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"Oh, yay!".

0 · 326 views · located in Parkwood

a character in “The Outcasters; Second Generation”, as played by WhySoSerious?






Face claim
Kathryn Prescott.


Increased speed, strength, agility & stamina.
Transformation into reptile.
Able to regenerate limbs & heal wounds.

Waitress in local bar.

Slade - Close friend.

No living relatives.



Cheery, loveable, cute, playful, happy, joyous, sarcastic and witty at times.


So begins...

Serpine's Story


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Serpine was returning from her job. Sometimes she was forced to work lates and this was one of those nights. She approached the door and stepped inside. It was unlocked. She figured Slade was home, since she sensed the same sort of pressure and usually Slade left the door unlocked whilst he was at home. "Slade, I'm home!" She called through the house, walking upstairs. "I brought back some Boo Bee Juice, 'cause I know you like 'em". She stopped in her tracks, eyeing the woman stood in Slade's bedroom. She didn't look young enough to be one of Slade's 'little friends'.

"You have exactly two minutes to explain yourself before I come over there and drop you," she said monotonously, "And go". It was like she was timing the woman. Her entire body tensed, readying herself to attack if she failed to explain why she was in Serpine's home.

Sarah ran through the trees, attempting not to catch her tail on the branches like she had done many times before. No matter how much she tried, she'd never be the wolf that Corbin once was. Before she killed him. At last she'd reached the tree's limit, and she found herself in Parkwood. Running through in her wolf form was no trouble for her, since her ragged fur would pass her off as a stray dog, and she was naturally just a small wolf.

At amazing speeds she continued to run, at last reaching a fairly large house. She stepped inside without even checking to see if the owners were home. Quickly, she shifted. "Dahvie," she said softly then paused for a brief second or two, "it's been so long". A weak smile replaced her frown.


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Erieda turned to see a girl threathening her. She almost laughed. "Well, I need not two mintue. I am Slade's Mother. Erieda." She said to the girl. "I can only assume that you are the girl, he's been staying with? Um." She scanned her brain for the name. "Serpine. Yes?" She said. Erieda had a way of knowing things. It would freak her brother out quite often.

Sym looked up as her father spoke. "Remei?" She asked but then a thought occured to her and she smiled some. "You didn't want to leave? I didn't do anything bad, you had to leave. Right?" She said, wiping her tears. She was glad he was back. Even if he had to leave sometimes, He'd be back. Giving him one of her bright smiled, she hugged him. "I'm so glad your back, Daddy." She said. "I missed you so much."


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Serpine could clearly see that this woman was fighting the urge to laugh, which only caused Serpine to clench her fist and stepped forward slightly. "Well, I need not two mintue. I am Slade's Mother. Erieda. I can only assume that you are the girl, he's been staying with? Um." she paused for a second. "Serpine. Yes?".

Her glare deepened and she watched the woman with curiosity, not saying a word. 'So, this is his mother? The oh so loved and talented Erieda?'. She'd heard many things about Erieda from Dahvie, Sym and Slade, all with different views on her. She figured Dahvie didn't really know how to react to her sometimes. Slade said she did things out of the blue, and was very unpredictable, much like his father.

Serpine didn't really have an opinion at this moment, besides finding Erieda slightly odd. But she'd get used to it, she pretty much had to if she wished to remain such good friends with Slade, since he thought the world of Erieda.

"Well, I must be on my way." said Erieda. "It was nice meeting you, Serpine. However brief". And that was that. She kind of poofed into leaves that then floated out of the house by some magical force, or whatever they chose to call it. "Fuckin' Dryads," she spat, dropping the juices outside Slade's door. She then proceeded to her own room to sleep.