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The Outcasters; Sym and Dahvie

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the outcasters; second generation



This roleplay takes place in an alternate universe, where in which two characters from the second generation of the Outcasters, Dahvie and Sym, meet again but in a completely different way. It is a 1x1 between MaliceInWonderland and RawkFist, however you are welcome to stick around and read it. Whatever floats your boat.

Dahvie Iris | Male | Nineteen | Mitch Hewer | RawkFist.

Symone Davenport | Female | Nineteen | Cassie Ventura | MaliceInWonderland.


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I watched as Dahvie tore in to my mother verbally.

She seemed completely uneffected by it. She seemed to be analyzing him.

"I did not do this for you, Dahvie, I did this to keep my daughter safe. You'll see." She said and left without another word.

"I don't want to talk to you...I want Sym....Where's Sym?" I heard Dahvie said, turning my attention from where my mom had left.

"Davhie. I'm right here." I said standing up and walking in front of him. I took his hands and looked in his eyes.

"Symone, Where did you run off to?" I heard a voice call.

I blinked but ignored it.

"Symone, you can not hide from me. You. Are. Mine."

I visibly jumped at that.

What the hell....?


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"Dahvie. I'm right here," Symone said and I looked away from Slade as Symone stepped into my vision. Just the sight of her was a huge relief to me; I no longer felt anger or stress, I finally felt at peace. Her hand found its place on top of mine and I smiled softly up at her, my eyes meeting with hers. I noticed something in her eyes that had me hooked on her, and it 'caused my smile to shift briefly into a smirk. She was unbelievably beautiful and nobody could deny it. It wasn't hard to figure out why the vampire male, Kyle, had such a deep obsession with her. My eyes were filled with pure awe for her beauty. Slade rolled his eyes and turned way, obviously giving us a moment alone.

It was then that I heard something in her mind... A voice, but not a familiar one. 'Symone, where did you run off to?" the voice called and I could feel the anger rising within me once more, my blood boiling to the point where I could feel my temperature rising and rising. Symone was quite visibly ignoring it but I couldn't seem to. 'Symone, you can not hide from me. You. Are. Mine,' the voice continued on and I frowned some as Symone jumped, obviously startled by it. I was not going to allow anyone to scare her, at least not if I could help it. The vampire now had a direct line to her mind but so did I, and two could play at that game. I was extremely protective over Sym and I would try to prevent anything harmful from reaching her, doing anything within my power.

I wanted her to feel something for me... to return my feelings, and I wasn't really thinking properly when I began to hold her in the sort of way that people who were much more than friends held each other. I shifted my hands from hers hesitantly and wrapped both my arms around her waist, pulling her closer until her body was pressed against mine. I rested my head on her shoulder for a short while, before my face - more so my lips - found the crook of her neck. I pulled away shortly after, my eyes finding hers. "Don't listen to him," I said, leaning in to press my forehead against hers. "You don't belong to him," I continued. "I won't let him get to you. I promise." I looked at her for a few more seconds, before I leaned in and pressed my lips to hers. It was a very short kiss, probably nothing more than a peck on the lips, but it was more meaningful to me than any other kiss I'd shared with a woman before, because it was Sym.

I dropped my arms to my side and stepped away from her, looking up at her in order to see her reaction.


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I watched Dahvie with a slightly shocked expression as he slid his arms around me. He pulled my body close to his and let his lips brush against my neck, I sighed softly, my eyes fluttering at the feel of him.

I couldn't believe, he felt. I felt warm? My mother was warm, she's Fae, my father felt safe, but he was cold. But, Dahvie. He felt...He made me feel...I have never felt this way before.

"Don't listen to him,"Dahvie said, I was still dazed.
"You don't belong to him." He said and my eyes opened, as his found mine, his forehead pressed against his. I know he could read thoughts but could he hear that voice?

"I won't let him get to you. I promise."

I was a very cynical person, Humans lie so I didn't take anyone that wasn't Fae at their word but right now. Dahvie, I know he might it. I could feel it.
I was speechless as he leaned into and pressed a soft kiss to my lips.

There was so much feeling, so much emotion in that kiss, that all I could do was watch him, the feel of his lips lingering on mine.

"Dahvie...I..." I stepped to him, slipped his hands into mine and leaned up kissing him in return. My eyes closed and the world fell away from me. My lips parted and my jaw deepened the kiss.

"Back away from him... called the voice but the last way to get me to do something was to tell me to do it. I just did the opposite.

My kiss deepened as my hands rose to his neck, my thumbs brushing to and fro across his jaw.


My tongue slipped passed his lips as I ignored the voice grew louder.

[i]I will find him...I will stain your silk wedding gown with his blood

and I didn't know why but I needed Dahvie right now, so much so it was almost scary.


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I analysed Symone carefully for a time after I backed away from her, fighting the urge to smirk at how speechless she'd become in such a short amount of time, after such a small gesture. It was so simply yet she'd become flustered and I could quite easily see it; there was no real way of hiding it. "Dahvie... I..." she finally managed after a while and I couldn't fight the smirk by that point as it had already began to worm its way onto my lips. It was then that she took it upon herself to step closer to me, until we were only inches apart, her hands cupping mine as she leaned up to return my previous gesture, only this time it was deeper and I loved every second of it. My eyes fluttered closed slowly.

I returned the kiss quite quickly and I heard the bored groans of Slade from not too far away from us, which would've made me grin if my mouth hadn't been preoccupied at the time. It seemed as if it was just us in all the realm, so I kind of blocked out anything Slade might have been doing from that point on. I had to take into account that I was making out with his sister, but did I care at the time? Not at all.

The voice... that cursed voice who would not shut up before was starting to communicate with Symone again. I knew as well as most that trying to order Sym around was not going to end in his best interest, so naturally she did the exact opposite and deepened the kiss, which took me by surprise a little but I quickly caught up and matched the vigour in her kiss. It went on for some time after the voice finally shut up, by which point my hands had moved from hers; one was softly gripping a handful of hair, tilting her head at a certain angle so that she was mind to take advantage of, and the other was slipping down her back, down to her rear, where it cupped her softly.

I hesitantly broke the kiss but my lips never moved more than an inch from her as I brushed my lips gently against her jaw and began to trail kisses up and down her neck, moving down as far as I could without hitting her shirt.

The kisses were getting slower, softer, until eventually I pulled away from her and my eyes found hers. I let both of my hands move from their previous positions so that I could replace both of them on her cheeks. I brushed my thumb across the skin on her cheek as I did so, a soft smile finding its place atop of my lips. If you had told me a few hours ago that I would be sharing one of the most passionate kisses I've ever had in my life with Symone Davenport, I would'a laughed right in your face and probably would've slapped you for it, but here I was with Sym in my arms and the feeling of her lips still lingering gently on mine.

It was amazing, I can tell you that; I could quite easily get used to it.

"I can quite honestly say that I have never felt so confident around a girl before," I said with a brief smirk. I leaned in and placed another short, although it did linger, kiss on her lips. "If this is what you do to me, then I never want it to end." I honestly meant that. I knew before the kiss that I had feelings for her, sure, but only after the kiss did I realise just how strong these feelings actually were. It was something much more than just a crush... The obsessiveness, protectiveness, the way I fantasised about what the future would look like if we actually ended up together. I'd never really paid much attention to the idea of anything more than crushing on someone, at least not before today.

"Be with me, Symone," I said, more as a question and a plead than an order. I pressed my forehead against hers once more, my eyes closing.


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"I can quite honestly say that I have never felt so confident around a girl before," Dahvie said and before kissing me again.

I was still in shock of it all.

"If this is what you do to me, then I never want it to end." He said in all sincerity.

I could not believe the most amazing heart felt kiss I have ever felt was from Dahvie Iris?

The same boy that clung to my leg, damn near tearing it off because he didn't want to leave me.

Right now, he had me by the heart and I didn't want him to let me go.

I didn't recognize the feelings I had for him before now. It wasn't just the kiss but he and I, we had history.

I've always loved him but I never knew what that Love was until now.

"Be with me, Symone." he said, I can hear the question in the statement. My eyes closed.

"Of course, I will," I told him softly.

I still didn't know what was going on but I knew he'd protect me from whatever it was.
I slipped into his arms and rested there for a while. Revealing in the special warmth only he gave me.

After a moment, I looked up.

"We should get to the Palace, so we can find out what's going on." I said not really wanting to leave his arms.


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"Of course, I will," she replied, softly, and my entire body warmed up just hearing it. I couldn't seem to wipe away the pleased expression that now found refuge on my face. It was then that my hands dropped from her cheeks, my forehead moved from hers and she brought herself closer to me, finding comfort in my arms. I wrapped them around her and held her close, kissing the top of her head softly before I rested my cheek there. It was a long while before either of us moved from that position, because honestly I could stay there for years if I could and I reckon she could too. Symone looked up at me through her deep, chocolate-brown eyes and it put an even wider smile on my face.

"We should get to the Palace, so we can find out what's going on," she finally said and I nodded slowly. I unwrapped my arms from around her but kept one around her waist as I turned in the direction of the Palace. Slade had already started walking by that point and I had no idea where I was going so I just decided to follow him, and Sym of course. Slade lead us to where his mother was and I looked down at the ground for a moment. "Erieda," I said, speaking up a bit. "I want to apologise for how I acted earlier. I know you were only acting in Sym's best interest and I was ignorant of that." I looked up at her. "I want to protect her too, y'know. More so now than ever before." I was sort of gesturing to how Sym and I were both stood, our arms hooked around each other.

Slade rolled his eyes and sighed. "Okay, so what's going on then, Mom? What do these vampire freaks want with Sym?" he asked.


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Dahvie and I walked slightly behind Slade as we made our way to the Palace and into the Throne Room where my mother stood just before her Throne. She was ordering people to do somethings as we approached.

"Erieda," Dahvie spoke. I looked at him and as did she. " I want to apologize for how I acted earlier. I know you were acting in Sym's best interest and I was ignorant of that." He said and looked up at her. "I want to protect her too, y'know. More so now than ever before." He said and gestured to the two of them.

My mother simply nodded with a soft smile. That was all he was gonna get from that which even that shocked me.

She would have blown most everyone else -including myself- off. This was new.

"Okay, so what's going on then, Mom? What do these vampire freaks want with Sym?" Slade asked and I sighed heavily.

My mother looked at the three of us before taking a seat in her throne.

"So." She sighed. "In Ancient times, All Supernatural creatures shared one plane of existence. There was no OtherWorld, No Demon Realm, all just one."

This caused many conflicts between species. Fae and Mer. Vampires and Demons. Werewolves and Humans. All fought for territory in this one plane. All the fighting broke the universe apart, creating Realms and many, like the Werewovles and the Merfolk stayed however Demons and Angels, Wraiths many of them disappeared into other realms. The Fae, traversed both realms, calling the new Realm, OtherWorld and the old Ironside.

The Conflict never ceased and even the Fae began to fight with the Vampires for reason unknown. For Eons, they conflict continued however. One day, A Wise Old Queen decided to end the conflict find out just what the Vampires wanted.

They wanted what the Fae had. The ablitiy to traverse the two planes. Vampires haven't that ablitiy and there was no way to give it to them, directly. So she devised a plan. She created a tithe. A Fae would be given up to the Vampires, to lead them to the other planes.

For millennia, there was peace and soon many forget why the tithe was created and only knew that a Fae Child was to be given to the Vampires. For what, they didn't know, until one. Keenan Keenan had an infatuation with the Fae, specifically females, so he would collect the tithe for years, taking her blood until she was drained dry. He would only take the First Female Heiress. The Princess and keeping to tradition of times long passed this was done.

It wasn't until My father, King Amun took a stand, deciding he was not going to give up his two daughters to be sacrificed for the sake of tradition. And so he decreed no Fae shall live outside of OtherWorld.

However, That decree died with him. We were mere babes when this took place, Celestia and I. We knew not of the decree, so when my sister took the throne, and sent me to Ironside. She unwillingly began the vicious cycle again. It wasn't until the Parkwood Converge, the few places were the lines between the many realms converge, began to attract more and more Supernaturals that the Vampires knew Fae had returned.

I received a message, on the body of a Summer Fae. Warning me that the Tithe was to be collected and that Tithe, Symone is you."

I was floored. That's why she was so adamant about me coming here. Here I was safe, but Dahvie?

"But, What about Dahvie, how does he play a part?"

My mother nodded.
"Dahvie, like you is a Wraith. A Ghost Wraith, Half Human, Half Wraith. He can traverse the two realms, almost as easily as the Fae. His telepathy is stronger then that of any Vampire but it was his connection to you, that had me bring him here.

I wish for you to continue the life, I created for you in Ironside, and I intend on ending this tithe business once and for all. My part is to be played here. Yours, is there. You see Symone, This cycle will begin again if we don't end it now. You will be sent back but I need you to be protected. That is why Dahvie is here. He is your Guardian now."

This was all too much. "Is that a conflict of interest or something?" I asked.

"A human concept. The stronger the bond, the better the protection. The pendant he wears now, protects the Ghost part of him from taking control, so that he can use all of his power to protect you, like he wishes. Right, Dahvie?" She said, looking at him.

"I am not asking too much of you, am I? Tell me now." She said, calmly. Not pressuring him any more then she had all of us.Well mostly me. Hell I was vampire bait but I understood what she meant. I mean. I'm stronger then all Seelie Fae, save for maybe my mother because of my Wraith heritage. So I could handle myself but still.

This is some really heady shit.

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Character Portrait: Dahvie Iris
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"Well, if you say so."


Character Portrait: Dahvie Iris
Dahvie Iris

"Well, if you say so."

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Character Portrait: Dahvie Iris
Dahvie Iris

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