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Fool! I am a creature of fathomless grace.

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a character in “The Order of the Seven Seals”, as played by Summer in the City


Arcane warriors tasked with protecting the Finite Realm, they guard the secrets of the Spirit Barriers and the Seven Seals as they search for the next generation of Archites.
The original founders of The Order, they were the ones who sacrificed their lives to seal Uldrik in the Infinite Spectrum. Today, a new generation of Archites arise to save the cosmos.


Name: Biasinge
Titles and/or Aliases: “The Deceiver”
Role: Archite
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Species: Sanguel
World: Uetryl


Height: 5’7”
Weight: 104 lbs
Appearance: Frail and deathly to the foreign eye, though Biasinge appears undead, she is very much alive and thriving. Biasinge is extraordinarily beautiful by her race’s standards: her hair a silky winter white, her eyes pure and mesmerizing gold, lips deep red as blood. Horns erupt from her skull, thick, powerful, and tipped in the red of her blood-filled headdress. Strong translucent webbing connects her thin, feminine fingers ending in sharp, black nails that glow gently with the aura of drawn blood. Though fairly strong and lithe, it’s clear her prowess lies more in her magical capabilities as opposed to physical - as it should. A woman of her beauty should hardly be expected to brandish brutish weapons such as swords are axes.


Personality: Biasinge is haughty and arrogant to the extreme. She sees most others as beneath her and unworthy of her time. She flaunts her beauty as well as her power with an air of extravagance. She has little empathy, little sense of honor, and certainly is not the type to take orders. While her battle prowess is nothing to scoff at, if she can manipulate others to get her way that works just as well. Despite her disdain for others, she hates to be alone and enjoys her time in the spotlight. Opportunistic, selfish, and scheming, though she may have been chosen to be an Archite, to assume her noble or a heroine could cost you dearly.
Phobias/Fears: Intimacy, large animals, isolation, entrapment
Goals/Desires: Power in any form, wealth, interplanetary fame
Skills: Negotiation and manipulation, limited hand-to-hand combat, high intelligence


Power Tiers:


Biasinge has the ability to reanimate the dead and summon the souls of the deceased to do her bidding. This power grants her immunity from curses/diseases cast/caused by undead creatures.

Tier 1: Can animate a nearby dead creature for a brief time to do her bidding. Can hear whispers of the undead.

Tier 2: Can animate multiple dead creatures. Has the ability to summon forth a vicious undead spirit (does not require nearby carcass). Can commune with spirits from beyond the grave.

Tier 3: Can give sentience to animated undead to allow them to fight alongside her for a time without having to expend focus/energy directing them. Can summon multiple spirits to rend her foes.

Tier 4: Can call forth undead from below the ground to serve her and arm those that heed her call with spectral weapons. Creatures that these units kill fall under Biasinge’s control.

Tier 5: Can forge lumbering undead abominations from the undead around her. These unholy, hulking creatures spread disease and emit foul, life-draining toxins that attack anything organic. Prolonged exposure can cause living creatures to become undead.

Hemokinesis (Blood Manipulation)

Biasinge can bend her blood and the blood of others to her will. Her headdress is filled with blood for this purpose. Letting blood from her own body without replacing can obviously be incredibly dangerous. Too little or too much blood in her system can be deadly.

Tier 1: Can only manipulate spilled blood and blood within headdress. Basic manipulation of blood for physical combat. Ability to solidify blood into shields, platforms, spikes etc.

Tier 2: Can release blood from her body without cutting and slightly increase blood flow to mitigate damage to her own body and generate more blood. Can absorb blood other than her own to heal and regenerate herself.

Tier 3: Can utilize blood mimicry to become blood herself and move freely/mitigate damage from physical attacks. Can control blood inside others to enhance their abilities or to hamper their movement. Can easily induce paralysis/death in small creatures. Solidified blood is stronger and can be forged into various objects.

Tier 4: Can turn victims (or herself) into blood marionettes, allowing her to take control of their bodies by taking control of their blood. Creating blood marionettes requires complete concentration and Biasinge must relinquish ability to move her own body depending on the size and number of creatures she is controlling.

Tier 5: Can increase bodily functions to generate blood freely and rapidly. Marionettes are easier to control and more/larger creatures can be taken over. Can more easily induce paralysis or blood clots in others. Can create sentient blood creatures to serve her. Can greatly buff her own or her allies’ strength and speed via blood.


Biasinge’s eyes are for more than just gazing into longingly; she has the ability to hypnotize others. Combined with her natural persuasiveness, this power allows Biasinge to manipulate others with relative ease. If the target willingly submits himself to her, success rate is greatly increased.

Tier 1: Biasinge can utilize the power of enhanced suggestion to make unsuspecting victims more likely to do as she wishes. She must have very strong eye contact to utilize this ability.

Tier 2: Biasinge can hypnotize an unsuspecting victim into performing simple tasks and actions or falling asleep. Requires direct and prolonged eye contact.

Tier 3: Takes less time to hypnotize victims and is more likely to be able to hypnotize someone even if they are vaguely suspicious. Still requires eye contact.

Tier 4: Weak-willed or completely unsuspecting victims can be hypnotized into performing complex tasks (as well as fighting for her or inflicting harm upon themselves) with ease. Overall more likely to be successful in hypnotizing. Still requires intense eye contact.

Tier 5: Can draw others’ eyes to her own, forcing eye contact. Can hypnotize victims into changing their behavior and demeanor. Can utilize hypnosis to warp and erase memories and even make victims believe they are a different person. Still requires intense eye contact.


Grimoire: Biasinge’s grimoire takes the form of a blood red scepter. Said to be forged over millennia, drop by drop of the blood of powerful individuals from across the seven realms. Only to be brandished by the chosen Archite, the mighty sceptor Bloodbane awaits the day it rises again to make all who oppose its wielder kneel before its might.

Before taking its true form, Bloodbane appears as an old tome bound in leather the rusted color of dried blood. Along the spine read the words “Ex Carne et Sanguine” - “Of Blood and Flesh.”

Brief History: Uetryl and the mysterious Sanguel that inhabit it are a mystery to most of the outside world. That Biasinge is to leave her homeworld is of massive significance to her secluded race. All that is certain is that Uetryl was utterly devastated by Uldrik during his rampage. The creatures that lurk below the gray, red-specked clouds that hang eternally in the atmosphere are known only to the Biasinge’s golden eyes.

With the same enigmatic air as her home, Biasinge reveals little of her past; the mystery plays well into her “larger than life” act and helps keep her separated from those who attempt to connect to her.

My rule that means the most to me is the rule that you must write the rule that means the most to you right here because it means the GMs really want me to read the rules and actually really care that they are followed and shows that they are ready to hold players accountable if they wish to participate. c:

So begins...

Biasinge's Story


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#, as written by Maestro

Hall of Silence

The Hall of Silence, an understatement surely as whispers began to echo from every corner of the great hall. Words could not express the grandeur of the hall itself. With its massive vaulted ceilings and illustrious gardens, dark starry skies overhead reflected off the surrounding waters that appeared to cascade off the very edge of the universe itself. There was no end to the majestic nature of the hall, nor the many mysteries that were riddled inside every wall and chamber. No expense was spared in its winding gold stairways or the art and décor that came from every walk of life across all the seven worlds.

In the annals of history, the Empyrean had been marred by a dark and troubling past, from a time when Uldrik had spread his influence across Atrulyn. At war with Vianthorus and the Wrenn who inhabited it, the Empyrean had long made their presence known amongst the primitive and indigenous species. Fortunately civil war ended up breaking out between the Empyreans, effectively ending the campaign in Vianthorus (but not the horrifying memory of the wrath they had already unleashed upon the Wrenn).

Not even the Empyrean were free from sin, or a past they had long tried to forget. The unyielding gaze from the Wrenn was an unsettling one in which Azael attempted to ignore. He was a defender of the peace, protector of the weak, and would not be intimidated in the slightest. His people had committed many mistakes, but in generations he had no control over. “Best sheath your sword, Wrenn.” Hand hesitantly hovering over the hilt of his blade, he was quickly sidetracked by the ‘unifier of Samallia.’

A unique race, one in which not even Azael completely understood. Although he’d spent some time in each of the worlds, the Vnamen came across as rather inaccessible, a technologically advanced race of humanoids whose civilization was unlike that you’d find anywhere else. Not to mention communication didn’t seem to be their strong suit. “I am Azael, an Empyrean from the planet Atrulyn, Knight of The Order, Requiem of Time…” Distractions seemed rather prevalent as Azael had already quickly come across another.

Ahulanni, who lingered close behind him… Terronia, a planet he’d spent almost more time on than his own. The dark red sash tied around her waist catching his eye, he turned, facing her as their eyes caught briefly. Did she notice him? That had been so long ago. And he had tried so hard to distance himself from the past. Was she called on to be an Archite too? So many destinies, fated to be intertwined in the battles that were sure to come. Azael had always yearned to know the truth behind his future, but he never expected this.

As the two great doors in the hall opened, High Elder Erobus crept out, his cane clanking off the floor as he stood before the gathering. “Archites, I see most of you have already arrived… but not all of you. There are dark days ahead of us, and by the grace of Idros, you have all been given great responsibility in the days to come. But please, please… I beckon you into my chambers. There is much to be discussed.” While Azael intently focused on Erobus, his mind couldn’t resist wandering. First it was the Wrenn, then the Vnamen… Ahulanni… and least he forget, Elder Arteimos who he’d still yet to see. Needless to say, he didn’t look forward to the encounter between Auro and his father.


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Within the Hall of Silence

Irritated by the sheer stupidity of the other races gathered, Auro stood silently as he watched the foolish girl yell out. Clearly she knew not how to use her inside voice. He would’ve shunned her and chastised her for her stupidity if Master Erobus hadn’t walked into the room. There was silence when the man of authority walked in. Auro could only scan the room as he took in the features and body language of everyone within the Hall of Silence. Not every day was he like this. His relationship with his father had reached an all-time high. He hadn’t spoken to Azael about what had occurred yesterday. Auro stood there for a moment reminiscing on what had happened and how close he had come to hurting his father.

Yesterday, Early in the Morning

“I’m tired of you treating me like some child, I’m 19 years old dad, and I deserve to be treated with respect.”

“Respect is earned son, not given freely.”

“Or perhaps Respect is taken.”

“You dare challenge your father in this manner?”

“Why not, you’ve been no father to me. Azael might as well have been your son, that’s the only person you devoted 19 years to.”

“I instructed you Auror......”

“You lied to me,” Auroriianos interrupted, “all this time, you taught him the secrets. All this time you taught him advanced techniques, neglecting your own son, your own flesh and blood and for what? Am I not ideal enough for you Arteimos? Am I not a warrior? What am I to you?” Do you even see me?”

“Yes I see you Auroriianos, I see you every second of my life. I know I’ve not been what a father should, and for that I am sorry.”

“Oh the great Arteimos apologizes, that’s one for the record.”

Arteimos’s face stiffened and he turned from his son.

“I will not fight you in your state Auroriianos. You’re drunk and you’re unstable.”

“FUCK YOU!” Auroriianos yelled as his form seemed to glow slightly, “All those years, those wasted years, and I don’t even know who you are.”



An orb of arcane energy shot forth, Arteimos just barely dodging it.

“That is an advanced technique, how did you....” Arteimos was cut off again as another orb, this one bigger, shot towards him with unbelievable speed. He dodged it and rolled to the side, looking at Auroriianos who stood as defiant as a wall to progress.

“Auroriianos, listen to me,” Arteimos beckoned, “I am your father, and I know I’ve not been there the way a father should have. I implore you to reconsider your actions.”

“Implore this....,” Auroriianos stated as electricity sparked between his finger tips and shot out in various directions. Arteimos put up a forcefield and watched as the electricity struck the barrier.

“Auroriianos, I love you, you are my son, my flesh and blood, and this is not you. I did what I did to make you stronger Auroriianos. I did what I did to show you independence. You are strong, but you lack self-control...”

“I’ve heard enough from you,” Auroriianos stated as he unleashed a barrage of hellish orbs that rocketed towards Arteimos with intent on injuring the elder. Arteimos dodged them with ease, all but one, for as Arteimos dodged them, another came from behind him and struck him in the middle of his back, sending him toppling to the ground. He quickly rolled to his feet and felt the pain seethe through his body. When he went to move, he felt another pain shift into his arm and he realized all too late what was going on.

“That is old magic, who taught you that?” Arteimos stated breaking the spell that held him in place, “who taught you this type of magic?”

Auroriianos said nothing; he simply began to hover, his hair flowing with the increase in his power. The sting of the orb that hit him reminded Arteimos that his son was not playing games.

“I WILL NOT FIGHT YOU AURORIIANOS!” Arteimos stated once more as Auroriianos hovered there for a moment before landing and turning his back on his father.

“You are dead to me...”

That was all Auroriianos said before he vanished. Arteimos watched his son with an injured heart, not physically but emotionally. His only son had turned his back on him, had attacked him and had left him. This must’ve been how Auroriianos felt in regards to his negligence. Arteimos, for the first time in a very long time, felt a tear fall from his eye and fall from his face unto the floor. He had lost his son, his own flesh and blood, there was no way to fix it, and even if there was Auroriianos wouldn’t listen to him.

Hall of Silence, Meeting with Elder Erobus

Auro walked into the room with the other gathered Archites in training. He was silent, much more than usual. Normally he was active, talking, laughing and playing jokes, but today he was silent, he looked to be going through a lot emotionally and it showed in his features. Erobus took note of this and knew of the fight between Auro and Arteimos. His heart ached for the young man, but he knew why his father had did what he had done, it was to make Auro stronger, more independent and less reliant on his father, but there were other ways to accomplish this. Arteimos would have to fight for his son now more than ever.

Auro noticed Erobus looking at him and immediately he looked away paying no attention to the others in the room.