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Adrian Holt

"Victory introduces you to the world, but defeat introduces the world to you."

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a character in “The Orion Affair”, as played by JacksColdSweat


Image___________________aren't we all lost stars?

Broken Crown ▮ Mumford & Sons】【Silver and Gold ▮ City and Color】 【All Those Friendly People ▮ Funeral Suits】

Adrian Holt







Bisexual || Heteroromantic

Dialogue: #d1e28e
Thoughts: #dae4ff

Nox, a raven. Cheeky and frequently found pecking at Adrian. She seems to be more interested in picking fights with him than anyone else. There is a deep bond shared, however, evident to anyone who sees them interact.

13" Hawthorn Wood, Dragon Heartstring Core, Sturdy
Hawthorn wood makes for a strange contradictory wand, adept at healing magic but also suited to curses. It is not an easy wood to master, and in the hands of a lesser witch or wizard, the consequences can be dangerous. It has been generally observed that the hawthorn wand, complex and intriguing in their nature, seems most at home with a witch or wizard with a similar character and one with a conflicted nature, or with a witch or wizard passing through a period of turmoil.

"They were kind and gentle but acted vicious to scare children away from the forest."

Quidditch, a Chaser; Duelling Club; Fox Club, though fairly noncommittal-- attends for only parts of meetings, makes it clear he's not there by choice.

In his first month in classes, some classmate called him a little rich boy, asked him if he was going to go home and cry to mommy. So he socked him in the face. He still remembers the day a close friend of his curled their lip up in a snarl and told him to get rid of that chip on his shoulder. And he never spoke to them again. He's never been sure how he wound up in Draconis, while it was certainly a pleasure to his family, though he's wondered if perhaps he simply had nowhere else to go. Heaven knows he isn't brave (never has been; he's always been a coward), or honest (has he ever told an honest truth without curling it around his tongue first? He isn't sure), or, god forbid, optimistic (there's that chip again). He'd like to be ambitious, sure, he'd like to chase after every foolish dream he's ever had, but instead he finds himself sitting back and letting it all slip away every time.
This is not to say he doesn't wallow in self-pity with a smile. Because smile he does. A little quirk of his lips to the left, a sly smirk. Infuriating, he's been told. To which he responds with a short bark of a laugh. Because he's never been one to go all the way with something; a half a smile, a half a laugh, as if he lost to will to complete an action halfway through it. When you're apathetic, you can afford to be hedonistic. A thrill-seeker he is not, but he favors a good time over hard work. And it's landed him in hot water more than a few times. But he's always been resourceful, a little silver-tongued liar, slipping gold in there when he needed, letting those silver slips fall from his lips as needed. It helps if he pretends that his tongue stripped that silver spoon he's been sucking on-- then it's just recycling. Cunning, he's been called. Like a snake. He can't argue that.
But even silver spoons can't solve everything, and as laid-back as he likes to seem, he is a deep pit of pent-up aggression. That's why he likes Quidditch, he supposes, and why he's a part of the duelling club. Some people go to train, some go to just feel good, and he'd be lying if he said he wasn't part of the latter. When he's out, feeling battered and bruised, it does feel better. He'd be lying again if he said he preferred dealing bruises over receiving them, but then again, he's so very good at that. There's relief in pain, like a blister being popped; it's a breath of fresh air, cold and sharp and the best thing in the world. Who said self-loathing couldn't feel good?


Walks || It helps to clear his mind when he's particularly wound up or in a foul mood. They must be taken alone, of course, or, very rarely, in the presence of his obnoxious raven. ✤ Night || It's not so much the darkness, he supposes, as it is the stunning silence and sharp chill. This goes hand in hand with walking, as he likes to go for strolls in the cold night air. ✤ Reading || Quietly, privately, in empty stairwells and abandoned rooms, never when there are people around. He seems to prefer mystery novels, but he's not opposed to reading anything else. ✤ Piano || Piano lessons were a part of his upbringing, and as much as he'd like to hate everything his parents have done, he still finds solace in the simple comfort of letting his fingers fly over the hard keys to create beautiful melodies from nothing. ✤ Gardens || They're beautiful. Does he need any other reason? ✤

Responsibility || He's felt enough of that back-breaking weight, thank you. Now he's likely to skirt it as much as possible. ✤ Expectations || Even worse. He's not above sabotaging himself at the beginning of class years to get teachers to dislike him. ✤ Sweets || He's more inclined to bitter or spicy foods, and he tries to steer clear from anything with more than a half a cup of sugar in it. ✤ The Condescending || Hasn't he heard enough of the "poor widdle rich boy" comments, or the "you're wasting your talents", or, god help him, the "maybe if you worked a little harder"? Keep your goddamn smart-ass remarks about his life to yourself. ✤

✤ Occasionally, if you look hard enough, he can be found moving his fingers underneath the desk as though he were playing an invisible piano. The familiar motion helps to calm him. ✤ He cracks his knuckles quite a bit, though typically he does so unconsciously. ✤ He freezes sometimes, as though as though some sort of long-lasting grudge has finally caught up to and chilled him to the core. Long stretches of time will pass where he will sit stock-still, eyes staring off into nothingness, and then, suddenly, his fingers will twitch and motion will return to his body. ✤
Highly Intelligent || He has a natural talent when it comes to anything related to schoolwork. From book knowledge to physical practices, he has a knack for all of it, and there's no denying that he's actually quite skilled.
Memory || He has a surprisingly good memory, with a remarkable ability to recall or quote something nearly perfectly after reading or seeing it only once. He forgets it eventually though.
Quick-Thinker || He's rather...light on his feet. With a hasty tongue and an ability to process information quickly, it's rare to see him be caught in a lie without turning the situation in his favor. He's never had to apply this talent in any situation other than lying, so it remains to be seen how well that'd work out.
Loyal || Undying loyalty seems to be a family trait, though for the first part of his life this loyalty was trained on his parents. He's not unwilling to lay down his life for someone he cares enough about.
Working || While his natural intelligence has carried him very far since the year he stopped giving a damn about his studies it can't carry him forever, and it's not as though he's willing to start working again.
Leadership || He has neither the strong voice nor the strong will needed to command. If he lived in older times, he'd be far more suited to the position of the King's adviser over being the King himself.
Untrustworthy ||Who can trust a man who lies six times before breakfast?
Easily Antagonized || Though he'd like to believe he's highly capable of retaining a cool head in the most trying of situations, the reality is he's rather hot-headed and not difficult to provoke into throwing punches.
Failure || Sure, he's failed before, but that's always been of his own volition. The terrifying prospect is that there might come a time where he does genuinely apply himself only to fall flat.
Drowning || He's not a fan of the water in general, but he honestly can't think of a worse way to die.

Annabelle Holt || 51 || Mother
Michael Holt || 54 || Father

It all comes back to the silver. The Holts had plenty of it and they spared a spoon for Adrian. He sometimes wishes they had accidentally given him the knife instead. Still, it'd be wrong of him to say that his life has been nothing but awful from the very beginning. He doesn't really have to right to complain, not with all the privileges afforded to him just because he came with the Holt name attached. His childhood was, actually, quite incredible. He saw little of his father or mother, both very busy doing something or other with the business, but he was too young to care. He grew up calling his nanny "mommy." And entertainment is the easiest thing to be bought, so boredom rarely touched him. The trouble came when he was older.
Somewhere along the line, he learned to miss the parents he never knew, longed for touches he never felt. Still, he never acted out, never tried to steal their focus by playing dirty. In fact, he worked hard. Harder than all the kids in his class, he thought. His parents valued that, the diligence and work ethic he saw in every member of his family. And it worked. His parents seemed to realize he existed all at once, but it was far from what he had in mind. As the only child, he carried the entire weight of his parents' expectations. Turns out, the hard work he was doing wasn't enough. It was never enough. He was never enough. When it came to classes, there was always more studying to be done; when it came to extracurriculars, there was always more practice to be done. But he was always so eager to please, so determined to do better. He never spoke against them, not when they spouted pure-blood supremacy nonsense (hadn't the harsh war so many years ago shown them it was ridiculous?), not when they pushed him past his breaking point, not when they asked for what he couldn't give. For the first few years at the academy, he tried. In fact, when he was recruited into the 'Fox Club' for his family name, he eagerly attended because his mother told him to make connections for the future. He proved himself an incredible student, probably made it look easy to the other kids who didn't know the hours he spent holed up in his room.
He can't remember the exact moment he broke. It's far too difficult to pinpoint when he finally snapped in two, too tired to finish what his parents had started. Instead he likes to just see the whole thing as a gradual build, like bending a piece of plywood, something that was bound to happen after years of ignoring the creaking and the protests. And his parents? Well, they can honestly just go fuck themselves.

So begins...

Adrian Holt's Story

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#, as written by Cloud


Date: 1st September | Time: 6.00 pm | Location: Island Cove - Great Hall

Light ripples across the blue waters of the island’s cove, setting the waves aflame as the swells of water race towards the golden sands of the beach beyond. Half of the beach remains untouched, pristine stretches of sand racing down to meet the lapping salty waters. To the left, however, several small jetties have been constructed, floating on the waves and offering a safe docking space for the collection of magical ships arriving. The dock is only temporary, conjured up by staff for the arrival of the school’s students. Once the last has arrived the beach will be returned to its previous state, the swish of a wand deconstructing the floating pier in the blink of an eye.

For any muggles who catch sight of the yearly migration of ships, they might wonder where the sea faring vessels are going. The island is invisible to muggle eyes and technologies, blanketed by powerful spells that render it unmappable and undetectable. Yet, for those with magical blood running in their veins, they know exactly where the boats go and why. Above the beach, perched on the edge of the overhanging cliff, stands Orion Institute of Magic, a school dedicated to the education of young witches and wizards from around the globe. The castle gleams in the setting sun, appearing to sparkle as if its walls are littered with diamonds and crystals. The school’s flag flies from the Western tower, flapping in the sea breeze and proudly displayed the school’s crest – the Southern Cross constellation enclosed in a silver circle of vines with a pair of crossed wands beneath from which the words “To Learn Is the Highest Power” appear to be produced.

For the new students on the arriving boats, this is their first glimpse at their home for the next year, and an impression that will live on long after they have left the school. Awed gasps can be heard from some of those younger students, while the older students look on with smug expressions, their eyes already leaving the stunning castle above to scan the clear waters below. There, a dark smudge beneath the waves can be seen, flying through the water’s depths. There’s movement to the starboard side, barely caught by any who aren’t paying particular attention – just the flick of a tail and then calm again. A second later a shriek is heard from the front of the boat, small hands of the frightened first years pointing at the water monster emerging from the depths.

Long enough to wrap around the ship multiple times, the beast shares many similarities with dragons. Its skin is covered in glistening, dark multi-coloured scales, which seem to change shades as it swims from patches of sunlight to shadows cast by clouds high above. Above water the light also reveals the beautiful patterns engraved onto the beast’s scales. Sharp claws extend from its fore- and hind-legs, as long as many of the first years gapping in fear and astonishment on board the vessels are tall. Large, intelligent eyes blink up at the boat, its mouth opening to reveal rows of deadly teeth as it belches out a shriek. Spines stand to attention along its back, following the movement of its body as it slides through the water towards the boat. Just before the beast reaches the ship it picks up speed, causing more than a few of the new students to stumble backwards in fear as if it were about to smash into the ship's side. Then, to a series of gasps and startled shouts, it leaps from the waters, arching itself up and above the boat, the length of its body curving over the deck, before splashing back beneath the waves on the other side. From there it disappears down, a series of loud cheers and clapping erupting from the older students for its show.

On board the boats the knees of the first years shake, their eyes wide as they attempt to come to terms with what they’ve just seen.

“It’s a dragon… a- a-… a water dragon.” One mutters in bewilderment, no doubt questioning why a school would keep such a beast so close.

“No, it’s a Taniwha.” Another replies, possibly a resident of the neighbouring Island chain of New Zealand, from where the magical monsters originate.

The returning students grin on, confident in their knowledge that the cove’s Taniwha acts as guardian and protector of the school, and perhaps remembering their own first sighting of the beast. Many believe that the Taniwha’s appearance at the start of every year is his idea of a joke, a playful way to welcome the new students to Orion. For the rest of the year he – fondly nicknamed Moe because his full name is hard for many to pronounce – remains largely out of sight, apart from the odd glimpse of a tail or leg slipping beneath the waters.

Needless to say, once the shock wears off the new students and an older student has explained the situation, there’s no stopping the excited chatter. Yet, there is much more to see, and before long the students have left the boats. Carriages pulled by invisible steeds carry students up the winding path to the castle, while the first years are treated to flying hippogriff pulled carriages which zoom around the golden castle at an astonishing pace.


Just as the sun finally sets, the first years are set down and ushered into the grand hall. There wonder again sets in and necks crane up to inspect the charmed ceiling above. At first glance one might simply assume that the night sky outside has been reflected in the high ceiling of the hall, yet a second glance will show you there’s much, much more to behold, for the ceiling is alive with moving constellations. The crab of cancer scuttles behind the harp constellation of Lyra just as the dragon which gives house Draconis its name glides by. A school of sparkling stars in the shape of fish glimmer in and out of view as they pass swim around the figure of Hercules. Most stars can be seen in the ceiling at at least one time in the year as the ceiling seems to shift hemispheres on a whim. However, of all the constellations, only one is notably absent, both in the ceiling above and in the night sky, Orion the Hunter.

Yet, none of the students can be faulted for not reflecting on the constellation's absence at this moment. For, of equal interest to many is the large array of food spread across the four house tables, waiting to be devoured by the hungry witches and wizards. The feast is always a highlight, and every year the kitchen elves go to great lengths to provide a truly remarkable meal. Everything from roasted vegetables, chicken drumsticks, and mouth-watering burgers to creamy puff pastries, raspberries cakes, and lemon tarts stand ready on the tables. The only thing keeping the students from reaching out and starting their meal is the watchful eye of the school’s headmistress and her accompanying teachers. They sit at the head of the hall, patiently waiting for the first years to file in so that they may be sorted. Only then will a short welcoming speech be given before permission to eat is granted.

The sorting, thankfully, does not take an extraneous amount of time. An old hat is brought out, baring a striking resemblance to the sorting hat used by Hogwarts School. And in fact Orion’s was modelled on Hogwarts’ sorting hat many years ago. However, since its creation the hat has picked up several habits, such as dropping the occasional swear word into its yearly song and insisting on being addressed as ‘Daisy’. No amount of magic or persuading can get it to stop swearing, and the students have come to be fond of this little quirk. Daisy usually receives a raucous applause after any song particularly heavy in unsavoury language. Applause too is given as the new students are sorted into one of the four houses, older students clapping them on the backs and cheering as they move to join their tables. Then, after ‘Robert Zueqo’ is sorted into Draconis, the hat is removed and Headmistress Syborn stands.

A hush descends on the hall as the witch gazes out, her smile warm as she addresses the pupils, “To our newest arrivals, welcome to Orion, and to our returning students, welcome back.” Her voice carries across the hall, while her eyes dance from face to face. “I can see that many of you are already eyeing the lemon tarts, and I will not be the reason to prolong your wait.” A cheer goes up from some of the students, the hungriest no doubt, and Headmistress Sybron waits patiently for the noise to die down before she continues, “However, I would first like to remind all students and inform our new pupils, that unsupervised magic is prohibited, while the forest and beach are out of bounds unless accompanied by a teacher. Professor Savea informs me that the island’s local unicorn herd has several new additions and asks that anyone who happens to come across them, to please be respectful and give the young foals space.” Syborn pauses, her eyes gazing around at individual faces as she lets her message sink in, when she is sure that it had she smiles and raises her hands, “Alright, you may begin.”

That announcement receives a loud cheer, one that becomes progressively quieter as the students pounce on the food. And this is where we start out story, sitting among friends and filling out bellies.

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It was loud. Annoyingly and frustratingly loud. Thus far, he had managed to keep the outside world from his eyes, encasing his vision in black, and occasionally a light pink when the sun shone bright enough to penetrate the thickness of his eyelids. But now, now it was becoming increasingly difficult to fight the urge to look upon the scene that would surely lie before him if he were to crack open an eye. With an angered working of his jaw, he exposed blue irises to the world and took in the sights before him.
The sea brine in the air had tickled his nose earlier, but somehow, as he stared out at the vast blue ocean before him, the scent seemed to amplify, and he very nearly gagged on the harsh taste of it. Casting his gaze to the left, he saw the people that had disturbed his quiet-- children, really. A whole gaggle of first years, chattering away excitedly. Adrian pulled in a slow deep breath, letting out a long sigh as he glanced up the horizon and saw the grand majesty of Orion in the distance. It was at least another twenty minutes before they would dock, meaning he'd have to listen to the energetic new students yammer on until then.
An increase in the noise level drew his attention back to the water, where a sleek figure moved gracefully beneath the waves. At the edge of the boat, dozens of bodies lined the railings, eager heads poking over the side to try to catch a glimpse of stunning creature. The varying expressions on the students' faces was awfully telling. Before he had the chance to register the movement, a boy rushed past him as he attempted to keep up with the movement of Moe. In his excitement, the boy failed to move his body the few inches to the right it would take to avoid jostling Adrian's shoulder. He stopped suddenly at Adrian's piercing gaze and raised brow, stammering out an apology but stopping halfway through at the calm hand on his shoulder. Looking relieved, the dark haired first year smiled, his eyes lighting when Adrian returned the boy's shy smile with his own charming one and leaned in slightly as if to whisper a secret in his ear. "Bump into me again, and I'll toss you over and feed you to him." He jerked his head to the right, indicating the serpent-like body that continued slicing through the water with ease. The boy's eyes immediately widened and his body jerked into rigid tension. His line of sight drifted over to Adrian's large hand still weighing heavy on his shoulder, and with a slight shudder, he shook it off and ran to the safety of the center of the boat. Adrian waved him goodbye with a saccharine smile. He made a mental note to tell Andy about the whole ordeal later; the kid's face was priceless.
Again, a commotion drew his attention away from the waters, this time to the railings some distance away. A familiar set of blonde hair stood facing an indignant young boy whose hands had recently flown to cover the lower half of his face. Given the embarrassingly scarlet shade of his cheeks, McKenna had just become his new favorite person on the boat. The boy shifted slightly, allowing Adrian to catch a glimpse of the large piggish nose that had likely come off the end of Mac's wand. He couldn't stop the laughter that bubbled up in his throat, and an amused snort escaped him as he heard the boy shouting things Adrian couldn't make out. No doubt he had done something to deserve it. He hadn't noticed her presence on the boat until now, likely because he had squirreled himself away into a not easily seen space and shut everything out until now, but he was glad he was there to see what had just transpired. He stared at the back of McKenna's head, willing her to glance back at him with the intensity of his gaze alone. When her head turned, he winked, allowing a sly smirk to quirk his lips to the left, letting her know, if she had managed to pick him out of the crowd at all, that he would certainly be seeing her in detention for that, and, more likely than not, he'd have been the one to rat her out. Without waiting to see if she'd respond to his taunt, he tilted his head back and shut his eyes once more, a rare smile gracing his lips. The last fifteen minutes of the journey were sure to pass quickly.

He somehow got the feeling that the headmasters of the school were so much more sadistic than they let on. A great feast lay before them, identical platters on food on each large table reserved for specific houses. He glanced around the table, already seeing ravenous gazes fixed on the abundance of food. And that was only at his table. Across the great hall, he could practically feel the general atmosphere of hunger permeating the air. And yet no one was allowed to eat. Not yet anyways. First, they were all forced to sit through the sorting ceremony that occurred each year. Which was fine by Adrian at any rate; he wasn't the biggest fan of boats, and his stomach still vehemently rejected the thought of ingesting any food. Instead, he watched with keen interest as students approached Daisy with blatant trepidation. With every student that joined the ranks of Draconis, Adrian clapped along with the shouting and hollering of his peers, though there was a lack of emotion in his cheering, and his unperturbed air gave the distinct impression that he clapped solely out of obligation.
A familiar face popped out of the crowd, a dark-haired boy with his jaw set and determination lighting a fire in his eyes. Adrian's eyebrows raised, the interest returning as the same boy he had given a fright to earlier that morning had Daisy placed on his head. He leaned forward in his seat, eager to hear what the hat deemed the boy to be. "Draconis," ringed its voice through the room, and Adrian felt himself smile. Their eyes met on the boy's walk, and Adrian tilted his head and raised his hand to wave, letting his mouth stretch in the fakest welcoming grin he could muster. The boy gulped visibly, flinching back for a second before lowering his head and continuing his steady gait. Adrian was vaguely reminded of a charging bull. Much to his surprise, the boy's unfaltering stride led directly to him, and he sat himself down next to Adrian without a word. There was a huff of approval from him along with the makings of a genuine smile as the boy turned to him, brow furrowed, and merely nodded. A true Draconis after all. They didn't speak a word to each other the rest of the sorting ceremony.
When the last student was sorted, and it was finally decreed that the students may eat, Adrian rose from his seat to pick out some familiar faces. He spotted Andy some ways down, and made his way down the length of the table until he reached her side. Before he sat, he flagged over Professor Jones who stood nearby, leaning over to speak in her ear over the din of the loud chamber. The two had somehow managed to maintain something of a friendly relationship despite their interactions, in which she would shake her head disappointedly and tell him he was wasting his potential and he would scoff at her. "McKenna James, Pheonicis girl. Turned one of the new Draconis first-year's nose into pig snout. Saw it with my own two eyes. Horrible tragedy, really, poor boy. I felt so awful for him, I just figured you should know." He pulled back, his brow furrowing, lips curving down ever so slightly until he was the perfect image of a sympathetic friend. When he turned away, however, his eyes regained their glint of mischief. He always kept his promises.
He took a seat next to Andy, nicking a grape from a plate and popping it into his mouth as he did. She was turned away from him, still advertising her business to the new students and then flirting with Lito, and he waited until she had finished before pitching in with his own comment. "Never a day's rest for a business runner, huh? Well if you're not taking Lito's reading as payment, I don't suppose you'd take my wonderful company and friendship as a form of payment, would you? You should." An innocent smile graced his otherwise devious expression as he cocked his head, fluttering his eyelashes mockingly at his old friend.

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#, as written by Cloud

wєlcσmє fєαst
gяєαт нαℓℓ



There is a definite enthusiasm that seems to permeate the air of the Great Hall as students old and new discuss their holidays, the year to come, and devour the spread of enchanting food before them. Snippets of conversation float through the jovial hall, carrying tales of exotic holidays, gossip of both the extraordinary and mundane, and excited plans for the year to come. Some of Lito’s peers can be heard boasting of their exemplary marks in last year’s O.W.L.s, while those who didn’t receive as many as hoped close their lips and duck their heads. Lito can hear the drawling voice of Dustin Greyson, a South African seventh year belonging to Draconis, bragging about his own perfect score in the fifth year O.W.Ls when he had sat them, before arrogantly proclaiming that he is confident in his ability to acquire a perfect score for his N.E.W.Ts too. The fourth years around him seem to be leaning in, amazed looks on their faces as they hanging off his every word. If Lito wasn’t so preoccupied with his sixth year female peers, he might have turned around and asked Dustin to remind the table what he had received on his Divination exam (a fail), and explain why Dustin had dropped out of Arithmancy halfway through the year. Both would no doubt see the smug wizard turn red, particularly as Lito only knows of Dustin's divination fail because he had been hovering outside the professor's office while Dustin was angrily arguing his mark inside.

But, it is a lucky morning for Dustin Greyson, for Lito is much more inclined to pay attention to the people he actually likes, such as Andy and Aria. His grin widens at Andy's quick response, his own eyebrow rising suggestively in imitation of her wriggling brows.

"Oh, you needn't worry about my stamina Andy, I can perform as long as you need me." Lito's eyes twinkle as he replies, "I've had plenty of practice reading palms, after all." Had one of their audience not yet understood the innuendo behind Andy and Lito's teasing back-and-forth, the flirtatious quirk to his lips lets even the slowest in on the secret. Not that their understanding is Lito's first priority, not when he's more preoccupied with enjoying being reunited with someone who can match him in a game of flirtatious banter.

At home he is always forced to spend many dull, dragging hours sitting through proper readings and lectures from his father on the correct use of his abilities. It is beyond tedious, with the young wizard always aching for the hours of freedom where he could leave the old family home and seek entertainment from the select few friends who called Denmark home. Yet, here at Orion there is an almost endless supply of entertainment to be had, enough to shake the last remnants of boredom left over from his trip home. Lito has no doubt that a few hours around Andy and any of his other flirtations will quickly solve that particular issue.

Especially when another voice joins their party. A slow grin spreads across his face as Aria’s pretty words reached his ears, and Lito raises an eyebrow as his gaze finds hers,

“Wonderful to see you Aria, I’ve missed your refreshing pearls of wisdom.” He hums, his amusement only growing as he hears Andy's teasing reply to Aria's comment. Beside Lito the beautiful Japanese girl still sits, her gaze following the conversation even if her understanding can't. Lito has given her up (at least until her English or his Japanese has improved), deciding instead that he'd rather spend his energy on easier targets or merely catching up with friends he hasn't seen in months. For that reason he leans towards Aria, careful to avoiding dipping the sleeves of his robes in food as he pours himself another goblet full of juice.

"Tell me, were your holidays every bit as rejuvenating as mine were?" He asks, sarcasm heavy on the 'rejuvenating'. "I hope you didn't miss my company too much."

Lito's eyes momentarily leave the face of his friend, sliding down the table until he spies his dorm mate sitting beside Andy. Lito's lips quirk into a faintly antagonistic smirk as he interrupts Andy and Adrian's greeting with his own half-mocking comment, "I don't know about 'wonderful', Holt. He teases, as is typical of the odd frenemy relationship the two have, "but I'd certainly take your company if Andy passes." Lito adds to the blonde Draconis with a sultry wink.

By now the small crowd of first years that have been following the conversation of the four sixth years can be seen gazing in confusion between the older students, no doubt questioning if their first instincts over the nature of Andy and Lito's relationship were correct. Lito raises an eyebrow at one who seems to be frowning in concentration as she attempts to figure the puzzle out, his gaze bringing a blush to her cheeks when she notices. With a huffed laugh Lito flicks his gaze back to Aria, "It must be so confusing being a first year." He mutters, unconcerned with whether or not the first years he is referring to hear him or not.

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“Now that just sounds like it’d give you indigestion.” Mac replied playfully, leaving it purposely ambiguous whether she meant the newborns or the Vegemite, both sounding equally repulsive. As talk turned to summer vacation, Mac remained fairly subdued, preferring to listen to her friends’ stories of home and family over the holiday. Mac had always been a little jealous of Adie and Emma in that respect, their parents just seemed so…accepting of it all. It was hard for Mac to fathom really, her own mother tepidly tolerant at best, and her father well…that was just a subject she avoided entirely. Mac’s summers were always filled with awkward silence and grating isolation, not really a topic that made for friendly conversation. “Long.” Mac replied simply when her turn came around, smiling brightly as she eagerly passed the baton.

As the conversation thankfully turned to Quidditch, Aidan’s sadistic side reared its ugly head, and Mac couldn’t quite stop herself from provoking it. “Hmmm sounds like we might actually break a sweat there cap. So will the shirt be remaining on, or off for our viewing pleasure?” Mac commented with an abundance of cheek. When it came to practice, Mac was possibly a bit of a masochist in that respect. Whether she really just liked pushing Aidan’s buttons, or being the sole focus of his attention was anyone’s guess. Mac decided a long time ago not to analyze it too closely.

Mac had just finished her second lemon tart when she caught sight of the origami swan flying her way. Elegant, precise, and just a touch impersonal, it had the hallmarks of Professor Jones written all over it. Despite transfiguration being by far her best academic subject, Mac had always enjoyed a bit of a tense relationship with the head of Draconis. Professor Jones had always tried to push her to be ambitious in ways that had just never appealed to the apathetic student that Mac was, and Jones had never seemed to much appreciate wasted talent, particularly in her own subject. When Mac landed in detention, three out of four times it was Jones sending her there, which didn’t bode well for her evening. As the swan prepared to land by her hand, it was intercepted midair by a patrolling professor Maddox, who seemed to have no qualms opening it right up and reading the message.

“Congratulations James, you’re going for the record I see.” He commented dryly. “You’ve been back all of what, an hour, and you’ve already got a week’s detention? Something to do with a traumatized first year and a pig nose..?” Professor Maddox inquired, sounding more like he was fishing for details than seriously reprimanding her.

Mac had been expecting the detention at some point, but she hadn’t quite expected it so soon. The little snot didn’t even have her name to give yet, so who was the rat? As she tried to work out the culprit in her mind, she remembered one particular face she’d seen in the crowd looking particularly smug as they got off the boat.

“That little snitch…” Mac muttered under her breath. Head spinning toward the Draconic table, she pinned Adrian with an accusatory stare, though it lacked any real heat. It was more a promise to return the favor at her earliest convenience, and she was actually kind of excited by the challenge. Their friendship was odd that way, but Mac was going to be seriously mad at him if he didn’t do something to land his perfect little butt in detention with her. Detentions alone sucked, their relationship was proof enough of the power of boredom and it's ability to make friends of the most unlikely of people. Adrian was also surprisingly good company once you got past his front, an opinion that was not particularly popular at this table. Because of that, Mac tended not to flaunt her friendship with Adrian too loudly in their company, but she wasn't about to apologize for it either.

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#, as written by Verix

            ▌: DINNING HALL
            ▌HEX: #6ebccf

    The first secret Aria ever told was that of a simple crush. Lillian was a Centaurus first year with pretty blonde curls and a smile that could blind the world. She had befriended Aria during Charms when she caught her reading poetry instead of listening to the dull lecture on whatever they were learning that day. It turned out her father was a poet himself and as such she grew to appreciate the art, and it was there that Aria found out she was a muggle.

    There was nothing wrong with being muggle born, but having been raised in a home where blood supremacy ran though their veins it was hard not to think a little less of her. However, Lillian’s birth was not what made Aria spill out her secret - rather it was the simple fact that she could.

    Needless to say their friendship ended after the harsh rejection of a boy not worth any of their time.

    There were many things Aria knew, but knowing how to handle three teen-children was not one of them. While their appearances might suggest a higher level of intelligence their humor was nothing more than that of a twelve year old muggle; and yet they were the closest things she could call ‘friends.’

    There was Lito, a boy whom Aria was sure would have many secrets to spill, and yet as fate would have it he did the job for her. With the disposition of a devil-may-care she steered clear of him until a teacher paired them up in God-knows what class, and their ‘friendship’ blossomed into a deformed looking flower.

    Her relationship with Andy however was much less familiar, but interesting nonetheless. Aria had an ever growing suspicion that the business woman’s hidden agenda in befriending her was to help expand the Orion Black Market, and to spread word much more quickly. Whether it was right or wrong Aria didn’t care for, but if word got out to teachers she’d deny it to Hell.

    Adrian however was a boy of her own virtue, seemingly alone in a school filled with noise and the only way to shut them up was to either fight or tell lies. They’re not close, but rumors can tell more about a person than they know themselves.

    Her train of thought however was broken when Andy made a more than obvious flirtation, and Lito responded in kind, “I often pray for you both, God knows you need it,” she took a bite of the food in front of her and hummed in appreciation. Although there were many professional chefs at her disposal in Australia there was something about the food at Orion that couldn’t be matched by anyone else. ” If your holiday was rejuvenating then mine was exhilarating. Hours upon hours of nothing but fascinating lectures from my Father. Wonderful, really.”

    She could remember it all to well, the hot summer days in her mansion with nothing to do but read or complain. 'Hell on Earth,' she told her mother after a particularly hot day when even the AC didn't help. There were no students for her to sell secrets too, and muggle technology was prohibited unless it was a project her family was working on.

    It was then that Adrian Holt sat next to Andy and began to tell a great story about McKenna James, and as if he didn’t have a filter he began to ask if his own presence would be suitable payment for Andy, "For once in my life I’ll have to agree with Lito here, wonderful should not be in your vocabulary, Holt. It’s far too sophisticated.” Her insult was only meant to be taken half heartedly, but just like the boy she insulted she too didn’t have the restraint from not saying what’s on her mind.

    "Often I wonder what we looked like as first years,”Aria held something akin to remorse in her tone but it quickly dissipated as she stated, ”Did we really look that stupid?” She turned to look at the a group of boys who were watching with what seemed to be genuine curiosity, but they all quickly turned when they saw her look at them.

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#, as written by Cloud


Date: 2nd September | Time: 8.00 am | Location: Great Hall

The first full day of school dawns bright and early, sunlight seeping in through stain glass windows and falling on students eager to start the day ahead – or go back to sleep. Many enjoy their final hours of freedom before class begins, knowing that as soon as they sit down to learn, assignments and homework will mar their free time. As eight a.m. rolls around, most students can be found pulling themselves from bed and making their way to breakfast. Some eager – or unlucky – few have been up since the crack of dawn, the Phoenicis Quidditch team under the direction of their captain having woken before the sun in order to get a jump start on the other houses’ teams. Now, however the delicious smells of pancakes, bacon and eggs, porridge, and every other breakfast treat one could imagine seems to permeate the air. Any first year who has already forgotten the path from dorm room to Great Hall need only follow their nose.

The heavy double doors stand at the rear of the hall, directly opposite the teachers’ podium and bracketed by two large carvings – one a likeness of the Taniwha Moe, the other a carved map of the night sky with the cluster of stars known as matariki (the Pleiades) centre stage. On the wall either side of the doors hang the house banners, indicating which long table belongs to which house. To the far right upon entering one finds Centaurus, with Draconis right and centre. Pegasi house stands left and centre, with Phoenicis against the left wall. While the house segregation is strictly maintained during dinners, and in particular feasts such as the welcome back feast of the night before, breakfast and lunch are another story. Students are free to sit at other houses’ tables. One will commonly find most students grouped at their own house table, merely because this is typically where their close friends sit, but for those who wish to diversify their friend group, Orion allows for movement between the benches. It’s not uncommon to see Draconis sitting with Centaurus, or Pegasi beside Phoenicis. Students may roam where they please, though for the first day back it also pays to mind the Head of Houses.

The first day’s breakfast is when timetables are handed out by each house’s head. Most of the heads are able to recognise their house members, and for those who don’t and for the first years, the difference in colouring of their uniform offers a key clue. Centaurus students wear their clothing embossed with the mossy green and warm gold of their house. Draconis have a clear blue and dark bronze as decoration, while Pegasi have a softer lilac and silver combination. Students in Phoenicis house can be found with scarlet and black edgings to their uniform. Professor Dew, Head of Pegasi, can be seen gliding between the tables, stopping to hand out timetables to her students with a smile. She knows all by name and will often pause on her way to enquire after a student’s family or break. Her first years are welcomed with a calm smile and a note that if they have any problems, her door is always open. Centaurus’ head, Professor Favreau, looks as if he’s still half asleep. A piece of toast hangs from his mouth and when he finds a Centaurus student he can often be seen scratching his head as he searches through his collection of timetables. He too knows them all by name – or most of them at least - though he has been known to make up fond nicknames for his favourites. Across the hall Professor Maddox grins as he shares a joke with a Phoenicis student. He seems to view the handing out of class schedules as a competition with victory going to whoever can see all their students sorted the fastest, though he keeps getting distracted as he shares sarcastic banter with the louder members of his house. His attitude is perhaps the complete opposite of Draconis’ dignified head. Professor Jones of Draconis does not hurry, yet she is possibly the most efficient, handing out schedules with a nod of approval or a simple ’See me after breakfast to sort out this issue.’.

For the older students, their schedules are designed around the O.W.L. and N.E.W.T examinations they will be sitting at the end of the year. Some sixth years, having done terribly in one subject or another, are unable to meet requirements for their preferred topic and must pick another, while others sit tall with pride at having received near perfect marks (the majority of these seem to be found in house Centaurus). Other students are eager to look over their timetables and compare classes and schedules with friends, while others lament over a packed day and not enough free periods. Whatever your mood and wherever you find yourself sitting, there is sure to be much to discuss. The first day back is always exciting, and even the stars reflected in the enchanted ceiling above seem to be brimming with energy.

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#, as written by Cloud


Date: 26th September | Time: 10.00 am | Location: Mākutu Village

The first class of the year had been slow for most of Orion’s students, with everyone trying to ease their way back into the beat of school. The teachers, of course, had other ideas than to take it slow, and while some students moaned about the homework that was already being set, others looked forward to expanding their mind. Those who were still in holiday mode quickly settled in to the rhythm of class. That first class flowed into the second class, which then became the third, until a whole week had passed and to most students it felt like they had never left. That first week became two, and before anyone knew it almost a month had gone by since school started.

It’s now been three and a half weeks since the ships docked in the bay, and while many people in the northern hemisphere are pulling out the extra blankets, the southern half of the globe is happily in the midst of spring. Orion looks magnificent in any weather, but it practically glows in spring. Wild flowers sprout up around the edges of the forest, and more often than not bright coloured petals can be found decorating the waters of the magical waterfalls that send down buckets of liquid on unsuspecting students. The baby unicorns have been seen wobbling about the school lawn from the windows, while a pod of bottle-nose dolphins spent the last week playing with the taniwha, Moe, in the harbour.

Of course, none of that is quite as exciting as the prospect of the first trip to Mākutu, the magical village which shares the island with Orion. For those old enough to attend this trip was long awaited. Mākutu is always a treat, no matter how many times one has visited. Nestled on the other side of the island and only a short walk through the forest, it consists of a small collection of stores that sell everything from magical and muggle treats to spell books and novels. Most, if not all, of the stores can be found along the main thoroughfare, with the houses of the residents either occupying the upper storeys of the buildings or snuggled behind. In the centre of the town is a quaint square or cobblestones. A statue in the middle of the square depicts a tall, broad shoulder man of Polynesian descent with a wand in one hand and a magical compass in the other. As the plaque beneath his effigy read, the figure is the Mākutu, the wizard who found and settled the island centuries ago. His gaze fixes on some spot in the distance, as if seeking out his next adventure.

For many, their sights are usually fixed on the Honey Pot, an adorable café by day, and quaint bar by night. It’s here you’ll usually find students and islanders alike taking shelter from the rain, or merely stopping by to try their island-famous honey mead. Praised as the nectar of the gods, or the lovers’ drink (usually only by those who have had several more than they should), it will warm your belly and soothe your worries. It should be noted that students are forbidden from consuming alcohol in the village, though light beverages like butterbeer are allowed to the older students. Thankfully, the Honey Pot offers delicious non-alcoholic alternatives for the younger students, and their hot chocolates are divine. Though, if you’re an inquisitive student or know the right people to ask, you might find your way to the outskirts of the village where the Rusty Ship Wreck stands. While it isn’t a ship, the dingy pub is rather rusty, and locals have taken to calling it ‘the Wreck’ for short. Here, if you’re discrete and don’t irk the owner, a student can purchase and enjoy almost any beverage he or she desires.

It is places like these that have the third years buzzing with excitement as they wait by the school’s main doors to be officially allowed out. It’s their first year being able to explore the town, and most have made sure that they’ll have the whole Saturday to do so, their eagerness seeing them rise early for breakfast when for most a Saturday normally calls for a lazy morning. The older students, most of whom find the pull of the town less consuming, are still all likely to indulge in a trip through the woods. Why not? It’s a chance to stretch your legs, stock up on unhealthy, sugared goods, and possibly share a virgin honey mead with your crush (legend has it sharing the drink brings a couple closer). So, though the third years jump in excitement, they aren’t the only ones waiting for Professor Li and Professor Patel to start ticking off names and allowing students to leave.

Permissions have to be checked, particularly for the third years, but eventually the students are allowed out, and in no time Orion’s pupils are streaming into the village. There is no uniform needed to be worn today, so many of the students wear their own clothes, of which vary between the mundane and decidedly muggle, to the odd and hilarious. No ignorant muggle would be able to walk through the village without stopping in their tracks to gawp at one student, at least. Thankfully, no muggle has ever stepped into the village in living record, which is reassuring for the islanders. Of course, had our protagonists known about the series of events that begin to unfold on this inauspicious day, perhaps they too would have wished never to step foot in Mākutu.

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Mac had figured, as fond of sweets as all her friends were, that the Honey Pot was a good place to begin looking for her cohorts, but she hadn’t expected to find them this quickly. Or rather for Aiden to pounce on her practically the moment she climbed up through the floorboards. Not that she minded of course, but the surprise explained the fluttery feeling in her stomach as Aiden placed a warm hand on the small of her back, pulling her along to the table with the rest of their usual group. “In your dreams flyboy.” Mac teased with a flash of teeth and her signature cheeky grin. “It’ll take more than one of your fascist workouts to keep me laid up in the common room. Besides, I’ve got a mystery to solve.” She wiggled her eyebrows as she flashed him a peak of the golden necklace before dropping it back in her bag.

As they joined Emma and Adie at their table, the conversation turned to illicit potions, and reminiscing over the few unfortunate victims either desperate or conceited enough to try and use one on them to help cheat on exams. Personally, Mac was of the mindset of why buy when you can brew, but luck potions were notoriously difficult to pull off, even for those with the natural talent and training for the subject. Still, it never hurt to try a little extra curricular study…

“I don’t remember seeing him after that, but Cora Fairfield bought her potion from the same guy supposedly, and her tail disappeared after about a week.” Mac chimed in a guess right as Leo arrived at their table. She’d never been very close to the dreamy pegasi boy, but he was good friends with Adie, so Mac saw enough of him to be on pretty friendly terms. “Hey Leo.” She greeted simply as she patted an open chair.

“You’re kidding, first years made these?” A brunette fourth year from Phoenicis utter in disbelief as she and another fourth year girl from Centaurus walked into the Honey Pot looking through what looked like a handful of cards in their hands.

“How’d they even get these shots so early in the year? The quidditch season has barely even started yet.” She continued on as the two girls sat down in the table across from Mac and her friends.

“Apparently one of their dads is some kind of sports journalist. Most of the action shots are from last year, but they’re promising different player editions as the year goes on, so who knows what we’ll see later on. Which ones did you get?” The Centaurs girl asked. “I got an Aiden Zeller, a Will Kendell, and the Devan Erskine card.”

“What really?! I got the Adrian Holt, Emma Quinn, and McKenna James ones. I’ll trade you the Holt for Zeller. They’re both really cute, but I want to collect the whole Phoenicis team before the special additions come out.” The Phoenicis girl whom Mac recalled was named Phoebe Tonkin pleaded to her friend.

Silently, Mac smiled into the cup of spiced cider she'd ordered as she recalled thr plucky first years she'd met that first day back to Orion. Apparently they were following through with that trading card idea they'd gone on about, and secretly she was a little curious to see what they looked like.