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In an ancient land ruled by a tainted King and a corrupt society, the Elven Mage and four human teenagers recently gifted with the power to master the four elements must band together to bring freedom to the land at last.

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Character Portrait: Kasumi Danak

water and dancing are my life..don't mess with me

Character Portrait: Anifer Dimar

hmmm? oh sorry I was Day dreaming!

Character Portrait: Elanis Athewyn

"At last, my waiting is over."

Character Portrait: King Maedil

He is a NPC but I thought this would be helpful.

Character Portrait: Dragoon

"Justice can only be served by the edge of the sword."

Character Portrait: Calithea Adaire

"I hope that we will one day all live in peace."

Character Portrait: Maxence Borya

"Call me Max"

Character Portrait: Sophia Magiline

"The forest of my mind is denser than the forest of this world."