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Not much is known of Uldrik's origin, only that he is by far the most powerful being in all of creation. He sees himself as a God, and is willing to do anything to ensure the seven worlds recognize him as such.


Deus Orbis, a phrase that is echoed throughout the Finite Realm. "God of the New World." His origin is one shrouded in mystery, as is his power that rivals that of Idros, the "God of Creation" himself. A conqueror of worlds, his only goal is to unravel all of creation, absorbing the infinite power of the Spirit Barriers and creating a new universe in his image. Unfortunately he was defeated before he could make his dream a reality, the Archites having sealed him away in the Infinite Spectrum - a dimension void of all life, a realm of darkness and solitude. He cursed the Archites for what he claimed was treachery, promising that someday the Archites would be left with no choice but to free him.

His three most trusted Generals yet lived, and went into hiding after the war, claiming their own victories and spoils in the aftermath. Without their master, they have begun pursuing their own sinful desires.

Characters Aligned

3 Characters Aligned, played by 3 Players

Character Portrait: Kazinath Voluntal al Annimas, the Breaker

Kazinath Voluntal al Annimas, the Breaker played by ZenMon

"The Abyss...calls..."

Character Portrait: Mystichantiae

Mystichantiae played by Lady Ethereal

"All that is lost will be found for nothing is irreplaceable."

Character Portrait: Duram-dasa

Duram-dasa played by RolePlayGateway

"Only one binding left, and then all shall be free." [WIP]

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