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"I'm not suffering from insanity. I'm enjoying every second of it."

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a character in “The Origin of Magic”, as played by ColorsOfTheHeart


Name: Rogue

Age: 19

Nicknames: Claw, Psycho, and Monster are the three most common ones.


Personality: To put it simply, Rogue is nuts. He is constantly talking to himself and laughs for no reason at all. He's cocky to the point of arrogance, but never crosses that line. He's stubborn and refuses to see his own limitations, pushing himself constantly until he collapses. He isn't afraid to get hurt if it means winning a battle. He's dangerously curious and naive about the ways of the world, getting himself constantly into trouble. Normally because of the way he was raised, he would be anti social and or socially awkward, but his naturally friendly nature prevents that.

Weapons: His claws, magic, and this last resort program of sorts that has been injected into his brain.

Notable Equipment: His claws are custom made, they act as a conduit for his magic, making it easier for him to control.

Favorite/Preferred Magical Abilities: (To understand these fully I suggest you read his history first) Due to the expirimentation done to him Rogue can control the element of lightning, well he can somewhat control it. He also has this sort of program, or mind control, that has been set into his brain. Its basically like a berserking state that automatically comes out when he is in a life or death situation. The only way to break him out of it is to either wait until he exhausts himself, beat the crap out of him so he can no longer fight, or yell the word enough at him. The scientists set the word in case they needed to break him out.

History: Rogue never knew his parents, he was taken as a baby from his home. Some scholars wanted to some how find a way to let a person control an element. Many children were taken, but very few survived the harsh expirimentation done to them. Rogue was one of those, only he wasn't Rogue, he was simply known as Number 813. Rogue was the only successful expiriment, the only one who could wield an element. But the lightning that he now had, semi, control over had fried his brain, making him insane. When he was sixteen he managed to escape the place where the scholars kept him. He was alone, confused, and had nothing but the clothes on his back and claws. Hiding outside a village he heard people talking about an expiriment gone rogue, so he took on Rogue as his name. Three years later he still survives, taking on mercenary work for money or food. He heard about three children with incredible abilities and decided to join them on their quest. He hoped that he would find answers about his own family while they searched for the people that killed theirs.

Other: Rogue's real name is Michael Turner. His parents are still alive in the same little village he was taken from, in the same little house. Along with his parents his grandmother and little sister also live there.

So begins...

Rogue's Story


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(All right, so while I am waiting for deathrisesagain, everyone can post their intro post. Just, don't post twice until I post. We will (well, at least I will) be starting in a medium sized village called Gardencliff, though its also got a nickname, based off the name of its inn, Crossroads Inn).


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Mana looked at Rune with a burning passion in his eyes. "There will be no real stop to this. We opened doors that did not exist Rune, and there is no way to close them. There is only a way to stop this from getting worse, to stabilize the world. And that is to kill the murderer. It is getting worse because we opened the doors out of revenge, and until that is satisfied there is no stopping this. The world may not be able to get better, but we can at least stop it from getting worse..."

Mana might rush into things heads on, but he had a certain wisdom to him, as if he knew things someone much older then him should know. Maybe he didn't always do the smart thing, but he wasn't a complete idiot.

That being said, when a Hellhound smashed through the door of the house next to them, and killed a Town Guard, Mana practically rushed in with his sword. Now, a 12 year old with a sword might not sound like much, but as Mana charged forward, his sword charged itself with magical energy, so it slashed through the Hellhound like it was nothing.

The Hellhound, however, reintegrated itself behind Mana and tackled him. Hellhounds need to be killed three times in one day to be permanently dead. Mana blasted it with a blast of pure magical energy to get it off him, but being crushed by a dog was very painful. Mana might be durable, but a Hellhound is heavy. And now it was trying to attack anyone in sight. Mana of course, rushed at it again, but it smashed him through the Inn door with its tail.


(tagged everyone due to Hellhound. :3)


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