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The Organization: Runaways

The Organization: Runaways


A 2x2 Between MaliceInWonderland, Rawkfist, WhySoSerious? and rougevixenx

1,434 readers have visited The Organization: Runaways since MaliceInWonderland created it.

WhySoSerious?, RawkFist, and rougevixenx are listed as curators, giving them final say over any conflict & the ability to clean up mistakes.


The Organization: Runaways.

Four friends met up for a vacation in England, however their plans go array when they acquire supernatural abilites and are hunted by a mysterious enitity known as the Organization.

Name: Kai|Age: 22|Abilites: Audiokensis/ Electrokensis|FC: Zoe Kravitz
Name:Danny|Age:20|Abilites:Telekensis/Chronokensis|FC: Tyler Posey
Name:Ren|Age:20|Abilites:Empathy/ Perception Manipulation|FC: Alex Evans
Name:Mandie|Age:22|Ablilties:Energy Manipulation|FC:Hayley Williams

This is a private roleplay so unless you are one of the forementioned....Piss off :D

Thanks Buh-Bye! *waves*

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The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 4 authors

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My eyes shot open, my senses fully alert almost as soon as my blurred vision came into focus and my stare shifted to several places in the room in an attempt to understand where the hell I was. I didn't recognise the room and with each passing moment, I became more paranoid and my breathing was ragged with fear. My vision went brighter and brighter until I felt quite light-headed, and I could've sworn I felt my heart damn near beating through my chest. There was nothing in the room besides a bed, a set of drawers and a security camera, which only added to my paranoia. My first thought at the time went to Kai, and where she was. If they'd taken me to this place, chances are they'd taken her too, as she was the one those guys had targeted first in the fields outside our house. I then looked down at my outfit and frowned some, seeing that I was dressed in plain, baggy clothing.

After a few moments or so, the door opened and my eyes darted over to the two brutish males who had walked in, their disgruntled expressions showing me that they had no intention of treating me nicely. They looked like they were heading straight for me and, out of pure panic, I backed up on the bed until I was stood on top of it with my back pressed against the wall. "Calm down," said the first guy with an unusually deep and rough voice. "You're going to need to come with us," said the other and, now extremely frightened, I shook my head frantically. See, I was fine handling myself in a fight, in awkward family situations and whatever else may have crossed me in my normal life, but I'd never been handcuffed, locked in a small white room and approached by two large men who looked at me like I was about to snap and bite them or something.

They caught me by surprise as they both jumped at me, seemingly at the same time, and held a firm grip on my upper arms as they practically dragged me out of the room. Strangely enough, I felt safer locked in the white room than I did with the guys out in the hallway, which was something that took me a little bit by surprise but was equally understandable as well. I'd have been fine with them if they'd treated me nicely upon approaching me, but no, they decided it would be best to storm up to a person with extreme social anxiety and a man who is pathologically afraid of human contact, and grab him by the arms without so much as a 'how d'you do?'

Well, aren't they just the smartest bunch of dipshits the world has ever known?

I think so.

After being dragged for a long, long while, I was taken into a room that looked similar to my given 'bedroom' in the sense that it was gloomily plain, with only a few pieces of furniture; two chairs and a table. It looked like somebody expected me to be talking to them some time soon. Hah! Good fucking luck to them. When forced to speak, I could be one hell of a stubborn bugger, and not a whole lot could get me to budge on that. It was a thing I'd gotten into as a child; mainly at school, I think, when my teachers would want me to get up and present something to the class, I'd sit and glare at them until they got so spooked that they'd just sigh and give up. It actually worked, for the most part, so I figured why the hell not try it now? Maybe these people were similar to my middle school teachers?

I was sat down in one chair with my handcuffed hands in my lap, my eyes seemingly glued to the floor, even as a woman came through one door and sat down on the chair opposite me. Well, here goes...

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Aziza left the room, a satisfied glint in her eye as she made her way toward the interrogation room, Daniel was in.
Kai was annoying but now she knew how to get to her. The boy. That's usually how it worked. She opened the door and saw the boy with a similar impassive face his girlfriend had, the difference was, Kai liked to talk, this one. She knew, speaking casually wasn't going to get to him. So she went for the direct approach.

She took a seat and he didn't even bother looking at her, She closed her hands together and cleared her throat.

"Daniel. I'm going to get right to the point. We have your girlfriend, if you do not do what we say, We will be forced to take extreme measures to get you to comply." She said and waved, soon a lowly techie rushed in and placed a tablet with the security feed on the table in front of him, with Kai sitting in her cell, her eyes closed, her legs crossed, she looked as if she were meditating.

" If you don't believe me, then see for yourself." She said and grabbed at her blazer's lapel. "Audio in Cell 224"

With that, in the feed, Kai grabbed at her head, trembling, her teeth clenched tight but visible in the camera. "Cut Audio." She said and Kai dropped her hands and lay on the bed, looking as if her chest raising and falling heavily. Aziza looked at Daniel, watching for his reaction. "Are you going to participate?"

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After Aya went out to find Danny, I sat down with Ren and Winny and got to small-talking with them. It wasn't as awkward as I thought without Aya there; Winny seemed very bubbly and fun, whereas Ren had a very dry sense of humor, much like myself.
About 10 minutes after Danny and Aya went outside, I felt a surge of panic that made me sit up in my seat very suddenly.
"Aya," I blurted out. I could feel that something was very wrong, and it involved my best friend and most likely Danny. Aya and I had always had a very strange connection...we could feel each other's pain and sense what the other was feeling, and the fear that I felt now was making me nauseous. We needed to find Aya and Danny, and get away from this place.
"We need to get out of here. Now," I quickly said to Ren, and without any explanation I dragged him and Winny out the front door. I told Winny to get back to her house and stay there with all of the windows and doors shut and locked tight, and Ren and I made our way to the only form of transportation available - Aya's bike.
"Man...this was supposed to be a joy ride," I commented dryly, shifting the bike into gear and starting it up. "I don't feel very joyful."
Ren climbed on the bike behind me and we shot down the driveway and into the street. I had no idea where I was going, I just knew we needed get far away from whatever danger we were in. I only hoped that Aya and Danny made it out safe, but the growing fear in my stomach told me otherwise. As we reached a sharp turn in the road, the back of my head panged abruptly and excruciatingly, causing me to gasp aloud and swerve the bike. Ren and I flew to one side of the street as the bike skidded across the street and slammed into a lightpost. A sharp pain shot up my back where I had landed, and I looked over to see a group of men in full combat gear swarm Ren before a cloth with a funny smell was forced against my face and everything went black.

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"Daniel. I'm going to get right to the point. We have your girlfriend, if you do not do what we say, we will be forced to take extreme measures to get you to comply," the lady said, and I looked up at her with a glare so cold it could've frozen somebody to their core. They had her, and they knew how much I wanted to get to her. Before anything beyond this point had even happened, I knew exactly what they were planning and how they intended to reach their goal. I set my jaw but said nothing at that time, until she lifted her arm and waved it a bit, and soon after a technician wandered in with a tablet. Kai was on the screen and my expression shifted instantly from a glare to a concerned stare. I watched the screen closely, lifting my head up some.

"If you don't believe me, then see for yourself," she continued and, out of curiosity, I glanced over at her for a mere second to see her speaking into her blazer, before my eyes shot back to the screen. I had no idea what she was doing but I knew it would not end well, not at all. "Audio in Cell 224" With that, Kai held a firm grip to her head and trembled. I knew her hearing was much better than that of other people in the house, and obviously they did too. "Cut Audio," she said, and I was relieved that the pain had stopped but she looked like she was still panicking a bit, and I did not like that in the slightest. My eyes moved slowly from the tablet to the woman, staying silent though at the same time all I wanted to do was scream and throw things at her, pounce on her and beat her to death with my handcuffed fists. However, then she would get what she wanted; a reaction.

"Are you going to participate?"

If there was one thing I hated more than anything in the entire world, it was being threatened and having people think they could manipulate me into stuff. I was too stubborn to say that I would participate but too scared for Kai's safety to refuse, meaning she had me right where she wanted me and from the look on her face, I could tell she knew. She just... knew. I could feel the anger rising, and I lowered my head once more, staying like this for a couple of seconds before I launched myself upwards and brought my knee up, causing the table to topple over in her direction. "Don't fucking touch her!" I yelled, "or, so help me God, I will find you, rip all your God damn insides out and fucking feed 'em to ya!" I ran forward and attempted to hop over the toppled table in order to get to her but the guards were holding a firm grip on my arms which meant I couldn't move even if I wanted to.

I struggled as much as I could and threw my legs in her direction several times as they dragged me from the room and threw me into my own 'bedroom', or more accurately named as the room that they quickly threw together in order to make it seem like a bedroom, when in reality I might as well have been sitting in a small white box with a mattress. Kai's room looked identical to mine which wouldn't make it any easier to find her quickly if I were to escape. However, I remember them saying the cell number... 224. Yeah, that was the one. Wow, they were smart enough to kidnap to people without being noticed by anyone, yet they were dumb enough to read out the specific room number of the one person I was looking for? I wanted to laugh aloud at that, but I didn't... I couldn't.

"Kai..." I whispered, lowering my head. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. I wanted to help her but I was powerless.

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Kai.I lay limp on my bed, still reeling from the painful loud siren that went off suddenly.
My head hurt at first but now my whole body did.

Mandie...They got to her to, I just knew it. I could feel it.

I closed my eyes and tried to remain calm. They had Danny, and my guess, they just used me to get to him. Honestly, I was proud of him, I knew how stubborn that boy could be, and when he didn't want to talk about something...he wouldn't. I know from personal experience.
So I knew he didn't give them the time of day which sure resulted in them hurting me but I'd rather him not do what these assholes said. No matter what happens.

Easier said then done, I'm aware.

I closed my eyes then, my breathing even again as I focused on something. He'd promised me a while back, he'd take me to a cabin, far away from everything. It'd be peaceful and quiet. I focused on that. It was my 'Happy Place' if you will.

I felt my body go heavy, as I drifted to sleep.

It wasn't long before I was shocked away by the sound of the electronic door of my cell opened. My eyes still closed, I groaned. My new friends, I presume." I said and opened my eyes to find the two guards from eariler at the door. "Mrs. Baranjee wants you to come with us."
"I'm sure she does...where is she so I can thank her for the assault on my ears. That was fun." I said dryly as I sat up, my head still pounding. So this is what a hangover felt like, I wouldn't know.

I held up my arms. They seemed to enjoy dragging me here and there so I figured...Let them eat cake. Shit, I didn't want to go, so why walk when I had my own rickshaws.

They grabbed me up, a little tighter then before as I'm sure they expected me to go limp again. Some other time for sure.

They lead me to a large white room. It sorta reminded me of the Ring, when they were running psyche tests on Samara....Why my mind went there, I will never know...

There was a table and chair, and this peice of equipment sitting atop it. I frowned.

"Take a seat, please."
I heard the familiar voice of Aziza, ring over the intercom.

I took a seat. "I want to see how well your hearing actually is. You've had hearing tests before, It'll be just like that."

Damn, she was a nosy bitch. I haven't had a hearing test since elementary school.

With that, I had a set of headphones placed on my head and the machine was turned on. Then I was subjected to several different volumes of beeps, ranging from high to low, with which I had to raise my hand when I heard them. It wasn't long before the test was over.

"Well done. Quite impressive" She said, and I rolled my eyes.

"I want to see him." I said, my voice was low.

"Excuse me."

"You heard me. I. Want. To. See. Him."

"If you behave, then you will" She said and I clenched my teeth, She had something I wanted, leverage. She could keep dragging me along knowing she could use Danny as motivation.

"No. I want proof alive. Let me atleast talk to him..."
Honestly, I watch way too much television but hell, you learn alot, like say how to handle a hostage situation, for instance.

"Fair enough."

It was quite for a moment before a man entered the room, the same man it seemed from before, walked up with a phone
"Make it quick. He'll hear you in his cell, you have five minutes."

I held the phone to my ear.
"Danny, Can you hear me? It's Kai."My voice softer now.I could feel pressure behind my eyes. I knew he saw what happened. I knew they did it because he was watching. Also knew how he reacted to I did only, He had a shorter fuse and a bigger bomb. I needed him to know I was okay, and maybe he'll be able to stay calm. I needed him to be.

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As time went on, I could feel myself becoming more and more bored than I'd ever been in my entire life. I mean, seriously, being sat in a near empty room for hours on end got to be quite boring after a while. The least these dickheads could have done was to put a TV in the room or something, so that my brains weren't corrupted with thoughts of suicide instead of something more cheery, like what sort of dumb shit SpongeBob was getting up to. Instead, I was left to my own thoughts, my eyes shifting to several different areas in the room. I figured maybe I'd just sleep the boredom off and someone would wake me up when I was needed, but I guessed it was still early in the day because I felt restless. That and the fact that they might possibly be hurting my girlfriend elsewhere. I was wide awake, and no amount of complete and utter boredom would ever be able to change that.

Curiosity had gotten the better of me at one point as well because I'd climbed off of the bed and walked over to the drawers they'd put in the room. I was guessing there were clothes in there because why have furniture that you don't need in your room? As I opened the drawer, my brows lowered into a deep frown, spotting that there were just tons of copies of the exact same outfit I was wearing. God knows what had happened to my previous outfit. I loved that shirt; I'd have to ask for that back if they ever planned on letting me out of this prison. I hadn't had a chance to ask how long they intended to keep me there in my previous interview, as they'd pissed me off way too soon for my liking and I'd just lost whatever sanity was still lingering in my mind. I could honestly see myself becoming crazy in a place like this, seeing as it was more like a fucking mental institution than anything else.

I couldn't let myself think of freedom at that moment, lest I snap and smack my face off a while.

I slammed the drawer shut and soon after that, a beep rang through the room and had caught my attention in that second. What do they want now? I thought and with a sigh, I turned towards the security camera, thinking that it was that stupid woman again, trying to test my patients and provoke a reaction. "Danny, can you hear me? It's Kai," the voice spoke, loud and clear, and I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes to the point where I was convinced that I could cry, but I managed to blink them back. I lowered my gaze to the floor, shaking my head furiously as if I didn't believe it was really her. I hadn't been here long, and I had no idea what these people were truly capable of but God dammit, it could have been a mind trick for all I know. They might've just been trying to get information out of me. Well, good luck to them, 'cause I wasn't buying it in the slightest.

"This is a joke, isn't it?" I called back, my eyes narrowed as I made my way back over to the bed and sat down on the edge of it. I'm not falling for this shit..." I shook my head again, my eyes shifting to the floor. "I want to see her in person, or so help me God, I'mma fucking kill you all!" I screamed, backing up the bed until my back was pressed against the wall. I threw my handcuffed arms into the wall beside me and yelled out again in a sad attempt to break the handcuffs off. Failing that, I turned the other way, my knees pushing into my chest with my arms wrapped around my legs and my forehead pressed against the wall.

I couldn't even begin to describe what this place was doing to my mind but, in short, it was bringing back all those repressed emotions that I'd bottled up as a kid. All those years of being bullied in first and middle school... all those years where I sat back and bit my tongue, letting everyone get away with it, which ultimately lead to me becoming damaged, socially inept and a fucking mental case in high school. I let my anger get the best of me and instead of being sent to therapy, I had to continue life like that, whilst dealing with all the shit my sister and parents put me through at the same time. I hate to say that I'm damaged for some specific reason but after a while I couldn't deny it any longer. I knew that one day I'd have major issues because of it, but never did I think that time would come when I was kidnapped, handcuffed, provoked and locked inside a small white room in a white hospital gown.

"I can't even ask you any personal questions to see if you're really you... 'cause they know everything..." I mumbled, quietly. "I'm sorry... I can't trust you until I see you for myself." I stared over at the door, calling out to... well, anyone that was listening. A man entered, different to before but still in the same sort of uniform, and I straightened my expression as I looked at him. "End the call, please," I pleaded, my voice breaking as I could feel the tears now falling down my cheeks.

As soon as he left, I fell to the side so that I was lying down on the bed, my knees still pushed into my chest. I fell asleep then, to the peaceful dreams of times I'd once spent with Kai back at the house...

(OOC: I wrote so much that I ran out of room so I'm going to do my tests in a later post.)

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Kai."This isn't a joke, is it?"Danny called and closed my hand over my mouth, trying not to let a relieved gasp escape my lips. "It's not joke, Baby, it's really me." I told him, my voice cracking as I turned away from the techinican that handed me the phone. I had only five minutes. I needed to make sure he knew I was okay and just to hang in there. I'll have a plan to get out of here sooner or later.

"I can't even ask you any personal questions to see if it's really you...'cause they know everything." he said and I knew he was right to a certain degree. They couldn't know personal conversations...could they? "I'm sorry...I can't trust you until I see you for myself."
He said and with that, silently tears fell down my face. At least he was alive and I knew it was him. "I--I understand...Just--Just stay calm for me, okay. Try to stay calm..." I told him even though I already knew what his response might be. Hopefully he'd atleast recognize that, that was me by the statement. I was always good for telling him to relax when I knew he probably couldn't. It was a small indication but hopefully it'll work.

"End the call, Please" I heard him say and my heart sunk. Maybe it'll just hit him later.

"I love you." I said and handed the phone off to the technician.

He looked terrifed of me and dammit he should be...

He scurried off and I stood there alone and seething, my hands had fallen to my side, my head hung low. My entire posture changed as if I was preparing for a fight...and I was.

"Satified?"[b] Aziza called out of the intercom. I was silent, eerily so for a moment.

"Understand this. He's the only reason I am cooperating. You know that, you should also know, that if anything happens to him, or Mandie, or Ren. You've got nothing, keeping killing myself...evidently you don't want that. After each test, I need to see them. If I don't. You'll get no cooperation from me and surely you won't get any from them..." I said.

[b]"You are in no position to make demand."

"I just did."

I now understood how this works. They are after something specific that they can only get from me. This tests were designed for me, specifically and it all involved my cooperation and my being alive to do it. I held more power then I first thought.

"I'll see what I can do." She said and the line went dead.

Then, The guards returned and they hesitated. It was sorta funny, these guys were hulking monsters yet they took one look at me and wanted no parts of me. Good.

I walked out and this time they lead me to my cell.

I finally got to look around. They were thousands of cells, all looking the same but I noticed that beside the cell doors were names and numbers. As we got to mine, I saw mine and it read

A. Steele, 224, F

They all had F's on them so this was the female prison, which meant, Mandie shouldn't be too far from me.

I kept that in mind as I was lead inside, the cell door was closed behind me and I took a seat on the bed against the wall. I sat back, banging the back of my head out of boredom, frustration, anger and saddness.

It was good to atleast hear his voice...

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I woke up several hours later to the voice of a man right down my ear. My eyes shot open and I tried my best to jump upwards but he'd grabbed my arms and was now dragging me through the bedroom. I stayed deadly silent even though inside I felt like I could scream out and cry a river's worth of tears. It seemed like a long, long journey; much longer than the last, which obviously meant I was headed to a different room and, naturally, that scared the living shit out of me, but I kept it hidden from my expression. I couldn't let them know how much I was hurting deep inside, because then they'd use it to manipulate me further and I was pretty sure that would only cause my currently wavering mental health to spiral downwards at alarming rates. I couldn't handle much more, 'else I'd have some sort of fit or some shit.

After what seemed like an eternity of being dragged down a seemingly endless hallway, I was brought to a door and taken inside of another small white room, only this time it had a single chair with some sort of contraption hanging just above it. It looks like a helmet of some sort and I did not like the look of it, so I could feel myself hesitating as they let go and told me to take a seat. I walked slowly but picked up my pace as I felt some guys hand pushing into my back, prompting me to speed up. Once sat down, the man lowered the helmet to my height and it suddenly clamped around my head. I winced at the uncomfortable feeling, but bit my tongue and stopped myself from whimpering.

I opened my eyes and looked upwards, spotting a mirror built into the wall just in front of me. It was probably one of those mirrors where you can see through it on one side and not the other. I was obviously on the side where I couldn't see through, so there was most likely someone watching me from the other side. Another beep rang through the room and I frowned, before a voice echoed around me. "We're going to run you through a single test now, Daniel, okay?" the voice, who was presumably male, spoke and paused for a moment. After receiving no form of a verbal response from me, he continued. "We're going to give you something... something light in weight. You're going to see if you can move it without using your body," he said and with each word my expression looked more and more confused.

Are they fucking crazy? I mean... they were talking about telekinesis, right?

With that, another brutish male walked into the room, holding an average A4 piece of paper in his hand. He ordered me to hold my hand out and, hesitantly, I complied. Soon afterwards, he ripped a corner off the paper and placed the small ripped piece in the centre of my palm. I looked at it for a moment, before shifting my gaze towards the mirror once more. "Now what?" I asked and the room fell to silence for a moment, the man standing back a bit, before the voice spoke up again. "Okay, now that you have the paper, you're going to need to relax. Sit back a bit, control your breathing and clear your thoughts. This won't work if you're tense and stressed." Again, I was a bit hesitant but after a moment or so, I complied. I sat back in the seat a bit more and relaxed my entire body, except for the hand that held the paper. I tried my best to clear my thoughts and after a while, the test continued. "Run one hand over the paper. Get used to its energy." I lifted one hand and brushed it across the length of the paper a few times, then dropped it to my side. I had no idea what they were talking about when it came to energy but hopefully they'd realise I had no special 'talent' and they'd let both me and Kai go.

"How do you feel?" the man asked and my eyes opened slightly so that I was able to look towards the mirror. I took a moment to answer that as I thought of a less cocky response. After what seemed like at least half a minute of staring at the mirror, I managed to fumble a response. "I feel the exact same way as when I entered the room; bored as fuck." I looked back down at the paper after the man told me to just hang on for a short while longer, that if I held out maybe something would happen. And, to my surprise, something did happen, but it took damn near forever. As if by magic, or something similar, the paper shifted from one space on my hand to the very edges of my fingertips, before it fell over the edge and drifted slowly to the floor. I looked up at the mirror in disbelief and the room was silent for a good minute or so, before the man spoke. "Thank you, Daniel. You may leave now."

The man, who I assumed was something alone the lines of a prison guard by now, came over and unclamped the headgear from around my forehead and the back of my head, and lead me out of the room. I was unusually more compliant than before, although I was still sceptical of what went on back there. It had to be the breeze... maybe someone had opened the door without me noticing and the wind from the hallway blew it out of my hand. Yeah... that had to be it... Yeah, no... It had to be. I felt so weak then; I mean, they actually had me debating with myself before if I was some sort of mental patient, and then they tried to convince me I had the ability to move objects... I had no idea what these people were really up to but I did not like it either way.

As soon as I was thrown back into my bedroom, I moved over to my bed and sat down on the end of it, my legs crossed and my hands in my lap, feeling fairly fidgety all of a sudden. I looked up at the door every now and then but other than that, I stayed as still as I could, fighting the urge to move around.

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Kai Hours it seemed went by and I had fallen asleep with my head against the wall. I'd dreamt about Danny, it was so vivid that when I woke, I thought he'd be sleeping beside me. I closed my eyes to keep the tears from falling.

A little later, my 'buddies' arrived and I stood. I didn't want them to touch me so I got up and walked with them.

I was lead to the a room and ushered inside

I stopped short at the door, when my eyes fell on a bed with straps for my legs and arms.

That sent me into a panic. "No non--no no." I cried out and took off as fast as I could.

That was my biggest fear, being tied down, unable to move. So Yea, suffice it to say, I wasn't sticking around.

I ran as fast as I could but they called in more guards and I was subdued rather quickly. I was pretty sure I looked as if I'd gone completely postal and honestly, I did. I kicked and screamed, scratched, trying to get away but they had me good. I was pretty sure the whole damn cell block heard my panic.

My screaming continued into the white room as they forced me into the hospital bed and if I were in the proper state of mine, I would have thought, my screams were getting louder, more siren like as they got the straps on my legs. My eyes widened and suddenly,everyone in the room, dropped down and clutched their ears. A few mens ears were bleeding.

It was then I realised the sound was coming from me, and I stopped, my panic attack subsided and I was left tied to the bed, while guards and doctors lay unconscious on the ground around me.

What. The. Hell?

It wasn't long before the cavalery arrived and too my surprise I was unstrapped and lead back to my cell.

My throat and head hurt and I was left with wondering what the hell just happened.

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Consciousness overcame my senses and I was greeted by all of my nerves screaming in pain. I noted that I was starting to feel a bit feverish. Probably from the stress of being, oh, kidnapped maybe?
I sat up very gingerly with my hand keeping my head stable as the room swayed before me. The walls were a blinding white, so I squeezed my eyes shut so the light wouldn't get a chance to intensify my already intense headache. Also, my back felt like it was on fire. That was always a wonderful feeling.
I could still feel Aya’s fear and panic, and coupled with my own it was almost too much to bear. My whole being trembled and I collapsed in on myself, trying to get as small as possible, desperate for some semblance of safety and security.
I didn’t understand why this was happening. I’d hardly ever done anything wrong (I was pretty intimidated by authority), and one of the only times I really got in trouble was when I Sparta-kicked a boy in the stomach because he was annoying me.
I laughed bitterly at that memory. I wouldn’t be able to Sparta-kick my way out of this one.
Anger began to rise in my chest and I recognized it as Aya’s emotions. We’d always had a connection, we always knew what the other was thinking, but I’d never felt her emotions before like this…and I could only imagine what was happening to her.
Aya, I thought to myself, we gotta get out of this…but how? What is going on? Why is this happening?
I’d only seen these types of things happen in movies and tv shows. Those were always thrilling to watch, but now that it was happening to me…yeah, not so much. I kept running thoughts through my head, imagining all of the things that these people could possibly want with me. Did I have something of value that they wanted? Was this gonna be some crazy, real life version of the Saw movies? Did they want to torture me, rape me, kill me…? Expose me to radiation and turn me into a mutant with superpowers? Being the total nerd that I was, I was kind of hoping for that last choice. That was the most preferable of all the other scenarios I had thought up.
My forehead started to burn more furiously and I tried to quell the nausea brewing in my stomach as I wiped the sweat from my brow. I started to practice deep vinyasa breathing to calm myself down and thought, I’d kill for a yoga mat and some water right about now.
Suddenly the door my cell swung open, and before I could saw anything I was roughly grabbed and pulled up off the bed. My head pounded as I tried to open my eyes to see anything, try to find anything that would give me a clue as to where I was. But all I could see were huge man hands grasping my upper arms and my toes barely reaching the floor as I was relocated to a room at the far end of a long hallway. I was plopped down into a cold, steel chair that sent shivers all throughout my body. The coolness was a brief comfort to my molten skin.
I could only squint but I saw a metal table before me, and a moment later a poised Indian woman stepped into the room and smiled down at me. I grimaced in return. Assuming that this was the person who was going to ask me all sorts of fun questions, I sat back in the chair and tried to look as relaxed and indifferent as possible. It was going to be hard to try and fight my extreme discomfort.

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Kai. I sat in my cell, my head against the wall, All I could do was sit there, wondering what was going on with my friends, my boyfriend.

Panic overwhelmed me, suddenly I couldn't breathe but then it calmed just as quickly as it had appeared.

Aya, We gotta get out of this...but how. What's going on?...Why is this happening?

I shot up. That was clearly Mandie's voice...but in my head...

Great...I'm hearing voice, just what I need...Wait?

I gottta test this...I'd already blew out a few peoples ears with my voice. Maybe I could talk to her telepathically.

Here's goes nothing...

Mandie...If you can hear me, Don't let that bitch get to you...She'll lie, tell you'll be free to go, it's totally shit. She'll try to piss you off and she might show you something but don't let her know she's gotten to you. That's what she wants. I already made that mistake." It was all I could do, all I could tell her until I formulated a plan.

Just let me think...

AzizaAziza watched as the girl was sat in front of her. She folded her hands and placed them in to her lap. "Hello, Amanda. I am Aziza Banjaree." She said, watching the gingered haired girl try to look indifferent. Aziza almost smiled. "You are in the custody of the Organization, Here we will run tests and once you get what we want you will be free to go." She said, lying right through her teeth.

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I heard my name so clearly, but it didn't come from the Indian woman's mouth.
If you can hear me, don't let that bitch get to you. She'll lie, tell you to be free to go; it's totally shit. She'll try to piss you off and she might show you something but don't let her know she's gotten to you. That's what she wants. I already made that mistake.
I glanced down at the table in front of me, pretending that it was more interesting than Aya's voice ricocheting through my brain. I kept my face completely expressionless and looked back up at my interrogator, who still had that stupid, smug smile on her face. Surprisingly my fever had started to cool down and the pain in my head and back was starting to dissipate.
If that is you, Aya, and I'm not going completely mental right now, what the hell is going on?! How are we even doing this right now? I feel like Jean Grey, only with less split personality...Where are you?
"Hello, Amanda," the woman finally said. She had her hands politely folded in her lap. How professional. I was half expecting her to lift up a knife and chuck it into my jugular. "I am Aziza Banjaree."
Aziza...Banjaree? What a strange name. Now I was expecting her to whip out a banjo and start serenading me with bluegrass tunes. The image in my mind almost made me bust out in laughter, but I restrained myself.
"You are in custody of the Organization. Here we will run tests and once we get what we want, you will be free to go."
I see what you mean about the bullshit. Damn, even a two year old could see past that lie.
"The Organization?" I snorted in amusement. "You guys couldn't even come up with something creative? That's like naming your cat, 'Cat'."

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Kai "If that's you, Aya and I'm not going completely mental right now. What the hell is going on...How are we doing even this right now. I feel like Jean Grey...only less spilt personality. Where are you?"
Leave it to Mandie to reference a comic book character in the middle of catastrophe....
I almost laughed dispite it all.
I don't know how or why, but I don't care, I'm in a cell some place. Your's shouldn't be too far from mine. I told her mentally.

I see what you mean about the bullshit. Damn even a two year old could see past that lie..."
I prepared for the worst after that. The last time I nearly had my ears blown out. Mandie was my best friend, to get to her they'd use me...I'll try to keep it from showing on my face....whatever they decided to do to me.

"The Organization?"Amanda snorted. Aziza looked impassive. "You guys couldn't even come up with something creative? That's like naming your cat, 'Cat'." She said and Aziza sighed. "Amanda, all we need is your cooperation. It would all go smoothly for you and your friend if you did." She said calmly and same as before the technician was waved in and he sat down a tablet with the same security feed of Akiya's cell. She sat in the cell, eyes closed, legs folded, same as she had been during Daniel's interrogation.

"I'd rather not hurt her, however, I'm ready and willing too."

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"Amanda, all we need is your cooperation," Aziza sighed. "It would all go smoothly for you and your friend if you did."
I stared at the computer screen that featured my best friend meditating in her cell. I don't know how or why, but I don't care, I'm in a cell some place. Your's shouldn't be too far from mine, Aya told me. Rage welled up in my throat but I tried my best to hide it. I was furious at these people, confused at why they had us all locked up like convicts, terrified at what they could do to us, but relieved that for now Aya was safe.
Aya, I know you’re strong. I’m so sorry if they do anything to you, but I won’t give them what they want. I’m takin a page from your book. Stay strong, girl. We’ll get out of this.
“I’d rather not hurt her. However, I’m ready and willing to,” Aziza said. I took a deep breath in and stared hard into the woman’s eyes. As they say, if looks could kill…Aziza would be splattered all over the back wall.
“What I’m confused about is that obviously you need us for something. If you want us to cooperate, how about trying not threatening us? Ask us nicely?” I retorted sarcastically, flashing her a huge fake grin. “Haven’t you ever heard of the golden rule?”

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[font=sylfaen]Kai"Aya, I know you're strong. I'm so sorry if they do anything to you, but I won't give them what they want. I'm takin a page from your book. Stay strong, girl. We'll get out of this."

"I know, Babydoll, I know. Just don't get angry. Don't let her see you angry.That's all she wants. For now, Take the tests, just don't get angry."

I looked up at the security camera, knowing they were watching me and I knew what they were going to do next. I just winked at her and sure enough, That high pitched siren went off in my cell. I closed my eyes, stiffened but this time I was prepared. With Danny, I wasn't and so it caught me off guard but thankfully with Mandie and I's connection being stronger then it's every been, I was prepared and I was double pissed, my own anger blended with hers, which meant I was focused. My thoughts clearer then they've ever been before.

I just wish I could get my thoughts to Danny. I mean, I was scared, no doubt but Danny...
As the sirens went off, I closed my hands around my ears, focused on Danny, praying to whatever God that was listening that he'd been okay... He couldn't trust me over the phone, chances are even if I could project my thoughts to him, He probably wouldn't trust me in his head, he'd might think he was going crazy....hell, we all were.
The siren stopped finally and I dropped my hands.

Aziza"What I'm confused about is that obviously you neef us for something. If you want us to cooperate, how about trying not threatening us? Ask us nicely?" Amanda retorted. Great, More sarcasm... Aziza thought. She sighed impatiently as the girl grinned in a similar way as her friend had done.
"Haven't you ever heard of the golden rule?"

"Amanda, You and I both know, neither you were going to listen, You are terrified of authority, your friend has a deep seeded hatred for authority, asking you nicely would have had you all here regardless, besides, I tried being nice. You and Her sarcasm has tried my patience." Aziza grabbed her lapel. "Audio in 224."

Aziza watched as the girl only closed her ears, shivered a bit but that was all. It wasn't the violent reaction she had before and Aziza was fairly certain the girl winked at the camera.

"Let's not try my patience any further."

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I know, Babydoll, I know. Just don't get angry. Don't let her see you angry. That's all she wants. For now, take the tests, just don't get angry, Aya thought to me.
"Amanda, you and I both know that neither of you were going to listen. You are terrified of authority, your friend has a deep seeded hatred for authority, asking you nicely would have had you all here regardless. Besides, I tried being nice. Yours and her sarcasm has tried my patience." Aziza grabbed her lapel. "Audio in 224."
Aya winked to the camera and I just sat back and smiled broadly at Aziza. I hated the thought of Aya suffering but I was so proud of her, barely giving them any reaction. I'm sure Aziza wasn't expecting that or my own reaction. You did good. They're not gonna screw with us and get away with it.
"Let's not try my patience any further."
I raised my hands in mock surrender and said, "Oh no, what, is Mommy gonna spank me?" Folding my hands neatly in my lap to imitate my captor, I tilted my head audaciously. "Bring it on, woman. Do what you want with me; let's get it over with so I can get back to bed."

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Do they own McDonalds?

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The Organization

The Organization is everywhere, they are business men, government leaders, military officals and scientists all with one goal.
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So far they've done that.

They have their hands in world governments, military and biochemical and pharmaceutical companys. You name it, they own it.

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This gene is basically the next step in human evolution, so they believe.

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The Organization has recently made it their mission to collect all of those with this gene and test them, to see just how awaken the Metagene's power.

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