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Kei Aosaka

"T-Thank you for having me..." Wip

0 · 955 views · located in Reishu High School.

a character in “The One-Thousandth Year”, as played by FuyuHana




I guess I'm different, but, people like different, r-right?

Go Go Ghost Ship | Hachi

Name: Kei Aosaka

Nickname(s): None

Alias: Idiot ; Try Hard (By all his friends)

Role: Student No. 3 | Optimistic Lover

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Romantic Interest:* (This is optional with a few characters, but for the other few, please put a name down when you find someone your character may take a liking to!)

Height: 5'11

Weight: 122

Face Claim: Izumi Miyamura | Horimiya

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Light Blue

Skin Tone: Pale

Build/Appearance/Preferred Clothing: Kei has a very lean and average build, for a teenager at his age. He's not insanely strong, he doesn't have a six pack (although he's been trying to work for one) and he's just plain and regular. He's actually very thin, perhaps being able to see his ribs if he were to remove his shirt. He's very pale, even though he often goes outside, which matches with his light blue eyes. His hair is a regular black, sometimes being short like a regular guy's, or being a little longer which, depending on how he feels, will either be put up into a pony tail, of left hanging down, near his shoulders. Kei likes to wear clothing that will cover as much of his body as possible, meaning he'll wear long sleeved shirts and pants. In addition to that, he also has various piercings on his ears and tattoos all around his body, despite him being such a kind hearted person.

Abilities/Weapons: Kei has no weapons that he can use and will use, not that he will need a weapon, but his ability is being able to project the same sound anyone, or even anything can make. That includes even a rock dropping to the ground, a raindrop hitting water, a bird tweeting, or just a regular human saying something. It's an odd ability, but he finds it fun to use. For human sounds, he'll speak normally, but a different voice will come out, and for non human sounds, he'll whistle it out.


✫ Cold Drinks
✫ Snow
✫ Rain
✫ Being Honest
✫ His Friends
✫ Food
✫ A Certain Someone
✫ Music
✫ Any Bluish Color

☓ Hot Days
☓ Summer
☓ Exposing Outfits (Whether its him or another person)
☓ Cats
☓ Loud Music
☓ Rejection
☓ Being Judged
☓ The Repeating Loop
☓ Lying/Liars

Painting -

Running -

Singing -

Too Kind -

Insecure -

Math -

☸ Doing Anything Bad
☸ Corrupted People
☸ Pain
☸ The Loop Continuing Forever





So begins...

Kei Aosaka's Story