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Sarah Portman

"Don't hate me..".

0 · 360 views · located in Parkwood

a character in “The Outcasters; Second Generation”, as played by WhySoSerious?


Sarah Portman.




Face claim
Ashley Benson.


Enhanced senses.
Increased speed, strength, agility, stamina.
Werewolf form.



Daughter of Corbin Johnson, mother unknown.

Rainbow cookies.
Dogs & Wolves.
Joking around.


Sarah is a very wary and paranoid girl, although she does enjoy joking around with her friends every now and then. At times she can be very shy, often anti-social and awkward around other people. If threatened, the Corbin inside her breaks free and she becomes violent. However she regrets it afterwards, and is usually full of apologies.


So begins...

Sarah Portman's Story


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Serpine was returning from her job. Sometimes she was forced to work lates and this was one of those nights. She approached the door and stepped inside. It was unlocked. She figured Slade was home, since she sensed the same sort of pressure and usually Slade left the door unlocked whilst he was at home. "Slade, I'm home!" She called through the house, walking upstairs. "I brought back some Boo Bee Juice, 'cause I know you like 'em". She stopped in her tracks, eyeing the woman stood in Slade's bedroom. She didn't look young enough to be one of Slade's 'little friends'.

"You have exactly two minutes to explain yourself before I come over there and drop you," she said monotonously, "And go". It was like she was timing the woman. Her entire body tensed, readying herself to attack if she failed to explain why she was in Serpine's home.

Sarah ran through the trees, attempting not to catch her tail on the branches like she had done many times before. No matter how much she tried, she'd never be the wolf that Corbin once was. Before she killed him. At last she'd reached the tree's limit, and she found herself in Parkwood. Running through in her wolf form was no trouble for her, since her ragged fur would pass her off as a stray dog, and she was naturally just a small wolf.

At amazing speeds she continued to run, at last reaching a fairly large house. She stepped inside without even checking to see if the owners were home. Quickly, she shifted. "Dahvie," she said softly then paused for a brief second or two, "it's been so long". A weak smile replaced her frown.


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Alex didn't really know how to act as Symone hugged him, but the moment made one corner of his lips lift upwards into a crooked smile. "And I missed you too," he said quietly, his voice softening a bit. That's when Andre's voice flooded his ears. 'Damn that kid,' he thought, turning only his head. “Who’s the pretty girl, Alex?” Andre asked, causing Alex to growl protectively. “Before you get all raging. I was told to keep an eye on you. You know how the Elders can be.” he added. He then eyed Symone, and Alex growled some more. “ She’s your kid?” he asked, “your wife must be-”. He didn't get the chance to finish as Symon left Alex to pounce on him.

With a small sigh, Alex walked towards the two. “Tell me when Daddy, and I’ll rip his throat out.” Symone said. “Whoa, She is your kid. I must say, If I could die, This would be a great way to go”. Alex didn't like this at all. He placed both hands around either side of Sym's waist and pulled her away from him, lightly throwing her back a bit. He knew she could land on her feet.

"Andres, I don't care about you being here, but I swear to the Elders if you touch my toucher, look at my daughter or even think about my daughter in a sexual way and I will beat you death and then your father too just to send the message across" he said, leaning over Andres, his eyes as cold as ice.

Dahvie looked up to see Sarah stood in the living room. A small frown crept onto his face and he stood up. As he went to walk out, her grabbed her arm and threw her out. He stood just outside the front door and stared at her with no expression on his face. He then continued to walk down and out of the carpark, leaving Sarah stood outside the house. He passed Brooklyn on the way out, noticing her puffy eyes. She'd been crying. He turned his head as he walked, watching her knock on the door to Andrew's house. Maybe he could help her, whilst Dahvie could continue onward to his house.

Slade grinned when Ashley said she'd forgiven him. "But next time you could just tell me you were going to leave. I love you, Simon." she said. Slade stood up, leaned over her and kissed her forehead gently. "And I love you too, Ashley" he replied softly. "Now, you get some sleep and I'll pop over with a present in the morning". Slade made his way towards the door, flicking off the light switch before he left.

He walked downstairs, noticing Brook and Andrew chatting over some pie. "That's cute," he said with a fake smile, making his way towards the door. He left the house in no hurry, and he too began his journey back to Serpine's house.