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The Oyrian Feud

The Oyrian Feud


A feud brews between The magic wielders and Paranormal Creatures. Who'd win? Who'd die?

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The Oyrian Feud



A feud brews between The magic wielders and Paranormal Creatures.
It all began when those with magic became skeptic of the Paranormals motives of living in the same region.
They believed soon the paranormals would turn on them and try to gain their powers.


Oyrian, a world much like Earth, yet also the exact opposite. Mountains stand tall and firm, life flourishes through every gap and crack, seasons change, and creatures live among us peacefully. Even so, there is so much more to this world than meets the eye. All water is fresh water; no oceans. There are five seasons instead of four. You have your regular Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter; but there is another called Blona. Blona is a time where the world is enveloped in a soft shade of purple. Lavenders, plum, wine, royal, Orchid, eggplant; if you can name it, it's there.

The reason why we have this fifth season, is simply because of another addition to our world: Two moons. When they cross at the end of winter, their different shades and rays of light intertwine, making nights longer. The sun is only up for three hours. Blona lasts for 2 months. Most survive, but just like Winter, people struggle to stay warm and may die.

Humans live in towns while most of the Paranormals wander around the country and the world. Elves and werewolves can either travel or stay in a one place for a longer period of time. Vampires need human blood so they usually live somewhere near humans. Blood Angels are naturally group oriented, because of their small population. They usually stay in one place. The ordinary humans without magical powers can be for example soldiers, mercenaries, farmers, hunters, craftsman, anything you think suits to medieval. Mages can have another occupation too.

There's no electricity, fire gives warmth and light. There's no plastic or cars, fastest way from place to place is by horse.
Most of the towns are small and simple. There's more villages with lovely wooden houses than big cities with high stone walls and castles.

.::Magic Restrictions::.

  1. Mages have to study magic. Magical abilities aren't something you inherit.
  2. Especially light and dark magics are hard to learn and it takes years to master them.
  3. Mages use spells and they have to cast them first. More powerful the spell, more time the casting takes.
  4. The mages don't have wand or staff because it would be a huge disadvantage. Paranormals could just snatch it quickly from their hands. They're faster and stronger than mages after all.
  5. Plant controllers can't create plants from nothing. They can control the plants around them.
  6. Not all of the humans are mages, but all mages are humans.


*There's plenty to choose from. I'm not adding anymore, so please do not ask.*



Yuni: Leader of Paranormals
Fallon: Leader of Mages
Alric: Leader of Humans
Magic wielders:
Mages can be either Mystics or Elementalists. No super strong abilities that will kill everyone!
Mystics can either control the force of gravity and the power of the cosmos. Mystics use either light or shadow magic.
Elementalists can wield a variety of elemental attacks. They take advantage of their enemy's opposites. Elements you can use: fire, water/ice, plants and earth.
Mages vulnerability depends on their magic. For example: water > fire, fire > plants, plants > water
Other: Even though every creature is vulnerable to some kind of plant, it doesn't mean plant controllers could always win. They must have this plant on their possession. They can't just create it from nothing.

Abilities: Strong and fast.
Strongest sense: sight
Vulnerable to fire magic, silver and mistletoe
Other: If they're too long without drinking blood they can't control
themselves and will attack on humans. Elder the vampire, better
they can control their blood lust. Even the oldest vampires have to
feed every three months.

Abilities: Accurate and fast.
Strongest sense: sight
Vulnerable to dark/shadow magic, rusty iron and lemon acid
Other: If you call them by their true name, they
have to obey you. They're immortal (never age past a certain limit),
but can be killed. Learns/adapts slower than humans. Not efficient
in hand-to-hand combat

Abilities: Varies
Strongest sense: Varies
Vulnerable to plant magic, bronze and chinaberry.
Other: Anything that lives long enough (animal, plant, weapon,
instrument, etc.) becomes a Youkai. Youkai are friendly or not based
upon a human's thoughts toward them.Demons:
Abilities: Strong and accurate.
Strongest sense: hearing
Vulnerable to ice magic, holy/blessed weapons/chains, and waterlily
Other: Can transform between human and demon forms. Depending
on the demon they have either wings, tail, horns or claws. If they
have wings, they can fly.

Abilities: Fast and strong.
Strongest sense: smell
Vulnerable to light magic, silver and wolfsbane.
Other: Can transform between human and wolf forms. Have to transform
into wolf when it's full moon. Only few of the strongest wolves are able to
control themselves.

Regalia and Master (Must control two roles):
Abilities: Human/creature using a spirit as their weapon
Strongest sense: Touch
Vulnerable to water/ice magic, gold, and mint leaves
Other: Can transform between weapon form and human form. Must
feed your weapon like a normal human. You are connected with
your Regula, therefore you both share a mind.

.::Character Sheet::.

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[b][color=ADD]Appearance: [/color][/b]
(eye/hair color, height, weight, outfit etc.)


(optional but preferred)



Toggle Rules

X Fair Play
X No God-Modding
X Death WILL happen. Be prepared.
X At least two paragraphs per post. If there are any problems, contact me
X To prove you've made it this far, when you ask for a spot, put your character's favorite food.
X Post at least twice a week.

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