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The Outcasts Foundation

Noita Academy Of Witchcraft


a part of The Outcasts Foundation, by VivekaMoon.

This is the witchcraft academy

VivekaMoon holds sovereignty over Noita Academy Of Witchcraft, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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This is the academy in which everyone learns how to keep in touch with their natural abilities. Witchcraft in this academy is not magic like that of waving a wand and changing a prince into a frog. It teaches you how to become more in tune with the Divine Spirit/Deity. It also teaches you on how to manipulate energies, become a high preist/tess and express your love for the world.
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Noita Academy Of Witchcraft

This is the witchcraft academy


Noita Academy Of Witchcraft is a part of Ulkopuolisille.

9 Places in Noita Academy Of Witchcraft:

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Character Portrait: Raven Summers Character Portrait: Viveka Moon
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The trees sway as the students walk along the stone pathway towards the Academy. They know that deep in their hearts that this is the place that they will find comfort and a sense of belonging. They will live here for the next couple of years. They cannot leave for anything. This a threatening thought, but most are too excited to really pay attention to it.

As they ascend the stairs, the large doors open up. Each and every student stares up at the sky and looks out over the trees, knowing that they will not see their village for quite some time. As the crowd shuffles into the entrance they expect someone to be standing in the middle of the hall, someone to guide them. But no one was there. Everyone realizes that no one is coming to direct them to their dormitories. They start to get a little uneasy, thinking about where to go in such a large place.

A redhead at the back of the crowd breaks the silence, "Well, what are you all doing? Let's go take a look around! It isn't as if a goblin is going to hop out and eat each and every one of us. Come on, move!" she pushes through the crowd and runs ahead of them. She disappears around a corner and shrieks. This caused the whole group to migrate to where the girl was last seen. They peeked their heads around the corner and see her standing in the middle of the hall, smiling at them. "Well that surely got you guys on the move, now let's go."

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"Ah, I see that this group of fifty students has already appointed a group leader," a voice booms throughout the candle lit room that they just recently entered. "She has great potential, as a leader that is. But how about as a Witch, a Wise One?"
A white-haired woman appeared from the shadows. She was dressed in a dark blue cloak that trailed behind her. "What is your name child?"

"My name is Viveka Moon. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance," Viveka flashes her most charming smile. "May ask your name?"

"Charm won't work on me child, I have no name, at least not yet. You need to give me my name."

"I am not sure I am following you," Viveka racks her brain to figure out the riddle.

"You need to be able to reach into the Astral Plane to retrieve my name. For now, you may call me Miss. But I appoint this task to you, young Viveka. Do you accept?" Miss angles toward Viveka in an intimidating manner.

"I do."

"Alright, now run along and find your dormitories. I will not assist you. Each and every one of you is going to need to learn how to fend for themselves for this first year. You all need to learn how to use your instincts and energies that will guide you to where you need to go. I have faith in you all, we shall speak in the Main Hall in the morning, but for now, sleep well," and with that, Miss walks back into the darkness and leaves the students on their own.

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Character Portrait: Viveka Moon Character Portrait: Scarlet Grace
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Schedule for available classes to sign up for, there are a limited amount of spaces. The times may be different for each of you because my time zone is (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada).
The times don't really matter, they are just estimated times as to when I will be posting the classes. Keep in mind that the classes are in role play form. Reply to the thread with your class register forms and I will reply with the results. Each class has a test once a month and a quiz once every two weeks. Be honest with your homework answers, I am trusting everyone to send me the correct points so I can appoint those to you. You will collect a certain amount of points for each class. Once you have completed each class, you will then carry on to your next year.
Each second, third, and fourth year will have a choice for electives, you can only pick 1. These classes only have 5 slots, so first come first serve. Everyone will be able to see these classes but only the students I picked, I will collect points for. This is a year round schooling system. This first term goes from May 6th 2013-October 30th 2013. Some days there will be no class due to my absence. If so, I apologize in advance. This is a free course, so treat it well please.

Available Classes for Year 1

-Basic Energy Training 1 Mondays
-Astrology 1 Tuesdays
-History Of The Witch 1 Mondays
-Divination 1 Fridays
-Pantheons and Mythology 1 Wednesdays
-Magick 101 Tuesdays and Thursdays

Available Classes for Year 2

-Magickal Alphabets and Symbols 1 Wednesdays
-Energy Training 2 Tuesdays
-Astrology 2 Thursdays
-History Of The Witch 2 Fridays
-Divination 2 Mondays
-Pantheons and Mythology 2 Mondays

-Art in Wicca Saturdays
-Literature in Wicca Saturdays
-Famous Wiccans Sundays

Available Classes for Year 3

-Astrology 3 Wednesdays
-Divination 3 Thursdays
-Herbs 1 Fridays
-Pantheons and Mythology 3 Tuesdays
-Magickal Alphabets and Symbols 2 Fridays
-Energy Training 3 Saturdays

-Art in Wicca Saturdays
-Literature in Wicca Saturdays
-Famous Wiccans Sundays

Available Classes for Year 4:
(Graduate Program: Pick 4 of the 8 classes provided, this is the degree you will earn.)
-Ceremonial Magick
-Shamanic Witchcraft
-Animal Magick

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Viveka Moon Character Portrait: Scarlet Grace Character Portrait: Rowena Graves
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After a very long History class, Viveka runs out the door. All she wants to do is curl up on her bed and sleep. But nap time isn't allowed.
"Ah, Viveka, how are you on your first day here?" asked Miss who appeared from around the corner.
"Oh hello Rowena!"
"I knew you were clever enough to figure it out," Professor Rowena and Viveka gave each other sly smiles as the rest of the group busted into gasps and questionable looks.
"Students, this is an example of the Astral Plane. You will all eventually learn how to reach the Astral Plane to gain knowledge, materials, and healing remedies. But for now, we are leaving the mystery of how Viveka found my name, for further investigation. My name is Professor Rowena and it is a pleasure to be your headmistress. Now, how was your first class?" Professor Rowena pointed to an overweight blonde in the middle of the group.
"Oh it was...lovely," replied the girl.
"It was boring," the brown haired mousy boy who goes by the name Ralphie, exclaimed.
"That is to be expected, you are first years! These are all of the basics! Now run along to the study and do your homework for that class. Tonight, after dinner, you will have an Energy Training session with Professor Reed and I," she pivoted on one heel and marched down the hall.
"Energy Training should be interesting huh?" Viveka looked at a small, black haired girl as she said this.
The girl nodded.
"What's your name?" Viveka asked. The rest of the group had already left, they were making their way to the Study where all of the other students were.
"Scarlet," the girl squeaked.
"Oh yeah, you are the sneaky type aren't you?"
Scarlet looked at her, puzzled. "I'm not sure I understand."
"You are quite but you know a lot. Too much maybe," Viveka broke into a grin. "Come on, sit with me in the study."