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Daniel Wright

"Well... Shit..."

0 · 629 views · located in The United Kingdom

a character in “The Organization: Runaways”, originally authored by RawkFist, as played by RolePlayGateway




Name: Daniel Wright.

Nicknames: Blue, Boo (Winny only), Danny or Dan.

Age: Twenty.

Gender: Male.

Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Face claim: Tyler Posey.

Nationality: Predominantly British with some German, Scottish and Native American blood.

Hair: Light brown, almost blonde.

Eyes: Blue.

Complexion: Fair.

Height: 5'10".


Oak Farm Kennels & Cattery.

Ice cream.
Pancakes in the morning.
Reality TV.

Being touched.
Being proven wrong.
Being woken up.
Uncomfortable silences.

Anything that crawls, flies or makes a buzzing sound (especially moths).
Wide and open spaces.
Confined spaces.
Large amounts of water.


Checking a cupboard several times before concluding there's nothing in it.
Opening a new tab and closing it for no apparent reason.
Biting on my bottom lip, and not in a sexy way...

General personality:
"I guess I'm quite a nice guy, but then again that's just my opinion. I have flaws, quite a lot of them actually, and because of this I tend to be quite paranoid and self-conscious. I hate judgement, like more than every other fear I have. Other people's opinions are quite important to me, mainly because they are the scariest thing in the world and I would go to great lengths to make sure their opinions are strictly positive. As you may have guessed, I don't take criticism very well. I exaggerate a lot over the slightest hint of judgement.

While I'm not particularly shy, per say, I don't like talking to people I don't know, except for the seemingly nice ones. It's not a case of being scared of other people, I just don't like them... That sounds bad, but I can't really find the words to explain. I don't judge people because I know how sucky it feels to be thought bad of, but first impressions really do count with me and if I don't like you at first, chances are I won't be so keen to warm up to you, although friendship is not completely off the table; one day I might decide that I like you, but of course it takes a lot of work to sway my opinions.

On a more positive note, I do have quite a strange sense of humour. I am obsessed with Alpacas; they are like the best animals in the entire world. If I could own an Alpaca farm, I would do it in a heartbeat. I know that most people don't understand me and while it does sort of bug me, I don't press the issue. If they won't take the time to get to know me and at least slightly understand why I act the way I do, then they obviously aren't worth my time."


Acquired primary ability: Telekinesis.

Binding: to keep object/being from moving.
Psionic Strength: to augment the his own physical strength.
Levitation: to lift an object.
Telekinetic Choking: to lift and strangle others.
Telekinetic Manoeuvre: to alter an object's directional course.
Telekinetic Grip: to grasp an object firmly in place.
Telekinetic Pull/Push: to pull or push objects in certain directions.
Telekinetic Constructs: to use telekinetic energy to create tools, weapons, objects (and other items) as well as semi-living constructs.

Could drain all of his energy quite quickly.
May require constant focus to maintain a construct.

Acquired secondary ability: Chronokinesis.

Accelerating, slowing, stopping and even rewinding or looping time itself.
Appearance of enhanced reflexes and enhanced speed.
Time travel: to travel through time, into the past or the future.

May have limited ability in both the length of time and area he can affect.


So begins...

Daniel Wright's Story

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0.00 INK

Today was a special day.

For two reasons. One. I just got my motorcycle license and Two, Mandie was coming to town.

I'd gotten used to living here. It's quiet and peaceful compared to the city and to be quite honest I think I was the loudest thing here.

To further prove my point, the engine of my new favorite toy, The Kawasaki Ninja 250 revved up as I turned down the street.

It felt really nice driving now. The whole driving on the otherside of the road and sitting on the opposite side of the car, wasn't all that annoying when your on a sports bike. Mandie was gonna have a helluva time with that.

I pulled to a stop at a traffic light, setting my booted feet on asphalt to keep the bike balanced. I looked around the shaded world of my helmet. Everything around me dimmed by the tinted glass protecting my face from the elements and my head should anything more vioent happen. Not only that, I wore a black and green motorbike leather suit.It was rather loose on the mannequin but on me, well. I'll let my boyfriend be the judge of that.

With a smirk at that thought, I prepared to rev up again when I noticed that odd feeling of someone watching me. Now granted. I'm on a black and green motorbike, in a matching outfit. I wasn't invisible but this was eerie. It wasn't a casual onlooker feel. It was as if someone was looking at me, directly at me.

I looked around and couldn't see many faces because they were hidden in cars and there were a few people on the street.

A few guys admired my bike from afar...or what I hoped they were looking at was my bike but other then that. Nothing.

Maybe it was just my paranoia. I don't know, all I know now is that I really wanted to get home.

After a little while of riding, I made it to the house. I parked, and locked up my bike. Love that it has a killswitch so no one could still my shit.

I made my way inside the house after removing my helmet and holding it under my arm and hip, I shouted. "Guess whose got there motorcycle license~!"

Now, I know one of those two bozos would say something to the effect of 'Nice of you to warn them.' mainly because...I would have. Hell, I walked right into that one.

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0.00 INK

This morning I'd woken up a bit later than usual because it seemed that Ren hadn't bothered to wake me up at 7am in the freakin' as he usually did. However, since I'd gotten into the habit of waking up earlier pretty much every morning - usually for work - I only slept in 'till 9am which was alright because I didn't have to go to work, though I was sort of curious as to what Ren was up to. God knows where he was at that time.

I climbed out of bed after a moment of yawning and stretching groggily. Washing and showering came first on my to-do list which only took me around an hour. Though this morning I was feeling especially slow, which confused me a bit but it didn't matter. I looked up at the shower head as the water poured from it, and I wasn't sure if it was just my eyes or something but the water seemed... slower than usual, if that makes sense. Not considerably so but enough to make me stop and wonder. It was probably just the tiredness or whatever but it was still weird.

After drying myself down along with my hair, I then proceeded to pick out my outfit for the morning. Since I didn't need to go to work or anything, I had no need to dress up nice, despite the fact that Kai's friend was supposed to be coming to stay with us for a little while. We didn't have a spare bedroom which meant that Mandie would have to room with someone. It looked like I wasn't going to be able to make any of my late-night trips to Kai's room anymore. Pity.

And no, I don't mean that sort of 'late-night trip'.

My outfit consisted of a Criminal Damage Brick Polo Shirt, with no jacket to cover it because jackets weren't for inside according to Ren. I could quite happily just wear a hoody over pretty much anything but, believe it or not, Ren was strict on house rules. Like the whole 'take your shoes off in the house' thing or 'only eat dinner in the living room'. Jeez, he could be annoying at times. For my jeans I decided to go with some Criminal Damage SOS Skinny Denim Jeans. Yeah, I buy most of my clothes from David & Goliath and Blue Banana, so don't be surprised if you realise the majority of my clothes are all made by the same brand. Like previously mentioned, Ren hated when people purposely wore shoes in and around the house, so just some socks did me fine for the time being.

Just as I made my way downstairs, I heard Kai shouting something. I peaked my head over the banister to hear her better. "Guess whose got their motorcycle license!" I couldn't help but smirk, merely at the sight of the tight-fitting biker outfit that hugged her figure. "Wow," was all I could say at that moment as I made my way towards her. "You look... wow," I gaped, struggling for words. I managed to save myself some with a brief chuckle, before leaning in to give her a quick 'hello' kiss. "Well done, Babe, I'm proud o' you," I said with a bright smile.

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0.00 INK

"Wow." Danny said as he approached me and I giggled bashfully. Typically I would have been extremely self conscious but not anymore. Not with him anyway. Besides, I really liked how I looked in this get-up. Apparently so did he. "You," He muttered and my smile widened. I eyed up his outfit and I realised, I am always overdressed around him. Granted, when I bought the bike, I saw this, I knew it was a bit epic but I couldn't resist. It matched my bike for pete's sake, but still.

He then leaned down for a hello kiss to which I happily returned. I hooked my arms around his waist, "Well done, Babe, I'm proud o' you." He said smiling at me and I grinned. I had worked really hard to get my license. It killed me to read the bool but at the same time, I was tired of relying on the boys to take me places. While I'm fairly certain Danny didn't mind, taking the train loses it's fun when I had to travel to Birmingham every day for work, The bike cut my time in half and now me ane Danny could go riding off someplace for the hell of it. "Thanks, Sugar." I said with a quick peck of my own. "You wanna go see the bike? I even got an extra helmet if you wanna take a ride with me." I told him, getting chills at the thought. He holds me all the time but the idea of us being on the bike, and his arms around my waist. It just...anyway.

Then another thought crossed my mind. No sarcastic quips. No cynical grunts and groans at us being all lovey dovey? Something was missing. "Wait, Where's Ren?" I asked looking around the room, with my arms still around Danny's waist.

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0.00 INK

So, my day was shaping up to be absolutely shit before it had even begun. I was up most of the night due to the heat, which sucked because I can't usually sleep without a blanket. After spending around two hours tossing and turning during the night, I finally gave up. My brain now having the grand idea to get up and make something to eat, I slipped out of bed and made my way downstairs to look in the kitchen for food. Nobody had been shopping so I highly doubted the fridge was going to be full. Turns out I was right in my assumption as I opened the fridge door and saw nothing of interest, except for a block of cheese, some pâté and a Milky Way bar.

Well, that was just fantastic, for many reasons. I don't like white chocolate, pâté tastes terrible and I wasn't about to just sit and eat a block of cheese... just in case I did manage to fall asleep at some point in the night. With a sigh that almost sounded like a breathy growl, I slammed the fridge door shut and left the kitchen. 2am... It was 2am in the freaking morning and I hadn't slept a wink. "Damn you England and your strange ass fucking weather," I mumbled to myself.

Now what?

I couldn't sleep, the TV would be too loud and Danny or Kai would hear it in an instance, and it was too late to text or meet up with anybody. It's things like this that I hate most about life, which was only a small addition to an extremely large and hateful list of life and all its utter bullshit.

After silently wandering around the house for a while, I managed to actually fall asleep at like 5am in the morning but smack-bang in the middle of the downstairs toilet room. God knows how I'd ended up there and I actually didn't wake up until gone 12am. Groggily, I made my way out of the bathroom just as the "wait, where's Ren?" question was asked. I looked up at Kai, my eyes half-lidded as a slow yawn made its way out of my lips. "No crotch contact, guys," I warned them in a monotonous voice, pointing a finger at them absent-mindedly before making my way into the living room.

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"Thanks, Sugar," Kai replied and I smiled down at her, the smile still lingering as she gave me a small peck on the lips. "You wanna go see the bike? I even got an extra helmet if you wanna take a ride with me," she suggested and I couldn't help but grin brightly, even though the idea was completely ridiculous. Me? On a sports bike? I'd have a bloody panic attack, no doubt. Still, I wanted to at least see what sort of bike she'd bought just so that I could make a comment. Her outfit looked great so I had no doubt she had good taste in vehicles as well. "I'll pass on the ride but I'd love to see it," I said, wrapped my arms around her to pull her closer.

"Wait, where's Ren?" she asked and I turned my head to look around the room, knowing full-well he wasn't inside it until the door to the bathroom opened and he managed to stumble out. I squinted my eyes some out of pure confusion. I hadn't heard him go downstairs and to be honest, he looked like he'd literally woken up seconds before leaving. "No crotch contact, guys," he said, almost warningly. I hadn't at all realised that they were in contact until he made a comment but I had no intention of pulling away any time soon. "Shut up, Ren," I called in after him.

I turned to Kai again. "Well, I think that question has been answered," I said at the same time as a sigh broke through my lips, "now let's see that bike of yours, eh?"

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Almost as soon as I asked, my question was answered. Ren popped up out of no where. "No crotch contact, guys."
My head hit Danny's chest lightly with a small laugh.
"Shut up, Ren," Danny called to him.
Be careful what you wish for...

The poor thing looked wrecked.

It was pretty hot last night...for England. Talk to me when the temp reaches 114, then we can talk about heat.

I for one slept like a baby, The usually heat knocks me out instant but living in Cali for 5 years, this was nothing.

But I also knew they were the exact opposite when it came to heat.

"Well, I think that question has been answered," He said and the sighed. "Now let's see that bike of yours, eh?" He said and a large grin found it's way on my face. I took his hand and practically dragged him outside after slipping back on my boots. No shoes in the house didn't bother me none, I grew up with that as a house rule and I understood why. No one wants to have dirt tracked across the floor by someone's little nasty shoes...

With that, I dragged my poor boy outside, excitedly and only let go when we reached the bike. This thing looked like a freakin Transformer with it's hard edges and black and green coloring.When I saw it, I had the urge to look for an Autobot ensignia. That was another thing I was glad about Mandie coming here. I would no longer be the girl, the oldest -she's older then me by 3 monthes- and the only American. So I won't get confused looks when I say I'm dying for a Twizzler. She'll know what the hell I'm talking about.

"Tada! My new favorite toy. What do you think?" I said excitedly, bouncing on my feet as I usually do when I'm excited. "It's definitely me, isn't it?"

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I frowned some as I was practically dragged out the front door without even being given a chance to put my shoes on, but as soon as I went into the garage and saw the awesome thing that was her new bike, the pain of walking on the ground in only socks just kind of disappeared. A bright smile found its place on my lips as Kai turned to me, looking all excited which was understandable. I'd have the exact same look on my face if I'd bought a bike and wasn't scared to death of riding on it. Unfortunately, being a person whose life is built around fear and paranoia, riding a motorcycle seemed a little bit far fetched. Oh well. It's probably best that I left those sorts of activities to the dare devils.

"Tada! My new favourite toy. What do you think?" she asked and I grinned some as she bounced up and down on her heels, which I found both amazingly cute and made her seem even more attractive than she already was. "It's definitely me, isn't it?" I couldn't fight the urge to smirk at the question. Oh, how many ways there were for me to answer that. I kept my eyes on her, almost half-lidded. "It's..." I paused for a moment or two, "sexy." I stepped forward a little to close the distance between us, lifting a hand to brush my thumb across her jawline. "Oh yeah, it's definitely you," I said, my voice softening into a whisper. Okay, so this was totally not like me but it was sort of fun, especially when I was directing it all at Kai.

Soon after I'd spoken, I leaned in to kiss her, shuffling her back some so that she was being gently pressed against the bike.

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0.00 INK

I was still grinning like an idiot when Danny eyed up my bike. “It's....” He paused and I cocked my head a little. It was a habit of mine that I tend to give all of my characters. ”Sexy.” He said and my grin switched from excited to mischievous is a matter of second. He closed the gap between us, brushing his thumb across my jawline and I got chills. ”Oh yeah, it's definitely you,” His voice dropping to a whisper and out of habit a bite my lip before he pressed his to mine.

I don't know where this came from all of sudden...well I did but you get it. The point is, I really liked it. He had his cheeky moments and so did I. I liked it even more so when we were alone.

My eyes fluttered closed as he pressed me against the bike. There were about a million things I wanted to do at this point, I didn't know where to start. My fingers, seem to be way ahead of me as they hooked themselves at his belt loops pulling him closer to me, as I deepened the kiss, my lips parted ever so slightly. I wasn't implying anything more then the kiss even though the idea was extremely tempting, I don't know where his mind was but mine was no where good...depending on how you take it.

Well we'll just have to see where this leads...

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0.00 INK

Although the majority of my focus was currently on the kiss between me and Kai, I had managed to catch onto the fact that she had hooked her fingers into the belt loops on my jeans which she then used to pull me closer to her. My one hand was still on her neck with my thumb brushing against her jaw whilst the other now moved to her back and slowly slid down to her behind. The kiss deepened some more and to be quite honest, I couldn't help but feel like I wanted it to go further, though deep down I knew that it wouldn't. Not only was it extremely early into the relationship, but in a garage... That was just plain crappy, especially for the first time, y'know.

Gently, I broke away from the kiss and moved my lips to her jaw, which I then trailed kissed across until I reached her neck. As soon as the kisses reached her shoulder, I pulled my head back with a small huff of breath and looked at Kai properly once more. I didn't want to stop, not at all, but I felt that if I didn't then I'd end up trying something which would inevitably end in rejection, embarrassment and would probably lead to future relationship paranoia that I'd already worked so hard to dull down.

"Okay, well," I said, my arms falling to my sides once more. I paused for a second, before placing another lingering kiss on her lips. "I reckon that's enough for now," I said with one my of usually crooked smiles. I hadn't bothered to move away from her so quickly but I had allowed myself to glance around the room and out of the corner of my eye I noticed Winny peaking around the open garage door. She disappeared in that second, the sound of her light footsteps letting me know that she has scurried off to the front of the house. I couldn't help but smile some at that. She was always the curious one out of the group.

I turned to Kai again with a shrug. "So, when's your friend due to arrive?" I asked.

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0.00 INK

After a nice long while, as we continued our kiss, Danny's hand had slid down my back and stopped a little further south. He was driving me insane he really was, I was trying to behave but he was making that damn near impossible. Granted, it was still too soon for us, but my body begged a differ. Thankfully, I was more cerebral then that and so was he and besides, our first time would be somewhere special and most importantly not on the bike in the garage.

Surely enough before things got too heated, he pulled away and trailed kisses down jaw, my neck and shoulder, sending more chills all over my skin. I was still breathless from the kiss and he was making it even harder to breathe by doing that. I freed my one hand from his belt loops and it rose to his neck as he continued his gentle kisses. I was really glad he was started to relax. He used to be nervous, which I found absolutely adorable and charming. He was trying really hard not to overstep his bounds and all that and I was grateful. Not many guys I knew would be so considerate. All that really did was make me want him even more, if that was at all possible. Now, while he was still considerate, he was little bolder then before and I love it.

”Okay, well,” He said after finally ending the beautiful torture that was his kiss. Epic, I know but whatever. I had to take a few breaths before I could think straight. He paused for a moment and then he pulled me into another lingering kiss. My hands rose to his chest, resting there even as he pulled away and gave me one of those boyish grins of his ” I reckon that's enough for now.” He said and I pouted playfully. 'Aww Do we have to?' I thought but kept it to myself. He was restraining himself, I knew he was and I knew I needed to also. He stayed close though and it was then I heard footfalls running away from the garage, I looked but my eyes were still a little dazed from having them closed for so long. I looked up at Danny, as a smile lingered on his face. That must have been Winny, had that be Ren, he'd throttle him. He looked at me and shrugged. “So, When's your friend due to arrive?” He asked and I opened my mouth to speak but I had to clear my throat a little. “ Soon, She boarded last night, so she should be landing soon, if not already on her way.” I told him and hooked an arm around his waist. ”C'mon, We should head back inside, before we end up in trouble.” I told him with a mischievous grin.

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0.00 INK

After what seemed like FOREVER, the plane boarded at the UK airport and I took my luggage outside to where my rented Mini Cooper sat waiting for me. I plugged in Danny and Ren's address into my GPS and headed off in their direction. A few times I had to swerve to the other side of the road because I forgot I wasn't in America anymore. These roads are gonna be the death of me...!
Their place was fairly easy to find. I pulled up right in front of the house to see my best friend and what I assumed to be her man snogging in the garage. I shook my head, laughed, then opened the car door and peeked over the top of the Mini Cooper. "Ay!" I shouted. "Am I interrupting something?!"

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No sooner had I spoke, I heard a loud "Ay!" come from behind us. I looked and saw the bright red hair of my best friend. A grin stretched across my face. "Am I interrupting something?! She shouted and I squealed. Interrupting? No. Stopping things before they got started again. There was a good chance of that. I slipped gingerly away from Danny. I always felt a little chill after I moved away from him but I didn't worry too much, I'd be back there soon enough.
I darted over to her. "It's about damn time!" I shrieked happily. We hadn't physically seen in each other since Prom...kill me now. It's been a good while since then and I was glad to have her here. Although, the first thing she didn't need to see was me making out with my boyfriend. That I could have done without.
I gave her a huge hug before stepping back to get a good look at her. Last time I saw her, Her hair was much shorter, but other then that she pretty much looked the same. It seemed that was a theme with us. I looked the same too save for my hair. It used to be straight but I got sick of dealing with it and I went to dreads.

“Wow, it's been forever.” I sighed and then I looked back at my Danny. I smiled at him. I took her hand and pulled her to him. I figured let's get this part over with now and have fun later. ”Danny, Mandie, Mandie, Danny.” I said gesturing between the two of them with a large smile.

Welp, my job is done.

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0.00 INK

“Soon, she boarded last night, so she should be landing soon, if not already on her way,” Kai said and I nodded some, a small smile still lingering on my lips. She hooked her arm around my waist and I probably would have gone in for another kiss if she hadn't spoken again. ”C'mon, we should head back inside, before we end up in trouble," she continued. I frowned some, my bottom lip sticking out into a pout. "But trouble can be so fun," I whined, but decided that enough was enough... for now, anyway. No doubt there would be another kiss at some point in the day, and no doubt it would come soon. I noticed the mischief evident in her grin and I couldn't help but allow a faint smirk to line my lips. Now that was sexy, especially on her.

For some odd reason, I didn't pull away from her instantly after she'd suggested going inside, however a voice from behind us made me turn my head. A red-headed girl was poking her head out of the car to look at us. "Am I interrupting something?" the girl - who I now assumed was Mandie based off of my terrible memory of the video chat that happened not long ago - said. Yeah, my memory was absolutely terrible, if you hadn't already guessed. With that, Kai moved from between me and the bike to run towards Mandie. I watched with a smile as they embraced each other in a hug.

The two girls exchanged words before Kai dragged her over to me. "Danny, Mandie. Mandie, Danny," she said and I flashed Mandie a welcoming smile. Mandie extended her hand to me as she spoke. "Well it's good to finally meet you, Danny," she greeted and I took her hand gingerly. While I was trying to make a good first impression, she was completely new to me and I still don't like being touched by strangers. If it were anyone else, I'd have just stared at her hand until it fell back to her side. "Likewise," I said, my hand moving from hers as I attempted to make the handshake as brief as possible without appearing too rude about it. "I ain't seen this girl in ages, I hope you been treatin' her right!" Mandie said, causing a small chuckle to leave my lips. "Of course I've been treating her right. Is there any other way to treat a woman?" I asked, rhetorically. I glanced over at Kai, then back over at Mandie.

I noticed that behind her, another car had pulled into the drive. I squinted some and stepped around them after mumbling a quiet 'excuse me'. I walked towards the car just as my sister got out the driver's seat. I stopped walking literally as soon as I saw her and turned to walk back but she snapped my name from her gobby little mouth and forced me to turn to her. "I'm dropping Dylan off, shithead, don't ignore me," she muttered, and soon after Dylan scurried out of the passenger's seat. With his head held low, he walked over to me. He was unusually quiet and I completely understood why. I'd be exactly the same if I had to sit in a car with that bitch for 20 minutes. "I'm going to go see Ren or something," he said and made his way past the two girls without looking up at them. I glared over at my sister. "Don't look at me like that," she said, and with every word she said I just wanted to rip her tongue out and ram it down her throat. Without so much as another word, I made my way back over to Kai.

It was then that I realised Kai hadn't had the chance to meet my brother or sister before. Oh, fantastic... Just fantastic. Hopefully Dylan would warm up to them both a bit. He was always quiet at first but before you know it he'll be jumping around and cackling like an idiot. "I'm going to go sort stuff out. I trust you two can sort out your sleeping arrangements and things like that," I said as I leaned in to kiss Kai's cheek. "I'll be out in the garden if you need me." And with that, I made my way through the house and into the garden.

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I stood there watching my two favorite people in the world...literally finally meet with the biggest grin. I was shocked to see Danny give her a handshake. I was like the only person that could touch him. Something I exploited as often as I could by the way. . "I ain't seen this girl in ages, I hope you been treatin' her right!" Mandie said, and Danny chuckled. I just stood there, grinning still. . "Of course I've been treating her right. Is there any other way to treat a woman?" He said and I could help but giggle like an idiot as he glanced at me.  
Just then another car pulled up and Danny excused himself before walking off but stopping when a girl stepped out the car. With that, I knew just who this was, while I never official met his sister, He told me enough to make me want to keep my distance, not for fear of making a bad impression but because I know how I can get, Let her say one thing wrong about my Danny and we'll have some serious issues that may require medical attention. Just saying.

 "I'm dropping Dylan off, shithead, don't ignore me," His sister said and I got tense but didn't react much beyond that as a sullen boy came out of the car and I just wanted to hug him. He looked either sad or annoyed, or a combination of both. I didn't know him either but I knew he was Danny's little brother, I think about the only person of Danny's family he actually liked. . ”I'm going to go see Ren or something," Said Dylan as he walked past Mandie and I and I watched him walk off. I didn't know why I felt bad but he looked down. . "Don't look at me like that," His sister spoke drawing my attention back to them. I could see Danny was tense now. Great, Way to ruin the happy moment. I was completely expressionless which could be very bad depending on the situation and with Danny, I was just as protective of him as he was of me so I was on edge.

 "I'm going to go sort stuff out. I trust you two can sort out your sleeping arrangements and things like that," He said and kissed my cheek. Great. He wasn't in the best of moods. I smiled regardless. The last thing he needed to see was me upset at all. That would not end well.  "I'll be out in the garden if you need me." He said and I grinned. ”But I always need you.” I said hoping to lighten his mood as he made his way through house and presumably the backyard like he said. I looked at Mandie. She probably noticed how tense I was and probably could read the majority of my thoughts. We always had a weird connection thing where we practically read each other's thoughts. Once, I felt her pain, like for real. That was nuts.
”Okay, so, Let's get on inside, yeah?” I said and turned and nearly ran into my bike. Real Smooth. But that reminded me. “ But First, Check it. My baby.” I said holding out my arms gesturing to my bike. ”I'm thinking of calling it' Arcee, I mean It looks like a freakin Transformer.” I said with a smirk, I love how I could explain that to her and she'd known what I meant.

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"Don't look at me like that," the woman who had pulled in front of the house snapped at Danny. I could feel the atmosphere around us immediately get tense, and by the expression on Aya's face, or lack thereof, things could get very bad for the woman if she didn't leave now. I knew Aya well enough to know that she didn't tolerate that crap, especially when it was aimed toward someone she cared about.
Danny said he was going to the garden and headed into the house, and I sidled up to Aya, crossing my arms and putting a finger to my chin curiously. "Ex-girlfriend? Or family issues?"

"Okay, so let's get on inside, yeah?" Aya said, turning and almost running smack into her shiny new toy that I had been itching to get my hands on. It was sleek and beautiful, and when Aya turned back to face me I could tell she was very proud of it. "But first, check it. My baby. I'm thinking of calling it Arcee. I mean, it looks like a freakin' Transformer."
"Brilliant, it totally does! I know you were really wanting a bike, but damn. This thing is wicked sweet," I said, taking a lap around the bike to take in every detail. "You know what I'm gonna have to do. You know. But don't worry, I'll be responsible." I flashed her a reassuring, goofy grin.

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As soon as I left Kai, I made my way through the hallway, grabbing my dark blue jacket and blue converse on the way and put them both on before I stepped out into the garden, closing the door ever so gently behind myself. I turned towards the garden and took in a deep breath, and not even a second later I grabbed one of the porch chairs and threw it as far as my arms would allow me across the garden, letting out a frustrated yell. I took another breath, my hands gripping tightly onto my hair and I tugged so hard that I could've damn near pulled a huge chunk of the stuff out. I stayed like that for another moment and after managing to somewhat compose myself, I let go and stood up straight, my eyes that were once clenched shut finally opening. "Don't lose it," I warned myself.

Slowly, I made my way through the garden to collect the chair. It had left marks in the grass but that didn't matter too much. I picked it up and carried it back to the porch, where I sat it in its usual position and stood back to inspect it for a moment. The last thing I needed was for someone to go and sit on it, only for it to collapse beneath them. Knowing my luck, I would forget and it would be me who goes to sit on it next. God forbid... I'd never hear the end of it from Ren.

There was pretty much nothing to do after that and I didn't want to go inside just yet, for some reason unknown to me, so I'd have to think of something. It took me a while but I figured that maybe I'd go for a run or something, just because I haven't done it in a while and with the amount of ice cream I consume on a daily basis, I needed it, lest I gain weight and become all flabby. The thought alone had my feet moving before my legs even had a chance to catch up. I ran straight through the garden and kept on going until I reached the fields, where I could run for at least a mile without having to worry about anyone else around. I promised Kai I'd take her to a picnic around the lake as well but I'd never actually gotten around to it. That was definitely something to add to my to-do list.

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After a long while of running, I figured I'd cleared my thoughts enough for one day and, having relaxed considerably since such a short time ago, decided to head back to see Kai, Ren and Mandie. Naturally, I didn't like being all tense and angry around other people and it really wasn't the sort of image I wanted to set for myself around Kai's friend, especially since she'd probably only been here for less than an hour. I've seen so many programmes and movies where girls base their relationships off of how guys act around their friends and if Mandie didn't like me because she thought I was too angry for my own good, I didn't want that to maybe ruin what I had with Kai, though Kai really didn't seem like one of those. You never know though.

I reckon it'd only result in me becoming more of an overly emotional, paranoid wreck of a man, ultimately making it harder for me to act normally in social situations. I'd been preventing that sort of thing for so long now, that doing something as ridiculous to jeopardise the only good thing in my life would be just... gah.

I was just over half way home when I spotted Kai off in the far, far distance, and she looked like nothing more than a spec of dust in my eyes. It was then that I noticed something... there was more than one spec. Quite a few of them actually, and my heart started to race as I quickened my pace into an unbelievably fast sprint. I wasn't expecting them to be anything other than a group of muggers to be quite honest. As soon as I saw the fighting, I quickened my pace even more until my legs were carrying me as fast as they possibly could, a sharp pain shooting through them with each step.

I was drawing close just as Kai called my name, and soon after she was knocked unconscious. I ran straight for the group and tackled the guy I was closest to, sending him crashing into the ground. I was feeling something far beyond rage by that point, and I was going to fight these guys off until either me or all of them couldn't move any longer. I'd learnt before not to go so far when it came to fighting but God dammit, they knocked out my girlfriend and I was majorly pissed off.

A few punches were thrown, mostly by them as they outnumbered me quite easily. I managed to get quite a lot of direct hits in as well, but after a while of fighting and moving around, I was quickly becoming exhausted. At one point I could've sworn I missed a hit but the guy still fell backwards, which might've stunned me if I had any time to react before the next guy tried to pounce on me.

At long last, they'd gotten to me, and pinned me to the ground. I managed to catch a glimpse of the guy who was sat on top of me, then his fist right in front of my face, before everything went black. He'd managed to knock me out, the son of a bitch. You can bet your sweet ass that he's going to be paying for that when I regain consciousness, I swear.

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I awoke with the biggest headache I have ever had. I sat up slowly and found I was in like a 8x10 Room with a bed and a door. I looked around and found the door had no knob, which I assumed it was electronically operated ...Delightful. Not only that, there was a security cam just above my bed...This was not good. Also, I was dressed in an all white hospital gown with matching slacks...Seriously?

I was kidnapped...

Before I had a panic attack, I took a deep breath, pulling my legs up on the bed, crossing them and centering myself. This is what I would usually do, when someone pissed me off to the degree that I was considering murder...Thank God for Yoga.

I calmed myself, and after assessing the situation. All I could do was wait and see what these people were after.

Before long, I would get my answer. Two men entered my room and I opened my eyes, not moving from my position. “Took you long enough,” I said and they didn't look amused. ” Come with us.”

”Nah, I think Imma sit here. I have a powerful headache”

”You are coming with us,”

” Well when you put it that way...”I said sarcastically. I was being a total brat and it was fun.

With that, They grabbed me by the arms and I went completely limp.

A trick, I learned from my baby sister, if she didn't want to go anywhere, she would go completely limp, like a rag doll and as small as she was, it was hard to move her without dropping her and she would be like that until you either figured it out or give up completely. Most times, we'd just give up.

How she figured that out so small I don't know but it totally worked.

They struggled with me for awhile. It was so funny but I knew if I laugh, I might stiffen up, so I withheld for a while, snickering here and there. Before long, they did give up and pulled out a tazer. ”Get up, or I will shoot.”

I popped up and smiled. ”Why didn't you say so?” I said and held out my arms which they roughly grabbed and they dragged me to wherever they were taking me.
I knew I looked nuts but that's what I was going for.

What? Was I suppose to make this easy? Of course not.

Soon, I was ushered into a room, with a table and a chair on each side.

An Interrogation?

I was sat in the chair and my hands were cuffed behind me. I had to laugh at that. Someone had enough sense to know I was not just gonna sit here.

I slumped in my chair,looking as if I didn't give a good damn about a thing.

Suddenly, A woman walked in. Eastern Indian by the looks of her.

”Akiya, Correct?”

Yea, sure, why not?” I said with a shrug.

”My name is Aziza Banerjee Do you know why you are here?”

“Well, Aziza Banerjee , If I knew where here was then maybe I could answer that question properly...”

She nodded then and honestly, I just wanted to smack her. Her nonchalance was getting to me but I kept my face impassive.

“You are in a Facility, in the custody of The Organization.” She said and I sighed. “Is that supposed to mean something other then you kidnapped me?” I asked, looking bored.

”Yes, Actually, it does. It means, to the rest of the world you no longer exist.”

I swear I could hear brakes squeal to a stop.


“ You, no longer exist, You are a ghost”

My anger was rising and I could see she knew she was getting to me.

“It all depends on how cooperative you are.” She said sitting back with a clap of her hands

I sat up, my jaw set forward. It's this thing I believe I've inherited from my dad, like many things

“You gonna explain what that means?”

” We are going to run some tests, If you comply, and we get what we want, you'll be on your way.” She said and I knew that was so much bullshit. I decided if I can get her to keep talking, I get more information out of her.

“Achoo!...Sorry...allergies.”I said with a sniff

“You don't have allergies.”

So they've been looking in to me... that much I figured but now I knew just how much.

“Yeah actually I'm allergic to Pineapples, Kiwis and Bullshit.”

She looked at me with impatience. “ You know, This would be a lot easier if you would just listen to me.”
“I am listening, which is how I know you are totally full of shit, if I'm a ghost now, even if you get what you want, I'm still a ghost, so all you would do is make that literally, I'm dead either way, so I ain't taking your dumb ass tests and you can do me a favor and go to hell, you stupid cunt.” I said, with a smile.

She sighed and stood. “ You are right about that. You are dead either way, but what happens to him from now on is up to you.” She said and waved. Soon a man entered a room with a tablet and a video on it. He placed in on the table

I looked down and my eyes went wide.

Fucking... Hell...

“Danny...” I looked up at her. “ Okay, You so much as touch him and I swear on my life, I will shove my foot so far up your snatch, you'll taste boot leather.” I growled, and she looked pleased at my reaction.

Shit. I just gave her want she wanted, I could see it in the smug look on her face as she walked out.
“Get some rest, You'll need it.”

“ Fuck you.”

With that she left and I was ushered out and shoved back into my cell.

My guess is, she'd spin that same bullshit to him too. We had a predisposition towards violence and they knew it.

Now all I could to do was wait, so I crossed my legs, straightened my back and closed my eyes, trying to keep as calm as I could. I needed to figure out a way out of here but I had to keep cool. It could cost us both if I didn't.

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My eyes shot open, my senses fully alert almost as soon as my blurred vision came into focus and my stare shifted to several places in the room in an attempt to understand where the hell I was. I didn't recognise the room and with each passing moment, I became more paranoid and my breathing was ragged with fear. My vision went brighter and brighter until I felt quite light-headed, and I could've sworn I felt my heart damn near beating through my chest. There was nothing in the room besides a bed, a set of drawers and a security camera, which only added to my paranoia. My first thought at the time went to Kai, and where she was. If they'd taken me to this place, chances are they'd taken her too, as she was the one those guys had targeted first in the fields outside our house. I then looked down at my outfit and frowned some, seeing that I was dressed in plain, baggy clothing.

After a few moments or so, the door opened and my eyes darted over to the two brutish males who had walked in, their disgruntled expressions showing me that they had no intention of treating me nicely. They looked like they were heading straight for me and, out of pure panic, I backed up on the bed until I was stood on top of it with my back pressed against the wall. "Calm down," said the first guy with an unusually deep and rough voice. "You're going to need to come with us," said the other and, now extremely frightened, I shook my head frantically. See, I was fine handling myself in a fight, in awkward family situations and whatever else may have crossed me in my normal life, but I'd never been handcuffed, locked in a small white room and approached by two large men who looked at me like I was about to snap and bite them or something.

They caught me by surprise as they both jumped at me, seemingly at the same time, and held a firm grip on my upper arms as they practically dragged me out of the room. Strangely enough, I felt safer locked in the white room than I did with the guys out in the hallway, which was something that took me a little bit by surprise but was equally understandable as well. I'd have been fine with them if they'd treated me nicely upon approaching me, but no, they decided it would be best to storm up to a person with extreme social anxiety and a man who is pathologically afraid of human contact, and grab him by the arms without so much as a 'how d'you do?'

Well, aren't they just the smartest bunch of dipshits the world has ever known?

I think so.

After being dragged for a long, long while, I was taken into a room that looked similar to my given 'bedroom' in the sense that it was gloomily plain, with only a few pieces of furniture; two chairs and a table. It looked like somebody expected me to be talking to them some time soon. Hah! Good fucking luck to them. When forced to speak, I could be one hell of a stubborn bugger, and not a whole lot could get me to budge on that. It was a thing I'd gotten into as a child; mainly at school, I think, when my teachers would want me to get up and present something to the class, I'd sit and glare at them until they got so spooked that they'd just sigh and give up. It actually worked, for the most part, so I figured why the hell not try it now? Maybe these people were similar to my middle school teachers?

I was sat down in one chair with my handcuffed hands in my lap, my eyes seemingly glued to the floor, even as a woman came through one door and sat down on the chair opposite me. Well, here goes...

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Aziza left the room, a satisfied glint in her eye as she made her way toward the interrogation room, Daniel was in.
Kai was annoying but now she knew how to get to her. The boy. That's usually how it worked. She opened the door and saw the boy with a similar impassive face his girlfriend had, the difference was, Kai liked to talk, this one. She knew, speaking casually wasn't going to get to him. So she went for the direct approach.

She took a seat and he didn't even bother looking at her, She closed her hands together and cleared her throat.

"Daniel. I'm going to get right to the point. We have your girlfriend, if you do not do what we say, We will be forced to take extreme measures to get you to comply." She said and waved, soon a lowly techie rushed in and placed a tablet with the security feed on the table in front of him, with Kai sitting in her cell, her eyes closed, her legs crossed, she looked as if she were meditating.

" If you don't believe me, then see for yourself." She said and grabbed at her blazer's lapel. "Audio in Cell 224"

With that, in the feed, Kai grabbed at her head, trembling, her teeth clenched tight but visible in the camera. "Cut Audio." She said and Kai dropped her hands and lay on the bed, looking as if her chest raising and falling heavily. Aziza looked at Daniel, watching for his reaction. "Are you going to participate?"