Maxence Borya

"Call me Max"

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a character in “The Oracle's Prophecy”, as played by Brantley92


Element Child
Name: Maxence Borya
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Element: Air
Major special abilities with Element: Able to fly depending on how much energy he has.
Enemy: The King
Hair/eye color: Eye: Smokey gray. Hair: Brown
Appearance: This placid gentleman has slitted eyes the color of smoke. His fine, wavy, brown hair is short and is worn in an attractive, precise style. He's got stubble. He is tall and has an elegant build. His skin is light-colored. He has an elegant nose and long-fingered hands. His wardrobe is dignified, with a lot of black.
Personality: Maxence is very committed to anything he does and thought by his family as responsible. He's always there to protect the ones he loves, and is even ready to engage for combat. If you hang around him too much you will realize he is too controlling. He is just trying to keep people safe, but he tries to hard and it gets annoying to those around him.
Equipment: Regular peasant clothing, but he also carries alot of medicine potion with him.
History: Maxence lived a regular peasant life when he was bout 16 his mother fell to a very fatal disease. Maxence tried everything he could to help his mother. He even tried to go to the king hoping that he would have some elven magic to spare. He could not even get close to the castle due to the guards, so now he is going to the extreme. Maxence has been searching for an elf with powerful magic that could heal his mother. He is still looking for that special elf...

So begins...

Maxence Borya's Story