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Faith Mackenzie

"I will not lose."

0 · 510 views · located in Olympus Academy

a character in “The Olympus Academy”, as played by Belynta




Candidate for ARES



Name: Faith Mackenzie

Nickname: Mack

Gender: Female

Sexual Preference: Straight

Ethnicity: American

Age: 20

Occupation: Private in the US Army



Height: 5"7

Weight: 140 lbs

Eye color: Grey

Hair color: Brown

Skin color: Slightly tanned white skin

Scars/markings: None

Clothing Style: When not in uniform Faith likes to dress with a definite rock edge, she generally is seen in skinny jeans, knee high leather boots and t shirt. She is never seen without one of her leather jackets of which she has several. She generally wears her hair down when not on duty and a fair bit of jewellery mainly rings.


Faith is a stubborn strong willed young woman who decides what she wants and then does not give up until she has it. She doesn't know how to stop fighting, how to give in even if the odds are stacked against her. She has always excelled at physical activity and because of this she is somewhat arrogant and overconfident. This is offset however by her genuine nature. People often overlook her arrogance due to her being caring and kind especially to those weaker than herself. She is a passionate person feeling things deeply, this means she has a short temper which she struggles often to contain, but she loves and hates just as strongly. If you are one she calls friend then you will never have a more loyal person on your side. She is a direct blunt spoken person who speaks her mind regardless of whether it is appropriate or not.

Likes: The outdoors, being physically active, weapons, straight forward people, ice cream

Dislikes: Being cooped up, staying still for long periods, liars and people who don't get to the point,

Hobbies: Basically anything involving the outdoors such as Running, various sports including basketball, tennis and martial arts, climbing, hiking etc

Positive characteristics: Determined, stubborn, dedicated, passionate, generous, energetic, vibrant

Negative characteristics: Volatile, unpredictable, short tempered, impatient, arrogant, unyielding, over confident

Background: Faith was born in a small town in Texas but she has no memory of her parents as they were both killed in an accident when she was still a baby. She was raised by a fellow officer of her fathers (who knew him from his army days) and his wife. Her childhood was a typical one with the exception of her adoptive parents being a lot more strict and disciplined than the average parents. She learned dedication, determination and discipline from her adoptive father with him teaching a lot of what he learned in the army. She grew up learning how to defend herself and others as well as other things. Her parents always had high expectations of her and she has always been keenly aware of the pressure to succeed and do well.
After finishing school she applied and was accepted into the US Army, she was eighteen and had her fathers full approval and expectation, it was what she had been raised for and always knew she would be joining the army. She finished basic training and advanced training before being sent to take her place with her new unit. She was immediately posted to Afghanistan and served for six months there.

After finishing her tour she returned home to Texas fully expecting to return to the army after a break. Seeing conflict first hand had only served to toughen her and she had realised early in her tour that this was what she was meant to do. It was when she was going through her parents effects one day that she found mention of the Olympus Academy. Curious she researched this with little results until one day her adoptive father sat her down and told her of the academy and its purpose. She was understandably disbelieving and ready to reject the notion completely. But her adoptive father told her how it was her fathers wish that she become the next Ares. It was why he had taken her in after her parents death and why he had not so much raised her as trained her. He believed this was what she was meant to do.

After a great deal of thought Faith applied and was accepted. She sees herself as committed now and will give it her all.



Powers: Faith possesses several different powers but most are as yet unknown to her:

Enhanced physical attributes - Faith's stamina, endurance, strength and speed are all much higher than the average human. Though as yet she has not tapped into this ability having only barely touched on it without realising.
Self healing - Faith is unaware that she has a faster than normal self healing rate, her body is capable of healing from almost any damage in half the time it would take a normal human. But she has yet to be injured severely enough to discover this ability.
Inherent knowledge of weaponry - Faith has attributed this to a good memory but in reality she has the ability to know how to wield any weapon upon picking it up.

In addition Faith can incite others to rage and violence, she is unaware of this but has begun to wonder given that there have been times where others around her seem to have become angry or violent for no reason other than she was there.

skills: Kickboxing, weaponry (knives, guns etc) map reading, survival techniques, piano,




Family: David Mackenzie (Adoptive father) Karen Mackenzie (Adoptive mother)

Other connections:


So begins...

Faith Mackenzie's Story