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Tamsyn Leilani

"A tiger does not shout its intentiosn, it acts."

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a character in “The Others”, as played by emotionless




"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations"

{Northing More | Mr. MTV}

Tamsyn Leilani
♥ Syn
Spaghetti Straight
French Russian


"It’s not the future you’re afraid of, its repeating the past that makes you anxious."
{ Nowhere Kids | Smile Empty Soul}

Tamsyn stands at 5’5 even, with a runner’s physique. She has an oval face, and high cheekbones that she gets from her hint of native American. Her eyes are large and hazel though they lean more towards green than brown. Her eyes are framed by long lashes golden brown lashes. Her hair is two toned, golden brown and mahogany, and it falls to just below her shoulder blades. She has several scars, from her earlier lifes abuses, the most prominent of them being one that goes from her left collar bone to her right hip. She also has a scar behind her right ear and several on her thigh’s. Her usual attire consists of flowy maxi like skirts and tank tops with sandals.

"Life isn’t about avoiding the bruises, it’s about collecting the scars to show you lived"
{ I am a Lion | Hollywood Undead}


Tamsyn comes off as very open and friendly to all she meets, mostly beause she believes in giving everyone a fair shot. That does not, hoever mean she is not wary of everyone she meets. She does not trust easy, and once someone has lost her trust there is very few ways to win it back. She finds herself biting her tongue a lot only because her wit can be misconstrued as bitchy. She has a dry sense of humor, but a big heart. Tamsyn is fiercely independent, extremely ambitious, persistent, and determined.

Tamsyn is also very flexible she is able to re-survey any situation and take a different approach if necessary, which sometimes makes her come off as manipulative though that is not her intent. She is the clearest of thinkers, looking at a project from all sides and putting forth some logical and well-thought-out ideas. She tends to bring her objective reasoning and big-picture ability to the table. While some may perceive all this logical thought as cold and unemotional, it's simply how Tamsyn ticks.

All in all Tamsyn is very deep, intense person, there is always more than meets the eye. She presents a cool, detached, and unemotional air to the world yet lying underneath is tremendous power, extreme strength, intense passion and a strong will and a persistent drive.

♥ Tamsyn is very good at hand to hand combat
♥ Tamsyn is a decent shot with a bow
♥ Tamsyn is diplomatic and tactful
♥ Tamsyn has almost absolute control over her abilities
♥ Tamsyn is very strong

-Tamsyn tends to be willing to bend over backwards for almost anyone
-Tamsyn has a scar tissue on her right leg muscles that makes movement painful at times
-Tamsyn has PTSD and does not sleep well



"Life is a story Make yours a best seller"
{ Sound of Silence | Disturbed}

There is not much to say about Tamsyn’s History. She spent most of her life from birth to age 8 with her pride which consisted of herself, her father (Atticus Leilani), her twin (Sansa Leilani), and her mother (Auna Leilani). The four of them lived in peace for the most part. During this time Tamsyn’s father worked for the government in hopes of protecting his family, but when he saw the horrors that became of almost everyone that worked for the government he quit, took his family, and ran. The first to die was their Mother. She was hunted down, and like an animal she was caged. Not long after her capture word spread of her death due to her refusal to give up her children. Next was her father, who was killed by another Other of the Pack variety, over an imagined insult. By that time Tamsyn and Sansa where 17. They managed on their own for quite a while, moving from place to place, only stopping for a few hours of sleep here and there. They became quite good at hunting and taking care of themselves, even if it meant tricking others into doing their dirty work for them. When Tamsyn and Sansa turned 20 they were betrayed by a fellow Stripe and turned into the government where they were first punished for their father’s mistakes, then they were used for experiments. Not long after they were captured Sansa and Tamsyn attempted to escape. Sansa died in that attempt.

Image"Stars Cant Shine without Darkness"
[center]{ I am the Fire | Halestorm}


So begins...

Tamsyn Leilani's Story