"Justice can only be served by the edge of the sword."

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a character in “The Oracle's Prophecy”, as played by X-Striker


Name: Kenthe Draek

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Element: Fire

Major special abilities with Element: Manipulation of fire. The flames change color depending on his emotional state. He prefers to keep the color of the flames blue, but under circumstances he is unable to control the might, heat, and color of his flames, such as when he is angry and filled with rage. (more powers to be revealed)

Enemy: The King

Hair/eye color: His hair is black and his eyes are a deep purple.

Appearance: He sports a slim, yet toned build, and is strong enough to wield the decently-sized weapon with relative ease. His attire consists of the standard issue light-armored uniform given to him upon his draft into the King's army.

Personality: He is a lone fighter for justice who believes that all through out the land of Nardragelen should be free. King Maedil's oppression of the Elves and the people disgust him as well as others' ignorance of the King's agenda.

Equipment: A long, two-handed sword which he carries on his back. He received it when he was drafted into the King's army and has carried it since. He also has a close-quarters-combat knife strapped to his belt.

History: He was born into a family of farmers and lived in the countryside for most of his life. During most of his infant life, his parents kept him safe from the King's corruption and told him that they lived a good life as long as they paid their taxes monthly and contribute their goods to the kingdom. For years Kenthe believed this and performed his duties for the good of his family and the kingdom. While he was growing up though, he began to become exposed to the King's horrible treatment of the people around him and started to question whether or not his family's teachings were true. He confronted his parents about the injustice within his hometown and they just told him that those people were not abiding by the laws and so they were being punished for it. This was only one part of the story, as certain people weren't abiding by the laws in order to preserve their own dignity, and when he found out about this by speaking to some of the people of his town he was infuriated with his own family for lying to him. Not long after this revelation however the King's army came by his town and conducted a draft of all the males within the town. Despite his protests, his family urged him that he had no choice and refusing an order by the King is a capital offense punishable by death. Kenthe couldn't care less at this point and still refused to serve a corrupt tyrant but before he could refuse any farther, the recruiters knocked him unconscious and forced him into the service of the army.

Anything else we should know?: Upon receiving his powers, he adopts an interesting persona...

So begins...

Dragoon's Story