Maxina Renolds

Water is wonderous to life!

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a character in “The Oracle's Prophecy”, as played by Hailey13


Element Child
Name: Maxina Renolds
Gender: Female
Age: 17 and a half
Element: Water
Major special abilities with Element: Breathe underwater, she can heal burn wounds and can pull poison out of the blood system, she can heal herself just by being in water.
Enemy: the King
Hair/eye color: Long, dark blue hair, blue eyes.
Appearance: Very tan skin, hair is usually down but puts it up whenever she swims, lithe and thin, usually wears sweatpants and tank top.
Personality: She can be happy one moment and angry the next. Her moods shift like the ocean waves. She hates it when people dare to make fun of people because they're different. She loves caramel and swimming.
Equipment: Bo staff that has hidden blades on either end.
History: Maxina's parents were strict and harsh. They made her do things a certain way or they would punish her. She told them she would do what they asked if they would allow her to swim at all times. They hate it when she swims because she spends almost all her time in there. When they arranged her marriage to a knight of the court, she finally ran away. She' been running ever since.
Anything else we should know?: She loves Mangoes and Blackberries. She doesn't believe in true love.

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Maxina Renolds's Story