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Shiny!? I'll keep it.

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a character in “The Order of the Seven Seals”, as played by unseenshadow2


Arcane warriors tasked with protecting the Finite Realm, they guard the secrets of the Spirit Barriers and the Seven Seals as they search for the next generation of Archites.
The original founders of The Order, they were the ones who sacrificed their lives to seal Uldrik in the Infinite Spectrum. Today, a new generation of Archites arise to save the cosmos.


Name: Xi
Titles and/or Aliases: Young Hunter of the Swarm, Dagger-Mouth
Role: Archite
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Species: Wrenn
World: Vianthorus

Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 194 lbs
Xi stands slender like most of his kin, but has several abnormal features. The first of those is that his scales look abnormally metallic. Another is his extremely sharp teeth that have earned him the nickname Dagger-Mouth. The more normal features of him are his bright yellow eyes, dark green coloring, and long snout.

Traditional Swarm Hunter armor, which consists of light mail torso armor and leather shorts with mail acting as a second layer.

Xi is as curious as a scholar and as brave as a paladin. He craves for knowledge, often investigating things without thinking. He also has a tendency to collect mementos from his various finds when he is hunting. Whenever not curiously searching through ruins or caves, he either trains or messes around with his collection, unless something of greater importance comes along his way. He is loyal, truthful, and naive. Being only ever around the swarm has meant that Xi has rarely experienced someone who lies, believing that once someone lies to him, that is all they will ever speak.

Phobias/Fears: Bees and Empyreans
Goals/Desires: To be the swarm's best hunter.
Skills: First-aid, basic swamp medicine, sword and shield combat, tracking, reading Wrenn Standard Runic Script

Power Tiers:
Current Tier: 1
Effects: Overuse creates physical tiredness.
Electrokinesis - "With the power of lightning at my fingertips, only my mind and focus limit me."
T1 - "As of now, I am but a spark."
Able to generate basic levels of electricity, i.e. small lightning bolt, charge sword.
T2 - "These sparks... now I know they exist everywhere."
Able to absorb and manipulate large amounts of electricity, with more focus can create more electricity, can create electromagnetic fields.
T3 - "I am like a cloud. As I think, as I focus, lightning is born."
General power increase.
T4 - "As the water and lightning pour from the skies, the storm looks at me with jealousy."
Able to maintain a constant stream of lightning, able to sense the electricity in others.
T5 - "Lightning no longer sees me as a master, but as a god!"
Able to become electricity for travel, general ability increase.

Current Tier: 1
Effects: Use will slowly whittle away at Xi's ability to focus. The recovery speed varies by intensity.
Telekinesis - "The mind is one's strongest muscle... literally."
T1 - "Slow and stead I can go."
Can move small objects slowly.
T2 - "A stronger mind acts like a stronger arm."
Can move medium objects (like a kite shield) slowly.
T3 - "Unlike a body, a mind can become limitless.
Can move people at arm speed.
T4 - "To the mind, weight is only a concept."
Can move people with armor on at arrow speed.
T5 - "Practice makes perfect."
Can move buildings at bullet speed.

Current Tier: 1
Effects: Overuse causes respiratory and motor problems.
Toxigenesis - "From a toxic world come toxic people."
T1 - "Pain is a great weapon."
Poison is able to produce minor pain on affected area. Mild resistance to poisons not found on home world.
T2 - "Just a dab."
Poison is able to produce minor pain, a scaly rash, and sensitivity on affected area. Decent resistance to poisons not found on home world.
T3 - "With the right irritants, the skin will destroy itself."
Poison causes skin to slowly dissolve in near the affected area, causing decent pain. Extreme resistance to poisons not found on home world.
T4 - "Quiver in pain."
Poison causes extreme pain and dissolving of skin on/near affected area. Near immunity to poisons not found on home world.
T5 - "I am poison."
Poison cause extreme pain and dissolving of skin on/near affected area. Can kill if left untreated. Immune to all poisons.

Current Tier: 1
Effects: The more this is used at any one point in time, the harder it is for Xi to communicate at all.
Botanokinesis - "Plants are like people... if you know what your doing, they are under your complete control."
T1 - "Grow little flower."
Ability to mildly accelerate or decelerate plant growth.
T2 - "Turn, small plant."
Able to cause a plant to move slowly and/or release any defenses/offenses.
T3 - "You will bloom now."
Able to cause a plant to go through a years worth of growth in about 30 seconds. Can be draining based on the size of the plant. Can create plants from nothing, draining.
T4 - "Do as I command, giant oak."
Able to make plants move unnaturally and quickly.
T5 - "Plants are not just as they are."
Complete manipulation of plants with varying effort.

Grimoire: A book made of hide paper that is the size of a tracker's notebook and is covered in, and written in, WSRS (see below)
Grimoire Second Form: Swamp's Guardianship, a kite shield that looks to be made of a piece of tree bark. It is as strong as nearly any metal, and light as a bird. It also has the ability to create mana based on the amount of natural life surrounding it. The shield that the Grimoire combined with to be able to become this shield was crafted by one of the best, most legendary barksmiths in all of Vianthorus for the original Archite of Vianthorous.
Weapon(s): Iron short-sword, wooden training short-sword, and a medium kite shield

Brief History:
When Xi was born, he astounded the elders who tested him, not with his strength, but with his curiosity and ability to follow things he couldn't see. For these reasons, Xi was determined to be a hunter, which turned out to be just as wise a choice. The other hunters, however, did not see the affinity that Xi had at first because he seemed to learn much slower, be easily distracted, and asked far too many questions. He did, much to the surprise of his trainers, excel at sword-fighting.

On his first solo hunt, when he was 14, Xi discovered a small set of ruins. When he explored the ruins, finding a large room were the walls were covered in WSRS. Knowing that he would have to satisfy his curiosity later, Xi made a map to it. Over the next three years, Xi has been collecting many more curiosities, finding many more similar ruins, but never going back to that ruin. As of yet, the map remains hidden among his collection.

Have fun is my favorite rule because it is the very reason that I joined RPG.

WSRS, or Wrenn Standard Runic Script, is a rarely known written language used by the wrenn to communicate between swarms, mainly by the hunters. Because of its origin, WSRS has several distinct characters for common words among the hunters. They include, but are not limited to: Predator, prey, danger, safe house, and farm.

Wrenn classify other creatures as prey, predators, or neutrals. Every swarm has hunters who protect the swarm from predators by hunting them down.

Hunters tend to take what they do with extreme seriousness, often spending a majority of their spare time training.

When a Wrenn hatches, it is given a role in the swarm that it will have to fulfill when it is an adult. They are begin training the moment they complete the tests.

Hatch-siblings are Wrenn who have hatched in the same year on the Wrenn's calender. Any Wrenn is only allowed to mate with a hatch-sibling unless their swarm is under extreme duress, but they are allowed to mate with hatch-siblings from other swarms.

The People of Vianthorus and their world:

The Wrenn, who inhabit Vianthorous, are a slender, lizard-like people. They stand around 5' 10" to 7' 4" on average, and have tails that are as long as half their standing height. Their scales are small, giving them more of a metallic look. A Wrenn's hands have five digits, on of which is a thumb, with inward facing palms and claws that can be pulled up to the first knuckle if they need to grab something gently. On their feet are four digits, on on the heel and three on the front, with a large, raptor-like center digit. Wrenn do not usually walk on two legs, preferring to prowl across the difficult terrain of their homeland.

Wrenns vary nearly as much as humans when it comes to personality and tend to form large groups, called swarms, that number from 100 to 30,000 and are separated by birth year. They mainly have a carnivorous diet of fish, birds, and swamp mammals. They are excellent swimmers, using their tail like a tail-fin to propel them through the water. They can breath water through their skin or air through their lungs.

Wrenns have slightly different senses than most animals. When in water, the eyes of a Wrenn can see with extreme clarity, but on land, they tend to only be able to see about 50 feet. To hear, they do not have ears, rather, they have the ability to sense the vibrations, pressure changes, and temperature of air through their scales. On their feet and hands they have specialized nerves that allow them to feel vibrations in the ground with remarkable accuracy. For smelling, a Wrenn's nostrils are useless, serving only as a pathway to the lungs, but the walls of their mouths are covered in scent receptors, allowing them to smell by sucking air or water into their mouth.

Vainthorous is a distinctive and swampy world, with trees so large that rivers flow through their roots and swarms of wrenns inhabit the low level branches. The trees of Vainthorous are similar in leaf and branch structure to willow trees, excluding that until the drooping leaves, the branches of Vainthorous's trees are nearly impossible to bend. The waters of Vainthorous are poisonous to creatures who have not evolved to live their. Common animals in the swamps include dire wolves, panthers, crocodiles, many species of bird, tree mammals, fish of all kinds, black dragons, and many more that are yet to be identified beyond food or predators.

So begins...

Xi's Story


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2 Months Ago

Xi stood, staring into the eyes of Vul, a good friend of his that Xi often spared with. Each held a firm grasp on their wooden training swords as they circled each other. Now he is not my friend. Now he is who I must spar. Xi thought as Vul rushed him on two legs. Xi dropped to all fours, shooting between the legs of Vul and throwing his tail. With his tail in the air, Vul tumbled slightly, barely getting his shield up in time to block Xi's strike.

Vul then struck Xi in the chest. Reacting without forethought, Xi slammed his now lowered head straight into Vul, causing the two to crash into the walls of the wooden arena. Xi's head rung as he felt the vibration of the crash rippling through his scales, producing a ring that the wrenn referred to as the "Battle Ring."

Being further from the wall, Xi was the first of the two to recover, going for a strike with his sword. Vul slumped down, driving forward with his shield. Reacting to being charged at, Xi rolled out from the shield charge's way, bolting after Vul with his sword out to his side. This caught Vul off guard as Xi struck him with the flat side of the sword, knocking his friend to the ground.

"Good fight." Spoke Xi, reaching his hand out to help Vul back up. "I never get a bad fight outa you." Replied Vul, taking Xi's hand as he pulled himself up. "May your scales shine, hatch-brother." Both of the wrenn spoke with smack of their tails on the ground before walking off to their own places.

Xi headed back to his home among the tree. It was a simple three room bark building with only one window per room. Xi was more than happy to have this nice of a house without even having mated yet. He had the building set up with the kitchen being the room that you enter into it at, with the bedroom entrance to the right, and his collection to the left.

Walking into the kitchen, Xi closed and locked the door, as was normal before he went to clean off his mementos. He put his training sword onto the wall, taking down his regular short-sword and placing it in his hip sheath. Xi then opened the door to see a scaleless, fur-less creature holding Xi's favorite geode of his collection. The creature, with outstanding ability on two feet, leapt out the window. Xi shot out after it, sprinting on all fours across the branch and down the leaves.

The creature then made a jump onto land that Xi knew he couldn't do, however, Xi jumped off the leaves and dived into the small river that followed the root that the creature was running on. Xi followed it, gliding through the water and quickly gaining on the creature before it reached ground that Xi couldn't swim along. The wrenn then launched himself out of the water after the thieving creature.

Xi chased the creature through the dirt portion, only about a mile in length, of the ground of Vianthorus. This creature fled to an abandoned swarm's tree. A tree that stood as a reminder to the wrenn that the winged ones could launch another crusade at any time. The creature then shot through a door, Xi following suit.

Xi stood on two legs with great surprise. He was in a hall unlike any that he had ever seen before. Xi took a deep breath in through his mouth, tasting the cool, calm air that remained rather scentless. He could hear small sounds and feel the clashing of swords in the distance.

Present Day

Xi lay in the center of a forest on the world of Terronia. This was one of his favorite places in the seven worlds to be, as the forests reminded him of the swarm that he could not yet return to. Terronia also had the upside of a lack of empyreans, the beings he had once called winged people.

To Xi's side, a river flowed gently, the vibrations from the water's movement sounding extremely calming through the dirt. The trees created enough shade for Xi to be at the perfect relaxing temperature, and the subtle sound of animals scurrying through the trees.

Xi sat up. It was time to practice again. He crossed his legs and left his tail straight, acting to help balance Xi in an upright position. Xi closed one hand into a fist, grabbing it with the other as he closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. His unnaturally metallic shine grew to that of looking like he was made of freshly polished metal. Around him, the grass began to slowly grow, almost three inches, a few buds on the trees became leaves, and several flowers came to an early bloom.

Xi constantly practiced his botanokinesis, seeing it as being useless in combat. He wanted it to be useful in combat, more than any of the abilities that the order had trained him in. This, however, was not something that Xi wanted to rush. He had learned that magic is something to take in moderation and with great care, a lesson he had learned when he nearly knocked himself out throwing lightning bolts at a training dummy a week, or so, ago.

Xi opened his eyes, peeking around at the changes, feeling the longer grass, taking in a mouthful of air and smelling the freshly bloomed flowers. Xi then when to shout in happiness, his tongue flailing out of his mouth. He pushed it back into his mouth with his hand, taking a deep sigh at knowing what he did. Oh well, he would just have to say away from those who he communed with.

I'm gettin hungry. Xi thought. His head bolted around as his hands had their palms pressed to the ground. He could feel several squirrels, but none were on the ground... yet. Then one bolted down a tree, chasing after a nut that had fallen. Xi began to become more again as the squirrel floated into the air, slowly drifting towards him. The squirrel, after a minute or so, was now in Xi's grasp, who promptly stabbed the claw on his pointer finger into the head of the squirrel, quickly killing the small mammal. With it now dead, Xi swallowed his meal whole.

As Xi noticed that the sound from the river no longer traversing through the dirt, he became distracted by the color of some of the fresh blooms. Then by the feel of foot steps. Then the bright light. Then the reflection from the light of his scales showing on the trees.

"Focus and speak." Came a loud voice from the being as it watched Xi. Hearing this voice, Xi turned to the being before him, going to say something as his tongue shot sideways out of his mouth. The figure then did what seemed like a wave to Xi, who could feel his ability to focus return to him.

"Listen, young Archite. The time for you to show your greatest abilities is coming soon. You will be faced with a foe the likes that you have never seen before. I need you to aid those who protect all my creations." Idros spoke as Xi finally understood what was speaking to him. "I will." Xi replied smacking his tail off the ground. When his tail had reached back to its normal position, Xi could feel the sound of the water again.


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Terronia, 15 Minutes After Encounter With Idros

Xi had been spending the past quarter hour trying to clear his head. He had started out by practicing his blade fighting moves, only to find himself too focused to think of the meaning of Idros's words. From there, he flung himself into the water, swimming upstream as he meditated the words that the god had spoken to him. "A foe the likes you have never seen before." The words spoken to him. They had a meaning, one that Xi took to be vary disturbing. He had fought many creatures that would make other warriors cower in fear, but something the likes he had never seen before. Something about that. It was wrong, just wrong. This had to be what was disturbing Xi.

As Xi continued to swim, he had spotted something, something shiny. He bolted over to it, as if the current of the water was to his back, not pushing against him. Stabbing his toes into the dirt, Xi planted himself on the floor of the river, digging up the shiny object. When he pulled it out, Xi examined it. It was something made of a high quality of silver, and definitely foreign to Terronia. It was a wine glass, four spikes sticking out from the top of the holding point. On the bottom, rather than having a flat disk of metal, it was shaped like that of a root. As Xi looked closer, he could also see several different styles of writing carved into the cup.

Emerging at the edge of the river, Xi held the new treasure in his hands. Setting it down next to a tree, he looked around, finding several fallen branches. Using his claws, Xi turned the wood to a cloth-like fiber, making a sack and a rag out of it, soaking them in the river several times during their construction. When he was done making the sack and cloth, Xi walked back over to his most recent treasure, polishing it with the new rag.

"The time for you to show your greatest abilities is coming soon." It rang through Xi's head like a bell in a tower. He wondered just how great his abilities would become, still polishing the silver wine glass. Xi couldn't help but think that he was like the treasure in his hands, stuck in the bottom of the river, grimy and with little shine, but waiting for a strip of destiny to take him out of the water and polish him to a shine. Xi examined the treasure again, looking for dull spots. He couldn't read any of the writings that were on it, not that he thought they would actually mean anything.

Xi could feel it. One of the creatures he came to know as 'humans' was approaching. He could feel the footsteps, still slightly off in the distance. Xi quickly shoved his newest treasure in the freshly made bag, drawing his sword shortly after. He then took a big mouthful of air, tasting the unfamiliar scent. It smelt and tasted of must and age, but still youthful and ready. This contradictory being could be intending anything. With his experiences as a hunt, Xi never showed himself to a potential enemy.

Xi shot up the tree he had been leaning on, using his claws to swiftly dig into the hard bark. His arms then propelled him up, ending him on a mid-level branch that kept Xi out of sight while giving him a decent view of the ground. The human then came out from the trees, looking around. "Hunter Xi?" The man spoke, as Xi focused on the symbol on the man's chest. It was that of the Order.

Running down the tree the same way he had gone up, Xi stood on the ground. He made sure that he was on only his legs, as humans tended to misinterpret what a wrenn on all fours meant. "What is it the Order seeks of me?" Xi spoke, startling the human at first. The man then turned around, looking at Xi before saying "Headmaster Erobus has ordered that you go to him immediately." Xi then looked at the man, asking "Would you mind openning the way?"

The portal opened in front of the man, a magic that Xi was not trained in. Without a word, the wrenn entered the portal, arriving at the Hall of Silence. Right then, as soon as his eyes had opened, there was a winged man. Empyreans the rest of the worlds called them. Creatures that the wrenn remember differently than the rest, and ones that always freaked Xi out.

As with every time he ran into an empyrean, Xi rolled backwards into a corner, drawing his sword and raising his shield in a defensive stance. Only those who ran into him often knew that this was how Xi responded to fear, where others might think that his actions appear more hateful. Xi, however, dared not to make a peep in the presence of a winged man.


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#, as written by Alazuli
•?((¯°·._.• MŸŚȚŖÄ ÄȞŮĻÄŅŅÏ •._.·°¯))؟•

Exit of the Forest of Songs, down by shores of the Sea of Nuala

Along the shore Mystra gently crossed her legs atop of a group of large rocks protruding from the ocean floor. She pondered the event in the forest that caused her senses to be encased in stone. In that moment she could barely speak, the mere presence of the light gripping her firmly. The light that spoke to her mentioned that she was needed, for what she couldn't possibly say.

The waves crashed along the banks splashing against her calves when a voice suddenly spoke from behind.

"Madam, I'm not sure if the rocks are safe."

Again, another voice unfamiliar to her, only this time the voice was mundane and a tad humdrum. Hardly bearing the power to surprise her.

"Madam, I beg of you a few words."

It was a man, evidently. Without looking she could sense the man was young and oddly a bit frightened.

"What is it?," Mystra asked as the waves continued to soak her legs.

"Forgive me for troubling you, madam, but Lord Erobus requests your presence."

A sudden shock ran through her nerves. Erobus, the name echoing in her mind with such force that it seemed to rattle the man's voice. Unsurprisingly, the strange man had been clinging to the rocks in hope that the waves wouldn't hurl him into the sea.

"Pardon me, madam. My deepest fear lay in the waters."

She questioned his words. The thought of a powerful being like Erobus asking to see her was hardly an event in her daily agenda.

"Erobus. That's what you said," she replied unaffected by the man cringing.

"Yes, madam."

"Why does he want to see me?"

"It's urgent. Pardon myself, I beg of you. Such things aren't told to lowly messengers."

Something urgent, she thought.

"If you would please, other members have already gone to the Hall of Silence."

Slowly she began to raise herself. Her legs stretched atop the rock placing her feet on it's rough edges. There she stood facing the man, his face amazed as she stood perfectly poised. She looked at the man's awkward expression and could see that he was a simple messenger. Behind the front of his eyes Mystra could see the messenger knew nothing.

"Fine," she intoned,"I will go."

The messenger thanked her. With the way he had been holding it, the messenger seemed to be an odd extension of the rock. Gracefully, Mystra leaped along the rocks and pass the messenger. His face foretold of a man who hadn't seen enough oceans.


Minutes after, pass the Forest of Songs and across the plains of Lewella, before the Naginta Falls

It was still some time before she could see the tops of the water banks from where the rapids poured over the Falls. She mused at the stories her father told her of the Falls once being a giant looming over the forests. From time to time the forest folk would come out of their homes to drink from the lake that swallowed the rapids. Less then a mile away, she could hear the faint sounds of rushing water and with each second she came closer the sound grew louder.

With great speed she leapt through the forest, her body twisting through the trees like a stream quickly changing paths, all the while the words of the messenger forming a home in her thoughts. Her leapts were swift and quiet, however the animals keen senses alerted them of the fox's movements. Pedals leapt into the air but Mystra's flare to move quickly lead her to disappear before they could touch the ground.

The waterbed in sight she quickly slowed her pace, seconds only before her toes came over the lake. Mystra's body was suddenly bathed in the timbering roars of the enormous Naginta Falls. The waters crash into the lake with such great force that it seemed no life could sustain it's power.

Mystra never dared to challenge the strength of the Naginta Falls. The dozens of times she had come here she would find herself awestruck at the sheer will power that this structure in nature presented, but also how even with it's sheer size that it never presented even the slightest hint of danger. To the Mounirian, with it's capsizing force it was a symbol of strength, as well as being able to flow accordingly without presenting danger.

Looking down in to the lake, her brown eyes gleamed at her reflection shown brightly in the water illuminated by the sun. Her expression stern, she began to wonder about the light that came to her in the Forest of Songs, the insects screeches echoing distantly. Slowly, the words came to her.

"I've come to tell you that the world you is in peril. It's in dire need of your protection."

The words repeated in Mystra's mind with amazing clarity. She began to wonder if she had mistakenly inhaled a toxin that caused her to see things that weren't real - things that were real only in the depths of her mind. An oddity in itself, the light at least presented no real threat to her.

She gazed upon her reflection rippling in the lake. Softly, her body now at rest, she began to question the words in her memory.

The world in danger?..

Mystra closely contemplated the degree of the words still echoing in her mind. They told of someone being chosen to guard the well being of the world. However important this role was, a dark cloud of impending doubt began to form in her mind.

She began to fear for herself not being able to overcome the feeling of uncertainty now taking shape inside. These feelings echoed from the terrible night she had experienced when her parents were snatched from her. It was a feeling of fear of her enemies as wells as insecurity in her own weakness of not being able to protect those she loved. Having these fears ensnare her as a child, she found a way to guard her emotions against others and as long as she upheld that emotional armor then nothing would be able to turn her again into the fearful child that she was so long ago.

Minutes passed and Mystra was frozen in thought, her body barely moving from the waterbed. Her instincts quickly took a hold of her and she began to make her way along the edge of the lake bed, towards the crushing roar of the Falls. The more she came closer to the rush the more she realized that the only sound she could hear was of the rapids crashing into the lake, only a few steps away from where she walked.

Slowly she crept behind the Falls. The wide gap of a cave opened itself to her and after a moments hesitation, she went in like a rabbit willingly plunging itself in to the jaws of a snake . As if she hadn't need to think, her body responded in summoning a ball of fire in her left hand. Slowly she entered into an easy stride, the gleam of the flame lighting the way as her feet crept along the damp stone floor.

It wasn't long before the flame in her hand gave illumination to what appeared to be the end of the cave. Mystra's stride came to a halt as she surveyed the large wall of stone before her. She had entered the mouth and was now in the esophagus, the moment waited for when the stomach would swallow her.

This part of Terronia was ancient and was well guarded by the Falls amazing power. Now in front of the door she could feel a strong energy surging behind. Her ears twitched as if they were being tickled by a feather.

Mystra closed her eyes and allowed her senses to absorb the cave's gentle solitude. Slowly her mind began to retrieve the words that the Mounirian elders taught her during her rites ceremony just before she was accepted by the Order. In a gentle tone, her lips parted the words.

"Ikean nu walla."

As if the words themselves had an ancient energy, as she spoke her body began to feel lighter as if gravity was slowly releasing it's grasp. As she opened her eyes she saw dozens of tiny bright tentacles extending from the stone wall. They circled her, each tentacle's warm energy just grazing her skin.

She knew what would happen next. She braced herself as they began to wrap around her body and immediately pull her in. Her body remained passive but as she shot through the pipe of cosmic energy she knew that in reality she was traveling hundreds of miles in what appeared to be only seconds.

Mystra pierced through the end of the portal and her body twirled in the air before landing on soft grass. Her ears picked up the soft ruffling of feathers and the low snarling of a reptilian creature. Raising her head she saw two beings, one with wings and broad shoulders and the other with green scales and eyes that held the fierceness of a hunter.

Raising herself a slightly pungent odor trickled into her nose. She quickly shook her head trying to thwart it's odd smell. It didn't exactly smell terrible but she found herself disinterested in whatever could be causing it. There were too many bodies to locate it's origin.

Finally she decided to make her move. Moving her legs she walked herself pass a group of people talking when suddenly she saw a the reptilian creature wielding a shield and a sword pointed at a man with wings. She stayed quiet and watched as the event unfold.


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On the Planet Atrulyn, Inside the Capitol City of Ridic

The envoy the Order had sent annoyed Auroriianos, even the messenger’s voice irritated him. The pent up frustration he had towards his father was only beginning to cause dangerous thoughts. It was dangerous for any Archonian to withhold emotions. It would only lead to an explosive outburst that could harm those around, but Auroriianos held so much in and sometimes he felt as if he would explode, in a literal sense of the word. Nonetheless, Auroriianos stood there as the messenger scurried off to deliver the message Auro had given. Erobus knew they would come, he also knew they would help find the other “chosen ones” as Auro was definitely sure that Idros didn’t just visit him or Azael, there just had to be others, and the legend of the Archites burned fresh in his mind. He had been deep in thought when he realized that Azael was talking to him. The male had clearly lost whatever fabric of mental stability he had left by jumping over the edge of the bridge, but with a flap of his wings he was now hovering. Archonians could fly naturally, but Auro always admired Azael’s wings. They were beautiful appendages to which Azael utilized masterfully.

“Indeed,” Auro replied as he too jumped over the edge before shooting like a bullet through the cascading water. When he emerged on the other side, he saw Azael and shook his head. “You’re getting slow old man,” he mocked as he landed beside the male. Their walk was a quiet one, and Auro could tell that Azael did not like the dark, though it was perfectly normal for Auro. He used his senses to feel around the darkness and pinpoint certain things, yet even still there would be an occasional pebble or something that would try to trip him up. Upon reaching the swirling vortex of power, Auro watched Azael with intrigued eyes. This was the link between the worlds. This was how the Order and those who knew of it, transitioned from world to world. Of course there were other ways of traveling to distant worlds. Technology had advanced on other worlds and as such those worlds had shared their technology. Even still, magic was there to assist in providing a bridge to travel amongst one another. There was absolutely no reason for anyone to ever not visit one of the seven worlds within the Finite Realm.

Azael stepped in first, and Auro smiled. The power that resonated from the vortex was amazing. It beckoned to him to walk in and he gave into its will. Before he realized what was happening, he was in the Hall of Silence. He was standing but a few inches away from Azael and he had made it in time to hear the messenger tell Azael that Arteimos wanted to speak with them both. It was also at this time that another entered the Hall.

“Messenger, do make sure that they go before the Elders please,” Auroriianos stated as he pointed to the clearly fear filled Wrenn that was crouched a distance away with its weapon drawn, “I trust the others will be arriving soon if you’ve done your job right.” He was right, as he sensed more arriving in the hall. He smiled slightly at the idea of meeting new creatures, new warriors of the light, Archites of the Order.


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Xi had been focusing on Azael, not knowing or caring who he really was. All he knew was that the winged people brought only horror's to Vianthorus, he had never really bothered to get close to any of them. The ancient carvings of the dead swarms show of reason-less attacks on their trees by the winged people, with only extermination in mind. What the wrenn didn't know was just how much the winged people changed.

As Xi had been holding his stance, many had been walking around. Most went ignored, but Xi kept track of those who moved around his sides and close to him in any direction. He had even managed to ignore the sharp, unpleasant sound that Mystra made.

During his focus, Xi noted a messenger talking to the winged man, and the man who came in with the winged man. They didn't seem to be dangerous to Xi specifically, but they worked with the winged man, so they could easily have been predators or prey. Then the man with the winged man told the messenger something that Xi couldn't decipher over the sounds of the hall. That was when the messenger began to move towards Xi, who just kept staring.

As he got closer, Xi held his stance, not loosening a single muscle. The messenger kept getting closer, becoming more and more of a possible threat. When he had gotten within a few feet, Xi let out a distinct sound. A deep sound. A sound that he used his whole body to insure how deep it was. A sound that could be felt within a small area around the wrenn. Their form of a territorial announcement.

The messenger, not expecting it what-so-ever, fell onto his back after a short stumbling in reverse. After a moment to compile himself, he stood up again, taking a moment to thing. It was obvious that Xi didn't want to budge, but the messenger didn't know why. Why would he have taken to cornering himself and drawing blade in the Hall of Silence? What purpose could it serve? Was it just some animistic reaction that kept some people doubting how much wrenn weren't beasts?

Deciding that the only way to calm the wrenn down was to get close, the messenger started nearing Xi once again. This time, however, he approached slightly off from center, closer to the shield that Xi was holding. It would give him more time to react if the wrenn decided to attack, and would hopefully be taken as a sign that he is not trying to attack.

Xi on the other hand, kept his eyes on Azael, but still followed the vibrations from the messenger. He knew exactly where the man was, and where he was going. Taking another step back, Xi's tail touched the was. He was now truly in the corner. He was fearful, and, because of fear, slightly aggressive. This man that was approaching him was unarmed, as far as Xi could tell. He knew what the man was sent to do, calm him down. Still, he was standing his ground.

The messenger reached Xi without getting attacked. That was good. He then stood for a second, wondering how he would calm down the wrenn. "What's wrong?" The messenger asked, getting no response. He then followed Xi's gaze, seeing Azael. Something about him must have set Xi off. The messenger looked at the wrenn, saying "You better get used to him. I have a feeling you will be working with him for a while." This got a reaction.

Xi came to when the messenger said "Get used to him." Something about that phrase shot through Xi's mind like an arrow through the sky. He slowly loosened. The winged man had yet to attack, or even pay attention, to Xi. Slowly he sheathed his sword, his gaze still fixed on Azael. The messenger then spoke again, this time saying "The elders wish for your presence."


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Diana Elekitel

Within the Hall of Silence

The Hall of Silence wasn't named such without a reason. There may have been places that were even more silent, yet this was one place that Diana wasn't ever used to. The Order's domain. Diana remembered her first time coming here, how absolutely confused she was. There were no thoughts to guide her except her own. She would watch what seemed like intelligent people, yet being unable to tell what they were thinking, they were much too unpredictable and Diana couldn't keep in sync. Diana payed more attention to the relative silence in her head than that of her other senses.

Diana wasn't sure how long it took her to go through the portal to the other side, and had not realized when she had become aware of herself or her surroundings, not unlike dreaming, when you cannot tell when you become aware of yourself or not. Diana merely stood in place, as still as a statue as she listened to that one loud thought in the emptiness of her head, that of her own. It was peculiar, her own little thought wandering in all kinds of directions and very freely. When she was part of the collective, her thoughts were much more focused as most of her thoughts weren't even hers, they were everybody's. When everybody shared a thought, they could focus. Yet, when all alone, Diana's thoughts seemed to be wandering quickly, from the Order, to Idros, to Elekitel, to the Hermit, to the war, to the refugees, to other planets, to other species and to herself. It certainly wasn't what she was used to, but she was somewhat prepared for it this time.

Though, as she stood completely still and silently, she was aware of other presences in the room. She hadn't noticed them at first for she could not hear them thinking, but they were in plain view in front of her and were making quite a bit of noise as well. It took Diana a while to recognize them, but she could certainly tell that none of them were Vnamens.

The most apparent one had to have been the Empyrean, at least from behind, the wings being obvious. Very peculiar that they were the only race of which Idros gifted with the power of flight, something of which the Vnamens couldn't accomplish themselves. Falzers were the largest creatures that Elekitel has fabricated and they still were smaller than Vnamens. It was merely impossible to get anything heavier than a Falzer into the air, of which had almost entirely hallow bodies. Of course, Elekitel never did dare mess with the base form of a Vnamen, for something that isn't quite Vnamen would be different in mind and may not have thought the same way as Elekitel, if tampering hadn't destroyed it's telepathic or other magical capabilities. Perhaps Idros had not gifted the Vnamens with wings for such mass would inhibit their vast mental capabilities and more energy would be donated to the wings than the mind and the their minds were one of Idros's greatest gifts to the Vnamen. Though if Vnamens could fly, Diana figured, maybe they wouldn't have to live in caves.

The second most apparent creature had to have been the Wrenn, which Diana had mistaken for a fabricated creature of a sort. Being unable to detect their thoughts, Diana had a little bit of trouble believing each of the creatures were intelligent, merely speaking with each other and moving with the unconscious spontaneity of an insect. The Wrenn seemed the most animalistic, however. Diana only knew of them as savage and highly primitive creatures of which banded together in rather small colonies merely to survive. However, primitive they may have been, they had some rather good physical qualities of which Vnamens could only accomplish in their fabrications. Diana wondered if a Wrenn would make a good replacement for a fabricated creature in combat, assuming they were the least bit intelligent than one. What Idros hoped to capture in their design, Diana didn't know, but the Creator's ways were mysterious.

Although, there was another creature that looked like some sort of fabrication between a person and a mammal of some sort. The bright orange hair was very unusual, as it was on the Empyrean. Diana used to not believe that pigment could be stored within hair. This pseudo-person, however, had many traits of which seemed to fit some sort of mammal of which Diana wouldn't have been able to identify on her own. She must have been a Mounirian, of which were a cross between a man and a fox. Diana hadn't really seen a fox before, but she didn't have a hard time believing that this creature looked like one. Diana didn't see her as any less of an animal than the Wrenn, however. Foxes were supposedly clever, yet she couldn't tell if this one really was or not. The Creator seemed to have a tendency to create intelligent creatures of which shared traits with natural ones, or perhaps the latter was created in the image of the former. If such was the case, Diana wondered exactly what creature Vnamens shared traits with. She assumed it had to have been Bees, creatures of which worked diligently and acted together as a collective hivemind and had the capability to create great things. Diana had been involved with studying and fabricated the base form of these creatures and she knew that she saw some genius in the small little creatures, some of herself.

The fourth of the most apparent creatures did have white hair, but Diana didn't mistaken him for a Vnamen for a second. The only way he could have been a Vnamen is if he was a corpse. Diana wasn't able to identify exactly what he was, many races took on the vision of the Creator, the Vnamens probably being the most perfect example of the Creator's vision. This creature was not any of the other creatures, nor was he a Vnamen, so he had to have been a Human. She wasn't sure exactly what a Sanguel looked like, nor an Archonian. From Diana's knowledge, she knew that the Archonians were beings of pure arcana, but she wasn't entirely sure what form such a being would take on, if it took on a form at all, and if such a form really was intelligent. Humans, however, were a race that, although were lesser than Vnamens in every way, were probably much smarter and more advanced creatures than any of the others, with one exception; un-synchronicity.

Even from what little Diana could understand of what was going on, she could tell that all these different creatures were out of sync with each other, needing to create verbal noise just to understand what is happening beyond their own perception or what another is thinking. The four creatures weren't even standing in a proper formation and needed to look around or at each other to understand their situation. They were confused, they probably thought differently too. Not having the Vnamen's gift was what was sure to disrupt the societies of all other creatures. Each creature could only think independently, and their minds wandered just as Diana's was now. They end up consciously or unconsciously do things that others don't expect, potentially leading to disorder and harm. Even through learning how to speak in a spoken language, Diana could tell that the verbal language was limited and didn't allow her to transfer her thoughts correctly between herself and another person without there being corruption in the data due to misinterpretation. Plus, if every single creature thought independently and came up with their own opinion, no matter how slight the difference was, surely such would result in conflicts, and not the large ones the Vnamens ended up in, but ones that occurred between singular people, people of which have worked, or at least attempted to work together for a large portion of their lives end up being unable to cooperate at times. If two people had conflicting goals, just as nations did, they'd fight each other just as nations did, thus resulting in all kinds of disruptions all the kind of which lowered the efficiency of which they could preform tasks immensely, lacking that efficiency of which the Vnamens knew were essential. Surely, if this were to occur between the Archites, they would be unable to heed to the wishes of the Creator, whom of which would frown upon them.

Diana herself had no idea as to what was happening. Unable to hear their thoughts and unable to tell if they were hearing hers (although, she knew that they probably couldn't) she knew that she had to resort to verbal language to speak to them, the same way she would to an animal, only instead she would be using a different language, Universal Standard. With a deep inhale, such as she would when she was about to shout orders at a great big Elswine, she prepared to speak her mind.

"ATTENTION!" she shouted curtly, as if she were a drill instructor, "OUR-" she cleared her throat as she reminded herself the difference between singular and plural in relation to people, which she had difficulty with, "My label is Diana of Elekitel, the great unifier of Samallia! The Creator has connected with myself, and myself only, and has labeled me an Archite!" She paused between sentences and paced herself to make sure she had every important detail, but only important details and not speak a long string of everything on her mind, "I was summoned here by the Headmaster, whom of which is seeking the Archites! Each of you will identify yourselves and allow me in his presence!"


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#, as written by Maestro

Hall of Silence

The Hall of Silence, an understatement surely as whispers began to echo from every corner of the great hall. Words could not express the grandeur of the hall itself. With its massive vaulted ceilings and illustrious gardens, dark starry skies overhead reflected off the surrounding waters that appeared to cascade off the very edge of the universe itself. There was no end to the majestic nature of the hall, nor the many mysteries that were riddled inside every wall and chamber. No expense was spared in its winding gold stairways or the art and décor that came from every walk of life across all the seven worlds.

In the annals of history, the Empyrean had been marred by a dark and troubling past, from a time when Uldrik had spread his influence across Atrulyn. At war with Vianthorus and the Wrenn who inhabited it, the Empyrean had long made their presence known amongst the primitive and indigenous species. Fortunately civil war ended up breaking out between the Empyreans, effectively ending the campaign in Vianthorus (but not the horrifying memory of the wrath they had already unleashed upon the Wrenn).

Not even the Empyrean were free from sin, or a past they had long tried to forget. The unyielding gaze from the Wrenn was an unsettling one in which Azael attempted to ignore. He was a defender of the peace, protector of the weak, and would not be intimidated in the slightest. His people had committed many mistakes, but in generations he had no control over. “Best sheath your sword, Wrenn.” Hand hesitantly hovering over the hilt of his blade, he was quickly sidetracked by the ‘unifier of Samallia.’

A unique race, one in which not even Azael completely understood. Although he’d spent some time in each of the worlds, the Vnamen came across as rather inaccessible, a technologically advanced race of humanoids whose civilization was unlike that you’d find anywhere else. Not to mention communication didn’t seem to be their strong suit. “I am Azael, an Empyrean from the planet Atrulyn, Knight of The Order, Requiem of Time…” Distractions seemed rather prevalent as Azael had already quickly come across another.

Ahulanni, who lingered close behind him… Terronia, a planet he’d spent almost more time on than his own. The dark red sash tied around her waist catching his eye, he turned, facing her as their eyes caught briefly. Did she notice him? That had been so long ago. And he had tried so hard to distance himself from the past. Was she called on to be an Archite too? So many destinies, fated to be intertwined in the battles that were sure to come. Azael had always yearned to know the truth behind his future, but he never expected this.

As the two great doors in the hall opened, High Elder Erobus crept out, his cane clanking off the floor as he stood before the gathering. “Archites, I see most of you have already arrived… but not all of you. There are dark days ahead of us, and by the grace of Idros, you have all been given great responsibility in the days to come. But please, please… I beckon you into my chambers. There is much to be discussed.” While Azael intently focused on Erobus, his mind couldn’t resist wandering. First it was the Wrenn, then the Vnamen… Ahulanni… and least he forget, Elder Arteimos who he’d still yet to see. Needless to say, he didn’t look forward to the encounter between Auro and his father.


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Xi had not realized when Azael came over to him, not over 'The Unifier of Samallia’ roared over everyone else. From this Xi shrunk away in pain as his scales rippled with her obnoxious sounds. Unlike when he recoiled in fear, Xi was now recoiling in sensory pain. That was a flaw with hearing with your entire body, having a sensitivity to direction and volume. Wrenn were no more capable of hearing at distance than most humans, but their full body of sound sensitive scales gave them greater abilities at noting volume, pitch, tone, distance, and direction of any sound they could hear.

Knowing that he was not allowed to strike at other members of the Order, no matter how much of a threat that they presented themselves as with their voice, Xi responded with a deep call, letting it grow deeper as it bounced around in his body. Among the wrenn, a call like that was a call to tell another to quiet themselves.

Before Xi could recover the concept that the loud one was simply that, loud, the great Elder Erobus stepped out from the great doors. Even though Xi had not been facing him, the vibrations that Xi could feel through his feet told of the three legs that Erobus used to walk, something few others did. Besides, compared to the others who walked on three legs, Elder Erobus had a unique rhythm to the way he walked.

Then Elder Erobus spoke, speaking of the archites, summoning them to his chambers. Dropping from his upright stance, Xi moved with a grace that few creatures could maintain in both upright and four-legged movement. His hands and feet moved across the flat hall, carrying him at a hastened walk to the quiet of Erobus's chambers. He ignored the others for now, he would learn who they were when he was guaranteed they would not speak loud enough to cause the full body pains that yelling causes.

Upon reaching the Elder, Xi stood up and looked the aged man in the eyes. He spoke, the words taking their time to form and coming out with mild struggle, "Hello... Elder Eroobus."


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#, as written by Alazuli
•?((¯°·._.• MŸŚȚŖÄ ÄȞŮĻÄŅŅÏ •._.·°¯))؟•

Erobus.. The highest of the Elders stood confidently carrying a presence that reflected the images of sages who's vast knowledge of the universe went by unchallenged. The threads of his robe covered his body in a dark fabric that laid gently on the old man's shoulders. The designing of the robe, with it's dark tones and placements of obsidian armor made Mystra wonder if he was really a holy man, pious to the Order and upholding the balance of the universe, or a mage versed in the arts of darkness and witchery who's true choice of faction (being either good or evil) was always in question.

The latter was, most likely, false. However, there's none who can question a being, who's lived for far longer than Mystra, who's power lied in the ascertaining of knowledge in various forms of magic. His eyes mentioned to Mystra stories that went beyond those told to her from when she was younger, a timid foxling who's depth lacked any suffering and pain that others were so unfortunate to bear. On that fateful when she was younger, both suffering and pain crept up from the darkest tales she'd heard as a child and churned in to a sea of living misery who's depths repeatedly drowned her.

Quickly, Mystra tried to shake off that unpleasant nightmare. Memory, the intangible knife that crept up and poked it's sharp blade never seemed to show any mercy to Mystra. The night that tore away her childhood and together with the deafening roar of thunder and the haunting cries of her kin melded in to an unending cacophony of horrible terror. Attempting to stride pass her memories and the road of her own doubt Mystra leapt out from the well of her mind and back to the present.

The Vnamen she'd heard not too long ago was still there raising her chin proudly for everyone to see. Mystra saw how she spoke, her rowdy expressions already painting a smug image in her mind.For Mystra she thought of how true it was for the mind to form in to words one's thoughts, but to the Vnamen words appeared to be more like the rain of a monsoon, hard and non stopping.

Thankfully the Vnamen that now came to be known as Diana did in fact stop speaking, atleast long enough for Azael to greet her. In contrary to Diana's willful speech, Xi found it hard to grasp his own words in front of Erobus. Unlike his threatening size as well as troublesome odor, Mystra thought of him as modest and gentle. Perhaps it was her kind that taught her that even beasts, as mighty and fearsome as they come, all have a gentler side often hidden from the world's eye.

After Xi greeted Erobus the room became quiet, except for the soft crackings of torches.


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Diana Elekitel

Within the Hall of Silence

Diana's attention turned to the Empyrean whom spoke first, although she didn't look directly at him. “I am Azael, an Empyrean from the planet Atrulyn, Knight of The Order, Requiem of Time…” Diana examined his words, picking them out from his rather different accent (which probably didn't sound as ridiculous as Diana's). His existence was Azael, which seemed to mean his name was Azael as most speakers would understand. Indeed, he was an Empyrean and it came as no surprise that he came from Atrulyn. Knight of the Order confused her a bit, but she realized that he wasn't talking about Atrulyn as a whole (like how Diana was referring to Elekitel when she titled it the 'unifier of Samallia') but about himself. Diana knew she had to get used to how self-centered creatures thought of themselves and how they spoke. Knight was a term for a servant, so he must had been referring to how he, himself, worked for the Order. Requiem of Time, however, was most confusing. She was quite unfamiliar with what a requiem was, but she was sure it had to do with some form of ceremony involving one's death. Elekitel had no such things as ceremonies and the dead were unimportant to them. The terms Requiem and Time, however, seemed of no relation to each other to the extent of Diana's knowledge of the spoken language. Perhaps she was missing something because she was unfamiliar with something in Empyrean culture that made the two words relevant or Diana was merely still a novice at speaking.

Though, as she expected questions she thought of to be answered for her, no answers came. Once again, the grim reminder came to her that she was absolutely alone. There was no great collective for her to be a part of, nothing to feed her answers, nothing to feed her own thoughts to. While she spoke so highly of Elekitel or of her own species, there was nothing she could say about herself. No Vnamen ever concerned themselves about themselves. Many Vnamens hardly even knew which body was theirs or which mind was their own, they were merely a single great mind with many bodies. Alone, however, Diana felt severely incomplete.

Her troubled thinking, however, was interrupted when the Headmaster entered the room. It was unmistakable. Diana had seen him before in the minds of others, plus she'd witnessed him once before. Diana couldn't tell exactly what race he was part of, he could of been Human or even Vnamen. In some ways, it would surprise her if he was a Vnamen and in some ways it wouldn't. Yet, despite him being a great man, Diana decided there was no way he was a Vnamen, simply because he was a great man.

Diana, however, respected a great man. He was one of great insight and knowledge and was head of the Order, an organization blessed by the Creator and the Vnamens were the most gracious of the Creator's gifts. After all, the Creator gave the Vnamens their ability and it was the creator that filled their world with resources, prime for use as the Creator intended. To not make use of the Creator's gifts was a sin. The Order as well was a gift of the Creator's will, even if it was men that created it. After all, the Order was created from the will of the Archites whom were chosen by the will of Idros. Of course, once again, the Archites were chosen by the will of Idros and Diana, not Elekitel, was chosen by his will. From the Headmasters words, it seemed these other creatures in her presence were chosen by the will of Idros as well.

Although, unlike them, the Headmaster's presence demanded respect. Diana went completely silent from that point on. After all, not only was she in the presence of the Headmaster, but of the Archites as well. To have spoken to them was rude on her part, yet she still had a difficult time seeing any of them as truly great, like the Headmaster was.


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Within the Hall of Silence

Irritated by the sheer stupidity of the other races gathered, Auro stood silently as he watched the foolish girl yell out. Clearly she knew not how to use her inside voice. He would’ve shunned her and chastised her for her stupidity if Master Erobus hadn’t walked into the room. There was silence when the man of authority walked in. Auro could only scan the room as he took in the features and body language of everyone within the Hall of Silence. Not every day was he like this. His relationship with his father had reached an all-time high. He hadn’t spoken to Azael about what had occurred yesterday. Auro stood there for a moment reminiscing on what had happened and how close he had come to hurting his father.

Yesterday, Early in the Morning

“I’m tired of you treating me like some child, I’m 19 years old dad, and I deserve to be treated with respect.”

“Respect is earned son, not given freely.”

“Or perhaps Respect is taken.”

“You dare challenge your father in this manner?”

“Why not, you’ve been no father to me. Azael might as well have been your son, that’s the only person you devoted 19 years to.”

“I instructed you Auror......”

“You lied to me,” Auroriianos interrupted, “all this time, you taught him the secrets. All this time you taught him advanced techniques, neglecting your own son, your own flesh and blood and for what? Am I not ideal enough for you Arteimos? Am I not a warrior? What am I to you?” Do you even see me?”

“Yes I see you Auroriianos, I see you every second of my life. I know I’ve not been what a father should, and for that I am sorry.”

“Oh the great Arteimos apologizes, that’s one for the record.”

Arteimos’s face stiffened and he turned from his son.

“I will not fight you in your state Auroriianos. You’re drunk and you’re unstable.”

“FUCK YOU!” Auroriianos yelled as his form seemed to glow slightly, “All those years, those wasted years, and I don’t even know who you are.”



An orb of arcane energy shot forth, Arteimos just barely dodging it.

“That is an advanced technique, how did you....” Arteimos was cut off again as another orb, this one bigger, shot towards him with unbelievable speed. He dodged it and rolled to the side, looking at Auroriianos who stood as defiant as a wall to progress.

“Auroriianos, listen to me,” Arteimos beckoned, “I am your father, and I know I’ve not been there the way a father should have. I implore you to reconsider your actions.”

“Implore this....,” Auroriianos stated as electricity sparked between his finger tips and shot out in various directions. Arteimos put up a forcefield and watched as the electricity struck the barrier.

“Auroriianos, I love you, you are my son, my flesh and blood, and this is not you. I did what I did to make you stronger Auroriianos. I did what I did to show you independence. You are strong, but you lack self-control...”

“I’ve heard enough from you,” Auroriianos stated as he unleashed a barrage of hellish orbs that rocketed towards Arteimos with intent on injuring the elder. Arteimos dodged them with ease, all but one, for as Arteimos dodged them, another came from behind him and struck him in the middle of his back, sending him toppling to the ground. He quickly rolled to his feet and felt the pain seethe through his body. When he went to move, he felt another pain shift into his arm and he realized all too late what was going on.

“That is old magic, who taught you that?” Arteimos stated breaking the spell that held him in place, “who taught you this type of magic?”

Auroriianos said nothing; he simply began to hover, his hair flowing with the increase in his power. The sting of the orb that hit him reminded Arteimos that his son was not playing games.

“I WILL NOT FIGHT YOU AURORIIANOS!” Arteimos stated once more as Auroriianos hovered there for a moment before landing and turning his back on his father.

“You are dead to me...”

That was all Auroriianos said before he vanished. Arteimos watched his son with an injured heart, not physically but emotionally. His only son had turned his back on him, had attacked him and had left him. This must’ve been how Auroriianos felt in regards to his negligence. Arteimos, for the first time in a very long time, felt a tear fall from his eye and fall from his face unto the floor. He had lost his son, his own flesh and blood, there was no way to fix it, and even if there was Auroriianos wouldn’t listen to him.

Hall of Silence, Meeting with Elder Erobus

Auro walked into the room with the other gathered Archites in training. He was silent, much more than usual. Normally he was active, talking, laughing and playing jokes, but today he was silent, he looked to be going through a lot emotionally and it showed in his features. Erobus took note of this and knew of the fight between Auro and Arteimos. His heart ached for the young man, but he knew why his father had did what he had done, it was to make Auro stronger, more independent and less reliant on his father, but there were other ways to accomplish this. Arteimos would have to fight for his son now more than ever.

Auro noticed Erobus looking at him and immediately he looked away paying no attention to the others in the room.