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Ruby Mason

"Everyone has a destiny. This is mine."

0 · 480 views · located in Olympus Academy

a character in “The Olympus Academy”, as played by charlieallen



"This is who I am. This is who I'll always be."

Candidate for A R T E M I S



Name: Rubianna Celeste Mason

Nickname: Ruby

Gender: Female

Sexual Preference: Asexual

Ethnicity: 50% French, 25% Canadian, 25% Puerto Rican

Age: 18

Occupation: College student (major in Astronomy)



Height: 5'5"

Weight: 120 lb.

Eye color: Dark brown

Hair color: Black

Skin color: Tan

Scars/markings: She has a crescent moon tattoo on her left shoulder blade

Clothing Style: Ruby dresses in an almost punk rock manner just because she finds it comfortable. You can almost always see her in jeans, a tank top, and open-toed sandals.


Innocent with a smile that can brighten up any room. Ruby Mason is the girl who sees the world with the optimism - or naivety, however you see it - of a child. While not exactly the most extroverted person, you can always count on her to help you out whenever. Just don't break her trust or get in the way of her climb to the top. The Mason family, while known for their Olympian tradition, are also known for their vengeful rage.

Likes: the Outdoors; Night; Animals; Music; TVs

Dislikes: Snobbish people; Early morning; Books; Silence; Cigarettes

Hobbies: Archery; playing the Guitar; Running

Positive characteristics: Determined; Loyal; Protective; Optimistic; Innocent

Negative characteristics: Distant; Tunnel-vision; Impulsive; Possessive; Naive

Background: The Mason family has long since trained their children to attend the Academy and become the new rulers of Olympus, and generation after generation, they've succeeded. Ruby, an only child, has had the rules of Olympus drilled into her since she was a kid. She's known nothing except how to become the next goddess in Olympus and she's determined to not fail her family. There was no way she would become the first Mason to not win the power of an Olympian. She would be disowned, and her parents humiliated.

She'd lost her childhood of playing with the other kids in lieu of training. She was always the kid that watched the her neighbors play from her room window, books after books of Greek Mythology turned open at her lap. There was no time for games, friends, or relationships. Be the next Olympian goddess. That was all her life was made of.

When Ruby received her letter for OA, her family was filled with both anticipation and trepidation. As for Ruby? Well, the challenge of her life had come... This was what she was born for. She couldn't lose. It just wasn't an option.



»Ability to speak to animals - It is something that Ruby has been able to do since she was a child. A lot of the other kids looked at her weirdly whenever she would converse with her dog or the birds as she walked to school, but her friends, despite their inhuman state, offered wisdom beyond those of simple mortals. Her skill is not limited to any species, mundane or mythological, but she isn't stupid enough try and talk with wild or enraged animals.
»Healing - Healing is something that is quite new for Ruby. As such, her healing prowess is still unstable and she can only successfully cure small cuts and wounds.

»Archery - Archery is a skille Ruby has practiced since she was young. She's quite the adept marksman and can match professional archers any day. Be it a longbow or a crossbow, a stationary target or moving game, Ruby can hit it head on.




Family: Robert Mason (previous Hades) - father; Antonette Mason - mother

Other connections: Diana - a Siberian Husky that's been with her since she was a child. She's been with the family since before Ruby's birth, and it's been thought that she's immortal.


So begins...

Ruby Mason's Story