Angela Blake

*pushes up glasses* can you explain that to me again?

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a character in “The Pack 2”, as played by Angelika Petrova


Name: Angela Blake
Age: 17
Gender: female
Role: teen
Personality: She loves music, and thinks anything is possible, as long as there is a logical way of doing it. She's very smart, logical, bt does enjoy letting her hair down once in a while, no pun intended.
Sh has waist-legnth brown hair which she lets hang over one shoulder when she plays. She's quite tall, and slender, but not skinny. She has scars on her forearms from self-harming, which she doesn't mind opeople seeing because she is over that now. She had dark brown eyes which occaisionally turn a greeny brown color. She wears glasses.
Lives with her mom, but the relationship is strained. her mother is an alcoholic and Angela often has to come home to find her mother collapsed on the floor in a pool of her own vomit. It all started when she was nine, and her dad died. he had always known she wasn't like other kids, and loved her little quirks, such as having to be moved to a class two classes above he because of her IQ, and her mild OCD, which meant everything ha to be in a certain order. But her mother couldn't cope with it, and started drinking heavily. Angela started self-herming, until she started playing the cello and listening to alternative music, her secret passion.
She has mild OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)
An IQ of 209
A reading speed of 25000 words per minute.
She can play the cello and the violin.

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