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Emily Sutton

"So, I do things, don't kill me for it".

0 · 327 views · located in Parkwood

a character in “The Outcasters; Second Generation”, as played by RawkFist



Age: Seventeen.

Gender: Female.

Species: Human.

FC: Kaya Scodelario.

Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Abilities/Gifts: Elemental control.

Occupation: Stripper/prostitute.

Relationships: She dislikes nearly all of 'em, although she was once childhood friends with Symone, not so much with Slade or Dahvie. She'd gone away for a while, but returned because her father had kicked her from her previous home, if a home it may be called.

Family: She has family. None worth mentioning though.

Likes: Drugs, alcohol, sex.

Dislikes: Protective men, men that attach themselves to her too quickly, and people who judge her for her profession.

Personality: Emily is very dramatic and overly sarcastic. She can be rude to people she doesn't like, which basically rounds up to all people. She does miss her friend Symone, and would do anything to regain her trust. However, with her changes in appearance and attitude Emily thinks that she might have lost that chance. She used to be the loveable one, the cute and funny one. Her behaviour took a turn for the worst when her mother passed away 2 years before she arrived back at Parkwood.

Appearance: Emily has long brown hair, with eyes to match. Her complexion is fair, though slightly on the pale side. Usually her face is plastered with make-up, to make herself look prettier for men. She is a fairly pretty looking girl, but she herself is too blind to see it. She has a long scar running down her left thigh, where she was attacked during one of her jobs, despite the constant memory she still does what she does and enjoys it.


So begins...

Emily Sutton's Story


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Dahvie was almost caught off guard as Sym moved into a hug, then his cheek became a bright red and began to lightly burn. "Goodnight." she said. Dahvie nodded, "see you tomorrow". He didn't really hesitate in leaving after that, completely content with the way things had turned out. He turned and made his way out of the hotel, setting his sights on Andres, who was now wooing one of the girl's he'd seen with Sym at the party. "Such a player," he muttered as he walked past him.

Emily groaned in pain as she walked towards the hotel. She paused briefly to take her heeled shoes off, then continued. She was wearing nothing but a small black dress that reached only halfway down her thigh, and showed off her breasts quite well. Her make-up was plastered on as per usual, but around her eyes were long, black smudges where the sweat had made it all run. She passed a cute blonde boy, who seemed to be staring at her with curiosity evident in his pale blue eyes. She winked to him, before he disappeared from her view.

Slade saw the girl approaching the hotel, almost squinting as if to get a better look at her. "Oi, Sym. It's Emily" he told his sister, "and she doesn't look so good. That's a bit of an understatement. She looks like a whore or something".

Emily entered the hotel, paying no attention to the staring Slade. She got that sort of thing on a regular basis. "Sym. It sure is good I can naturally just sense you, 'else I'd be on the streets tonight. Can I crash here?".


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Alex felt himself being lifted up by Tommy and for that split second he expected a hit. He wouldn't bother to block it if Tommy did. He deserved it. He'd just ended the life of his own daughter, and for what reason? Simple. There was no reason. He felt like crap, and Tommy was literally the only person that didn't hate him right now. He made that perfectly clear when the words of comfort left his lips.

He, Dahvie and Slade all watched as the ground closed over Symone's casket. It was done. She'd been buried, and the reality was finally settling in. She wasn't ever coming back and there was nothing any of them could do to change that. More tears fell from Slade's eyes, but he still remained as silent as before. Dahvie pulled away from him and eyed Symone's grave once more, before he too left the area. He couldn't be around it anymore.

“I don’t know what happened but I can tell this, whatever it was. Was an accident. You should try to talk to her. She needs you, even if she doesn’t believe it,” Tommy said, and Alex nodded in response. "Thank you, Tommy," he replied, returning the pat as he broke from the hold. He turned and entered the hotel after his wife. "Erieda," he said softly. "I don't expect you to forgive me, but I just need you to know that I would never intentionally harm my family, especially not you or Symone. I know she died by my blade, and I understand it's hard for you to look at me right now because of that, but I'm sorry."

Slade silently walked over to Symone's grave and towered over it, before he curled into a ball to the side of it. He buried his face in his arms and his knees curled into his chest. That's when Emily approached. She too eyed the grave, and she knew exactly who it belonged to. No tears fell, but the sadness in her eyes was clear to see.

She took a seat beside Slade and kissed his shoulder whilst her fingers ran through his hair. "I'm so sorry, Slade," she whispered. Slade offered no form of response. His body was motionless, and he wasn't even showing any signs of breathing. He was deadly silent. He wanted to speak to her, to express his feelings, but if he allowed himself to talk it would leave in the form of a growl, and the sound of his own growling made him hate himself even more.


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Slade stood up, and it was only when he looked around he noticed that Tommy had taken off. He shrugged it off and looked down at Emily, who was still sat next to Symone's grave. "I need to be somewhere," he muttered, his voice colder than his icey glare. The sight of his eyes alone made Emily shiver, but his voice just creeped her out. In that second, Slade was gone from sight and she was left alone with Symone.

A small sigh broke through her lips and she curled her knees into her chest. "Damn it, Symone. I thought you were supposed to be the careful one," she whispered, a lone tear rolling down her cheek.

Slade practically burst into Tanya's home, with little warning. "Symone has been buried," he called out to her as he made his way down the hallway. He stopped when he reached the doorway to the living area. Tanya was in the arms of a nother man. A low growl rumbled through his clenched teeth and he shot Tanya an icey glare.

"Who is he?" he asked, not bothering to introduce himself to the man. He didn't care about manners by that point, he was long past being kind to anyone.

Dahvie walked down the streets of Parkwood, his eyes partially closed as he attempted to blink back the tears that just kept falling. He couldn't stop them, and he was too wrapped up in his own thoughts to care about the opinions or given looks of any people that passed him. He ran his hand through his hair and breathed out deeply. His tears turned into gentle sobbing as he approached his home.

His hallway, his living room, his bedroom, his kitchen.. They all held memories of Symone. Such amazing memories that if Symone was alive he would've chuckled about, but they only reminded him of her and that made his crying reach a louder volume.

Dahvie stumbled down the hall and entered his bedroom, where he then pulled his clothes off and slipped into his bed. The sheets. They held the strong scent of Symone. He pulled the blanket up and covered his head, before he curled into a ball underneath.

"I love you," he whispered.

Alex watched as Erieda burst into tears, and that only made him feel more guilty. He wanted to hug her, he wanted to hold her in his arms forever, but she wouldn't allow it. She was angry with him and he knew his place at that time. He turned and walked towards the door, but stopped just before he left. "I want my little girl back too, Erieda," he whispered, his eyes holding nothing but sadness as tears moistened them.

"Oh, and if I were you I'd pay more attention to your thoughts," he said. "Could be some form of a clue, but I'm not sure," he then stepped outside and closed the door behind him. He flicked open a portal and stepped through it. It closed behind him.