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"All that is lost will be found for nothing is irreplaceable."

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a character in “The Order of the Seven Seals”, as played by Lady Ethereal


Not much is known of Uldrik's origin, only that he is by far the most powerful being in all of creation. He sees himself as a God, and is willing to do anything to ensure the seven worlds recognize him as such.



So begins...

Mystichantiae's Story


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On the Planet Atrulyn, Inside the Capitol City of Ridic

The envoy the Order had sent annoyed Auroriianos, even the messenger’s voice irritated him. The pent up frustration he had towards his father was only beginning to cause dangerous thoughts. It was dangerous for any Archonian to withhold emotions. It would only lead to an explosive outburst that could harm those around, but Auroriianos held so much in and sometimes he felt as if he would explode, in a literal sense of the word. Nonetheless, Auroriianos stood there as the messenger scurried off to deliver the message Auro had given. Erobus knew they would come, he also knew they would help find the other “chosen ones” as Auro was definitely sure that Idros didn’t just visit him or Azael, there just had to be others, and the legend of the Archites burned fresh in his mind. He had been deep in thought when he realized that Azael was talking to him. The male had clearly lost whatever fabric of mental stability he had left by jumping over the edge of the bridge, but with a flap of his wings he was now hovering. Archonians could fly naturally, but Auro always admired Azael’s wings. They were beautiful appendages to which Azael utilized masterfully.

“Indeed,” Auro replied as he too jumped over the edge before shooting like a bullet through the cascading water. When he emerged on the other side, he saw Azael and shook his head. “You’re getting slow old man,” he mocked as he landed beside the male. Their walk was a quiet one, and Auro could tell that Azael did not like the dark, though it was perfectly normal for Auro. He used his senses to feel around the darkness and pinpoint certain things, yet even still there would be an occasional pebble or something that would try to trip him up. Upon reaching the swirling vortex of power, Auro watched Azael with intrigued eyes. This was the link between the worlds. This was how the Order and those who knew of it, transitioned from world to world. Of course there were other ways of traveling to distant worlds. Technology had advanced on other worlds and as such those worlds had shared their technology. Even still, magic was there to assist in providing a bridge to travel amongst one another. There was absolutely no reason for anyone to ever not visit one of the seven worlds within the Finite Realm.

Azael stepped in first, and Auro smiled. The power that resonated from the vortex was amazing. It beckoned to him to walk in and he gave into its will. Before he realized what was happening, he was in the Hall of Silence. He was standing but a few inches away from Azael and he had made it in time to hear the messenger tell Azael that Arteimos wanted to speak with them both. It was also at this time that another entered the Hall.

“Messenger, do make sure that they go before the Elders please,” Auroriianos stated as he pointed to the clearly fear filled Wrenn that was crouched a distance away with its weapon drawn, “I trust the others will be arriving soon if you’ve done your job right.” He was right, as he sensed more arriving in the hall. He smiled slightly at the idea of meeting new creatures, new warriors of the light, Archites of the Order.


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Throne Room, Eclesious Castle, Dukedom of Fraile

"Please my Lady, show me mercy." The fearful plea of a broken man. It was truly a wonderful scene to behold a person so high and proud be reduced into fragments of nothing more but a sniveling coward. Ah yes, the true nature of people can only be seen through the grandeur of defeat and demise. This is partly one of the reasons; she does what she is known for. "Now, my precious Baron Cowell." Her voice cradled with such sickening sweetness. She stood from her Royal Throne that she holds. Her flaming red gown trailed behind her like an unyielding lover. Golden tresses much like the sun was her veil and crown. Skin like the paleness of a ghost, contrasting the black gems which serves as her eyes. She was a vision of heavenly beauty and fitting for her stature as a Duchess of the Dukedom of Fraile.

"Have you done anything which would warrant my mercy?" The elderly Baron was gingerly sweating due to the nervousness of his current situation. His family already part of the dead caused by an unknown plague. Every one which had been in cahoots with him in the assassination of the Duke of Fraile was brutally killed by assailants with no identity. Now, he was cast into nightmares every sleeping moment he has. He was going insane and so here he is before the widow of the Duke he had killed to inherit the right to rule. However, he did not count on the Duchess being a cunning and menacing person to be up against. It was unexpected as the Duchess was more reserved and could not break glass when the Duke was still alive.

"My sins against the Duke, your husband..." A long narrative wrapped with ambition, deceit, guilt, and shame. Pushed to his limits, he believes that a confession could bring him a new set of purity. How selfish. How putrid. Once something is stained, it will never be lifted despite the appearance of white. The imprint had already done its mark. Its effects have already spread to the degree of no return. "What I have done is unforgivable. I would accept your punishment. Anything, my Lady." Those eyes looked at her with such entreaty. He was truly groveling before her, a man that would arrogantly perceive her as nothing was now a distant memory. "Ah, forgiveness, mercy, favor, charity..." She stated in a breathless manner as she encircled the Baron as if he was encased in a steel bird cage.

The Baron has his head lowered and could not help but quiver due to the Duchess' closeness to him. "How can someone like me give you something, my dear Baron Cowell?" She stated as she stopped before him and leaned her head closed to his ear. There was a pause which only increased the suspense engulfing the hall. "When this body of mine is already dead?" Hearing those words, the Baron widened his eyes in disbelief. However, it was far too late. The Duchess placed a feathery kiss on his cheek and surely enough, he began to rot at a fast pace. He screamed with such intense fear and pain. Then, about a few seconds, he was nothing more but piles of bones and silence returned to the halls. A glint of smile appeared upon her lips and a glow so irrevocably delightful present within her eyes. "I grew bore of this place."

With that simple statement, the Dukedom of Fraile had lost its adoration of life. A territory known for its nurturing wonder of nature. Not a spark could be seen. Not a sound could be heard. Not a movement could be detected. It was because all those who have been blessed with the breath of life have taken their last intake of air. It was because death was given to them as reward for their means of amusement. From the flora, to the fauna, and to the Sapiens who roamed its land, they have all fallen to an eternal slumber at a certain being's beckoning. This certain someone? She stood in her blazing red gown at the entrance of Fraile. The Duchess as she had been known. Her form slowly decays, piece by piece, flesh by flesh, until she becomes nothing more but a memoir of dust. It her descent, the Dukedom was now one of the victims in history of a mysterious plague that decimates all life.

Somewhere on Earth

Deep within a consciousness, deep within an imagination, deep within a dream, deep within a slumber, a whimsical impure laughter echoed through the dark confinements of nature. It was tinted with an undertone of intrigue and a hint of malice, nevertheless, there is a feminine and melodic quality wrapped around it. "So cliche... The words spoken with certainty was carried by the wind and soon taken out of reverie. However, what was so cliche? Perhaps, the demise of a certain Dukedom. Rising from the soft cradle of the grass, a form of a slender woman with only tribal markings as a cover could be seen. Her face was hidden underneath a mask resembling that of an owl with vine tentacles protruding around it which could probably be presented as hair.

From that point, she began to take her steps with a gait which could only be described as elegant. "It is time." A declaration which carried such a mysterious yet ominous result. To whom it was meant to? No one could say for she was alone based on anyone's perspective. As she continued with her pace, floating lights of various colors surrounded her. It was like escorting her to a destination filled with the absence of illumination. However, they were not for such purpose. "I already have my fill of tawdry entertainment." She held out a hand in front of her as one of the floating lights was drawn to that gesture. It glowed with an eerily purple sight. Fingers teasingly played with its empty visage while a sly smile was painted upon her lips.

"Now, it is time for some Archite delights."


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Within the Hall of Silence

Irritated by the sheer stupidity of the other races gathered, Auro stood silently as he watched the foolish girl yell out. Clearly she knew not how to use her inside voice. He would’ve shunned her and chastised her for her stupidity if Master Erobus hadn’t walked into the room. There was silence when the man of authority walked in. Auro could only scan the room as he took in the features and body language of everyone within the Hall of Silence. Not every day was he like this. His relationship with his father had reached an all-time high. He hadn’t spoken to Azael about what had occurred yesterday. Auro stood there for a moment reminiscing on what had happened and how close he had come to hurting his father.

Yesterday, Early in the Morning

“I’m tired of you treating me like some child, I’m 19 years old dad, and I deserve to be treated with respect.”

“Respect is earned son, not given freely.”

“Or perhaps Respect is taken.”

“You dare challenge your father in this manner?”

“Why not, you’ve been no father to me. Azael might as well have been your son, that’s the only person you devoted 19 years to.”

“I instructed you Auror......”

“You lied to me,” Auroriianos interrupted, “all this time, you taught him the secrets. All this time you taught him advanced techniques, neglecting your own son, your own flesh and blood and for what? Am I not ideal enough for you Arteimos? Am I not a warrior? What am I to you?” Do you even see me?”

“Yes I see you Auroriianos, I see you every second of my life. I know I’ve not been what a father should, and for that I am sorry.”

“Oh the great Arteimos apologizes, that’s one for the record.”

Arteimos’s face stiffened and he turned from his son.

“I will not fight you in your state Auroriianos. You’re drunk and you’re unstable.”

“FUCK YOU!” Auroriianos yelled as his form seemed to glow slightly, “All those years, those wasted years, and I don’t even know who you are.”



An orb of arcane energy shot forth, Arteimos just barely dodging it.

“That is an advanced technique, how did you....” Arteimos was cut off again as another orb, this one bigger, shot towards him with unbelievable speed. He dodged it and rolled to the side, looking at Auroriianos who stood as defiant as a wall to progress.

“Auroriianos, listen to me,” Arteimos beckoned, “I am your father, and I know I’ve not been there the way a father should have. I implore you to reconsider your actions.”

“Implore this....,” Auroriianos stated as electricity sparked between his finger tips and shot out in various directions. Arteimos put up a forcefield and watched as the electricity struck the barrier.

“Auroriianos, I love you, you are my son, my flesh and blood, and this is not you. I did what I did to make you stronger Auroriianos. I did what I did to show you independence. You are strong, but you lack self-control...”

“I’ve heard enough from you,” Auroriianos stated as he unleashed a barrage of hellish orbs that rocketed towards Arteimos with intent on injuring the elder. Arteimos dodged them with ease, all but one, for as Arteimos dodged them, another came from behind him and struck him in the middle of his back, sending him toppling to the ground. He quickly rolled to his feet and felt the pain seethe through his body. When he went to move, he felt another pain shift into his arm and he realized all too late what was going on.

“That is old magic, who taught you that?” Arteimos stated breaking the spell that held him in place, “who taught you this type of magic?”

Auroriianos said nothing; he simply began to hover, his hair flowing with the increase in his power. The sting of the orb that hit him reminded Arteimos that his son was not playing games.

“I WILL NOT FIGHT YOU AURORIIANOS!” Arteimos stated once more as Auroriianos hovered there for a moment before landing and turning his back on his father.

“You are dead to me...”

That was all Auroriianos said before he vanished. Arteimos watched his son with an injured heart, not physically but emotionally. His only son had turned his back on him, had attacked him and had left him. This must’ve been how Auroriianos felt in regards to his negligence. Arteimos, for the first time in a very long time, felt a tear fall from his eye and fall from his face unto the floor. He had lost his son, his own flesh and blood, there was no way to fix it, and even if there was Auroriianos wouldn’t listen to him.

Hall of Silence, Meeting with Elder Erobus

Auro walked into the room with the other gathered Archites in training. He was silent, much more than usual. Normally he was active, talking, laughing and playing jokes, but today he was silent, he looked to be going through a lot emotionally and it showed in his features. Erobus took note of this and knew of the fight between Auro and Arteimos. His heart ached for the young man, but he knew why his father had did what he had done, it was to make Auro stronger, more independent and less reliant on his father, but there were other ways to accomplish this. Arteimos would have to fight for his son now more than ever.

Auro noticed Erobus looking at him and immediately he looked away paying no attention to the others in the room.