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Naii'don Ko'l

Our little seer in progress

0 · 149 views · located in The Maze

a character in “The Only Way Out”, as played by Sehnsucht.


NAME:: Naii'don Sariiyn Ko'l
ALIAS(ES):: The Impurity, by those who ridicule her. Ko by her friends and family.
AGE:: A little over 12 years.
SEX:: She spends most of her time female.
RACE:: Naii'ad-morsjz (88%) / Human (12%); her great-grandmother was human
OTHER:: She is a seer, though looked down on by many for her 'impure blood.' Also, she has hair because of her human heritage, but her parents won't let her cut it because, unlike most naii'ad-morsjz, they feel that hair is nothing to be ashamed of.

ImageDIETARY:: They eat mostly plants, but every once in a while on special occasions a small fish or collection of insects will find their way onto a naii'ad-morsjz's plate. These beings only have to eat a handful of food every couple days to function properly, and while rationing is can be cut down to half a normal serving per week. Because they have no sense of smell, they rely on their taste buds only for that sort of thing, and in order to get a desirable flavor, eat dishes so savory and/or spicy that most other beings wouldn't be able to handle more than one bite.
MATING:: The naii'ad-morsjz have the ability to shift between genders when shedding. Because of this, terms like 'mother,' 'father,' etc. are used very loosely, generally in accordance to the speaker's personal preference rather than the physique of the person the term is being used for; though oddly enough they are used. Reproductive organs and such are much like humans (which is why humans and naii'ad-morsjz can breed, derp).
AGING:: The naii'ad-morsjz age at about 2.5 times the rate that humans do. They do, however, live a lot longer, as they have the ability to sort of regenerate. The regeneration process is a lot like a snake's shedding of the skin, but a lot more complicated. Afterward, their skin often shifts in hue and each shedding makes them physically about 20 (so, 50 to humans) years younger. The infant stage lasts only 10-12 months, but pregnancies last about the same amount of time. They reach full growth between the ages of two and four years, and are considered adults at age six.
ANATOMY:: Naii'ad-morsjz have adapted to live on changing planets. They have two sets of lungs, and gills behind their ears, giving them the ability to breath air and water; their lungs are also a lot stronger than a humans, as they can breathe in much thinner, and much thicker atmospheres. They have three hearts, and can live and function with only one of them beating but would be caused an extremely high amount of pain in doing so. Their stomachs are very small, and they are born with only one kidney. Pure-bred naii'ad-morsjz don't grow hair, but have fur-like fins on the end of their long, thin tails. Their heads are large compared to their bodies, their shoulders are narrow, and they have long legs and short arms; typically. They have two legs, with floppy, webbed feet and long toes. They also have two arms, with short fingers that have thicker 'bulbs' at their tips and no nails. They don't have noses, but a sort of bump in the middle of most of their faces hints at that not always being the case- and they therefore have no sense of smell. Their tongues are long and their teeth are sharp, though short, with two rows on top and bottom almost like a shark's. They have six eyes, positioned somewhat like a human's, with one big eye on each side of the face, and two smaller ones on each side of the large eyes. They have pointed, fin-like ears, and often have fins all down their spine. Their skin is soft and often slippery, with scales in various places depending on their family bloodline- as does the color, which varies in blues, purples, greens, and the occasional gold. The highest ranking naii'ad-morsjz are born with glowing markings, most often on their heads but can be found just about anywhere; they believe that the more markings one has, the more power they hold.
STATUS:: Peaceful
PLANET(S):: The first naii'ad-morsjz came from a planet called Naii'syr. It was covered in oceans so thin a human would say they were like clouds. The water was violet, only a little darker than the purple of the sky. Near sunset, the sky shed rainbows all across the planet, and it rained almost every day. There were islands, mostly rock but three larger ones were covered in pink and blue plant life, grass and flowers growing so tall humans would call them strange trees. The naii'ad-morsjz made their home in brilliant coral palaces, spoke in cooing words to the the creatures that shared the sea with them. There were three moons, but you could only see them all from one place once every 50 years.
Nowadays, they're scattered over various planets, but their main home is Naii'ert, a place of dark red skies, deep oceans and raging volcanoes surrounded by dark blue/green grass. It's warmer than Naii'syr, and doesn't have as much to offer on most of its islands, but the mainland -a huge continent called Naii'raakc- holds all sorts of wonders. There are three kingdoms on land, seven in the oceans.

OTHER:: The naii'ad-morsjz are very spiritual beings. They stand loyal to their royal families, and even more so to their seers. Prophets are among the highest ranks a naii'ad-morsjz could be, and are to be protected with all the might a kingdom can muster- seers the highest in prophets. Many of them do not, however, take kindly to their bloodlines being 'soiled,' and reject mixed breeds if they can, no matter their rank.
They are usually soft-spoken and kind, but are not the best people to anger as they will band together and fight if it comes to that; it's just like with their teeth- rarely bared, but sharp as razors.
Family names (which come first, followed by chosen names and then given names), names of places, pets, and anything dear, always begin in Naii' as a sign of respect. Things to be disgraced often end in 'ohndt, but speak this to the wrong person and punishment could be dire; to have this added to your name is a worse insult than any curse word a human could spit out.
Prophets are not allowed to leave the palace without wearing thin, wispy sashes and large amounts of jewelry, to show their rank, and are not allowed to leave the kingdom without at least two guards dressed in the same way with glowing paint to represent the markings of their prophet.
They often carry small pets on their person, in their headdresses or pockets, on their shoulders, etc.


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INTRO:: instead of a history, you can just type up a scene from the ship before it crashed, which should also show us a glimpse of both your writing ability/style and your character's personality
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So begins...

Naii'don Ko'l's Story