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Kazinath Voluntal al Annimas, the Breaker

"The Abyss...calls..."

0 · 325 views · located in Finite Realm

a character in “The Order of the Seven Seals”, as played by ZenMon


Not much is known of Uldrik's origin, only that he is by far the most powerful being in all of creation. He sees himself as a God, and is willing to do anything to ensure the seven worlds recognize him as such.



Kazinath Voluntal al Annimas, the Breaker

Titles and/or Aliases:
The Enigma, the Abyssal, Darksoul, Lazimoth the Infinite, Soulrender.

General of Uldrik



Sexual Orientation:


Thu'umai, the World Between Worlds



423lbs of mostly muscle and magically amplified power

Armor/Clothing: "I need not cloak myself in the pathetically useless external shells you seem to favor. They are beneath me."


”I fear nothing, for I am fear incarnate.”

"All of creation shall bend a knee to my will. The seven worlds will fear the coming of the dark, for the dark is MY realm..."

”Skills? SKILLS!? I have no need to describe what you would call skills to one such as you. I have existed in the cosmos long before your worlds first began their feeble crawling steps towards civilization. I know of things your kind cannot even conceive. Do not ask for such useless knowledge, mortal.”


Power Tiers:
Abyssal Magic:
Tier One: Shadow Shroud - The powers of the darkest parts of the Universe gently shroud the caster, obscuring them from sight. More effective when the level of light is lower.
Tier Two: Armor of the Abyss - The caster summons invisible armor that diverts and reflects non-magical weaponry. The upkeep on the spell is very low for high-level casters, and Kazinath keeps it constantly protecting him.
Tier Three: Abyssal Gate - Kazinath creates a rent in reality, allowing him to leap from location to location in the blink of an eye by slipping between the threads of reality. The cost of the spell increases with the distance needed to cover, and can momentarily weaken Kazinath's other enchantments and physical strength.
Tier Four: Gravity Well - Kazinath distorts the gravity in an area, magnifying it however he wills. He can create spatial anomalies around him that can crush men under their own weight or leave them floating helplessly.
Tier Five: Event Horizon - Kazinath creates a localized black hole that he can freely manipulate, open, and close whenever he wishes. The spell requires more concentration than his other spells because the slightest mistake could end his own life.

Magic Absorption
Tier One:Conversion- Kazinath absorbs all magic within a twenty meter radius, negating the effects and absorbing the magical power behind it. The energy from the magic in turn empowers him, increasing his speed, strength, and reflexes. He can also store absorbed energy in special crystals that he keeps on his person, just in case he needs them in a pinch. However, he cannot absorb magic indefinitely. Too much power and he will overload, triggering a catastrophic release of power and leaving him severely weakened.

Infernal Mastery
Tier One: Hellfire Blade- Kazinath coats his blade in Hellfire, causing his strikes to leave behind slowly spreading flames that can only be put out with magical means, any conventional means will speed up the growth of the flames. The flames leave festering burns that last for up to a month, depending on the length of time the flames burned.
Tier Two: Plague of Tartarus - Kazinath inoculates a person or animal with a quickly maturing plague that rapidly jumps between species and people. The Plague slowly causes the entire body to decay from the outside in, with the victim being magically preserved throughout the entire process. Alternatively, he can intensify the plague and use it on his weapon, allowing him to apply a fast-acting version to a wounded enemy that will spread from the infection site.
Tier Three: Damnation Pit – Kazinath creates an arena earth and Hellfire approximately 50m in diameter, with Kazinath being the center of the arena. The Arena, once created, exists until Kazinath dismisses it, one of the combatants falls, or an hour passes. Those on the outside of the Pit can’t get through the walls without powerful magic, as the walls of the pit are heavily resistant to magic.
Tier Four: Shackles of Hell - Kazinath summons demonic chains from nothingness, binding his target and leaving them helpless. The chains are made of a black metal that severely burn the target. Any attempt to remove the chains causes the metal to damage the target further, increasing the agony they go through.
Tier Five:Apocalypse- After a brief moment of channeling, Kazinath unleashes a miniature apocalypse surrounding him, causing Hellfire to rain down from the skies and the earth to quake and crack. Within minutes, the area that is targeted by Apocalypse becomes a burning wasteland, uninhabitable for the rest of time.

Fear Mastery
Tier One: Whispers of Madness – Kazinath casts a persistent mental spell on a target, causing the shadows and surrounding environment seem to be whispering to them, slowly unwraveling their sanity. Stronger willed targets can resist, but that’s not often seen.
Tier Two: Nightmare – Kazinath places a magical infection into the mind of the target that will only manifest when the target is asleep. The target’s dreams become nightmares of mounting intensity, eventually causing the target to die in their sleep of terror. This spell can be removed, but it causes the afflicted target to enter into a temporary coma for one day.
Tier Three: Bedlam – Kazinath emits a horrifying scream backed up with magic, driving anything that hears it into a hysteria, causing them to hallucinate and attack their surroundings in terror. When they kill their perceived adversary the hysteria lifts, letting them realize the horror of what they’ve done.
Tier Four: Sanity’s Eclipse – Kazinath sends out a small spell to scan the minds of the surrounding people to discern their greatest fears. The spell’s real effects kick in. The spell creates a physical recreation of the target’s worst nightmare made reality. The phantom attacks the one who fears it most, persisting until it has taken too much damage to be able to sustain its form. When vanquished, the phantom explodes in a burst of magic, damaging all around it in a range of approximately 5 meters.

Ba’anemal, the Infinity Blade – A blade made of the essence of the beyond, it cuts through any material as it never existed. Wounds inflicted by the blade are very slow to heal, as the accursed essence of Thu'umai spreads through the veins of Kazinath's victims. The sword is eternally bound to Kazinath, heeding his call as if it were his pet to command. Any opponents who attempt to pick up the sword should it fall from his grasp will find the blade unbelievably heavy and impossible to lift.


Brief History: ”To recount my entire history would take more time than you have, mortal.”


So begins...

Kazinath Voluntal al Annimas, the Breaker's Story