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Ravielle Gullory

"Every time you think of me, give yourself a chance to stop and breathe."

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a character in “The Olympian Academy”, as played by Stark Contrast


Ravielle Gullory

Every time you think of me, give yourself a chance to stop and breathe.


Full Name:
Ravielle Gullory
Ravi and Elle are used interchangeably, although she prefers Ravi.
Godly Parent:
February, 12
Home Town:
Haleiwa, Hawaii
Tends to drift like the ocean, so really no preference.

Sunny Days
Soothing Music
Recreational Drug Usage (under certain circumstances)
Climbing Trees
Intellectual and physical challenges
Sex (When it comes along)
Coconuts (she literally has a thousand uses for these things)

Being awoken from sleep
Loud areas
Her eyebrows being the subject of teasing
Too many responsibilities
Loud obnoxious music
Pollution of nature
Others being hurt

Losing herself
The afterlife
Destruction of nature in any form
Being seen as slow or mentally deficient because of her personality.
Not being able to daydream or meditate
Ocean ( knows how to swim, but an event in her past has caused her to be afraid of the tides)
Being used

Mellow, aloof, lackadaisical; these are the words one would use to describe a strange character like Ravielle. Half the time it's as if she's on another planet, often locked in heated debates within herself about the nature of life with that same expression half way between a smile and neutrality. She's hard to decipher, a bit evasive, soft-spoken, and down to earth, although her savvy is what makes her so easy to approach, whether it be in physical or intellectual pursuits Ravi will always give her advice, but be wary that she will not take sides. She is a very spiritual person who feels most at balance within the confines of locations like forests, beaches, and swamps, making most of her days spent wandering around the campus, or caught in meditation. Most of these activities have caused frequent tardiness, and at times the slip of her grades. Ravielle is noted with having a carefree attitude, meaning that she tends to forget or even ignore responsibilities in place of her own hedonistic activities which usually strike trouble for her.

She is a humanitarian at heart, and seems to enjoy helping others when needed, even sometimes to the point to which it interferes with her own life. Her compassion, and kindness are sometimes used against her and she has been a victim of being stepped on many times because of her vulnerability to absorb the problems and feelings of others. Because of this she purposely drifts away from others, in fear that they would use her the same way others have. She is easily amused by the nuances of everyday life, and she tries not to sweat the small stuff. Ravielle is typically seen as spaced out but is much deeper than most would think. Without any time to drift, she can become overwhelmed and depressed, even to the point of anxiety attacks or nervous breakdowns, most don't realize that her tendency to drift and daydream is vital to her well being. In her company, many feel calm and relaxed around her giving others the feeling that they could tell her anything without being judged. She is also not one to deny the desires of the flesh, usually these desires are frugal and they rarely border past the need of food not found normally on campus despite her apparent gift for cooking.

She was always the weird kid who; whenever there was a stray bug or animal that wandered into the class she'd be the first to calmly respond and send the thing outside with little hysteria, unlike all the other 6 year olds. From an early age, Ravielle was seen as a slow thinker, having very slackish reactions to everyday things. Early on, this was seen as a sign of maturity compared to her peers, but later it was seen more as a disadvantage as she found herself constantly teased for her mellow behavior and her short attention span. Not even her father is truly sure of the reasons behind her mellow nature, and he doesn't seem all too interested in altering it since he himself is nearly the same.

Her father, Haleiwai's lead nature guide; was uncanny to people like Ravielle's mother, a foreigner to Hawaii but apparently an avid fan of nature, little did he know that she would become more than what met the eye. It didn't take very long for the two to bond seeing as they had nearly identical interests and were passionate about one another, one could say her father's naivety nearly had him marrying this mysterious woman even before the couple conceived Ravielle. Somehow she was able to convince him to wait it out and instead have the child, only to abandon the both of them on the small beach island much to the behest of her father who could never find another woman suitable enough to replace her. Either way, he couldn't bring himself to abandon the only thing his former love left him with. The two lived a simplistic life, surrounded by warm sandy beaches, and a miniature tropical forest in the beautiful town of Haleiwai which frequented tourists. From an early age, Ravi formed an intense bond with nature, her days spent climbing trees and finding animals to play with, unknowingly catering to her powers over nature. Her father on the other hand had relatively no problem with her explorations, in fact, he enjoyed his daughter's enthusiasm for nature. Unfortunately the two did not spend much time together as her father's life was cut short. A tsunami hit Haleiwai when Ravi was only 12, washing away and killing most of the 2,000 civilians within the small town, including her father. One could imagine how hard it was for Ravi to move on after the incident, being sent in the care of her grandmother.

The relationship she made with her was tumultuous to say the least, and it didn't take long for the two to realize that they would never be able to identify with one another. Her grandmother being more of a grounded individual who believed in strict conformity, while her granddaughter being a drifter who didn't see the point in rules or confinement. It was only then that her grandmother found it useful to tell the girl about her true heritage, revealed to her when Ravielle was born, her grandmother never imagined that she would be the one having to tell her who she really was. After the revelation, the two had an eventual falling out, and Ravielle left without any notice, traveling across the island over a period of a year at the age of 15 to Honolulu, only to be lucky enough to catch a boat ride to the States in lower California. Much of the time between the ages of 16 and 17 aren't exactly clear for her, she remembers being homeless, but having enough to eat by growing edible plants by way of soil found in greenhouses or gardens and sometimes even sleeping in these places. She eventually fell into the criminal intercity crowd, who were able to support her but she never really fell into their criminal activities until they were busted for drugs at a local pub. She was guilty by association, but unlike her so called 'friends' she was saved by a representative from Olympian Academy who noted her abilities when she was able to wrangle out of her cell through use of a dying plant located around where she was stationed which grew to an enormous size and caused a bend between the bars of her cell allowing her to escape for a short time. Deeming her too dangerous to simply be imprisoned, she was ordered to stay at the Olympian Academy until she graduated.

Anything else?
Theme Song

~Ravielle is less keen on using plants as an offensive weapon, but will use it for defensive purposes.
~Ravi is a vegetarian, and has been for her whole life, though she has no problem with people who eat meat, though she does scold others for littering and other acts that would otherwise mar natural environments.

So begins...

Ravielle Gullory's Story

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The day belated into the soft, smoggy sunshine above the trees, the Academy had rounded past the dark hours, and one of it's students sat near her homeroom, lulling off into half sleep. For whatever reason, Ravielle always found herself awoken by even the faintest light from the morning. The horizon burned a light sapphire when she was awoken, complete with newly formed clouds, awaiting the wash of orange the sunlight would bring. It was those type of moments that made waking early worth it for her. Naturally, she sneaked around, it must have been at 5 or 6 am when she ventured out of the dorms, and into the nature surrounding the Academy, it was one of those few advantages it had over normal public schools, or at least the ones she attended. A cold chill crept up her spine as she jolted herself back up, there was no point in falling asleep now that she had actually managed to make it to class. Everyday was a step towards being a little less lazy, and a little less relaxed. Many would be surprised that she was actually willing to change herself, though the concept was hard to grasp. For the moment though, she definitely wasn't in the mood for any talk of change, she already chided herself enough. Surprised at the lack of students near Mr. Shepherd's classroom she curled herself into a ball, something about the hallways being mostly empty sent a shiver up her spine and not a particularly good one, people seemed to walk this way and that, groggy from a day they would have to spend locked up inside a classroom, she couldn't blame them for things that were completely out of their hands.

For a moment though she reflected on what she even did before coming down the hallway, by the way her hair was messily configured under her hat, the shorts she haphazardly threw on, the knitted worn shirt she wore,everything she had was put on with haste and little preparation, but at least they were comfortable. It was a good start to the morning, after all she had to stay on the positive side of things to enjoy what she did. With a small cough, she boosted herself up off the ground, now simply leaning next to the door with her books near her chest, and her head tipped over with her eyes close. For now, all she had to do was wait.


The loud sound of slurping could be heard, while a juice box was suffocated past its limit. At this point it was pretty much emptied of its contents all thanks to Joel, yet he continued with that annoying slurping while walking towards Psychology, all of it quite typical of the Latino. He'd been wandering since 7:00am and was justly bored. No one to talk to, or rather no one who would want to talk to someone who lied all the time. He understood being ignored, but at least not to the degree that people actually had no desire to even acknowledge his presence, he didn't need the attention, but he did need the communication. He began to scratch his head in frustration, to add to things he would be in the same class with another much older sibling than him. Psychology wasn't so bad, but not when the person who taught it was related to you. Which complicated the relationship he had with her; one time he remembered having an argument with her which ended with him being punished. So most of the time he kept his mouth shut in class, and spoke only when told to. It was much better this way both for him and for her. He took one big slurp which brought up nothing from the carton as Dresden walked past him, looking as if he hadn't slept in days. Joel simply smirked at him, and put his back to the wall of the classroom, dusting of a bit of crumbs off shirt and then to the rest of his clothes. Mornings were never his thing.


A very soft meticulous voice hummed beneath sheets, Dresden had something preoccupying his mind. The empty spot next to him was a victim of his frustrated stares, and his insomnia, to bide the time he had to hum songs to himself, hopeful to beguile himself to sleep. Too bad that only worked half the time. Especially with the faint sounds of doors opening, though there was one door he attuned his ears to hearing whenever it opened. Phoebe's door and then the sullen, almost heart pounding knocks she made on Charlie's door, it was at those times of the night when he thought about walking into the hallways to try to clear things up and console Phoebe, anything to wash away not only his feelings of regret but Phoebe's sadness as well. His stubbornness resisted this notion, and so, he stayed, caught in between the sheets of his bed, contemplating the day, trying to ignore the fact that Phoebe, his Phoebe was staying in another's man bed. It wasn't so much that it bothered him, knowing Phoebe to be a much more loving person and he just couldn't associate anything sexual with her, and Charlie being more of a loner, preoccupied with his own problems, but jealousy always had a way of seeping inside him, he just had to keep in mind the fact that they couldn't have possibly tried anything. During the week, Phoebe may or may not have noticed a sorry looking Dresden staring her way. He could see that her natural jovial spirit was deflated by his presence. Too bad he was too chicken shit scared to even approach her or make eye contact.

He had settled his problem, his past, but was unwilling to let Phoebe see his scars, and he wondered if that much was obvious now. The poor boy laid in his bed all night, drifting between dream and consciousness, his mind seemed intent on making tomorrow uneventful as the darkness that crept into his room was replaced by sunlight. His cerulean eyes scanned the ceiling in anxiety, he hardly felt like he slept, and he could forget about dreaming, not to mention that he hardly even had 15 minutes to make it to class. Without any hesitation, he sat up and walked towards the bathroom opposite his bed, he took the time to wash his face and brush, leaving himself enough time to dress in generally casual clothing. The Australian couldn't complain about the what he wore considering the constraint of time, to top it off he wouldn't have enough time to even sate the sudden grumbling from his stomach. He hurried himself only taking the time to grab his backpack, his guitar, and his Ipod before leaving his disheveled room. Walking towards the end of the dorm hallway he stopped near Charlie's door, gave a very faint look and walked off with little thought. He couldn't get caught up in his infatuation now, that would have to wait for the evening. A part of him hoped he wouldn't be caught in an awkward situation with Phoebe around, and another hoped he'd get over his inherent fear of having to face her again and just talk to her. He knew this untold rule of silence and neglect would be broken at some point, he just waited for when.

Taking quick strides towards Psychology, he walked past the usually ditsy Joel, a bit annoyed by his slurping and then calmed himself to withstand the noise until the teacher arrived.