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Joseph 'Krill' Anderson

"Oh, that was so funny that I forgot to laugh. You have my sincerest apologies.."

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a character in “The Outlaw Punks”, as played by WhySoSerious?



Full Name: Joseph Krill Anderson

Nickname: He'll answer to Krill, never Joey or Joseph.

Age: 20


Hometown: He's a wanderer mainly, he has no home.

Likes: Caucasian Ovcharka dogs, paintings with an alternative meaning, 80's rock.

Dislikes: A harshly cold breeze, silence, uncomfortable or awkward moments.


Outlaw Punk Member: He's not in the gang yet (I was planning for him to join later on after he is united with Fezzy).

Fears: Thunder and lightning, darkness, nightmares, literally any insect that can fly, intimidating people.

Dreams: He'd always wanted to be famous for playing acoustic guitar.

Sexual Preference: Heterosexual.


Theme Song: Red - Who we are.

Appearance: The picture pretty much covers the basics. He has dark brown hair and his eyes are hazel with a hint of green in them. He has stubble on his chin because he thinks it gives him more of a manly look. He has a tattoo of a love heart on his right butt cheek (Don't even ask..), a tongue bar and a lip piercing. He stands at around 6'2" and is quite muscular, but not so much that he would be considered freakishly large.

Personality: Overall, Krill can appear quite cold and heartless, but that's only because he isn't good at being social with people he's never met before. Once you get to know him, he is quite happy and witty. He's extremely sarcastic and will rely on jokes to get him through awkward conversations, though that rarely ever works out for him too well. When faced with a tough situation, then his true side comes out. He becomes protective, strong-willed, unreasonable, defensive and so on.


History: Krill grew up on the streets with a couple of teens whom had been kind enough to take him in. He was forced to steal and ration in order to survive. When he became a teen, all of the other people started to split up from the group, leaving only Krill and his friend. His friend, called Fezzy, had a home but he never stayed there because of his mother, so he stayed out with Krill and they lived underneath a bridge together. One day, Fezzy got stuck at home so Krill was forced to stay by himself. He was spotted by an old lady that was passing by. She offered to take him in and he accepted her offer with no questions asked. He lived with her for a while, acting as if she was his grandmother (even calling her 'grams'), but everything changed when she was put into an old people's home. The home she owned was given to him as a gift. Krill still visits her often enough. Although losing Grams wasn't a hugely big deal, it still hurt him so much that he wouldn't leave the house for ages, he refused to leave. Him and Fezzy became more distance, and after a while they just lost contact completely. The news reached him of Fezzy joining the Outlaw Punks and he felt nothing but disgust. At that point, the group were just a bunch of moronic teenagers that claimed to be troubled, little did he know what they actually went through.

So begins...

Joseph 'Krill' Anderson's Story


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Ashlee looked lazily at the girl who grabbed his chin before his famous heart melting smirk that could give any girl chills played across his face. He took another hit from the joint blowing it slowly out of the corner of his mouth, grabbing her free wrist gently pulling her too his lap playfully.

“You can have some of this if I can have some of you.” He whispered seductively. As he took another hit, this time longer and slower than all the others, letting the heavy smoke feeling his lungs but never even flinching.

“Looks like tonight’s going to be a good night.” Val smirked as she nudged her sister.

“Yeah, for everyone but us.” She sighed

Valkyrie shot her sister a look “Listen just because you’re not interested in guys at the moment doesn’t mean it won’t be a good night, besides I just have to get Krill to notice me.” She sighed

Victoria rolled her eyes “Shut the fuck up I am to into guys, I’m just experimenting at the moment okay and not trying to be a total downer sis but you’ve been trying to get Krill to notice you like that…” she gestured to how Ash was interacting with Elena “Since you met him, don’t think it’s going to happen tonight.” She said softly.