be taken seriously, what was life without a little laughter, anyway? Pondering the thought, she downed the toast with more water, and finally let her mind drift back to the dream. It seemed miles away now; Nolee almost always forgot what she even dreamed of. She was even surprised she remembered it when she woke up, even though the image was almost completly faded away now. The boy. She couldn't forget the boy. He did attend this school, after all.

She sat back in her chair, messing with the cap of her bottle, biting her lip and feeling the least bit anxious. The thought of even talking to him was enough to make her feel sick to her stomach, every alarm in her mind told her 'no.' And it was good that it did, it was obvious the boy did not wish to be approached. Sometimes, you just have to let things be. Just move on. Let. Them. Be. The thought wasn't anything new, Nolee had told herself this thousands upon thousands of times. But why couldn't she do it? The answer was simple: she wanted to be in a relationship. To belong to someone, have someone belong to HER in return. The feeling would be most welcome, but not needed, she was already distracted enough in class as it was.

It was the light from the sunrise pouring through the door that brought Nolee back to the real world, for Christian walked in, shutting the door behind him and quickly spotting his best friend. With a bright smile, she gestured for him to walk over, then set her bottle down, sitting up again, as he came to sit in front of her, setting his books on the table.


"Noles, sleepless night, I see?"

Smirking at his own comment, Christian took his seat as usual in front of his best friend, glancing at her through sleepy, blue eyes. The comment was of course sarcastic, for Nolee did not look tired. In fact, she looked like she was ready to take on the day, which was one step above him, who ached to return to sleep, his mind was still fighting being wake. "Ha ha, very funny," Nolee retorted back to him, then rolled her eyes, smirking. "I'm not exactly pumped for Psychology, but what can you do."

A nod was Christian's only response, as he stole what was left of Nolee's water, downing it and setting the bottle back down. He suddenly remembered something from earlier; he needed to talk to Nolee about a certain someone, the girl with the beautiful blue eyes, the fantastic smile.

"You have your classes with Bailey, right?" he asked her suddenly, trying to keep his expression as calm as he could, even though he knew Nolee always saw through his act. It was difficult, if not impossible, for him to hide what he was feeling.

"Yeah, and she was in here, but you just missed her. Should have hurried, no?" she smirked, looking satisfied with herself as she got up, collecting her guitar as well as her bag. The news was nothing short of a blow, but even if he would have caught Bailey in here, Christian knew he wouldn't have said anything. How was he supposed to approach the unapproachable? After all, every time she was in sight, the only thing Christian seemed capable of doing was to stare after her, thinking of some smooth thing to say. It was so unlike the child of Aphrodite, he was supposed to be CHARMING, capable of talking to people that caught his eye. He just needed time, he assured himself. Ya don't have forever, though, Nolee's voice rang through his mind, and he soon stood up after her, walking out into the brisk air.

Hands in his jeans pocket, he quietly walked with her to her class, which was Psychology. No more words were spoken, he could tell that she had things of her own on her mind, but he didn't care to ask at the moment, as cruel as that sounded. She would tell him when she wanted to, when there was more time to discuss things. Soon after dropping her off, he walked to his own class, and sat farthest in the back, ready to drown out facts about Greek Mythology. The sooner the class was over, the sooner he was to after school.