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The Olympus

The Olympus


Only few humans live as the earth is taken over by human like creatures. The only difference is that these creatures have wings, also with the ability to hide their wings from humans. But, if humans want to live they can convert to a flying creature.

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Day Four

For the last four days thousands if not millions have converted into Olympus. But also thousands if not millions have been killed. Our ability has helped for some Olympus have made the humans trust them and convert them. The humans dislike how they have to convert or die. But being a Olympus has to be better then humans. For we get to feel the breeze of the wind as we glide through the air. Still although we've wiped the humans there are still fifty to one hundred left. Many Olympus have scoured the earth five times and still haven't found many. But after a few more weeks I'm sure they'll all be gone.

Apollo, Emperor of Olympus

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Olympia Hera

I get off my bed and walk to the window. After standing there for about five minutes a see a long line of humans with some Olympus guarding them, leading them to The Conversion Chamber. "How many more?" I murmur to myself. It's been over a year and still everyday there is a long trail of humans heading to the Conversion Chamber. But at least my father's happy. Unlike me. The Philosopher has been able to keep a record of the humans. How many there were. How many have converted. How many are dead. How many are still alive. Although he's found this out he doesn't know who are the humans that are alive or where they are. I hope he finds out soon.

I walk away from the window and I walk towards the bookshelf I then find 'Greek Mythology' I open up the page to the Greek god, Dionysus. I read a paragraph or two when a servant comes in. "Yes?" I ask. "The Philosopher. He needs you," he says, he looks at the book I'm reading, "and that book." I get up from my bed holding the book and follows the servant.


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Thesias woke with a start, he had had one of his usual nightmares. After washing the cold sweat from his forehead he was able to calmed down. Just then he started to hear foot steps, they sounded like a battalion of Olympians. As fast as he could Thesias packed all of his stuff in his bag grabbed his scythe and hid behind a nearby tree.

Looking out from behind the tree he spotted what the noise was. It was a long line of humans being forced to go to one of the conversion bases or the home of Apollo and be converted into an Olympian. The very thought disgusted him, he would sooner die then cower and become an Olympian. Anyone who thought different was pathetic in his eyes.

After a quick look at the prisoners and Olympians he guessed that there were about two hundred and fifty humans, and a little over five hundred Olympian guards. Thesias had fought large numbers of them before but never that many, at the most he had ever fought would be some where around a hundred to a hundred and fifty. Plus even if he could have saved them he wouldn't have they were all weaklings and deserved what was coming to them.

Every instinct in his body told him to not follow them, but the chance of finding Apollos home was to tempting. So Thesias started to tail them. After about an hour of tailing Thesias had tailed the group to a base like none he had ever seen before. It was huge almost 5 or 6 times the size of a normal base with probably 20 times more guards. This had to be the home of Apollo and Thesias had finally found it.

After finally recovering from shock He realized he might be seen. Quickly he hid in a near by patch of short trees and hoped he hadn't been discovered. After taking a quick glance the guards seemed not to have noticed him. He had to hope no one else had either.


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Character Portrait: Olympia Hera
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The servant stops at the Philosopher's door and opens it for me. The servant shuts the door and I walk towards the Philosopher who was at the table. "Oh, Olympia," he says, "Good, you have the book." He looks at the book in my hands. "I sure I heard from someone that this is almost like us." He says. "Yes, the Greeks thought that there was a god named Dionysus. Also they live on Mount Olympus." I say. The Philosopher chuckles at me. "Is that so?" He says. I nod.


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The Philosopher carries on talking, mostly about the Greek Mythology book. "Would you like to have the book? Because I would like to go down to The Grand Park." I say. "Yes, yes. You can leave. Just leave the book on my desk." The Philosopher says. "Thank you." I say. I place the book onto the desk and leave.

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Character Portrait: Thesias Ateries
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"I don't care if I live or die, but if I can haveit my way all of the olympians will die at my hands."

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Character Portrait: Olympia Hera
Olympia Hera

I will have to lead. I may not want to. But I have to.


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