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Wesley Roberts

They say you have to stop to smell the roses. Personally, I prefer buttercups- but the concept is the same, no?

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a character in “The Olympian Academy”, as played by OurStars


Wesley Roberts

They say you have to stop to smell the roses. Personally, I prefer buttercups- but the concept is the same, no?


F u l l N a m e
Wesley Gerard Roberts

N i c k n a m e s
Wes, Roberts

A g e

G o d l y P a r e n t

B i r t h d a t e
December 24th

H o m e T o w n
New York, New York
The Big Apple, The city that never sleeps- New York City has a variety of different nicknames and reputations, but to Wesley it has always just been, well, home. He grew up in the Upper East side of the city, in a luxury condo- basically, he was among the wealthy of the city. (Not much explanation is needed on this city, eh?)

S e x u a l i t y

L i k e s
ii Girls ii
His mother's son through and through, Wesley has never had trouble with women, regardless of their type, and has quite the fondness for the fairer sex. He'd much rather be the only straight guy in a theater class than surrounded by a bunch of guys in weight-lifting, even if some people seem to prefer the burly types. All in all, when it comes to one thing that he seems to like regardless of the setting, it would be girls.

ii Aesthetics ii
Wesley possess a gift for visual arts, and has always had an eye for what does or doesn't look good together, regardless of whether he has seen the two things together at the same time before. Just like much of the house of Aphrodite, he dresses stylishly and knows how to look good- it is in his blood on both sides, after all. Whether it be fashion, painting, or even something like flower arrangement, he just knows beauty when he sees it- and is rather good at creating it, as well. He prefers lovely things, when given the choice.

ii Painting ii
If one were to ask Wesley what his passion was, it would probably turn out to be painting. Although he has been in a few things movie-wise, as his father is a famous actor, it is art which truly captivates the young man. He could spend all day at an easel, if only there were someone there to keep him company while he does so. Although the young man is also decent at photography and sculpting, paints and sketches are where his true talents lie. He is able to learn styles fairly well, also, and has the tendency to give paintings to girls he is wooing.

ii Horses ii
Horses- in his eyes, one of the most beautiful creatures that live. He loves horses of any size, breed or color- all of them seem impossibly majestic to him. Unfortunately, horses don't tend to like him very much, to the young man's confusion. Well, you can't have everything, right? And so, his favorite animals continue to avoid him.

ii Dancing ii
Wesley began to take dance classes when he was very young, starting with ballet and moving on to tap, ballroom, salsa and swing as the years went by. He first enrolled because his father always wished that he had been taught dancing earlier on, especially as Broadway was where Mr. Roberts truly wanted to be. Rather than encouraging hatred towards it, his father's pressure on dancing has only driven Wesley to work at it more, in order to make his dad proud. He loves to dance- especially partner dances.

ii Movies ii
Although you will rarely catch him watching TV, the young man has always been the type of person who loves movies, ever since he was a child and would watch old cartoon models constantly when his father was away and his nanny was busy cooking dinner or something of that like. He just loves the magic of it all, and the ability to pack so much into a limited timeframe.

D i s l i k e s
ii Poor Art ii
The artist inside of him cringes everytime he watches a piece be created poorly- he sees it as the butchering of an easel, and will rarely restrain himself from going in and trying to salvage any good that may have existed within the art. Poor art, to him, includes badly made movies, bad singing, poorly executed dancing, ugly clothing, etc- he considers a great deal of things to be art, and often times they truly are- when done correctly. When not- well, you know.

ii Dogs ii
When he was younger, a dog attacked Wesley and left a small scar just below his ear from where it began to bite him before the young man pushed the creature away as soon as possible. Ever since then, any small liking he might have had for the creatures vanished. Besides, his father once dated an heiress who had the most annoying little furball in the world, which she carried around inside of her purse. It was always shaking and yapping, and hardly helped the boy's opinions of the species in general.

ii Rain ii
There isn't really a reason in particular for this- he doesn't have any rain-based trauma in his life or something like that. It's just that, even though some find the sound of raining soothing and like to watch it, Wesley doesn't like rain. The only good thing which comes about it is watching a movie (preferably whilst snuggled up with a girl).

ii Commitment ii
Something of a flightly character, Wesley has always been somewhat commitment shy- this is probably due to his father who, after Aphrodite left him and his first wife died in a car accident, began to date a lot of different women, all within short time-spans between each other. He just began to see that as normal, and eventually just accepted it to the point that any form of great commitment scares him.

ii Lectures ii
Both of the scolding and teaching variety- Wesley just doesn't particularly like letting other people dominate conversations, especially when they are talking about things that he doesn't care a single speck about. There is always somewhere, anywhere, better to be than listening to someone shout at him or speak about some old thing in an unhelpful monotone.

F e a r s
ii Heights ii
A fairly self-explanatory fear. Wesley just doesn't particularly like heights, and will avoid them if at all possible. Being too high up makes the young man feel kind of sick, though he has yet to throw up simply due to this minor phobia.

ii Dead Bodies ii
The first dead body he ever saw was his step-mother's (basically his mother's) at her funeral. It was open casket, and he was seven at the time. The dead look in her eye, and the way that they had tried to make her up as though she weren't slowly fading away made him sick to his stomach, and to an extent terrified the young boy. After that, even seeing dead bodies on the news just makes him feel inexplicably nervous and antsy. It doesn't matter whether they are up close or not- corpses just freak the young man out.

P e r s o n a l i t y
ii Arrogant ii
Although he doesn't quite reach the point of narcissist, simply stating that Wesley is self-confident would be something of an understatement, for he does have a healty dose of self-esteem. He is a talented artist, handsome and fairly good with women- what is there to bring down his ego? Ever since he was a young boy, people have fawned over how cute he was, how naturally gifted he was- mostly due to his father's fame, of course, but there were some truth to those words. He is confident in everything he does, and rarely second-guesses his own decision, being the sort of person who trusts his gut instinct quite thoroughly. To him, failing is an infrequent obstacle which can eventually be leapt over, and rejection is more of a temporary opinion- one which can be changed fairly easily, with just a bit of effort and a few charming words. He may do stupid things from time to time, if only because he has the confidence that he will be able to get himself and others out of any serious mess that his actions may cause. After all, he has very little evidence the contrary, being far more capable than his good looks may let on. All in all, he also rebounds from insults easily, brushing off all but the most severe, and it seems to take quite a bit of effort to take him down a few pegs.

ii Charming ii
Suave and clever, Wesley has always been something of a charmer, beginning back when he was a young boy and knew exactly how to act so that the lunch lady would think he was sweet and give him an extra brownie, or so that neighboors would make goody bags for him during Halloween. It isn't particularly hard to wrap people around your little finger when you are attractive and happen to be quite gifted with sweet words. He knows just what to say to encourage a specific emotion in someone, and a natural kind streak in him helps to boost his appearance of being a modern gentleman of sorts- pulling out chairs for others and other little things that seem to make people like him more. His social prowess does not always apply to women, though, for he is also adept at making male friends (However, he tends to prefer the former a bit more) in a variety of environment. In general, people tend to like him, for the young man is a social butterfly and can easily gain the admiration or friendship of others, often without having to change much about himself. He is charming towards nearly everyone, as well, and so people tend to see him as the sort of person who doesn't pick favorites- though he most certainly does. The young man just isn't stupid enough to blatantly show who he prefers over other people. In private, however, it can become very clear who he prefers, especially when it comes to close friends and his current romantic (Well, usually fling) interest.

ii Clever ii
It would be rather difficult for a dull mind to be as smooth as Wesley is, and he has no difficulty in wooing others with his words at all- the young man is really quite intelligent, you see, and calculating about what he remembers. For example, the boy may have several poems and soliloquys in his mind to pull out whenever the situation calls for it, but he isn't going to waste his time remembering every part of a cell. He is usually quite good at knowing what he should focus on in order to be successful in his personal skillset, and that tends to be more artsy and literature-based things. He is also rather good at strategy, although can by no means compare to children of Athena or Ares, because he has some skill in getting into the minds of others (of course, small abilities over such volatile things as love help him with this), and therefore can execute strategies quite well. Overall, he likes to remind people that you don't have to be a child of Athena to be intelligent, though often times he does use his cleverness for such trivial things as flirting or socializing- perhaps not the best use it could be put to, but the one that it is.

ii Kind ii
For all of his flirtatious ways, stubborn arrogance and tendency to be rather flighty, Wesley does have a soft side to him, the type who always remembers birthdays, brings flowers to sick girls and games to guys, etc. Of course, there is some possibility that his kindness is just further attempts to be well-liked, but they do seem to be rather genuine. He is vain, and enjoys being liked, which is quite easy to be when you manage to be kind to everyone. He is generally popular not only for his good looks, but for being the one who will interfere when he doesn't like something that is going on (and then going back to flirting after said interference has been deemed successful). A lot of girls like this in him, because they view him as being the knight in shining armor type- many have fallen for him after he rescued them from being bullied or something like that. He isn't the sort to order others around, and will treat people as they treat others- whether that be kindly or harshy is entirely up to them, though he really would prefer the former.

H i s t o r y
Mr. Louis Roberts was born into a moderately wealthy family, the eldest son who was expected to inherit the family business upon the death of his father and mother, Cynthia and Gerard Roberts. However, the confident and handsome young man decided to pursue other fields, and ran away from home at the age of seventeen to go to california, a place he viewed as the city of jeans, so to speak. There, he obviously didn't quite find the success he had expected at first- however, he was admittedly handsome, and quite good at forming connections with the right people, thanks to being groomed for leadership by his parents from an early age. Eventually the young man got a bit part on an episode of a popular show- this part was popular enough to become a recurring character, until eventually he became widely popular with viewers for his confidence and boyish-charms. By the age of twenty-one, the fortunate man decided to try and make it in movies- with help from a costar, he began to grow in that field as well, until Louis would be considered one of the A-List stars, at the age of twenty-five. Around this time, just after receiving his first Academy Award for best male lead in a dramatic film, he met a stunning woman who he had never met before at a party afterwards. They began seeing each other more and more, and until she disappeared, leaving him somewhat confused, but also rather miserable, for he had fallen head over heels for the women. Nine months later, though, she appeared once again to present Mr. Roberts with a son, reveal her own identity, and vanish once more- this time, for good, it seemed.

So Louis Roberts, one of the most sought out actors in the business, was left with the scandal of a son whose mother was a mystery to everyone. This only boosted his popularity, as did his soon romancing and marriage to a popular singer, Diana Molten. They married when Wesley was only two years old, and so she was the closest thing to a mother that the young man would have- until the boy, known as the young prince of Hollywood, thanks to his A-list parents, lost her at the age of six to a car crash. She had been escaping from the papparazzi on the way home from a charity event, and had been hit by a drunk driver while hurrying home. So ended the life of Diana Molten, age 33. She was the first body that Wesley was to ever see, and the way that they had painted her up in some sick facade of life lead to his continuous fear of dead bodies- anything to do with the dead, honestly (he doesn't particularly like the children of Hades). After that, Mr. Roberts began to date around, never able to quite get over both Aphrodite and Diana, the two great loves of his life, who had both been taken away from him. The Roberts duo moved to New York, as his father decided at that point that he wanted to pursue directing and Broadway, rather than the movie acting that he had previously done. They bought a condo on the Upper East Side, and Wesley was enrolled in dance classes and a private school for the arts. This was where is charisma was first brought to light when he was able to wrap teachers and faculty around his little pinky finger. So began the life of Wesley and eventually his interest in the arts and girls.

In his school, the first three years of school were spent experimenting with various arts, varying from dancing to acting to painting, etc. After that, students were expected to choose one or two areas of interest, which they would continue to pursue until the end of their high school years. Dancing was a given for the young man, who had been in classes for the entirety of those three years privately, and was proving surprisingly graceful for, well, for his gender. However, the second year of his time at the school had introduced him to painting and sketching, something in which the boy found his true calling, proving to have an almost prodigous gift for the visual arts, no doubt thanks to the eye for beauty which he inherited from his mother, Aphrodite. So, come the year during which he had to make a decision, the boy chose dance and painting as his subjects for the rest of his education in the school for arts. Most people had honestly expected him to pursue acting like his father, but it was accepted nonetheless. He spent the next few years, up until middle school, quite normally, at least considering he lived quite luxuriously with a famous father. Around sixth grade, he began to mirror his father (who was earning a reputation for sleeping around) in his ability with girls, soon becoming the most popular young man in the middle school. Having gained a commitment shy nature from the beginning, perhaps also from his father, he became known, rather humorously, as being a bit of a player in his middle school.

It was early eighth grade when the young man first learned about his heritage, as he accidentally (or so it seemed) met his mother at an opening night for one of his father's musicals. They sat next to each other, and he found himself curious about her, who seemed more like she belonged on stage than in the audience. When she followed him to his father's dressing room, he began to think that perhaps it was another of his father's girlfriends. That is, until he saw his father's reaction to seeing the woman. It was that night on which he discovered that he was the son of Aphrodite. She recommended that he go to a school meant specifically for demigods like himself. And hence, Wesley ended up leaving his private school before high school in order to go to this Olympian Academy.

So begins...

Wesley Roberts's Story

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Blaire has always been an early riser, the rare teenager who can honestly claim to being a morning person- something which matches her typically sunny personality. Besides, she likes to be indoors as little as possible, and the longer one sleeps the longer they are cooped up in a tight space, confined by plaster walls. That isn't to say that she couldn't simply burn down the walls, something that wouldn't take a large amount of energy on her part, because there are a few slightly flammable things lying around her bedroom, despite the lack of sense in that. Point of the matter is, Blaire wakes up at around five in the morning to go for her routine jog, changing into sweats and pulling wavy brown hair back into a ponytail before setting off towards the forest area which borders one side of the academy and is a favorite part of the campus for the girl. The sound of her sneaker-clad feet hitting against the leaves with each step is the only sound she needs, not plugged into any sort of ipod or other type of music player. There is something hypnotic in the crunch of leaves and branches beneath the feet, even if such sounds could easily alert some random enemy to one's presence. Not that such things need to be worried about in the school, where things should be fairly safe for the children of gods who attend it. The jog lasts for approximately an hour before the girl stops in front of her dorm room, tired and beaded with sweat from the exercise. After taking a shower, she changes into regular clothing, a pair of army pants and a slightly tight-fitting black shirt. Her shoes are tennis shoes, white converse with poorly drawn doodles all over them to be exact. An alarm clock goes off a few moments after she has finished brushing her hair, distinguishing that she should be ready to go by this point.

The young woman gets up so early, and yet never seems completely ready to go in the morning- she never quite times things right, it would seem, and ends up rushing to class, though typically punctual. Blaire quickly pours some piping hot water from her bathroom sink over a teabag in a small thermos before slinging a bag with the necessary books over her shoulder and heading out of the door to Mathematics, a class which she actually quite likes because it is so intertwined with engineering and creation. Math and science are two of her best subjects, while reading and writing are a somewhat less enjoyable experience for the daughter of Hephaestus. Blaire walks down to the school building, taking frequent drinks from her thermos with one hand and fiddling with a Rubik's Cube in the other. She already knows the algorithms for solving it, and thus can solve it as more of a calming thing. A smile lights up her expression as it always does, if only a slight one, because the girl dislikes to see people angry or frowning or something of that sort. She herself is a perpetually optimistic person. Blaire turns a corner and stops by the psychology classroom to say "Good Morning!" to Dresden and Joel. Joel is more of a half-friend, because she never quite knows where she stands with him, but Blaire does get along rather well with Dresden.



An alarm clock blares loud and rather obnoxious music directly into the ear of a sleeping young man with blonde hair and a dislike for waking up early. He reaches out a fist and smashes it directly onto the button of the alarm clock, somehow not damaging the device in the process, and groans as he flips over onto his back and stares out the window at the sunlight which shines on a path where his head had previously been, as though trying to force him out of a lovely nap he had just been experiencing. The boy reluctantly pushes himself out of bed and stumbles over to take a shower, rinsing off and changing into jeans, a button-down shirt and a suit jacket before sitting down at his bed and taking a long drink of water in an attempt to hydrate himself to life, though of course this doesn't work because he isn't a Poseidon kid or any nonsense like that. Instead, the young man ends up falling onto the bed and immediately desiring once more to succumb to sleep. He isn't really the sort to resist such desires, likely due to genes inherited from both his father, a mortal, and mother, the goddess of love, beauty, and -you guessed it- desire. He is still for a few minutes before glancing over the clock, which gives him another ten minutes before he needs to sprint to class. That time period is just enough for him to justify indulging himself in sleep. Honestly, you'd think that the kid was a child of Hypnos or something, but it is more of the fact that he prefers to stay up late and sleep until noon. That's exactly what he does on weekends, if he can help it, and the occasional weekday as well, when he can get away with it, that is.

Five more minutes, he allows himself, pulling covers over his face and instantly being lulled back to sleep by the warmth that the blanket provides for him. Of course, one never sleeps for only 'five more minutes' when that is what they want to do. Instead, they close their eyes for mere seconds and wake up to find that it has been an hour since they last looked at the clock. Wesley does this very thing, falling into sleep and inevitably going to arrive half an hour late to class if some guardian angel doesn't miraculously come and wake him up, saving him from the wrath of Ms. Quintess. Well, not really, because she is a sucker for attractive people and has already proven to decide that Wesley is one of her favorites in Class 1- partially due to being the only child of Aphrodite in it. Well, primarily due to that.