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When the past is unknown, is the future as well?

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a character in “The Origin of Magic”, as played by Dementedness



-29 years old | Male -

Malificius (Malefactor)
Servator (Savior)

Ike stands 6'2” on his feet, and his build could be qualified of lightly muscular and mesomorph. His black hair flows short over his deep brown eyes while his skincolor is fair. He dons a complete black steel armour with a small ripped cape on his back, proof of his fights. Under his attire is found a basic red linen long shirt, and black pants of the same material as his shirt. The sheath for his sword is found on his sides; the hilt pointing upward.

Fas – This 50 inches long sword is meant to be handed with two hands, hence why the shape of the hilt. Although, it was balanced so it would also offer a one-handed use, but it would sacrifice some of the preciseness of the strikes. The double-edged sword is made to both stab and slash through the user's enemies.

Notable Equipment:
He always has a pouch containing some coins.

-Favorite/Preferred Magical Abilities-


Ike was born in the time that the known land was separated between two kingdoms; one for the Akito royal family and one for the Derkal royal family. They separated the land in East and West with a straight line. At that time, everything went great for both kingdoms; the trades were doing well, those who were in power didn't demand than much but enough to keep people running and there wasn't conflicts between those two powers.

Ike had three sisters, and since he was the first boy born, he was the one who had to occupy the throne when his father is deemed to be unable to govern on their land or if he was dead. He was sure to be educated in all of the fields that he required for such task, or at least have a good base of it. He seems to pick on combat and such better than anything else, as if he was born to be a fighter. He would later pick on the other subject.

Of course, there was a conflict. The Derkal royal family wanted to unify the known land into one reign, but as the contract reads, it would only be the ones that was born under the Derkal's family that would have a priority to the throne. The East King (Akito family) refused the offer kindly. It didn't set the war though. After a while, the Akitos got greedier, demanding higher taxes on the subjects' proprieties. At first, it wasn't minded, but as the days came by, more people find it not fair. They demand to lower the taxes, but the King just plainly refused. It was then that the Derkals took in action, sending plainclothesmen into the other land to starts plotting for a rebellion with the subjects within the land against the other power.

It was when Ike reach his 19th birthday that the war broke between the two powers. He wondered what they could do against them, but he was determined to bring victory to his family. Although, his father had more common sense than him at that time, and knew they just couldn't win. He asked to his son to get the best armour he could find, the best weapon he could find, a pouch with enough money to survive for a long time and run away from them as fast as he could. Ike was couldn't believe the words of his father, but he had to respect what he ordered. The last thing he heard from his father is this; “Whatever you will do afterwards; always listen to your heart. Don't let the ones above you order you; your instinct is the best you got now.”

He stayed in the town for a while after his family members was captured, and when the day came for their execution, he fled. He ran as far as he could, and the bell that announced the death of a royal family and the happy shouts from the ex-subjects rang in his head even up to this day. For 5 years, he live in exile. Ike would only communicate to someone else if that said person were passing by, or he needed things from a market. He kept low profile, trying to find a sense to his life, since he couldn't go back to his previous one.

Today, everything is sure; he's going to help those who needs it no matter who they are or what they did, unless if they are from the Derkal's family, whom he swore that their blood will be shed for what they did. He armed himself of his single sword, and travelled towns to towns, setting his first name good amongst the citizens, but bad for the knights, guards and others from under the power and those who are lawful.


If you haven't guessed, his full nake is Ike Akito.

So begins...

Ike's Story


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(All right, so while I am waiting for deathrisesagain, everyone can post their intro post. Just, don't post twice until I post. We will (well, at least I will) be starting in a medium sized village called Gardencliff, though its also got a nickname, based off the name of its inn, Crossroads Inn).


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While he entered into the Gardencliff town, Ike adjusted his cloak to mask most of himself. he was trying to keep a low profile, since it seems that the would a greater concentration of guards up there. However, it wasn't for nothing that he walked up there. Actually, he had to meet with someone – a friend that he hadn't seen recently. It was due to him hiding from the public that he wouldn't dare to meet him, since it would be easy to get captured.

Actually, now that he remembered, he heard about rumours of some kind of creature – that they dubbed demons – that slaughtered entire villager. He heard a lot of force was put to slay said creature. He had to give credit for the knight that slaughtered that creature; by how the rumors goes, Ike didn't think that he would take on such creature. Although, it would be fun to see one, just to see if it lives up to the rumors. However, it was more laughable when some – more extremist – people think that he had some connection with the slaughter. What a bunch of lunatics.

Any ways that might be true, he had a friend to meet at that neat Crossroad Inn. It was named so because of the two main streets of Gardencliff met each others. He walked into it, making eye contacts with everyone, and eventually spotted the inn owner. He walked up to him. "I'm here for a friend." He said, tossing a golden coin token; a proof of what he is saying to the inn owner. The inn owner looked at it, then nodded, making sign to follow him. Without talking, he followed the man's steps to a private room, where his friend is meeting him.

Inside of the room was waiting one could describe as a noble man. It was obvious by the way that he dressed. When the door closed behind them, Ike let a small sigh and put his hood down, revealing his face to the man he knew as a friend.

"I see that destiny offered a better path for one of us," Ike said as he sat across of his friend.

"I couldn't say better, dear. I was surprised that you've survived. Many people believes in your dead already," the noble man said as he leaned back into the seat he was in.

The name of this person what Richard Kein. He was reputed to be an important person in the trades. Since most merchant hated to deliver their own product, he opened a guild to hire people to deliver said product. Now, they were renown across the known land to be one of the safest way to get things across the country, for a small price that is. His richness builds up because of the popularity of it. Now, he lives a wealthy life – the one that Ike missed.

"Yeah. I've been luckier than my kin. How about you? I bet you got luckier than most of the people here." Ike smirked a bit, crossing his arms.

"Oh, you know. Business going pretty well. Since that attack, fear pretty much strike in people. Some wanted to know what is up with others. It is not much, really." Richard chuckled a bit. "I was actually surprised you came."

"Heh, when I heard about you again, and how this inn would be our meeting place, I was waiting to be arrested immediately at the first step in the village." His friend chuckled softly as they went on their conversation, but Ike had the strange feeling that all of this wasn't just for bonding. Although, why his childhood friend would do that for? Money, of course. Afterall, Ike was considered as a traitor by many.


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Mana looked at Rune with a burning passion in his eyes. "There will be no real stop to this. We opened doors that did not exist Rune, and there is no way to close them. There is only a way to stop this from getting worse, to stabilize the world. And that is to kill the murderer. It is getting worse because we opened the doors out of revenge, and until that is satisfied there is no stopping this. The world may not be able to get better, but we can at least stop it from getting worse..."

Mana might rush into things heads on, but he had a certain wisdom to him, as if he knew things someone much older then him should know. Maybe he didn't always do the smart thing, but he wasn't a complete idiot.

That being said, when a Hellhound smashed through the door of the house next to them, and killed a Town Guard, Mana practically rushed in with his sword. Now, a 12 year old with a sword might not sound like much, but as Mana charged forward, his sword charged itself with magical energy, so it slashed through the Hellhound like it was nothing.

The Hellhound, however, reintegrated itself behind Mana and tackled him. Hellhounds need to be killed three times in one day to be permanently dead. Mana blasted it with a blast of pure magical energy to get it off him, but being crushed by a dog was very painful. Mana might be durable, but a Hellhound is heavy. And now it was trying to attack anyone in sight. Mana of course, rushed at it again, but it smashed him through the Inn door with its tail.


(tagged everyone due to Hellhound. :3)


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When he head the loud but muddy noise of something smashed into wood, Ike quickly rose up from his seat, interrupting abruptly his friend talking about something he already forgot about. Richard quickly grabbed on Ike's arm.

“Come on. Can't you let this one go? It is already hard to get in contact with you.” Richard whined a bit, but Ike knew that it was his style of begging. “You don't have to be the hero all the time... It will be against you one day.”

“Richard... sir, is there one thing I learned is to not wait. Besides... there is something wrong if there is a rumble. I mean, it was already hard to get into the village with all the guard around.” Ike said as he quickly snatched his arm away from his friend's grip. Richard was about to say something, but he just looked away, but he smirked.

“Fine, but I swear, if you die, I'm going to kill you in the afterlife. Until then, I hope we'll have time to see each other.” He said. Ike chuckled at the thought of the merchant trying to even scratch him. He quickly busted out of the private room, knowing that his identity will be revealed, and quickly rushed up to the door, looking down at the kid. He knelt down.

“Are you alright?” He said rapidly, but as he looked up, he say a devilish creature. Some kind of... dog? He couldn't tell. It much have been the work of the demon.

“Just rest calmly.” He said without waiting an answer as he leaped through the now destroyed door into the streets, drawing his sword as he pointed it at the creature. He knew that the kid will be alright. His face feature changing to a more serious one.

“Go back from where you were from, creature, or die under my blade.” He said. Ike was determined to kill that beast before it causes any more damage. He wasn't sure if it is the demons that his friend talked about, but it sure inspire no trust at first glance. Although, the more he looked at it... the more he felt that he shouldn't fight it, but help it. Ike shook his mind for a bit; it much be a trick of the beast. Lure him into helping it, like a merchant lure its customers to buy something. Ike was better than that. He'll fight the thing and his subconscious in the same time, either he'll like it or not. He didn't mind to be arrested afterward, but he had to defeat that thing at all cost.

But he was surprised as a small girl used her abilities to sneak up on the beast and stab it into its head. He couldn't believe what happened in font of him as he looked in awe. He just couldn't understand what happened, but he quickly got back into the action. The creature that was previously thought dead reappeared and fling the female into a wall. He ran up to the creature, kicking it in its side to make it fall back, but it only got its attention. Ike fell down on the ground, seeing the demonic dog pouncing on him. He quickly rolled out of its way, and quickly brought his sword through the beast's chest, directly into its heart. Ike closed his eyes, hearing the whining of the beast as he twisted the sword, taking it out.

He watched as the beast fell to the ground and that Ike was breathing heavily. He quickly sliced the demon dog's head off, just to make sure it was truely dead. He looked around, his vision blurred a bit because of the adrenaline pumping in his veins. He went up to the girl and saw that she'll be alright, then looked back at the blurred lines, knowing that there was probably guards that was looking at him. Ike stabbed his sword into the ground, kneeling down, waiting to be arrested. The warrior had no will to kill anybody anymore after what happened. Even though he didn't took any damage, he felt a weird pain on his left shoulder blade. It was burning, but he stayed calm, only breathing heavily, cooling himself, waiting for the guards to come up.


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"Rune...Don't animals only show that aggression in packs?"

Of course, two more fire breathing hell hounds came to investigate their dead friend, one had the head of a guard in its mouth. Mana, who had used magic to heal any injury, jumped up (with Rune's help) and impulsively slashed at one with another magically enhanced strike. The hellhound reintegrated itself behind mana, but Mana's staff was already out to blast it into a wall with a bolt of pure magic.

The second one smashed Mana into a wall, as he looked over at Rune. "Place the sto..." he started, before the second hellhound picked him up and started dragging him across town, while he repeatedly whacked it in the head with his staff and also trying to swing his sword at it. "Let me go!!!". At this point the hellhound was fairly mad at him, so het let him go to try and eat him, while Mana tried not be eaten.

(Didn't want anyone to miss out on the fun)

(Rule 1: Hellhounds come in pacs)

(Rule 2: Hellhounds have three lives)

(Rule 3: Hellhounds breath fire)

(Rule 4: Hellhounds do not like being hit in the head)

(Rule 5: Hellhounds can't swim (HINT HINT NUDGE NUDGE))


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Ike was rather unhappy that it wasn't done, but he was happy that there are other people that were helping. Without even raising his sword, the other beast had been banished from the place, and he was rather happy about that. He took the moment to run away before the guards get out of their confusion, but as he was walking out the edge of the two, there were two guards.

"Stop there, you traitor!" One of the guards said.

"Get away from me!" Ike shouted back at them as he turned around, his sword to his left hand to his sword, and the other raised towards them.

Although, he felt unsuspectingly tired after doing that as if something drained his energy completely, but it was more unsuspected as one of thehell-hounds leaped in front of him to the guards. What he didn't know is that the hell-hound had been summoned at that instance.

For a moment, he was quite confused, but then he remembered; he was outside of the village. The protection didn't get far away. He took the at his advantage, slowly walking away. He wanted to run, but all his energy was gone and the mosthe could do is just walking rapidly. It took 20 meters before he collapsed on the ground, completely exhausted. At least, he was in the forest.

He slowly leaned back on a tree trunk, panting heavily to calm himself down. He didn't understand; who summoned that hell-hound? Why did he felt exhausted all of the sudden? Why the hell-hound didn't attack him first instead of the guards. He was weaker, so he would be easier to kill and get away.

Ike just didn’t understand at all.


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Mana had a chance when the Falcon attacked him. He picked up his staff, and hit the Hellhound with it again, only this time it was charged with magic, causing a shockwave right into its skull at point blank range. Needless to say, the skull shattered. However, it reformed one more time. It charged at Mana, but Mana jumped over it and shot it with a powerful bolt of magic. The hellhound did not go down however, turning around and leading at Mana. It bit Mana's arm, but Mana swung his sword right into where the beast should have a head. He tore his sword out through the side, causing the hellhound to break in half, and die permanently.

As he made his way back towards the Inn, Mana spotted Rune on the ground. He ran over to Rune, making sure he was still alive. "Are you okay? We need to get you somewhere safe".

He had noticed that it seemed to be out of exhaustion, he transferred some of his own energy into Rune.

Mana dragged his brother into the Inn, which seemed somewhat surprised he was still alive, or at the magical and combat abilities he displayed. "What rooms do you have open right now?"

"Uhhh...just the top one. 4 beds, good quality".

"That will be fine. How much?"

"Uhhh...just go upstairs. It's on the house". He tossed Mana the Room Key.

"Thank you" Mana told him, catching the key, before dragging Rune up the stairs to the bed. "I really hope you don't feel this when you wake up..."

When he finally got Rune up there, he pulled him into a bed. "You just rest now. Its fine..."

"I wonder where Wicca is right now?"