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Michael Tykwer

Biorganic supercomputer

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a character in “The Outside”, as played by Ceoltior


~Name: Michael Tykwer

~Age: Nineteen

~Gender: Male

~Mutation: Perfect memory recall, bio-organic computer. Cybernetic right eye and right arm. Cyberpathic: Michael can interface with any computer and manipulate or communicate with it as long as he is within proximity or directly hooked up to it. This allows him to see video footage from cameras, view top-security clearance files, and generate malicious code. Hypercognative enhancements: Michael has the processing capability of a computer, but the creativity of a human. As a result he can imagine an invention, and then MacGyver said invention together.

~Weaknesses: Frail, starved, awkward in social doings. No strength to speak of accept in his right arm, even then it is fairly fragile. Computer viruses can also afflict his mind for brief periods of time. Hemophilia: Michael will bleed continuously if he doesn't get medical attention. Fortunately for him though, he knows about every medical technique there is to know.

~Description: Michael Tykwer is short and thin from malnourishment and having never really exercised or even done much moving about at all. His right eye is cybernetic and can allow him to see that which would normally be unseen by normal humans or those mutants without enhanced vision. It also moves independently of his other eye, so he can scan an area much like a chameleon and take in more information this way. He has depth perception in both eyes due to the sensors in his eye that can judge distances much like radar. The ocular sensor glows blue and can act as a laser pointer. Also within the eye are multiple sensors that monitor motion in the proximity, a flashlight, and a radio transmitter. A metal aperture protects the eye and also helps dilate its focus. His arm is very clearly machinery and has no synthetic skin covering it. Several connection cords are housed inside the arm and can snake out to interact with USB ports or other similar data ports. He has a special port in the roof of his mouth and a few similar ports down his spine for hooking up to the Lab's mainframe. The boy has pale blond hair. His skin is similarly pale and veiny as there is virtually no meat or muscle underneath his skin.

~Personality: Michael could be described as eccentric at best. In reality, his mind is completely scrambled and clouded with random facts that continually cross through it. Some things will trigger memories; the sight of a mutant will trigger the memory of their complete Lab profile. He always seems unfocused and detached mostly because he is focusing on far too many things at once. He has a compartmentalized mind and as a result, could read three pages of text laying on top of each other on the same page with one sweep of his eyes. He will occasionally complain of 'noise' which is computers and radio devices communicating being picked up by his brain. Michael has literally no sense of humor. He can imitate humor and happiness flawlessly, but he rarely does this as he sees little need to. Michael is extraordinarily apathetic towards anyone other than himself. He will create allies, but rarely will he actively try to make friends.

~Fears: Death. Loosing his sentience.

~History: Michael Tykwer is the illegitimate son of a prostitute (presumably deceased) and Doctor Peter Tykwer, a lab bio-mechanical engineer and the oft disciplinarian of rogue mutants. Michael was born without a right arm and his right eye was blind. Because he was an experiment, the lab decided to remedy those ailments by giving him bionic augments. Michael was designed to be a human computer. The human mind can store thousands of terabytes of information so Michael's brain was implanted with computer chips to create even more space and allow him to mentally interface with any computer as long as it was directly plugged into him or within wireless range. As an organic database for the lab, he was considered one of the most dangerous mutants in the lab as he knew everything about the lab projects, personnel, and (with access to the internet) virtually everything else. Michael's mind was routinely wiped once every 24 hours to prevent him from developing a personality or self-awareness for if he did Michael could easily change payrolls, free mutants, lock down the entire facility, and cause general catastrophe.
One day, Michael went and, for efficiency's sake, backed himself up on an isolated node. Three days later after routine wipes and re-downloads of the backups, Michael had done exactly what the scientists and Peter had wanted him to not do: develop a persona. Soon after discovering this, Peter Tykwer went to deal with Michael in the same way he dealt with the majority of his problems, and that was to remove them. The mutant was nearly beaten to death but just before Dr Tykwer was about to wipe his memory again Michael transferred the entirety of the lab database to his own mind and then proceeded to overload the generator to the lab. The result was the near-complete destruction of the Lab's northern facility. The memory wipe interrupted and instead of deleting Michael's mind, it scrambled it.
Michael is now just waking up to discover he is unscathed but by no means out of danger. He is not aware of it, but he has within his mind the very key to the salvation or destruction of the mutants and he will be hunted vigorously to be captured.

So begins...

Michael Tykwer's Story

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Jarek peered out of the window of the van he was in, whining constantly and lowly, wanting to be near Caine. He didn't like the look of this sudden swarn of police officers and kept a close eye on them. It seemed, however, that his master had some kind of plan, so he relaxed a little. Envy bubbled inside of him when he realised that Camelion was closer to Caine and possibly more useful to him. With a keening noise, he ran his fingers through his hair and slumped in his seat, shooting at glare at the two unconscious boys. Maybe he should have stayed at the Lab, after all. He never liked his second owner, but he missed Kowalski. He'd pined hopelessly for months after he'd died even when he should have been working efficiently. Truth be told, he still missed Gabriel Kowalski and mourned the loss of his master. The man had taught him to read and write, speak properly, let him study and become intelligent, trained him in torture... everything. And he'd died in a carcrash when Jarek was 21. He blamed himself, even though his rational side knew there was no way to prevent a carcrash.

But right now, he felt wretchedly lonely and inadequate. It wasn't a feeling the man was used to. He was letting his mind rush ahead of him. Truthfully, it was strange for him to experience any strong emotions at all. He might have seemed gleeful at times, but what counted as ecstatic for him was simple happiness for another. It wasn't something he could help, as such, just a symptom of sociopathy. Despite his sociopathic human mind, the strange servile urges of his bestial mind added another depth to his emotions. Although he did not feel sympathy (and was completely unable to empathise), he was able to be loyal and certainly understood fealty. He was sure it was his mutant side that was forcing these feelings of defectiveness upon him. He'd just have to work hard and offer himself up for other jobs, maybe translation. He'd bet that Camelion wouldn't be able to speak Polish, Russian, Arabic, French and Urdu. In his free time, Jarek sat with his nose in language books, mainly. He'd spent time speaking to the foreign mutants and workers at the Lab as well, and it'd paid off. He was only fluent in three (including English), but he realised it was a useful skill which was often in demand.


A sudden pain swept through the man's head and his eyes flicked open. The intense flare that spread through his arm when he tried to move it was unbearable and he gritted his teeth and let out a moan of pain. Carefully looking over (even his eyes hurt), he saw bright white bone piercing flesh and felt sick to the pit of his stomach. And the girl was leant over him. The damn girl.

"You," he hissed. "You ruined my fucking arm as well as everything else?"

His eyes were bloodshot, skin pallid and greying. He attempted to sit, but let out another hopeless groan. His head throbbed relentlessly and he swore in his mother tongue. He prayed he hadn't fractured his skull.

"Why haven't you called a goddamn ambulance, you idiot? Here, use my phone."

With his good hand he groped around in his jacket pocket for his mobile phone, hand shaking as he turned it on. Thank fuck it wasn't broken. His head swam as he peered at the keypad and he tossed the phone towards Kyra. Trying to relax once more, he sighed and closed his eyes. He supposed, however, that he ought to ask after the girl's condition.

"You aren't hurt, are you?"


Sergei sighed as the commanding guard rushed past with no regard for him. The short man glowered and folded his arms, sniffing haughtily. He'd make his own way to wherever they were going, and if their employers didn't want him, he'd have to sort something else instead. Turning tail, he strode off with a determined and yet somewhat wounded air. The carpark was swarming with people now and he sighed irritably. However, the copper scent of blood filled his sensitive nose and he sniffed appreciatively, turning to find the source. A young man. Now this was interesting... his eye was mechanical. He'd seen some things like this before, but not staggering around, lost. One of his creator's workmates had augmentations and bio-mechanics, but he was nothing like this.

He headed over to the young man, stomach growling hungrily.

"You'll get in trouble walking around here looking like that," he said softly, standing behind him. "I can help you out if you do me a favour, though, I'm hungry."

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. . . Quick turn left. Duck down and weave around legs of distracted officier. Stand, walk towards doors with expedience, walk to left of law enforcment turning right. . . . Michael's mind raced as he made his way through the policemen. He strode within inches of some of them and nobody was the wiser. Michael was almost at the hospital doors when a small alert went of in his head. The small-radius sonar in his eye had told him that there was infact someone behind him and walking with intent towards the frail cyborg.

"You'll get in trouble walking around here looking like that," The man chuckled as he approached. Michael whirled, aiming the makeshift spear towards the man that had spotted him though the brass rod didn't seem particularly threatening His eye's lens dilated wide then small and darted this way and that but still focused squarely at Sergei's face as if in curiosity. His other eye was looking to the side at some cops that seemed to be talking to some EMT's. It's eyelid flickered a little as if tired and woozy and judging by how the boy was swaying a little, it would be a safe bet that he was quite blood deprived given the hole in his arm was still spilling some. It was astonishing he was even still awake, but then again he was part machine and they never tired.

"I could help you out," The man said. Michael's head dipped a little but shot up again as he nearly passed out. He couldn't fall asleep, not here.

"if you do me a favor, though, I'm hungry." The man said with a slight smirk. The man desired a meal? Then why could he not go into the hospital and acquire one? Was he not allowed inside? How could he help Michael? A hundred questions tumbled through his mind all at once, and so Michael started to spit them out all at once.

"What is your name? Why are you here? Why do you need assistance? How can you assist me? Why do you seek to assist me? How did you see me despite my evasion? Are you medically trained? I will stab you if you come closer. What do you want to eat? Square root ofnine hundred and twelve point zero four is thirty point two. Is your arm operational despite it's decay? I need medical treatment. I've been poisoned." He yammered the words off his tongue extraordinarily fast, his sentences almost blending with each other. He twitched his head a little and blinked both of his eyes out of sync when the random facts entered his mind. He waited there with the flimsy spear hovering at Sergei still before speaking.

"Answer and my inclination to grant your favor: noun: something done or granted out of goodwill,rather than from justice or for remuneration will rise." By this point he had completely forgotten that he had stopped moving and cops could see him just fine now. Nor did it occur that his aiming a long sharp rod at someone could be considered hostile to an outside viewer. His bionic arm hummed a little as he stumbled backwards a bit but kept the spear clutched and aimed at the odd favor-asking individual.

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Michael feared his detection was in full, the human might have spotted him. Judging by the silhouette's size and shape against the curtain, Michael thought the figure to be male and to be of a younger persuasion than most of the other humans walking about the hospital.
Avoid detection! Remain conscious, blood loss critical. Avoid detection! Discovery imminent!"
Blood was pooling out from under the bed he was hiding under and it was growing ever larger. His arm just wouldn't stop bleeding! His left eye flickered and began to shut. The right bionic one still remained wide open and locked on the man, boy, adolescent, whoever had seen him and was approaching the curtain.


Peter frowned behind his mask at the woman's response. It gave him joy she was not aggravated. . . But it was for that same exact reason that he was enraged. He had almost wanted her to get upset so his own anger would have some justification, but it was probably better he didn't have the chance to become extraordinarily angry. He'd have his day soon enough, but first was Michael.
"Carmine, i am not sure you understand the gravity of this situation. Michael might seem frail but he could be the most destructive and dangerous mutant we have created. I'm going to need top operatives. Might i suggest your own personal attache?"
A knock came from the door and he turned his head narrowing his eyes at the, currently shut, aperture. "We will speak later director." He said the last word with some hostility. He didn't want her position, even if he was skilled in eight different professions he was still unqualified, no, he just wanted her to feel inferior to him.
The man turned and opened the door, giving the man there a vehement glance. Peter hated being interrupted. He strode down the hallway at the brisk pace that was normal for him, holding his head high despite how bitter he was at the moment. He had to find Eriyk, he really wouldn't trust anyone else with the task of taking down Michael non lethally. Of course, he still didn't trust Eriyk, he was far too devoted to Carmine for Peter to like him. Peter respected him certainly, Peter gave everyone a certain measure of admiration if they were good at some profession or task and he was pleased with how Eriyk's personality displayed such indomitability but Peter despised how that indomitability couldn't be turned towards his own agenda. Nonetheless, there was a task to be done and Eriyk seemed the best choice for it so he strode off looking for the soldier.