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The Olympian Academy

The Olympian Academy


a part of The Olympian Academy, by StitchSaysHi.


StitchSaysHi holds sovereignty over The Olympian Academy, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Olympian Academy is a part of The Olympian Academy.

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Charlie Shepherd [4] "Words are such uncertain things."
Phoebe Ann Everton [4] "There's light in everyone, it's just that it's sometimes at the end of a very long, dark tunnel."
Nathan Hensleigh [3] "Human nature is like water. It takes the shape of its container."
Christian Kennedy Shaddix [3] "Whoops, I dropped all the fucks that I give."
Dresden Giancarlo [3] "What we lose makes up who we are"
Natalia Nicoletta Jade Constantine [3] "When I turn my music on, I turn the rest of the world off."
Dixie "Kix" Wyatt [3] If I fall, who will be there to catch me? ... Me.
Vanessa Tate [3] "You can't win, if you don't try."
Skah Morning [2] "I don't hold any grudges, I just end them."

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#, as written by Mela
The Olympian Academy
7:55 am, Monday morning
One Week after summer vacation ended


Pheebs had been fast asleep when the sound of her phone buzzing on the night stand forced her to awaken. She was a light sleeper – always had been, so it didn’t take much to get her up. It did sometimes take a lot for her to fall asleep though, especially lately. Having been in a relationship for two years, spending almost every night with that person, had caused it to become habit, so now that she was alone, she simply could not fall asleep. Mostly because thoughts of Dresden kept running through her head, and she’d even sometimes wake up with tears streaming down her cheeks due to a bad dream.

She loved him. She did. And she just couldn’t understand what had happened that month ago. The uncertainty was killing her. Usually a joy-filled, easy-going girl, Phoebe was not accustomed to this level of hurt and pain, so she’d done the only thing she could think of: gone to Charlie. The teacher was like an older brother to her. He had been since she was what? 10? 12? years old. She couldn’t quite recall. She only knew that Charlie had always been close to her, and since he’d gone back, they’d slipped right back into that sibling relationship.

Phoebe enjoyed being the little one again with him, and sometimes he was the only one she felt she could go to. In these cases, when she couldn’t sleep, that was what happened. So yesterday, around 11 pm, Phoebe had knocked on Charlie’s door. She’d had tears in her eyes, her mind occupied with everything she couldn’t figure out regarding Dresden. As usual, Charlie merely opened the door for her, and she’d ultimately managed to fall asleep in his bed, hugging him.

To them, there was nothing strange about it. In fact, Charlie and her had never had any tension, and there never would be any. They truly were like very close siblings, nothing more. Neither would ever think of the other in any sexual way, although at first, when this had started about a month ago, they’d had some questions to answer.

Everyone knew Phoebe though, so she usually got away with things like that. She was considered way too childish to have an affair with a teacher, and she was. She hadn’t really thought of what Dresden might be thinking about her nightly visits with the teacher, mostly because she had no choice. It was that, or never sleep. Charlie was there for her when she needed him more than anything, and she loved him for it.

The female opened her eyes finally, looking at the phone which had stopped buzzing. She reached out, untangling herself from sheets and trying not to wake Charlie up already as she grabbed her phone. She as quiet, carefully checking on the older male. Yep, not a sound. She’d have felt terrible of she’d woke him up before time, so it was quite the relief. She smiled down at him, checking the text she had received.

”Mornaaaain Pheebs!” it said, and the (currently) blue-haired girl grinned, texting a similar good morning back to her friend. Her sadness from the night before had been more or less forgotten after a good night’s sleep. Besides, she would have plenty of distractions all day. That was how it usually went: Phoebe would be miserable in the evening when she was alone, and then she’d wake up at Charlie’s in a good mood the next morning. The girl checked the time out of pure curiosity, her eyes widening slightly as she jumped out of bed. “Charlie!” She gasped, almost squealing the words, gently nudging the teacher. “It’s almost 8 o’clock! Charlie, wake up!”

They both had to be in class in 15 minutes. The same class, in fact. It was a little funny when they could basically walk each other to class like that. Regardless, Pheebs was in a hurry, and so she started skipping around the room, rushing to the bathroom to collect the clothes she had in a duffel bag out there. She closed the door behind her, not wanting Charlie to see her discarding her pajamas. She looked through the bag before quickly deciding on an outfit. She dressed herself in a flurry, not wanting to keep Charlie waiting.

She hurriedly applied mascara and eyeliner around her big, brown eyes, along with a bit of grey eyeshadow and then a touch of transparent gloss to her lips, taking a last look in the mirror before almost running out of the bathroom, laughing a little at how silly the whole situation was. She’d been so busy she’d forgotten to put her pajamas into her bag, so they were just lying on the floor of the bathroom.


”Ellie!” Nathan calmly reprimanded the toddler fooling around. ”Shhh, don’t wake up mommy.” He elaborated for the third time. But it turned out one year olds weren’t the most considerate of people. He chuckled when she merely looked up at him, wide-eyed, almost like she hadn’t realized how loudly she was talking when she’d called on him to watch her slide from her little chair and onto the floor. He shook his head, crouching down to caress her cheek, whispering conspiratorially, “if you keep quiet now, we can go jumpy-jump on mommy later.”

Ellie giggled, one big smile immediately. “Mommy?” She asked excitedly and Nate laughed. “Yeah, that’s right, honey.” Of course, being one year old, Ellie couldn’t yet say much. Then he stood back up, smiling at his daughter. “Now, what did you want to show daddy?” She grinned widely, her excitement clear as day as she let herself slide down the chair and bump onto the floor, which wrenched a whole bunch of giggles from the little girl. Nathan couldn’t help laughing, bending down to pick her up, one arm beneath her bum, the other keeping a hand on her back.

“Oooh,” he commented, making a funny ‘o’ with his mouth before moving his head down to bring him nose-to-nose with his daughter as he smiled. “Look at you.” He kissed her forehead, glancing at the door to the bedroom as he held his daughter. Ellie leaned her head on his shoulder, yawning. The sound made him smile, shaking his head a little. She had hardly slept at all last night, mostly because Ness was really bad at letting her cry and complain until she fell asleep. Instead the Latina would fuss about, constantly trying to please the little girl. Which in the end kept both of them up, because Ellie had constant attention and entertainment, and when Ness left her, she merely cried. Clever girl.

Of course Nate had tried to convince his girlfriend to let Ellie be for a little while, but it was no use and he’d ended up going to bed. He’d felt Ness crawling into bed sometimes in the middle of the night. And of course Noelle had been awake again early in the morning, hungry, so Nate had gotten up, deciding to let Vanessa sleep in a little. Neither of them had anywhere to be until 10 o’clock anyway. He wouldn’t be surprised if Ellie’s constant giggles and squeals had awoken the young mother regardless though. The joys of small children.

Nate had since 6 am already and so had the small girl in his arms, but he supposed she’d be falling asleep again around noon whether they tugged her in or not. He’d dressed her in a soft yellow summer dress, along with a white, long-sleeved cardigan and a pair of equally white tights. It was still a little chilly, so he hadn’t felt comfortable with the straps of the dress alone. Besides, the cardigan could be easily removed, and it wasn’t thick.

And he’d managed to use a hair clip to hold back her bangs which would otherwise fall into her eyes. She needed a haircut. He was rather proud of the result, honestly. Not that Ellie was the most difficult of children to make pretty. In Nate’s eyes, he had the most beautiful girl in the world. He had dressed himself as well, but he'd gone with a simple pair of dark blue jeans, a black button-down shirt, a pair of black converse covered mostly by his jeans, and of course his trademark hat.

He looked back down at Ellie, smiling. She was completely relaxed in his arms, relaxing, her muscles having turned to jelly it seemed. He hugged her slightly, pondering. Maybe he should take her for a walk? Ellie was already in love with the grounds of the academy. She had been so excited when he’d taken her swimming in the lake. Of course he hadn’t done much swimming himself as he’d been busy holding her, but the way she’d been splashing around excitedly told him plenty. Oh, she was definitely his daughter.

He grinned at the thought. But he wanted to check on Ness first, and so he moved towards the bedroom, poking his head in to see if Ellie had accidentally caused her mommy to stir. Quietly he said “Ness? Baby?”

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That was where Vanessa Tate felt now. She hadn't felt this at home, or this safe, in what felt like years. Of course, the Latina had enjoyed her small apartment in the town, living in the hustle and the bustle of the city, but it hadn't felt like home. Not like it did when she was at Olympus. The houses, the lake, the trees, the air... they held so many memories for her; some weren't as good as others, but it was home. She had explored for the first few days after coming back, carrying her daughter around in her arms, showing her some of the places that her mummy had loved to play when she was younger. She had smiled as her Ellie had picked the flowers that she had planted a couple of years ago, with her help of one of her friends, a child of Demeter, and sat with her feet dangling in the lake as Nate played with their baby in the rippling waves.

Ness was happy that they had returned, coming back to teach, and to raise their child in the best place for her. The brunette was a little unsure about what powers her child would possess in the future, being a child of two demi-gods, with blood from both Poseidon and Nike running through her, but those worries were yet to come. For now, the young mother was happy just to be back in her home, raising her child here with the man that she loved. Nate really was the love of her life; no matter what struggles the two of them had been through - they had come out stronger. They had been through everything together, from breaking up, to cheating, to running away together, and then having their child; sometimes, Ness had to blink a few times to make sure that everything was still real, that she wasn't dreaming up this perfect fantasy where Nate loved her, and they had a beautiful little girl.

Currently, the woman was asleep in bed, one leg outside of the duvet, heat getting to her. It was warm in their home, due to having the heat up to make sure that Noelle didn't get cold, and she had slept in only a small pajama set, consisting of shorts and a cami top. She slowly began to rise, hearing soft little giggles coming from the other side of the wall, stretching out her tense body. She had stayed up late last night; Ellie had been fussing. She was still getting used to her new surroundings, her new bedroom, which was why Ness was being a little more loving towards the child at night time. She usually did try to lay in bed with her arms around Nate, trying to ignore the little sniffles, teaching her baby girl that she wasn't going to get attention every time she cried, but just for a couple of weeks or so, Ness knew that she was going to be fussy when Noelle cried. Vanessa wasn't sure what time she had crawled into bed, but she knew it had been late, and she felt like she had barely slept.

Her arm came across to feel the other side of the king size bed, her hand coming to rest upon the cold, empty sheet. Nate was already up. It was rare nowadays, that the two of them got to lay in bed together because of their precious little girl who demanded so much attention, but it always made her pout a little, when she realized that he wasn't there. Ness moved her hand to place it on her face, gently rubbing at her eye, trying to wake herself up slightly. She was tired, and the day was only going to get more trying - it was her first day of teaching today. At least her first lesson would be with Nate; if she did anything wrong, he'd be able to point it out to her and help.

"Ness? Baby?"

A voice from the door caused the young woman to turn over, her body now facing the door, instead of her boyfriend's empty side of the bed. There in the door was her beloved himself, with their daughter sitting comfortably in his arms. The image of the two fo them caused a smile to grace the face of the sleepy Ness, and she moved up in the bed slightly, covering her bare leg with the duvet. It was such a beautiful sight, seeing the man who had been terrified of commitment, unable to be monogamous, holding Ellie, a smile on his face... she really was in heaven.

"Morning, baby." Ness breathed, her voice quiet and sleepy still. "Where's my Ellie-bear?" She spoke a little louder, her voice coming back to her after the night's sleep. The small head of the child bobbed up from her father's shoulder at the sound of her mother's voice, and that little grin that Ness loved so much beamed across her face.

"I definitely think a morning cuddle for mummy is in order, don't you, daddy?" The Latina smiled towards the man that she loved, patting the empty side of the bed next to her.

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The day belated into the soft, smoggy sunshine above the trees, the Academy had rounded past the dark hours, and one of it's students sat near her homeroom, lulling off into half sleep. For whatever reason, Ravielle always found herself awoken by even the faintest light from the morning. The horizon burned a light sapphire when she was awoken, complete with newly formed clouds, awaiting the wash of orange the sunlight would bring. It was those type of moments that made waking early worth it for her. Naturally, she sneaked around, it must have been at 5 or 6 am when she ventured out of the dorms, and into the nature surrounding the Academy, it was one of those few advantages it had over normal public schools, or at least the ones she attended. A cold chill crept up her spine as she jolted herself back up, there was no point in falling asleep now that she had actually managed to make it to class. Everyday was a step towards being a little less lazy, and a little less relaxed. Many would be surprised that she was actually willing to change herself, though the concept was hard to grasp. For the moment though, she definitely wasn't in the mood for any talk of change, she already chided herself enough. Surprised at the lack of students near Mr. Shepherd's classroom she curled herself into a ball, something about the hallways being mostly empty sent a shiver up her spine and not a particularly good one, people seemed to walk this way and that, groggy from a day they would have to spend locked up inside a classroom, she couldn't blame them for things that were completely out of their hands.

For a moment though she reflected on what she even did before coming down the hallway, by the way her hair was messily configured under her hat, the shorts she haphazardly threw on, the knitted worn shirt she wore,everything she had was put on with haste and little preparation, but at least they were comfortable. It was a good start to the morning, after all she had to stay on the positive side of things to enjoy what she did. With a small cough, she boosted herself up off the ground, now simply leaning next to the door with her books near her chest, and her head tipped over with her eyes close. For now, all she had to do was wait.


The loud sound of slurping could be heard, while a juice box was suffocated past its limit. At this point it was pretty much emptied of its contents all thanks to Joel, yet he continued with that annoying slurping while walking towards Psychology, all of it quite typical of the Latino. He'd been wandering since 7:00am and was justly bored. No one to talk to, or rather no one who would want to talk to someone who lied all the time. He understood being ignored, but at least not to the degree that people actually had no desire to even acknowledge his presence, he didn't need the attention, but he did need the communication. He began to scratch his head in frustration, to add to things he would be in the same class with another much older sibling than him. Psychology wasn't so bad, but not when the person who taught it was related to you. Which complicated the relationship he had with her; one time he remembered having an argument with her which ended with him being punished. So most of the time he kept his mouth shut in class, and spoke only when told to. It was much better this way both for him and for her. He took one big slurp which brought up nothing from the carton as Dresden walked past him, looking as if he hadn't slept in days. Joel simply smirked at him, and put his back to the wall of the classroom, dusting of a bit of crumbs off shirt and then to the rest of his clothes. Mornings were never his thing.


A very soft meticulous voice hummed beneath sheets, Dresden had something preoccupying his mind. The empty spot next to him was a victim of his frustrated stares, and his insomnia, to bide the time he had to hum songs to himself, hopeful to beguile himself to sleep. Too bad that only worked half the time. Especially with the faint sounds of doors opening, though there was one door he attuned his ears to hearing whenever it opened. Phoebe's door and then the sullen, almost heart pounding knocks she made on Charlie's door, it was at those times of the night when he thought about walking into the hallways to try to clear things up and console Phoebe, anything to wash away not only his feelings of regret but Phoebe's sadness as well. His stubbornness resisted this notion, and so, he stayed, caught in between the sheets of his bed, contemplating the day, trying to ignore the fact that Phoebe, his Phoebe was staying in another's man bed. It wasn't so much that it bothered him, knowing Phoebe to be a much more loving person and he just couldn't associate anything sexual with her, and Charlie being more of a loner, preoccupied with his own problems, but jealousy always had a way of seeping inside him, he just had to keep in mind the fact that they couldn't have possibly tried anything. During the week, Phoebe may or may not have noticed a sorry looking Dresden staring her way. He could see that her natural jovial spirit was deflated by his presence. Too bad he was too chicken shit scared to even approach her or make eye contact.

He had settled his problem, his past, but was unwilling to let Phoebe see his scars, and he wondered if that much was obvious now. The poor boy laid in his bed all night, drifting between dream and consciousness, his mind seemed intent on making tomorrow uneventful as the darkness that crept into his room was replaced by sunlight. His cerulean eyes scanned the ceiling in anxiety, he hardly felt like he slept, and he could forget about dreaming, not to mention that he hardly even had 15 minutes to make it to class. Without any hesitation, he sat up and walked towards the bathroom opposite his bed, he took the time to wash his face and brush, leaving himself enough time to dress in generally casual clothing. The Australian couldn't complain about the what he wore considering the constraint of time, to top it off he wouldn't have enough time to even sate the sudden grumbling from his stomach. He hurried himself only taking the time to grab his backpack, his guitar, and his Ipod before leaving his disheveled room. Walking towards the end of the dorm hallway he stopped near Charlie's door, gave a very faint look and walked off with little thought. He couldn't get caught up in his infatuation now, that would have to wait for the evening. A part of him hoped he wouldn't be caught in an awkward situation with Phoebe around, and another hoped he'd get over his inherent fear of having to face her again and just talk to her. He knew this untold rule of silence and neglect would be broken at some point, he just waited for when.

Taking quick strides towards Psychology, he walked past the usually ditsy Joel, a bit annoyed by his slurping and then calmed himself to withstand the noise until the teacher arrived.

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Blaire has always been an early riser, the rare teenager who can honestly claim to being a morning person- something which matches her typically sunny personality. Besides, she likes to be indoors as little as possible, and the longer one sleeps the longer they are cooped up in a tight space, confined by plaster walls. That isn't to say that she couldn't simply burn down the walls, something that wouldn't take a large amount of energy on her part, because there are a few slightly flammable things lying around her bedroom, despite the lack of sense in that. Point of the matter is, Blaire wakes up at around five in the morning to go for her routine jog, changing into sweats and pulling wavy brown hair back into a ponytail before setting off towards the forest area which borders one side of the academy and is a favorite part of the campus for the girl. The sound of her sneaker-clad feet hitting against the leaves with each step is the only sound she needs, not plugged into any sort of ipod or other type of music player. There is something hypnotic in the crunch of leaves and branches beneath the feet, even if such sounds could easily alert some random enemy to one's presence. Not that such things need to be worried about in the school, where things should be fairly safe for the children of gods who attend it. The jog lasts for approximately an hour before the girl stops in front of her dorm room, tired and beaded with sweat from the exercise. After taking a shower, she changes into regular clothing, a pair of army pants and a slightly tight-fitting black shirt. Her shoes are tennis shoes, white converse with poorly drawn doodles all over them to be exact. An alarm clock goes off a few moments after she has finished brushing her hair, distinguishing that she should be ready to go by this point.

The young woman gets up so early, and yet never seems completely ready to go in the morning- she never quite times things right, it would seem, and ends up rushing to class, though typically punctual. Blaire quickly pours some piping hot water from her bathroom sink over a teabag in a small thermos before slinging a bag with the necessary books over her shoulder and heading out of the door to Mathematics, a class which she actually quite likes because it is so intertwined with engineering and creation. Math and science are two of her best subjects, while reading and writing are a somewhat less enjoyable experience for the daughter of Hephaestus. Blaire walks down to the school building, taking frequent drinks from her thermos with one hand and fiddling with a Rubik's Cube in the other. She already knows the algorithms for solving it, and thus can solve it as more of a calming thing. A smile lights up her expression as it always does, if only a slight one, because the girl dislikes to see people angry or frowning or something of that sort. She herself is a perpetually optimistic person. Blaire turns a corner and stops by the psychology classroom to say "Good Morning!" to Dresden and Joel. Joel is more of a half-friend, because she never quite knows where she stands with him, but Blaire does get along rather well with Dresden.



An alarm clock blares loud and rather obnoxious music directly into the ear of a sleeping young man with blonde hair and a dislike for waking up early. He reaches out a fist and smashes it directly onto the button of the alarm clock, somehow not damaging the device in the process, and groans as he flips over onto his back and stares out the window at the sunlight which shines on a path where his head had previously been, as though trying to force him out of a lovely nap he had just been experiencing. The boy reluctantly pushes himself out of bed and stumbles over to take a shower, rinsing off and changing into jeans, a button-down shirt and a suit jacket before sitting down at his bed and taking a long drink of water in an attempt to hydrate himself to life, though of course this doesn't work because he isn't a Poseidon kid or any nonsense like that. Instead, the young man ends up falling onto the bed and immediately desiring once more to succumb to sleep. He isn't really the sort to resist such desires, likely due to genes inherited from both his father, a mortal, and mother, the goddess of love, beauty, and -you guessed it- desire. He is still for a few minutes before glancing over the clock, which gives him another ten minutes before he needs to sprint to class. That time period is just enough for him to justify indulging himself in sleep. Honestly, you'd think that the kid was a child of Hypnos or something, but it is more of the fact that he prefers to stay up late and sleep until noon. That's exactly what he does on weekends, if he can help it, and the occasional weekday as well, when he can get away with it, that is.

Five more minutes, he allows himself, pulling covers over his face and instantly being lulled back to sleep by the warmth that the blanket provides for him. Of course, one never sleeps for only 'five more minutes' when that is what they want to do. Instead, they close their eyes for mere seconds and wake up to find that it has been an hour since they last looked at the clock. Wesley does this very thing, falling into sleep and inevitably going to arrive half an hour late to class if some guardian angel doesn't miraculously come and wake him up, saving him from the wrath of Ms. Quintess. Well, not really, because she is a sucker for attractive people and has already proven to decide that Wesley is one of her favorites in Class 1- partially due to being the only child of Aphrodite in it. Well, primarily due to that.

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An explosion of rhythm and melody woke the daughter of Apollo with a jolt, a melody which she has heard many times before, but was extremely uncanny to hear after the dream she had just had.

Only you can be...
The aching in my heart, my enemy...
The only animal I couldn't fight...
You hold me in the dark when storms arrive...
Only you...

After several attempts to turn off her iPod dock, Nolee grumbled to herself, unsure of what words were even coming out of her mouth, as she scrambled up out of her warm bed, which seemed to be calling to her, begging her to stay longer and shelter her from the cold winds that the outside had to offer. Would that I could, oh, would that I could....she thought, then checked the time on her iPod, her eyes stinging from the bright screen compared to the over-all dimness of the room. Thirty minutes to get ready, as usual, not that she needed anymore time than that, she wasn't one to loiter around the mirror for endless hours.

Only you can see,
The emptiness I feel when you're with me,
When everything you say, I'm on my knees,
Baby I'm on my knees,
Baby I'm on my knees,
Baby I'm on my knees...

Ignoring the song, the brunette went to her closet; an assortment consisting of clothes halfway hanging off their racks, dozens of pairs of shoes in the corner, and all sorts of mysterious items on the top shelf, then she hastily sorted through her bundles of band shirts, some more ripped than others, and decided on a classic Ramones shirt, self-cut to suit her alternative style. Yes, Johnny Ramone would be proud...Next she reached for a pair of white skinny jeans and a couple of belts, and immediately got to changing, knowing that fixing her frizzy, tangled knots of hair was a tad more important to her than her outfit for the day. While still buttoning up her jeans, she went over to her dresser, then dug out her straightener and plugged it into the outlet, right next to the mirror on her wall. For the most part, her room could be considered a jungle, almost nothing could be found when it was most needed, and was right in front of her eyes when she couldn't care less about it.

Luckily, she had packed her bag the previous night, mostly focusing on the beauty products she would need to carry with her to touch up through-out the day with. Eyeliner? Yes. Mascara? Double yes. You could always worry about books and notes paper later.

After twenty minutes of hair fixing, makeup applying, jewelry hunting, and shoe finding, Nolee was at the door, combat boots laced up, leather jacket on, her bag hanging over her shoulder lazily. The next thought that took over her mind was hunting down a bottle of SoBe water to wash down her nerves with. The song that was playing before had long ended by now, and she stored her iPod safely into her bag. The last thing she grabbed on her way out was her guitar case, which was always ready to go by the door, picks safely stored, her phone in the front pocket. Turning off the lights to her room, she walked out, seeming as if she could have conquered the world, yet she was secretly trying to store the dream involving him in the back of her mind. Today was not the day for that, right here was not the right place.


The fact that Christian woke up early, an entire hour early for that matter, already meant that the day wasn't starting out to be a good one, according to his pessimistic ego. After a night of restlessness and constant waking up only to shift onto his other side and snooze off again, he was not feeling well rested in the least bit, and he was certainly not looking forward to a day full of...LEARNING...and being sociable with people. Then again, who was. Nevertheless, not being one to complain, and knowing it was not worth it to attempt to go back to sleep, he had gotten up, and was already dressed within ten minutes, putting on a random pair of jeans, a black V-neck, and his black Vans. Even by then, he had fifty minutes to spare before he even had to start walking to his class.

How might he spend that time? Well, Youtube was interesting for about ten minutes. Facebook memes captivated his interest for about two. Texting Nolee and not getting a reply kept him busy the longest, about fifteen minutes of just staring at his phone. This might have seemed like awkward behavior, considering he had never seen Nolee in any romantic way. But the girl was someone he fully trusted, someone who made his day a LITTLE better than what it usually turned out to be. And besides, he had important business to talk to her about. Important PEOPLE he needed her good advice on.

This bummed him out, for he had a different schedule than his brunette sidekick. Following this thought, he groaned at the next one: Greek Mythology. Nothing better first thing in the morning.

"Oh, stop complaining," he grumbled to himself, then stood up from the edge of his bed where he was sitting the entire time, no doubt consuming more of his phone's battery life than he should have been. Looking around his room, he cursed himself for not preparing his stuff earlier, and began the search for whatever he might need for the day. Joy.

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Scarlett's eyes stared at the ceiling, her eyes finally moving from it as she rolled onto her side to her alarm clock. A light groan escaped her lips as she sat up in her bed. Last night wasn't a bad amount of sleep for once, considering she got about three or four hours, give or take a few minutes. One more glance at her tiny little nightstand clock revealed nothing had really changed. It was still seven o' four, and she still had to start getting ready.

Now, Scarlett wasn't slow getting dressed in the least, she just liked to mess around as she began to wake up. It was due to that messing around that always made her get to class late, not that she usually cared too much. But her first class of the day (mainly on was actually a bit intresting to her, Greek Mythology. She enjoyed learning about the other gods, as much as she liked to hear about her own dad. She never really did pay attention to these things much back at her old school when it was talked about, so it seemed like a wise choice to start paying attention, since it would actually be a bit more important.

After searching a few minutes in her dresser, she just sighed as she pulled out a blouse, boot-cut jeans, a pair of ballet flats, and the necklace her mother gave to her after she got married. Quick, simple, and comfortable. Quickly brushing her hair, she prepared what she needed for class. It wasn’t much longer she was out the door and making her way to class.

Of course, like the typical Scarlett, after giving her pockets a quick pat down, she ended up spinning around on her heels, letting out an even louder groan of frustration. Forgetting her phone was probably the last thing she wanted right now. At least though she wasn’t going to be late due to how she actually bothered to get out of bed and get ready. Once back in her room, a quick scan of the dresser and nightstand didn’t find her phone. She scanned the floor next as she felt her foot kick something and send it flying under the dresser.

“Just my luck…” Scarlett muttered, putting her stuff down as she got down on her knees in front of her dresser and feel around for her phone. It was about five minutes before being able to grab it, but at least she found it unlike the other few times. Looking at the time on her phone after finally double checking everything was with her and safely in her bag as she headed out once again, she was still going to arrive on time so she let out relieved sigh. Now all she had to worry about was arriving to other classes on time without being glared at by a teacher. Somewhere though, in the back of her mind, she just had a feeling arriving to all of them on time wasn’t going to happen.

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#, as written by Stilts
Fion Atreus

Something rustled in the leaves on the far end of the campus.
The edge of the forest was still and quiet, just beginning to waken. The tops of the pines were touched by the growing warmth of the rising sun. Creatures of the woods awoke with the lightening sky.. Singing their sweet morning tun-- "AHHGAH!!!"
…The birds shut their beaks and flew away.

Fion's blond head burst out of the shrubbery; the young doe that had been rusting the leaves of a nearby blackberry vine scampered away in dread. The man didn't acknowledge it; his eyes were screwed shut as he tried, unsuccessfully, to rub the soot from his face at the same time hacking the foliage in front of him blindly with a giant broadsword. Only when the heavy metal swung freely did he pause and open his eyes. Fion smiled widely, quite satisfied with himself, before his face twisted. "--AHHHGAAH!..." More frantic flapping of feathery wings. Fion wiped his nose in annoyance. Stupid dragons with their stupid flame-throwing, soot-coughing stupid maws. Stabbing his sword into the soft loam, he shrugged off his traveling gear, the shield on his back, and his heavy coat. "Stupid." Fion growled, looking down at the bag attached to his belt. Stupid, but necessary. The fastest way to the Academy was through the forest, for a Demigod. His mother's place was just past the forest's edge on it's far side. It was about half a day's hike to the Academy, but to skirt the whole fat birth of it in a car would have taken far too long, and he was already running late. That was… to set up the training field for the first day of classes. Not acceptable, especially not on his first day of school. That accident last year with the first-years and the Harpies still came back to bite him in the backside at teacher's meetings. He'd been told, or rather warned, to "ease them into it," and so with a grumble, Fion gathered his things and strode quickly towards the teacher's accommodations. "AH- AAPHHGAAHhhhppp…. gruuuddammet.." Before anything else, he needed to get this damn soot off.

Fion dropped his things in relief on the floor of his bedroom- the young dragon's head rolling out of the loose burlap bag. In his defense, he hadn't wanted to kill it. Worms were beneficial- eating the rotting corpses within the forest and usually staying well within the depths of their leafy sanctuary… But young worms weren't the smartest of monsters. He'd almost stepped atop it's hole- Smack in the middle of his usual trail. Story short- the thing had tried to BBQ him. The Demigod hadn't been too happy with that. Now it's stupid head was going to be made into a mantelpiece for his mother. Cranking the pipes on and jumping in beneath the luke-warm water, Fion scrubbed himself clean as he huffed and hopped in the chill air. uufff… Why does the water here take so long to heat?! FFff!

Fluffing freshly-washed hair, he mussed the blond strands absentmindedly- subsequently making them stick out in a rather chaotic disarray all over his head. Dressing quickly in jeans and a shirt, as they weren't going to be doing anything too dangerous today, Fion grabbed his jacket and jogged out into the crisp morning air. He might have been up most of the night hiking, but he was by his nature a morning person.

Skidding into the kitchens located under the main hall, Fion flashed a smile at the cook who handed him the usual catering bag and thermos. "Fion, what a surprise!… You're clean." The sarcastic plump lady glanced at the clock on the wall. "And late on your first day back… Why? What happened?" "Nothing serious, I just arrived a few minutes ago is all. Thanks Betty!" Not waiting to hear what she called after him, Fion rushed out. Up the stone stairs of the Academy towards the classrooms, heavy boots clumped down the halls, blue eyes peering keenly into each classroom he passed. This was strange. Usually the halls were busting with children and their Demi-god hormones. Huh. Perhaps they were still sleeping. Slipping out the large baguette from his bag none too discreetly, Fion took a bite and munched away, pondering the upcoming year. His long, loping strides took him to the main hall, and subsequently, to the office. With a jovial smile to the scowling office clerk, Fion pushed open the door and maneuvered awkwardly into the office, dropping his bag heavily in the middle of the clerk's large desk.

The large teacher turned to the copier, staring at it, shifting papers around, and pressed a few buttons, before turning back to the woman behind the desk as if just realizing he was being rude, giving a little cheery wave with his bread, "Goodmorn!" The copier hummed, and Fion smiled, missing the annoyed hum of the office clerk as he went about making fliers. He'd post these all over the school, hopefully the students wouldn't get lost this year.

Pleased, and with an arm full of fliers, Fion clomped back out of the office, sticking one onto the bulletin board right outside of the commons.

Welcome new students and returnees!

Students of classes 1, 2, and 3, meet today at the practice field at 13:55 sharp for Battle Strategy.

Do not forget your athletic shoes.

Protective clothing is advised. Long pants. Attire you can rip and soil.

Remember Returnees, if you don't pay caution to the rules, you will get hurt.

Looking forward to meeting the lot of you!

Mr. Atreus.

Nodding with satisfaction, and ripping another piece out of his bread, Fion strode off for the western side of campus.

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Charlie Shepherd

It was dark but for some reason, Charlie could see clearly. He could see the outlines of the forest and for some reason, everything was black and white. There were no colors and it was enough to make goosebumps erupt on Charlie's skin. There was a turmoil in his chest as his eyes searched for any sign of life. There wasn't anything but the sound of his name though. It wasn't only one voice calling him, it was a multitude. By the sound of it, Charlie didn't believe that whatever was calling to him was human. The voice was too low-pitched, sounding like they had swallowed a handful of nails. For some reason, Charlie's feet began leading him closer to the source of the sound. He didn't want to though; no, his insides were screaming to run the opposite way. Yet the voices grew louder and louder until Charlie had to cover his ears with his hands. The shadows of the trees began to move, dancing around him and began to slowly close on him while chanting his name.

"Charlie, Charlie, Charlie... Charlie - Charlie!"

The young man jolted out of his sleep, his eyes snapping open in a quick second. “It’s almost 8 o’clock! Charlie, wake up!” The familiar voice of Phoebe caused his body to relax and a sigh of relief escaped him. He allowed himself a few seconds to adjust before he blinked and glanced over to see Phoebe heading into the bathroom. He sat up slowly, already used to waking up with someone other than himself. It had been strange at first, having a crying girl show up at his doorsteps in the middle of the night, especially a girl that was his student. It was the fact that it was Phoebe, someone he had known since he was still a student in the academy, that made him able to adjust to her. It wasn't like there was anything sexual going on, he reasoned his mind with constantly. Their relationship was more like siblings than anything else.

Finally getting to his senses, Charlie let his eyes glance at the time. He jumped up to his feet when he saw the time. A short string of curse words left him as he quickly began to gather some cleans cloths to wear. Thankfully, Phoebe didn't take long to get ready and Charlie was able to take his turn. Really, living with another person was strange. He had long forgotten how it felt like and secretly, Charlie was kind of scared of missing Phoebe's presence after she was able to fully recover and didn't need him anymore. Sighing, Charlie stepped into the bathroom and just as he was about to shut the door, his feet got tangled on something and if it hadn't been for the fact the managed to catch himself by the sink, Charlie would've tumbled to the ground. His eyes looked down and noticed Phoebe's pajamas on the ground. Quickly, he grabbed them and stuck his head out the bathroom. "Don't just leave things on the floor," he said, his face burning a bit as he wondered if Phoebe had caught sight of his embarrassing stunt he just had in the bathroom. Considering the time, he simply let her cloths down on the ground people shutting the door behind him. "People could get hurt."

Charlie quickly began to change into a pair of jeans, a dark grey shirt with a brown blazer over it and he put on his shoes. He washed his face and teeth quickly, not wanting to waste time in trying to control his curls. It didn't take him more than five minutes to get himself ready and he was out of the bathroom in no time. He rushed over to get his satchel that held all his teaching material and a few personal items before heading for the door. Charlie opened it, looked over at Phoebe and for the first time since he saw the time, let himself relax and sent the girl he loved like a younger sister a cheeky grin. "Ready to go?"

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Lily Davidson

A common misconception with the children of Athena was that they lived for school and learning, Lily Davidson happened to hate that stereotype nearly as much as she hated Monday mornings. Of course she was smart, just look at her mother and it wasn't that she didn't enjoy learning, she did, well certain subjects anyway, but why did school have to start so freaking early? And the icing on the cake for her hatred towards Mondays, was maths. Maths certainly wasn't Lily's greatest subject, she was still better at it than most but the majority of it was pointless, to her anyway, especially equations. As the blonde lay in bed that morning, her head tilted to the right, eyes fixated on the large red numbers of her alarm clock, as she mentally counted down to the time she would have to leave the warmth of her bed. As usual Lily had woken up five minutes before her alarm clock, a trait which she had seemed to have developed over the holidays, a trait she hated as the Demi-god loved her sleep and to have any of it unnecessarily taken away just irked her, immensely. With a grunt, the blonde shook her head, she sounded more like a daughter of Hypnos than Athena.

The sound sound of a high pitched bleeping suddenly filled room, startling the girl despite having counted down with it. In one swift movement her hand gently tapped the off button and the bleeping came to a sudden halt; a smile stretched across Lily's face as she sunk back into her mattress, tempted to waste the day away in bed. Although the idea was extremely tempting, Lily knew she couldn't bring herself to actually miss a class due to blatant laziness, despite what she might say education was important to her. With a final stretch, Lily flung her legs over the edge, stifling a yawn, standing up she walked over to her bathroom, switching on the fluorescent light, squinting as her eyes adjusted to the bright light. Staring into the mirror, Lily grunted at her appearance, her thick, blonde hair looked as if she had been dragged through a hedge and she was pretty sure she didn't smell too pleasant; it wasn't often that Lily wished to be a child of Aphrodite but sometimes, especially In the morning she wished she had their pristine looks. Turning on the shower, Lily stripped of her basketball jersey nightgown, tossing it back on her bed before stepping under the hot mist.

Twenty minutes later, Lily came out of the bathroom all freshened, quickly drying her hair she then curled then ends and shoved her long locks up into a messy pony; after applying a little make up, Lily dressed. Never one to spend a long time getting ready, Lily was out the door within twenty minutes.

Lily's first stop today was coffee, she would need it too keep awake through Miss Quintess class, if gossiping about who hooked up with who in the celebrity constituted as a class? It wasn't that Lily disliked the daughter of Aphrodite, nope, who was she kidding, Lilly did not like Taylor Quintess, she was vain and quite blatantly rude to the students she didn't deem "attractive" how she ever became a maths teacher, she'll never know and that laugh she has is enough to drive the sanest of people mad.

The cafeteria was already bustling as Lily entered, standing in the queue, she waiting patiently; deciding to skip breakfast, she headed straight to the drinks section, grabbing a mug the blonde poured herself a strong cup of joe, smiling as the strong aroma wafted up through her senses. Taking a seat at the first available table, Lily placed her bag in the empty chair next to her before bringing the mug to her lips, savouring the fresh taste with a satisfied smirk.

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#, as written by Kugorie

Soaring through the sky on a Pegasus and then out of the blue it’s him! But who is he? He’s gorgeous is all Dixie can see. He makes her melt inside and he heart skip a beat. She can’t breathe when she sees him. Who is he? He holds out her hand to her and Dixie reaches for it, she is so close she can feel his body heat, smell his body mist, it all seems so familiar. She knows him, or does she? She wants to see more to be with him hear his velvety voice. Here’s her chance, he opens his mouth to speak when...
The alarm left its blaring echo in Dixie’s head; as its loud obnoxious ring continued on its path of destruction. Why couldn’t it have waited a few moments longer, why did it have to go off now in her wonderful cotton candy dream? Dixie was not happy and as she finally hit the alarms snooze button her long and strung out sigh finally released itself from her mouth. “Whhhhyyyyyy” She whined in her sing song voice. She was not a morning person, didn’t want to be a morning person, and will never be a morning person.

From a bird or side view Dixie’s head was connected to the wall, one leg was off the bed the other out of the blanket but still on the bed, arm rubbing her bed head hair, and her 5 comforters were thrown all over her waist wrapping her like a donut. She literally looked like a mob of blankets, limbs and long thick wavy curls of hair. Not even recognizable.

After Dixie’s morning fiasco she finally made herself presentable for school and able to see other students. Or at least she thought she was somewhat presentable? Her mom had bought her a make-up artist, fashion designer, and something to do with hair and matching the outfit type person for lessons on how to look clean, pretty and so she would actually look nice in front of others. This was because all Dixie really liked to wear were boy shorts or baggy jeans and big puffy boy sweaters. Her mother disapproved and wanted her little girl to actually look like a girl. Woohoo for Dixie.

Her outfit ended up being sort of a rock star type chick/ some country in there for her own taste. And that was the real style Dixie liked, country. Grabbing her books and throwing them all in her bag Dixie did her normal morning routine, grabbing her already made lunch and a granola bar in case she actually wants breakfast this early in the morning and a couple juice boxes to stop thirst as well as a nice big bottle of water. Also lastly her story journal to keep herself entertained in class.

Speeding to her class so she can be somewhat early in class Dixie kept her eyes on her watch and headed to ... Math! Wait math? Ewww not one of Dixie’s favorite classes. Especially for first thing in the morning. That would mean? Oh no! She has to pay attention. “This is going to be a fun day.”

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Sky was already awake five minutes before the alarm clock entertained the room with its joyous tones. As was habit ever since he had a wake up call. Sitting on the edge of his bed, and slapping the off button as the luminescent numbers flashed. The room was dimmed by the curtains, ones the boy almost never opened. He liked the darkness and typically he spent only a little time inside the room. He used the bathroom more than the rest of the room. Unless you counted as storage and sleeping, which he didn't. A quick shower brought the time to just past half seven. Meaning he had time to spare, after checking his hair to ensure it wasn't disrupted by the night. His mother had liked it like that and so he persisted, not actually caring much for his appearance. That was also the reason why he stuck with black, his preference. He donned a pair of black jeans, not tight but certainly not loose. Not faded either, he didn't like it when his clothes were less then satisfactory condition. His shirt was rather formal, long sleeved and buttoned. That was about it, they were clean and undamaged. He didn't concern himself with how he looked. Of course black matched with black, he had few other styles.

After a uninspired, and dark breakfast. Sky was already wearing his morning scowl, which was the same as his evening and afternoon scowl. He was often frowning, even if he wasn't in a particularly dark mood. Today he wasn't really in a bad mood, in fact today was halfway decent. Although he remembered he had Mathematics today, already he didn't like it. The teacher didn't seem to care about the lesson whatsoever. He was glad that often enough she just left them to it and not be as personal as some of the others. Still, it didn't really count as teaching and Skah was glad that every lesson wasn't like this, even if they were no better. He left the room and trudged down the hallway to the class, ignoring most of the people around him. Another unfortunate thing, none of the people he actually cared to talk to was in this set. Ravielle, Dylan and maybe Christian. Those three were the only ones he would go out of his way to talk to. Of course if he wanted to, which sometimes he doesn't, he had to seek them out in the small breaks. Other times he just contented himself in enjoying the outside as much as he could. As he had grown up nature was just there but he couldn't really take any time to appreciate it.

He wandered calmly to the class room with time to spare, even though the class was going to start in only a few minutes. He would be there and waiting by the time it began, should the teacher even bother to be punctual. Even as he strolled casually towards the room he was passed by a girl who seemed far more eager to attend than him. He also caught her murmur,
"This is going to be a fun day.”
"You got that right." Sky sullenly agreed under his breath even as she passed beyond earshot. Catching the sarcasm in Dixie's tones.

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The needle fell to the floor with a soft clatter as Abel's head rolled back. The soft grey of the morning spilled through the window as he gently embraced euphoria in this all-too-familiar habit. He closed his eyes, listening to his heart beat, reminding him for some reason of the sound of church bells. This grace could not be competed with, he thought.

Well, aside from Lilly, of course. She was angels incarnated, her very breath a symphony so elegant the Gods themselves could not describe it. He had lost her to this drug, to this perfect rush of everything and nothing all at once. It could not fill the space in his heart she had torn out when she departed, but it could make him fell home for just a moment...

He had barely slept at all last night, haunted by visions of Lilly's gentle face, watching her fade away before him, lost like a shade to the Underworld. He'd down more coffee in the past twenty-four hours then he had in the entire week preceding this one and it probably still would not be enough to combat with the drowsiness that would accompany this morning's fix.

Warmth raced through him, butterflies danced in his stomach... It was as if he were falling in love all over again. He lifted his mp3 player from the table and plugged it into his ears, Joy Division wailing mournfully as the rush subsided and his body became his own again.

He was already dressed and ready to go, a tight brown leather coat accompanied his black pants, white collared shirt and shined black shoes. Verging any lower than this is respectability was an ultimate sin in his eyes. Of course, his hair had grown slightly greasy and this must be attended to post haste.

Fortunately for him, Psychology was the first class of the day, one of which he needed to pay little attention in. The ways of the human mind, how to persuade it, probe it, heal it, destroy it... This was his forte. There was little they could teach him that he didn't already know.

He needed more coffee. His body was heavy and his eyes desired nothing more than to fall back into sleep. He moved to the cafeteria, almost zombie-like but with a lot more ego and helped himself to coffee. Strong, black coffee. He couldn't possibly stomach food, the drug was making him feel slightly nauseous and he rarely had an appetite anyway.

He sat down, sipping at the strong brew before him and gazing around at the others occupying the cafeteria with analytical eyes that pried. His head fell lower and lower towards the table, struggling not to disappear into the land of the dreamers. Perking his head up, he drained the hot drink in but moments, scalding his lips and tongue in the process.


The warm water cascaded off of Jezebel's form as she showered, singing 'Lovesong' by The Cure to herself softly. She was more than awake, she was excited. Other than animals, there wasn't a thing she adored more than learning. Truly. Besides, there were so many interesting characters at The Academy and she was desperate to converse with them all. Well, bar a couple who just didn't really seem all that friendly.

When she had finished showering, she dressed herself in a green t-shirt, a long, semi-transparent white skirt and black, low-heeled ankle boots. She draped her brown, knitted scarf around her neck then proceeded to apply mascara to her lashes. She brushed out her golden hair and braided a small chunk, weaving a raven's feather within and places a white beanie on her head. Feeling satisfied with her appearance, she began the journey towards class.

She was always the punctual type. Getting up in the morning was never a worry for her, she wasn't a huge fan of sleeping anyway. It seemed like a waste of time to her. Why sleep when she could be learning, right? Mathematics was first on the agenda today, and she was absolutely pumped for that. Sarcasm. Of all the things she could be learning about, it just had to be stupid mathematics, didn't it? The single most boring, most frustrating topic on the planet. Anything would be more entertaining than this. Never the less, learning was learning and she supposed the dreaded maths was actually pretty significant in it's own way, being the universal language and all that, and she supposed that sacred geometry stuff was kind of cool but still... numbers, man. Numbers frustrated her.

It was still surreal to her, being here. She, Jezebel Oak Judeka, was the daughter of a Goddess. No matter how many times she said it to herself, no matter how long she spent at The Academy, she still found it difficult to believe. She was in constant speculation and believed she may wake up from this bizarre but fantastic dream at any moment.

She put it to rest, because it just wasn't going to make sense to her any time soon and busied herself instead with ideas of who she might annoy today. Abel, perhaps... Or Wesley, maybe. The idea of extracting knowledge from these guys made her giggle with anticipation.

But first, maths. She groaned inwardly as she arrived at the class room, frowning childishly with her head down. She perked up a little when she saw she wasn't the only one here. Company was good, yes. "Good morning!" she squealed joyfully, professing her usual exuberant and overly-friendly demeanor at the people she hadn't really been acquainted with. "Are you guys any good at this maths stuff? I think it's a terrible way to start the morning, personally".

Jezebel wasn't the type to stay focused on any one thing, so almost instantly after she had spoken she began playing with her hair while she pondered a Hell in which numbers ruled over words, mathematical Gods forcing their ideals upon all present, codes and equations lining the walls with no escape least you can figure a way to divide by zero... She shuddered at the thought.

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#, as written by Mela

Phoebe only just caught side of her older brother as he practically flew into the bathroom after her. The sight made her a giggle a little as she swiveled around to see the bathroom door almost closing. Charlie had this habit of making a fool of himself more times than not, and it was simply adorable. Phoebe knew that if Charlie only felt more comfortable around other people, he would not be single. He was too sweet, caring and thoughtful. These traits were the main reason she loved him as much as she did; he was among the very most important people in her life. Especially lately when he’d become a shoulder for her to cry on. She was so grateful to him, because if she had to be honest, she knew Charlie hadn’t been entirely comfortable with this at first. Even Phoebe could tell as much.

Her eyes, however, widened when he stuck his head back out, commenting on her pajamas. She gasped, horrified. “Oops, sorry!” She immediately squeaked, running over to take her nightwear from Charlie. Her pajamas were silk, and therefore rather slippery. She would’ve felt so bad if something had happened to Charlie because of her. She’d simply forgotten about them because she’d been so busy, not wanting to take too much time from Charlie; it was his home, after all. She was only a guest. Not that she wouldn’t have hurried as much if it’d been her bathroom. She would’ve felt exactly the same; the wish to not take up too much time and space.

She bit her lower lip as he shut the door and she sighed, looking down at her attire. She needed a new hair colour. Surely that would make her feel better? She shook her head, smiling mournfully as she put her pyjamas on the side of the bed she usually slept in. She would probably come get it later and take it to her own room, only to spend hours trying to fall asleep… and then she’d once more sneak into Charlie’s cabin. She then took the hairbrush she’d left at his place from the bedside table and began brushing through her blue, thick locks. She wasn’t too sure she actually wanted to do much of anything today. She had classes, yeah, but maybe she’d just go find Christian and Nolee afterwards. Fortunately she had classes with Christian this year. The thought made her smile genuinely. She’d missed her friends so much over the summer.

Then again, she could go find Ness and ask to play with Ellie. Her smile widened at the thought of the little girl. She could hardly believe Ness had a little girl now, and that was with Mr. Hensleigh. It was all so unreal, but amazing at the same time. As long as her Latina friend was happy, so was Pheebs. She threw the hairbrush onto the pyjamas once she was done and then she ran her hands through it, making it a little messy and slightly puffed. It’d have to do. She didn’t want to keep Charlie waiting, so there was that. Plus, they’d be late for class if she did anything much with her hair, so it remained slightly wavy, stretching to her mid back. She needed a haircut.

She’d packed her bag the other night, so when Charlie hurried out of the bathroom, practically bursting through the door, Phoebe laughed and went to pick up her own bag. She paused when he spoke to her, standing with a grin plastered on his face. “Charliiieee,” she tsk’ed, giggling before she threw her bag over her shoulder and went to stand in from of him. She reached up, skilfully brushing her hands through his hair to make his curls fall down a little. Then she stood back, watching him for a little bit before running into the bathroom. “Just a second!” She squealed over her shoulder, coming back with a bit of soft wax in her hands which she massaged between her palms.

“You can’t go to class looking like you just got out of bed, Mr. Teacher.” She laughed softly, glancing at the clock. Yep they still had four minutes. She hurriedly styled his locks in a matter of second, the look messy still, but now really cute at the same time. It was very… Charlie. And it looked good. Happy with her work, Phoebe smiled up at him, not saying a word until she was back from the bathroom once more, having washed off the remaining stickiness.

“There, ready,” she quickly chirped as she took his hand and hurried out the door, running down the halls with the mythology teacher in tow. No one even quirked a brow – after all, it was just Phoebe.


Nathan Hensleigh was a rather complicated man at times, he would admit that much. In fact, he rarely even knew what he felt himself, and as he looked at his girlfriend, rousing from sleep, he felt that little kick again. It was part fear, part love. Because he did love Vanessa, but then… he couldn’t quite shake the feeling that he was in someone else’s life, like he didn’t belong here, in this family life this way. Like he wasn’t supposed to have been a father, like being in a committed relationship was as wrong for someone like him, as it was for a wish to breathe above water. He didn’t show it, but rather just smiled.

That didn’t mean it wasn’t there though, but as the son of Poseidon looked down at his daughter, the love he felt for her over shadowed everything. She was the gem of his eye, and he could no longer imagine life without her, no matter how many times he’d considering leaving Ness during her pregnancy. Now, however, he was thankful that he’d pulled through, because his little girl was worth it. She really was. Little Noelle was nothing but smiles and giggles, and somehow she always managed to chase away the doubts. They still popped up regularly, however, not that he’d ever let it show, nor would he ever tell anyone. It would remain his own little secret.

It wasn’t like he would act on those doubts anyways. He didn’t want his daughter to live with parents being apart. It wasn’t that children were torn apart by it, but rather that he was worried she wouldn’t see both of them equal amounts of time. Besides, he didn’t want Ellie to have that image of him when got older; that he was just a charmer who slept around. His daughter deserved better than that. Frankly, she deserved better than him, and so did Ness. Still, however, Nate plastered on a smile when Ness greeted him. “Look Ellie – you woke up mommy,” he chuckled, kissing the girl’s forehead as Ness called out to the little creature.

As Ellie’s head flew up, her back straightening to look in the direction her mother’s voice had come from, Nate couldn’t help smiling – genuinely. The girl had her trademark grin glued to her face and she squealed, jumping in Nate’s arms. He laughed at her, looking over at Ness. “I definitely think Ellie would like a morning cuddle,” he noted, another laugh emitting from him when Ellie bent forward, trying to get to the bed. He held her firmly in his arms though, not wanting her to fall over and hurt himself. As he neared Ness, Ellie’s smile widened and the history teacher let the girl into the bed, placing her by Ness’ side.

He smiled to himself, watching the two girls who defined his life, Ellie squealing in delight, her legs kicking into the air, arms stretching out for her mother to pick her up. Only once Ellie was safely in Vaness’s arms, did Nate lay down next to the couple, putting an arm around his girlfriend to pull her close, smiling at her and Ellie. “How’re you feeling?” He asked her, a little concerned, “you didn’t get much sleep. Are you sure you wouldn’t like to sleep another hour? We don’t have to be in class until ten o’clock, and it’s only eight.” He brushed a couple of strands of messy morning hair out of her face.

Nathan Hensleigh was indeed a man of contradictions, but what could he do except let events unfold? He knew this place, however, and drama always found its way into his life. Especially since he’d found Jules was back there too. He didn’t particularly like the thought of that, if he had to be entirely honest.

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#, as written by Caille

Bailey had been in bed sleeping. Her covers warm and soft, wrapping her up like a she was being engulfed in a big hug from someone. Her dreams were those of the beach back home. The white coarse sand, how the grains stuck to the soles of her feet as she walked along the shore, running kids, chasing each other, playing tag. The crashes of the waves hitting the shore and the semi cold water rushing over her feet, with the smell of the ocean in the air. This was what home was to her, it was the best place on earth, everything felt right there, everything was at peace. It wasn't soon before she woke up, it had proven to be six am and Bailey exhaled a bit closing her eyes a bit before getting out of bed. She passed many paintings she had on her wall and then she found a swim suit and put it on.

Bailey wrapped a towel around her body and soon she sneaked out of her room, closing her door gently behind her, Bailey walked down some stairs and her feet making soft little sounds as she went and soon she came into the great hall. After looking a bit she found the kitchen grabbing an orange and then she went to the big doors that led outside. She slowly opened it trying to not have the door creak and then she slipped out of the building and she tiptoed across some gravel, because it wasn't something that felt pleasant on her feet but soon she found grass and her feet returned to a normal stance. Bailey continued to walk as she could see the water in site. It made a smile flash on her face, she couldn't wait to get there so she began to run and she jumped off the grassy bank and onto the sand.

This was what it felt like to be happy, it was the closest thing she had to home back in Maine. Bailey left her towel on the sand and then she climbed onto the dock. She felt the water underneath moving and going up and washing on shore. Soon she came to the edge of the dock. She stared at her reflection in the water and it stared back at her, the girl in the reflection was rather giddy and cheery, it was a girl who was familiar but she seemed to be distanced. Bailey shook her head and dived into the water.

The water came around her and it was like it wrapped her up in their arms, embracing her again. Bailey could spend hours underwater and not need to go up for breath, it was one of the great things about having the father she had and having the gift that she had. Bailey kicked her feet going down farther and farther. Eventually she was sitting down at the bottom on the sandy parts. She had her fish buddies coming to join her and swimming around her. They played around a bit with each other and Bailey got to see it. Soon enough they had bits of conversation about who was the best swimmer and being cocky about it. Bailey laughed and soon the two fish left for the time being. Bailey knew she had class sometime within an hour or two so she could only spend a bit of time out here, but nearly every single morning she found time to be in the water, it was rather calming to say the least.

Soon enough she pushed off and she came up and resurfaced. she laid on her back in the water, floating there and watched as the sun slowly came up. It was nice to have this in her life. Bailey always found this was a nice way to start her days and make them more enjoyable, especially if she had class and such. Which of course she did. Bailey swam up to shore and grabbed her towel wrapping it around herself and she peeled her orange, she soon pulled the wedges apart and stuck one in her mouth. Oranges were a great fruit and she loved them more than anything. Bailey soon found the horses at the stable and she came up to them petting them and talking to them. Soon enough she gave her favourite one a piece of orange before sneaking back into the building.

Upon going back into her room she took her swim suit off and got into the shower. She came out and wrapped a towel around her body and then one towel was wrapped to hold her hair up and in the towel so it could dry. By this moment it was 7:20 am. She dried herself off and slipped on her undergarments while searching for something to wear. She soon found a pair of blue jeans with rips in the pant legs. Bailey soon found a graphic tee and slipped it on. She walked into the bathroom and brushed her wet and tangled hair, soon she had gotten out the blow dryer and she dried her hair and straightened it. She put a tiny bit of eye liner on and a moisturized her face before leaving to get toast. Bailey had her book bag with her and after eating she walked off in the direction her class was in. It was around 7:55 am, roughly.

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It was only after a bottle of Sparkling Water and two pieces of toast that Nolee felt like she could possibly learn something for the day, but she wasn't counting on her mind to stay focused through-out all her lessons. Most likely, the girl would end up doodling on a piece of paper, or stare off at nothing, her mind either blank or over-flowing with thoughts she did not want. She was chewing her second piece of toast, deep in thought, seated at a table in the corner located in the dining hall. Her guitar case sat next to her, her bag on the table. She had also texted Christian, telling him she expected his arrival at their usual table soon. The boy was no doubt her sidekick, though the two did not have the same classes this year.

The thought troubled the brunette, but nevertheless, making friends was never a thing of great difficulty to her. Often enough though, she ended up annoying new people with her perky comments, if not with her giggles at almost anything. Of course, they weren't meant to be taken seriously, what was life without a little laughter, anyway? Pondering the thought, she downed the toast with more water, and finally let her mind drift back to the dream. It seemed miles away now; Nolee almost always forgot what she even dreamed of. She was even surprised she remembered it when she woke up, even though the image was almost completly faded away now. The boy. She couldn't forget the boy. He did attend this school, after all.

She sat back in her chair, messing with the cap of her bottle, biting her lip and feeling the least bit anxious. The thought of even talking to him was enough to make her feel sick to her stomach, every alarm in her mind told her 'no.' And it was good that it did, it was obvious the boy did not wish to be approached. Sometimes, you just have to let things be. Just move on. Let. Them. Be. The thought wasn't anything new, Nolee had told herself this thousands upon thousands of times. But why couldn't she do it? The answer was simple: she wanted to be in a relationship. To belong to someone, have someone belong to HER in return. The feeling would be most welcome, but not needed, she was already distracted enough in class as it was.

It was the light from the sunrise pouring through the door that brought Nolee back to the real world, for Christian walked in, shutting the door behind him and quickly spotting his best friend. With a bright smile, she gestured for him to walk over, then set her bottle down, sitting up again, as he came to sit in front of her, setting his books on the table.


"Noles, sleepless night, I see?"

Smirking at his own comment, Christian took his seat as usual in front of his best friend, glancing at her through sleepy, blue eyes. The comment was of course sarcastic, for Nolee did not look tired. In fact, she looked like she was ready to take on the day, which was one step above him, who ached to return to sleep, his mind was still fighting being wake. "Ha ha, very funny," Nolee retorted back to him, then rolled her eyes, smirking. "I'm not exactly pumped for Psychology, but what can you do."

A nod was Christian's only response, as he stole what was left of Nolee's water, downing it and setting the bottle back down. He suddenly remembered something from earlier; he needed to talk to Nolee about a certain someone, the girl with the beautiful blue eyes, the fantastic smile.

"You have your classes with Bailey, right?" he asked her suddenly, trying to keep his expression as calm as he could, even though he knew Nolee always saw through his act. It was difficult, if not impossible, for him to hide what he was feeling.

"Yeah, and she was in here, but you just missed her. Should have hurried, no?" she smirked, looking satisfied with herself as she got up, collecting her guitar as well as her bag. The news was nothing short of a blow, but even if he would have caught Bailey in here, Christian knew he wouldn't have said anything. How was he supposed to approach the unapproachable? After all, every time she was in sight, the only thing Christian seemed capable of doing was to stare after her, thinking of some smooth thing to say. It was so unlike the child of Aphrodite, he was supposed to be CHARMING, capable of talking to people that caught his eye. He just needed time, he assured himself. Ya don't have forever, though, Nolee's voice rang through his mind, and he soon stood up after her, walking out into the brisk air.

Hands in his jeans pocket, he quietly walked with her to her class, which was Psychology. No more words were spoken, he could tell that she had things of her own on her mind, but he didn't care to ask at the moment, as cruel as that sounded. She would tell him when she wanted to, when there was more time to discuss things. Soon after dropping her off, he walked to his own class, and sat farthest in the back, ready to drown out facts about Greek Mythology. The sooner the class was over, the sooner he was to after school.

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Of course being the Daughter of Hermes it was expected for Myra to be a mischievous, tricky and crafty being, but her simple out line could never describe the full truth about her.

The raven haired youth awoke on a crowded bed, her eyelids hung low across her pupils causing her vision to remain a thin line of blurred light. Scattered across the sheets were pieces of a chess game, the black and white pieces tumbled onto the ground and she squirmed lightly in the bed, patting upon the carpet like raindrops. She often remained up late, playing with herself at this game of skill and wit almost always ending up in a stalemate. Was that so? Was she even undefeatable faced against her own "perfect mind?"

Myra tore the sheet from her, sending the board and the remaining pieces flying violently against the wall. The girl then stood up, merely wearing a pair of pajama bottoms to which she tore from her legs while heading towards the shower, leaving most clothes dropped randomly upon the ground. She was not a particularly tidy person, her excuse being she did not have time for such nonsense as placing objects away. Her mind needed to be clear for the days planning. She viewed life as something much more complex than what it was.

She jumped in the shower and remained there for a good long while. Myra had learnt that showers were a great place to think, and the sound of the water was just a lullaby that sent her mind into frantic clock work. Once she had completed her thinking and bathing, she jumped out, absently dried herself and threw on some clothes that she attempted to create a outfit with off the top of her head and somewhat succeeded.

Myra quickly moved on to her make up, which was simply plenty of dark eye make up giving herself this sharp and dangerous appearance that fitted her perfectly. With her fingertips she then lightly tousled her damp hair into a messy layered back waterfall and decided that any more effort would force more unneeded concentration from her mind. Grabbing her bag already stuffed with her things she headed out the door and towards the Acadamy, mind buzzing with excitement of what sweet game-play the day would bring.


Myra arrived at the Acadamy, striding through the doors with confident swinging of her hips and her lips curled upwards in a cat like smirk that she regularly wore. The Hermes was looking forward to day greatly. Her eyes quickly scanned the surroundings, taking into account of every being she saw as she slowed her pace and walked by the cafeteria.