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"Hello there."

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a character in “The Origin of Magic”, as played by ColorsOfTheHeart


Name: Wicca

Age: 13

Nicknames: Angel of Death


Weapons: Her magic and a scythe.

Notable Equipment: Wicca always carries a stuffed cat with her. If you were to pick it up, you would find that it was quite heavy. That's because instead of being stuffed with fluff, its stuffed with metal shavings. In battle, Wicca transmuted the cat into her scythe, then back after it is done. The soft outside of the cat becomes a pair of gloves when she transmutes it.

Favorite/Preferred Magical Abilities: Wicca's magic takes the form of illusions and alchemy. The only alchemy I am familiar with is the stuff in Fullmetal Alchemist, so I will be basing it off of that.

History: Said in intro.

Other: Wicca likes to use an illusion to make her ears look pointed all the time. She says its because they make her look cuter.

So begins...

Wicca's Story


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Mana looked at Rune with a burning passion in his eyes. "There will be no real stop to this. We opened doors that did not exist Rune, and there is no way to close them. There is only a way to stop this from getting worse, to stabilize the world. And that is to kill the murderer. It is getting worse because we opened the doors out of revenge, and until that is satisfied there is no stopping this. The world may not be able to get better, but we can at least stop it from getting worse..."

Mana might rush into things heads on, but he had a certain wisdom to him, as if he knew things someone much older then him should know. Maybe he didn't always do the smart thing, but he wasn't a complete idiot.

That being said, when a Hellhound smashed through the door of the house next to them, and killed a Town Guard, Mana practically rushed in with his sword. Now, a 12 year old with a sword might not sound like much, but as Mana charged forward, his sword charged itself with magical energy, so it slashed through the Hellhound like it was nothing.

The Hellhound, however, reintegrated itself behind Mana and tackled him. Hellhounds need to be killed three times in one day to be permanently dead. Mana blasted it with a blast of pure magical energy to get it off him, but being crushed by a dog was very painful. Mana might be durable, but a Hellhound is heavy. And now it was trying to attack anyone in sight. Mana of course, rushed at it again, but it smashed him through the Inn door with its tail.


(tagged everyone due to Hellhound. :3)


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Mana had a chance when the Falcon attacked him. He picked up his staff, and hit the Hellhound with it again, only this time it was charged with magic, causing a shockwave right into its skull at point blank range. Needless to say, the skull shattered. However, it reformed one more time. It charged at Mana, but Mana jumped over it and shot it with a powerful bolt of magic. The hellhound did not go down however, turning around and leading at Mana. It bit Mana's arm, but Mana swung his sword right into where the beast should have a head. He tore his sword out through the side, causing the hellhound to break in half, and die permanently.

As he made his way back towards the Inn, Mana spotted Rune on the ground. He ran over to Rune, making sure he was still alive. "Are you okay? We need to get you somewhere safe".

He had noticed that it seemed to be out of exhaustion, he transferred some of his own energy into Rune.

Mana dragged his brother into the Inn, which seemed somewhat surprised he was still alive, or at the magical and combat abilities he displayed. "What rooms do you have open right now?"

"Uhhh...just the top one. 4 beds, good quality".

"That will be fine. How much?"

"Uhhh...just go upstairs. It's on the house". He tossed Mana the Room Key.

"Thank you" Mana told him, catching the key, before dragging Rune up the stairs to the bed. "I really hope you don't feel this when you wake up..."

When he finally got Rune up there, he pulled him into a bed. "You just rest now. Its fine..."

"I wonder where Wicca is right now?"