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Maeve's NPCS

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a character in “The Other Reality”, as played by Maeve



Arch Erbekka


Arch Erbekka

Goes by

Hectate's great-grandaughter.

Arch has the ability to appear and disappear at will- you'll often see her around the Other Reality, helping out warriors as well as random people from the streets. She can speak to animals and charm them, as well as manipulate emotions, transfer memory, and heal others.

Description of Appearance
Standing at 5'5", Arch is very short for a girl nowadays. Her face is small, drawn, and looks like porclain, with high cheekbones, a small nose, and full lips. Her pale blonde hair falls way past her waist in a waterfall. She has large slanted green eyes that reflect what light glances off of them. Her build is lithe, but she is stronger than she appears. Her arms are long and wiry, her legs slim and quick. Her movements are often darting, like that of a butterfly's. She often wears a loose shirt and pants or a skirt, and headbands in her hair.

Appears 16; is really in the 700s.

Arch is very optimistic. She's hard to dislike, with a positive outlook on everything in life. She loves to love, as shallow as that might sound. She can see through most things, with a very intuitive sixth sense. She understands others and enjoys being around happy people. She doesn't mind taking on new things. She has a passion for meeting new people and giving tours; she'll always find something to talk about. She hates liars and sugar-coating things- she'll always come right out with the truth. Her mind is quick; her thoughts are abstract in a way hard to define.

Arch has a good sense of humor, but it's not hard to make her laugh. Her hair is always bouncing; her eyes are always shining. A bit of an adrenaline junkie, she strives to be different than everybody else but has her own insecurities. In a childish manner she's almost as innocent as a preteen. She can comprehend difficult subjects and matters, but when it comes to education, she doesn't much care. Bored easily and always hyper, Arch can manage to get the most pessimistic person jumping around with her. She loves handing out muffins to people and keeps a rabbit on her shoulder for good luck.

She's easily disgusted as well as fooled; although she'll forgive as well as forget. She has a habit of being a little too bossy, although her advice is usually sound. You'll have a chance to test it out- she slips the most subtle of hints into conversations. A likable person with some tweaks to be worked out.

* Everything but bossy people, and
* Good food.
* Warm clothes.
* Cozy cabins.
* Pranksters.
* Muffin baskets.
* Alive lucky rabbits.
* Excersizing.
* Helping others.

* Rude people
* Violence; and
* Greasy foods.
* Meat.

She has a large birthmark on her right shoulder.



Gershom. No last name.

Ger, though he doesn't have any close friends to call him that. :(

Abdul-Huakam or just "Alien"

He likes women. And men. And aliens.

Description of Appearance-
Gershom has a rather drawn face, with tight skin and a small nose. Some exclaim "Lord Voldemort" when they see him, though he doesn't know why. It makes him happy that they recognize him either way. His body is twice as small as his head suggests, and he is only 4'5". He often wears a business suit that is a little too big on him, and he doesn't wear shoes. He likes hats, especially farm/cowboy ones, and wears them often, as well.

Gershom is rather sad most of the time, because he has no friends to be happy for. When he does have a friend around, he acts happy in a dumb sort of way, smiling so wide it almost cracks his face. He likes to act like he's sticking his tongue out at people, because it's a childish thing to do. Ger has some privacy issues- he won't open up unless forced. That's another thing- he cracks under pressure. He can't stand the fact that sometimes people get angry for stupid things and, well, things happen.

Past all the bad traits, Gershom is a nice guy. He loves handing out muffin baskets to people and considers those whom he barely knows his friends. It is with this manner he is extremely likeable; yet he's awkward in his childlike personality. Simple emotions are all he possesses. Happy, sad, and depressed are his main feelings, more of sad and depressed. Again, with friends, he can be happy. He laughs a lot when he's happy, yet when he gets the hiccups you don't really want to be around him. They come in the form of a disease that kills humans. Yeah.

Gershom has the ability to magically generate food that appears whenever he's hungry. He can also manipulate it to in fact come alive. He can make it do physical things, but must speak aloud to command it. That's a good thing, because not much runs through his brain.

Items of Value-
He carries in his pockets..
* A charm he had from his world when he entered through the door.
* His tie, striped with gold and brown.
* A small electronic device from his world as well. Others are not sure what it does. Only he knows. He probably won't tell you.

* Women
* Men
* Aliens
* Friends
* The color brown
* Technology
* Bold font
* Cold foods
* Extreme cold
* Winter
* Watching movies

* Rude people
* Tiny words
* Summer
* Swimming
* Tight clothes
* Loud noises
* Nail polish. Because he doesn't have nails.
* Small animals

Theme Song-

How Did He End Up In The Other Reality?
He has a sad past of people who were mean to him. D: Poor Gershom.

So begins...

Maeve's NPCS's Story