Riley Mikyoto

A beautiful disaster with overwhelming charm and overflowing determination.

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Image Name Riley Mei Mikyoto
Year 1st
Role tomboy
Personality Riley is one of those people that everyone loves. Despite her cold-hearted nature and the unbelievable want to make fun of people, she’s actually very easy going and attracts a lot of attention. She gets defensive very easily, fighting for both herself and for her friends with superhuman determination. She’s hard to get mad at even when she’s being her usual obnoxious self. People who are exceptionally close to her know that underneath, Riley is very conscious about the world around her. She wants only the best for her friends and family and will do everything in her power to please them, even if it means doing things she doesn’t feel is theoretically right. She also doesn’t understand that guys are much stronger than she, despite her head-strong attitude. If a guy is making a problem, she isn’t one to just brush it off. Her emotions are always very visible, even if she tries to hide them. Her eyes are the thing that always gives her away. She also has difficulties coming to trust people.
Likes sports, the outdoors, icecream, her friends, reading
Dislikes her father, being looked down on, her friends getting hurt
Skills soccer, horse-back riding, writing, playing pranks
Weaknesses When your meet Riley for the first time, you might wonder if she’s bullet-proof. She doesn’t give a shit what people think about her and doesn’t allow the guys’ romantic personalities get in her way. But she isn’t invisible and she does have weaknesses. Truthfully, Riley is terrified of one of her relationships being broken. Because of her history, being torn from her friends and family is a very difficult thing for her indeed. She’ll fight tooth and nail to make sure that no harm comes to the people she loves. She also happens to be afraid of water; not in the sense that she won’t go near it, but that anything more than knee-deep makes her freeze. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that she can’t swim.
Brief Description Riley’s got a very interesting appearance, one that you wouldn’t describe as beautiful. Most people would probably use the word cute or attractive instead. Her skin is almost a fair olive shade that contrasts deeply with her eyes, which are constantly changing from hazel to a startling muddy blue. A mess of black hair sits on her head; it’s naturally dishevelled so she can’t do much about it. She even has a habit of running her hand through her hair in a subconscious attempt at fixing it. Riley stands at a petite 5’4’’ and is on the skinny side. She’s got a naturally small sized bust that she can easily cover up with a tank or an undershirt. Otherwise, her baggy attire covers up her curves and her feminine appearance.
Contribution At first, someone might wonder what Riley does to even contribute – other than, of course, play pranks on people. But once you get to know her, you’ll understand. Her contribution is the strength of the group. She seems to have a way of making people understand each other, whether it be through yelling at them or getting them physical. Somehow, her techniques always bring realization to people. It allows the group to remain as a family instead of just a few romantic stragglers. When she’s being a host, she’s the bad-boy type. This allows her to keep her suit and fleece loose and baggy so what she has of a chest doesn’t show. She appears fairly indifferent, but when she shows even a dot of interest, the ladies start dancing. Her signature move is just a wink with a lick of the lips. Of course, she has to deal with the twins while she’s at it, and that’s a whole different story.
History Riley was born into a wealthy family. Her father is an entrepreneur who specializes in the manufacturing of transportation – aka, vehicles and bridges, etc. Her mother was a commoner and was in a tight budget. When the two came together, they immediately bonded and were married within three months. However, her father soon realized that his love wasn’t who she said she was. To be able to pay her bills, the woman had sold her body around: she had been a prostitute. Immediately disappointed, they were divorced. Seven months after their divorce, the woman gave birth to Riley. At the age of five, Riley was forcefully taken away from her mother who had suddenly been involved in a drug scandal. From that moment on, she lived with her father as a rebel child. The only reason she became a tomboy in the first place was to show her father that she was capable of being Head of the corporation. Of course, it didn’t work at all, but she grew used to it quickly and became a full-fledged tomboy. When she was seven years old, Riley almost drowned. Ever since then she’s been too terrified to even get in a bathtub. Up until this year, she’d always been tutored by an elderly man named Chance. Sadly, he died from cancer a week before her first year of high school. His death shocked her completely and she still sometimes stares off into space and wishes he was there.
Crush When you've got identicle brothers falling head over heels for you, things can become a little stressful. Even though Riley has seemed to figure out which is which, she's stuck on the thought that if she chooses one over the other, the friendships and bonds between each could be in danger. She's scared to think that even one action could overstress who she enjoys more. Truthfully, she believes that they're both extraordinary people so it's just naturally hard to choose.
Other Despite her boistrous personality, Riley is actually extremely shy. She uses her determination and confidence to get over it, but if she's wary of the person or feels threatened by them, she'll show this side. When it comes to heavy romance as well, her shy side breaks out of the shadows and she gets fairly red and embarased.

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