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Ren Morris

"OMG, UR SO LIKE- No. Shut the fuck up."

0 · 386 views · located in The United Kingdom

a character in “The Organization: Runaways”, as played by WhySoSerious?


Ren Morris.

Ren, Moto, Bud (Winny).






120lbs (I'm guessing).


Mostly hazel with some green specs.

Visible markings:
Snakebite piercings on bottom lip.

Most genres of music.
Erotic novels - because why the hell not?
Lesbians, apparently.

Being told what to do and when to do it.
Grumpy people.
Chavs, hipsters or anyone with styles similar to the two.

Not the dark so much as what could possibly be hiding within it.
Old people - there's just something about them... *Shudders*
Cats. God forbid should a cat ever be placed near me.

Mumbling stuff under my breath.
Checking myself in the mirror.
Fiddling with my lip piercings.

General personality:
Unlike my hot-headed but weirdly anti-social best friend, I'm quite soft and I do admit that I am a bit of a pushover, despite my hatred for being pushed around. I'm generally polite if I like you and if I don't, you can bet your ass I'll have something to say. Danny says I'm annoying in the sense that I wake up mega early and it's because I don't like the idea of being alone in the house that I wake him up every morning. I know it irritates him but at the end of the day, it's my job as his friend to annoy the shit out of him - 'cause I can and it amuses me. I've been told I'm quite blunt with my humour and I can come across really sarcastic. I am aware that maybe my sense of humour is strange and I do tend to rant a lot about things I hate most in life, but I can be quite oblivious to whether or not I'm like hurting someone. All I need is a nudge or a tap on the shoulder and I'm usually full of apologies. Again, if of course I like you.

Image(Will be written OOC since I'm unaware of these 'gifts')

Ability #1:
Empathy; to sense, feel and manipulate the emotions of another.

Sense, feel and understand the emotions, feelings, hopes, dreams, desires, and fears of others.
To mimic emotions.
To manipulate the emotions of another person.

Too many emotions surrounding him could affect his mood and/or give him blinding headaches.
Is powerless against beings that either have no emotions or are good at masking them.

Ability #2:
Perception/perspective manipulation; to manipulate any of the five senses, including his own, as well as to manipulate the mind of another.

Pain illusion.
Heightened senses.
Psyche manipulation.
Sense manipulation.

The longer his ability is in use, the more his own senses will become faulty and he is more prone to nausea, headaches and fainting.

So begins...

Ren Morris's Story

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Today was a special day.

For two reasons. One. I just got my motorcycle license and Two, Mandie was coming to town.

I'd gotten used to living here. It's quiet and peaceful compared to the city and to be quite honest I think I was the loudest thing here.

To further prove my point, the engine of my new favorite toy, The Kawasaki Ninja 250 revved up as I turned down the street.

It felt really nice driving now. The whole driving on the otherside of the road and sitting on the opposite side of the car, wasn't all that annoying when your on a sports bike. Mandie was gonna have a helluva time with that.

I pulled to a stop at a traffic light, setting my booted feet on asphalt to keep the bike balanced. I looked around the shaded world of my helmet. Everything around me dimmed by the tinted glass protecting my face from the elements and my head should anything more vioent happen. Not only that, I wore a black and green motorbike leather suit.It was rather loose on the mannequin but on me, well. I'll let my boyfriend be the judge of that.

With a smirk at that thought, I prepared to rev up again when I noticed that odd feeling of someone watching me. Now granted. I'm on a black and green motorbike, in a matching outfit. I wasn't invisible but this was eerie. It wasn't a casual onlooker feel. It was as if someone was looking at me, directly at me.

I looked around and couldn't see many faces because they were hidden in cars and there were a few people on the street.

A few guys admired my bike from afar...or what I hoped they were looking at was my bike but other then that. Nothing.

Maybe it was just my paranoia. I don't know, all I know now is that I really wanted to get home.

After a little while of riding, I made it to the house. I parked, and locked up my bike. Love that it has a killswitch so no one could still my shit.

I made my way inside the house after removing my helmet and holding it under my arm and hip, I shouted. "Guess whose got there motorcycle license~!"

Now, I know one of those two bozos would say something to the effect of 'Nice of you to warn them.' mainly because...I would have. Hell, I walked right into that one.

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0.00 INK

"Wow." Danny said as he approached me and I giggled bashfully. Typically I would have been extremely self conscious but not anymore. Not with him anyway. Besides, I really liked how I looked in this get-up. Apparently so did he. "You," He muttered and my smile widened. I eyed up his outfit and I realised, I am always overdressed around him. Granted, when I bought the bike, I saw this, I knew it was a bit epic but I couldn't resist. It matched my bike for pete's sake, but still.

He then leaned down for a hello kiss to which I happily returned. I hooked my arms around his waist, "Well done, Babe, I'm proud o' you." He said smiling at me and I grinned. I had worked really hard to get my license. It killed me to read the bool but at the same time, I was tired of relying on the boys to take me places. While I'm fairly certain Danny didn't mind, taking the train loses it's fun when I had to travel to Birmingham every day for work, The bike cut my time in half and now me ane Danny could go riding off someplace for the hell of it. "Thanks, Sugar." I said with a quick peck of my own. "You wanna go see the bike? I even got an extra helmet if you wanna take a ride with me." I told him, getting chills at the thought. He holds me all the time but the idea of us being on the bike, and his arms around my waist. It just...anyway.

Then another thought crossed my mind. No sarcastic quips. No cynical grunts and groans at us being all lovey dovey? Something was missing. "Wait, Where's Ren?" I asked looking around the room, with my arms still around Danny's waist.

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So, my day was shaping up to be absolutely shit before it had even begun. I was up most of the night due to the heat, which sucked because I can't usually sleep without a blanket. After spending around two hours tossing and turning during the night, I finally gave up. My brain now having the grand idea to get up and make something to eat, I slipped out of bed and made my way downstairs to look in the kitchen for food. Nobody had been shopping so I highly doubted the fridge was going to be full. Turns out I was right in my assumption as I opened the fridge door and saw nothing of interest, except for a block of cheese, some pâté and a Milky Way bar.

Well, that was just fantastic, for many reasons. I don't like white chocolate, pâté tastes terrible and I wasn't about to just sit and eat a block of cheese... just in case I did manage to fall asleep at some point in the night. With a sigh that almost sounded like a breathy growl, I slammed the fridge door shut and left the kitchen. 2am... It was 2am in the freaking morning and I hadn't slept a wink. "Damn you England and your strange ass fucking weather," I mumbled to myself.

Now what?

I couldn't sleep, the TV would be too loud and Danny or Kai would hear it in an instance, and it was too late to text or meet up with anybody. It's things like this that I hate most about life, which was only a small addition to an extremely large and hateful list of life and all its utter bullshit.

After silently wandering around the house for a while, I managed to actually fall asleep at like 5am in the morning but smack-bang in the middle of the downstairs toilet room. God knows how I'd ended up there and I actually didn't wake up until gone 12am. Groggily, I made my way out of the bathroom just as the "wait, where's Ren?" question was asked. I looked up at Kai, my eyes half-lidded as a slow yawn made its way out of my lips. "No crotch contact, guys," I warned them in a monotonous voice, pointing a finger at them absent-mindedly before making my way into the living room.

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"Thanks, Sugar," Kai replied and I smiled down at her, the smile still lingering as she gave me a small peck on the lips. "You wanna go see the bike? I even got an extra helmet if you wanna take a ride with me," she suggested and I couldn't help but grin brightly, even though the idea was completely ridiculous. Me? On a sports bike? I'd have a bloody panic attack, no doubt. Still, I wanted to at least see what sort of bike she'd bought just so that I could make a comment. Her outfit looked great so I had no doubt she had good taste in vehicles as well. "I'll pass on the ride but I'd love to see it," I said, wrapped my arms around her to pull her closer.

"Wait, where's Ren?" she asked and I turned my head to look around the room, knowing full-well he wasn't inside it until the door to the bathroom opened and he managed to stumble out. I squinted my eyes some out of pure confusion. I hadn't heard him go downstairs and to be honest, he looked like he'd literally woken up seconds before leaving. "No crotch contact, guys," he said, almost warningly. I hadn't at all realised that they were in contact until he made a comment but I had no intention of pulling away any time soon. "Shut up, Ren," I called in after him.

I turned to Kai again. "Well, I think that question has been answered," I said at the same time as a sigh broke through my lips, "now let's see that bike of yours, eh?"

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Almost as soon as I asked, my question was answered. Ren popped up out of no where. "No crotch contact, guys."
My head hit Danny's chest lightly with a small laugh.
"Shut up, Ren," Danny called to him.
Be careful what you wish for...

The poor thing looked wrecked.

It was pretty hot last night...for England. Talk to me when the temp reaches 114, then we can talk about heat.

I for one slept like a baby, The usually heat knocks me out instant but living in Cali for 5 years, this was nothing.

But I also knew they were the exact opposite when it came to heat.

"Well, I think that question has been answered," He said and the sighed. "Now let's see that bike of yours, eh?" He said and a large grin found it's way on my face. I took his hand and practically dragged him outside after slipping back on my boots. No shoes in the house didn't bother me none, I grew up with that as a house rule and I understood why. No one wants to have dirt tracked across the floor by someone's little nasty shoes...

With that, I dragged my poor boy outside, excitedly and only let go when we reached the bike. This thing looked like a freakin Transformer with it's hard edges and black and green coloring.When I saw it, I had the urge to look for an Autobot ensignia. That was another thing I was glad about Mandie coming here. I would no longer be the girl, the oldest -she's older then me by 3 monthes- and the only American. So I won't get confused looks when I say I'm dying for a Twizzler. She'll know what the hell I'm talking about.

"Tada! My new favorite toy. What do you think?" I said excitedly, bouncing on my feet as I usually do when I'm excited. "It's definitely me, isn't it?"

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After sitting and watching the TV for a little while, I absent-mindedly checked my phone for messages, only to find that a good friend of mine and Dan's. Her name, or her nickname, was Winny. She was pretty cool and pretty much my only female friend, aside from Kai... obviously, but even then we weren't the closest two friends could be. It wasn't that I didn't like her 'cause honestly, she seemed really cool but I just knew Blue would lose his shit if he saw us merely chatting with each other casually. Every now and then he'd catch me glancing over at her and give me a glare so cold it could freeze Hell. Jeez, he could be seriously protective over her... It's not like I had any romantic interest in the girl.

So after a while of texting I had arranged to meet Winny and so I did just that, except that she turned up at the house with the hugest grin on her face. "You'll never guess what I just saw in the garage," she said, jigging up and down excitedly. I held up my hand with an open palm and shook it at her some, my eyes still glued to the TV. "I don't even want to know," I mumbled as she closed the front door behind her and took a seat beside me on the sofa. "Who'd have thought that out of the three of us, he'd be the only one with a girlfriend," she said with an almost cheeky-sounding giggle. I rolled my eyes at the comment. Only Winny could joke about her sexuality so freely without it being extremely awkward.

For her, anyway.

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"Brilliant, It totally does! I know you were really wanting a bike, but damn. This thing is wicked sweet," Mandie said circling the bike. I gave a smirk that faded when I saw the mischievous glint in her eyes. "You know what I'm gonna have to do. You know. But don't worry, I'll be responsible."She said with a goofy grin. I shook my head. I had pretty much anticipated this and the next several responses. "Do you have any idea how much that statement j-scares me." I said, dryly but grinned shortly after with a laugh.

"But seriously, We'll take it out later, I wanna go out, and you need to meet Ren and Winny." I said with gesturing for her to follow me. "This way, make sure you take off your shoes."I said as we entered into the house. I then lead her into living room where Ren, and Winny were. "Hey guys, This be mah bestie, Mandie. Mandie, This here is Ren," I said gesturing to the dark haired fellow and then to the ombre haired girl."And this is Winny."

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After Aya went out to find Danny, I sat down with Ren and Winny and got to small-talking with them. It wasn't as awkward as I thought without Aya there; Winny seemed very bubbly and fun, whereas Ren had a very dry sense of humor, much like myself.
About 10 minutes after Danny and Aya went outside, I felt a surge of panic that made me sit up in my seat very suddenly.
"Aya," I blurted out. I could feel that something was very wrong, and it involved my best friend and most likely Danny. Aya and I had always had a very strange connection...we could feel each other's pain and sense what the other was feeling, and the fear that I felt now was making me nauseous. We needed to find Aya and Danny, and get away from this place.
"We need to get out of here. Now," I quickly said to Ren, and without any explanation I dragged him and Winny out the front door. I told Winny to get back to her house and stay there with all of the windows and doors shut and locked tight, and Ren and I made our way to the only form of transportation available - Aya's bike.
"Man...this was supposed to be a joy ride," I commented dryly, shifting the bike into gear and starting it up. "I don't feel very joyful."
Ren climbed on the bike behind me and we shot down the driveway and into the street. I had no idea where I was going, I just knew we needed get far away from whatever danger we were in. I only hoped that Aya and Danny made it out safe, but the growing fear in my stomach told me otherwise. As we reached a sharp turn in the road, the back of my head panged abruptly and excruciatingly, causing me to gasp aloud and swerve the bike. Ren and I flew to one side of the street as the bike skidded across the street and slammed into a lightpost. A sharp pain shot up my back where I had landed, and I looked over to see a group of men in full combat gear swarm Ren before a cloth with a funny smell was forced against my face and everything went black.