Alpha the Blue

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a character in “The Pack - Symbionts of Death and Despair”, as played by Hailey13


Name: Ally
Age(We're test subjects... any age): 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 145
Pack: Alpha Blue
Human Appearance: Pigtails with blue tint to whitish hair, blue eyes. Wears a chain-link bracelet. White dress.
Pack Appearance(What does the suit look like when it combines with you, no capes): (i haven't figured out the img thing yet) Blue watery substance that acts like water. Smooth, shiny, feels cold.
BIO: Ally signed up for the Pack Project because her own brother had been killed in a War zone. She has been slightly resentful, but her uncle helped her learn what really happen. She is very knowledgable because she had to grow up fast. Her mother left her and her brother with their uncle. Ally has an eidetic memory; she remembers everything and anything she has ever read, seen or heard. She can read a book only once to remember every detail, but she still loves reading. She wants to help others. She loves blue but hates white. She also hates it when people hit on her; she has a very low self-esteem in reference to herself. She doesn't feel like others really like her for her. She helps out the company with any imperfections they find in the Packs. She hates that they think she doesn't know what she's doing.

So begins...

Ally's Story